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Endorse dans une phrase (en anglais)

He can endorse it in.
In 2004 he will endorse Sen.
I endorse this as hundred percent.
Which ambition he could not endorse.
He had never expected her to endorse Thomas.
What egotism! I could not endorse such a self-.
That simply means, when God walk with man He endorse.

I did not want endorse his sarcastic comments neither.
He would never endorse any church to anyone, not even his.
I could never endorse such knowledge fal ing into the hands of.
I do not necessarily endorse this approach as practically useful.
Endorse the wrong person or product and their influence can plummet.
I will respond to Mien accordingly and endorse Laplante’s actions.
Wallace told him, and he hadn’t decided whether to endorse Euther.
Thus, I endorse moderate market timing, factor timing, and style timing.
If we become slaves to these sins or endorse their existence in the way.
But two years later, she wasn’t willing to endorse Modi for prime minister.
Those statements, as I am bound to admit, we are now in a position to endorse.
However, section 26 of NI Act provides that a Minor may draw, endorse, deliver.
It is assumed that the authors of these images do not necessarily endorse this work.
All I need to know is that you will endorse what I do, participate, and work with me.
Martin Luther King almost endorsed Nixon before deciding it best not to endorse either man.
Some far right leaders did endorse these presidents, or even began their careers working for them.
In that case, I see no reason not to endorse your proposal whole-heartedly, and in it’s entirety.
I considered both those possibilities, but my usually reliable intuition wouldn’t endorse either of them.
No one on her team could endorse such a decision; but with no better suggestion, there was only one next move.
They perform the analytical function that the authors endorse, apply the same skills, study the same documents.
Cowl appears reluctant to endorse because of ―cultural differences‖ that have (historically) precluded a level playing field.
Allayn and I won’t have any problem at all convincing Zhaspahr to endorse this one … no matter how many dispensations he has to issue.
In spite of de-Stalinization, the Supreme Soviet continues to endorse Komadze tracking down something they code as the Nikolas Consignment.
For instance, users can +1 (or in other words, endorse) the updates a company publishes, leave comments, upload photos, and tag the brand in them.
Item: The Boston Globe and other prominent Massachusetts papers endorse the homosexual lifestyle and the attempt to impose it on innocent children.
If they tell you your product is not ready to endorse or give you feedback about needing to learn certain skills and call them later, don’t assume they’re dismissing you.
Clegg felt he was on a roll and exercised his power as he poured out information he thought would contribute towards gaining the inspector’s confidence and endorse his innocence.
A: Ah, the beauty of the Internet! While I do not endorse all of the principles of the Paleo Diet, I do find it offers a good starting place since it is rooted in whole food eating.
I would recommend the adoption of the type of changes I cover herein for all nations of the world, and I would endorse the US exportation of help when we have first taken care of our own.
Far from objecting to it, Ford instead asked (successfully) that Suharto delay the invasion by two days so he and Kissinger could leave the country and not publicly appear to endorse the attack.
Groups of individual voters may join forces for air time when their own moneys (limited to $250/voter) all endorse the same message, and it is totally paid by summing their small donations for it.
That panel of scientists then reported that, ―…the agency had overstated the risks of dioxins and that its conclusions were not scientifically defensible and that it would not endorse its report.
That panel of scientists then reported that, …the agency had overstated the risks of dioxins and that its conclusions were not scientifically defensible and that it would not endorse its report.
I gave Andrei’s arm a fierce, endorsing pinch.
She was in southern Mississippi in Meridian endorsing her products.
It’s really good traffic because they’re endorsing you, in a way.
In 2012 she came close to endorsing former House speaker Newt Gingrich.
Yes, Mr Bloom thoroughly agreed, entirely endorsing the remark, that was.
A Nobel Piece Prize, for accepting and endorsing his philosophy of a piece at any price.
Then my cousin Caroline, followed by my father, proceeded to stun the party by endorsing Barack Obama.
Any time you’re endorsing someone, the more results-oriented you can make the endorsement, the better.
Generally when top influencers in your field start endorsing you, your project or business starts growing exponentially.
You are certainly going to need some help, and if this is the man you want and recommend, then I have no hesitation in endorsing your choice.
The individuals featured in this report consented to answering questions and being featured in the content without endorsing any of the material.
Jack Bogle is very happy about this advice! America’s most respected investor is endorsing the strategy Jack has promoted for almost 40 years!.
So I thought the Alzheimer’s Association might be interested in the book in some way, perhaps endorsing it or providing a link to it from their website.
However, was Truman as the leader ultimately responsible, right in endorsing this action? He was, after all the president who coined the phrase "the buck stops here".
For reproaches, I had already sufficiently with those that the Magicians' Court of Eisenbaum was endorsing me and I did not want they knew that I had irruption precedents in other residences!.
Why did Anna not eventually support Kejriwal’s political party? My sense is that Kejriwal was itching to change the scope of his movement and coerced Anna initially into endorsing the idea of a political party.
This is when your JV partner sends an email to their list endorsing your product, there lists will be at their most responsive because they have already formed a bond and a trusting relationship with their lists.
Perhaps it is a spiritually transcendent statement endorsing this unique, wondrous and incredulous story of the experiences of Jesus Christ who claimed to be the Son of God, that today, about a third of the world’s population strive to live by the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
After a while the executive committee—Deacons Carpenter and Johnston, and Pastors Patton and Roy—finding that they were simply an additional committee for endorsing applications, and not having the responsibility and the stimulus of administration, made request to have the whole work resumed by the A.
It’s difficult to describe our feelings of the respectable white Christians who sang in church choirs, served as deacons, trustees, and elders in downtown churches, who joined the Boy Scouts, and sat on city councils, court benches, and in the Congress, yet felt no shame in endorsing this whole-sale racial discrimination.
An excellent yet disturbing example of this phenomena occurred at a public library in England where a church was forbidden from placing a notice about its Christmas service on the bulletin board because such an act might be seen as endorsing a particular religious preference and thus offend adherents of other faiths but where librarians had previously held an official function recognizing the end of Ramadan.
On the inside cover he had endorsed:.
Tract Society, which is endorsed by Rev.
A chorus of wild shouts endorsed the proposal.
His course of study is endorsed by the church.
Kolver who fully endorsed the concept and gave.
One of the best types of JV’s is an endorsed JV.
And the National Alzheimer’s Association has endorsed it.
He was supported and endorsed by the highest level of the.
Reagan was endorsed by the KKK, though he quickly renounced it.
Connecticut, also endorsed creation of what would be called the.
A cold shiver ran through me to find my worst fears thus endorsed.
We all see toothpaste endorsed by the Dental Association for example.
If they are, it’s not because I haven’t fully endorsed your reports.
Anthony Campolo, who endorsed Pastor Drew’s vision for empowering the poor.
Most of the Populist Party thought so well of him, they endorsed him in 1896.
I have endorsed a resolution on your memorandum and sent it to the committee.
Bundy endorsed the remarks that had fallen from Crass with reference to Tubberton.
We have built our business with the design of how an athlete is sponsored and endorsed.
Martin Luther King almost endorsed Nixon before deciding it best not to endorse either man.
By the end of 1920, amendments to the Constitution gave all people the right to vote, which Ella endorsed.
It is not to be supposed he endorsed all the opinions of men just because he wove them into his narratives.
Every president since Coolidge, except to an extent Obama (See Section Eight), has endorsed anti drug hysteria.
There the official basic belief of Christianity were laid down and the Trinity concept was officially endorsed.
Ronald Reagan endorsed the candidacy of his former vice president but did very little campaigning on his behalf.
Evil is that which is dark and untrue, and which, when consciously embraced and willfully endorsed, becomes sin.
The armor was endorsed with her mark, which validated his claim on her, proving that she assented to the arrangement.
In his writing and his practice at Graham-Newman, Benjamin Graham explicitly endorsed the importance of diversification.
The features of the polarity factors are lined without any sort of an understatement being endorsed into or along this mode.
Reagan’s many campaign speeches were pro-Republican, but focused only on politicians who’d endorsed him during the primaries.
Missy’s cousin, Michael Sergeivitch, endorsed all his statements, and related the contents of another article in the same paper.
But, the poor Hindus still feared the non-existing gods while being half-hearted at the materialism that the gods themselves endorsed.
The plain teaching of the Old Testament on this subject is endorsed by Jesus and His apostles; its truth is therefore, as it were, riveted.
The VHP’s sants and sadhus had already endorsed Modi at the Kumbh Mela in January 2013, hoping that he would revive their dwindling fortunes.
The State Society investigated the necessities of the field, and endorsed applications for aid, but did not make appropriations to the churches.
The idea had come from one of the engineers, but he had endorsed it as a way to draw the Jews out of hiding and into a battle they could not win.
But as the Straight Path of Islam came to be laid by Muhammad, the Jews got a bumpy ride on it even though the Quran endorsed their Moses as a Prophet of yore.
So we can reduce "morality" to normative conventions that are endorsed by the majority—and these normative conventions differ with time and from place to place.
He’d expected to be relieved pending a court of inquiry, at the very least; instead, Sarmouth had endorsed his decisions and retained him as his second-in-command.
And later, and I’ll come to this, I lost for a while my mother when a decision was made to divide our family foundation, a decision endorsed by our outside trustees.
They are endorsed outside, as you see, 'Some particulars of the voyage of the bark Gloria Scott, from her leaving Falmouth on the 8th October, 1855, to her destruction in N.
Paul endorses this contrast when he says 'I will.
He’s here teaching about love and compassion but he endorses.
The Church not only endorses this, but in all actuality prefers this.
We all know the United States government endorses and financially.
The Endorser – the person who endorses the note in favour of another person.
As for cursing, unless the forum's 'Terms of Service' agreement explicitly endorses the use of.
You know yourselves how close they came to blowing the whistle which endorses my point, everyone talks to save their own skin.
Scans confirm a spontaneous blood clot has established itself as an emboli in the brain’s main artery which endorses the threat of a pulmonary embolism which in itself is a life threatening situation.
Add to that more teachers in the journalism schools who are dedicated to accurate newsgathering and reporting as opposed to the present drive to disseminate a collectivist prejudice that emphasizes, endorses, and promulgates the information that coincides with their partiality.

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