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Enlighten dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Let me enlighten you a little.
  2. Manna decided not to enlighten him.
  3. Let me enlighten you, Mr Scully.
  4. These seers will enlighten him on it.
  5. I wondered if you could enlighten us.

  6. Nevertheless, I will try to enlighten you.
  7. She wouldn’t be the one to enlighten her.
  8. Their enthusiasm will inspire and enlighten.
  10. Could you enlighten me on that subject?’’.
  11. Let me try and enlighten you, as much as I can.
  12. I’ve struggled to warn and enlighten you in.
  13. Shall I enlighten you? He crossed his arms.
  14. You want to enlighten me on our options there?
  15. Tithian? Would you care to enlighten us further?

  16. We continue, to enlighten ourselves, to explore your kind.
  17. As I was about to enlighten him about the complexities of.
  18. Only a deep analysis can enlighten us of this karmic truth.
  19. But what about it, specifically? Enlighten me, Professor.
  20. Fortunately for you, I am here to enlighten you on all that.
  21. However, she consented to enlighten those two poor innocents.
  22. Then what was it huh? Please enlighten me, she shouted at me.
  23. He stood there looking sideways, but I wasn’t going to enlighten him.
  24. Sanjay, an epitome of self restraint, endeavours to enlighten the mind.
  25. Then I suppose you would like to enlighten us with the answer? Ms.

  26. Thereafter Arjun asks the Lord to enlighten him on the state of persons.
  27. This is why it is much more difficult to enlighten adults than children.
  28. Holmes, you may do a great service if you would enlighten me on one point.
  29. I think that even in todays enlighten society, this would be frowned upon.
  30. I think that even in today's enlighten society, this would be frowned upon.
  31. His goal was to enlighten people of the ease and common sense of believing.
  32. He really pitied Pilate and sincerely endeavored to enlighten his darkened mind.
  33. And because of this fact, God sends the gospel to the heathen to enlighten them.
  34. Well, can you enlighten me as to where this mysterious help is coming from?
  35. Today's solidarity event may involve the Copts and enlighten me further about their fate.
  36. Let you enlighten me with your watery wisdom? I’ve had enough of this bullshit, Aazuria.
  37. The mission to enlighten and warn future humanity included the building of the pyramids and.
  38. If they ask for more details, inform them that Admiral Singer will be happy to enlighten them.
  39. I turned on the audio and played it to look for something that would enlighten me on the matter.
  40. I realised I'd again annoyed him, but had no idea how, and he didn't care enough to enlighten me.
  41. There is much that you do not know about this and we will do our best to share and enlighten you.
  42. The spotlights were situated on such an angle that they could easily enlighten the whole interior.
  43. I am unable to find any ship’s logs to enlighten us as to what has happened here, Xin stated.
  44. It invites us to be open, prepared, gently watching and waiting for the Spirit to guide and enlighten us.
  45. This is the point where the spirit of revelation and wisdom takes over and grants us divine enlighten.
  46. The rot extends deeper, into every branch and root, for the Library now seeks not to enlighten, but to enslave.
  47. When the Ruling Council decided it was time to enlighten the nearby shores of Urfall, Shan was reluctant at first.
  48. Sheila and second is to enlighten a new soul of restructuring and unity among the workers of their organization Z.
  49. His order to the Brotherhood that in the last quarter of every century an effort should be made to enlighten Europe.
  50. Not another word had I heard to enlighten me on the subject of my expectations, and my twenty-third birthday was a week gone.
  51. It is time for this deep darkness and absolute ignorance to vanish because sun has risen to enlighten the worlds of earth and heaven.
  52. He was not popular with the monks, of course – but neither Roland nor Jerome knew that, and Godwyn was not about to enlighten them.
  53. First were the sons of fresh oil to enlighten and heal, and now the brazen mountains give passage to the dusty death of a blitzing army.
  54. I said that would be fine, indeed; but before she left, would she enlighten me as to what Manner of Man would be sharing my Bedchamber?
  55. Yulia Mihailovna observed that sometimes it was a positive duty to allow the mixing of classes, "for otherwise who is to enlighten them?".
  56. The idea of Christianity was that it was supposed to be able to spread, and enlighten all of humanity and humans: not just the ‘highest’.
  57. The Pilgrim felt the moment could serve well to enlighten his brother with some words of wisdom which should be seldom needed, but not unjustly so.
  58. It would be folly to argue that no effort should be made to enlighten and Christianize the heathen, because the fruits were not apparent in a few years.
  59. He was thinking that Prince Andrew was unhappy, had gone astray, did not see the true light, and that he, Pierre, ought to aid, enlighten, and raise him.
  60. I was very curious to know what I had said or done to cause her so much perturbation a moment before and so I continued to importune her to enlighten me.
  61. The act of reaching for them will strengthen you, enlighten you, challenge you, broaden you, help you realize more of who you are and show you who you are not.
  62. All this I know well myself, more by experience than by hearsay, and some day, senora, I will enlighten you on the subject, for I am of your flesh and blood too.
  63. I found an inn for the night and told Carlotta about Yquingare and Kikthawenund and how they had tried to enlighten me away from my youthful ill-advised idealism.
  64. It wouldn’t be right with God, now would it? The question was meant to convince herself as much as her sister, but it did nothing to enlighten either of them.
  65. This book has been written to enlighten and educate people about the existence of the undead and how they work and why they are evil and how to rid yourself of them.
  66. The exhibit has since traveled to enlighten the world, though in San Francisco some of its elements began oozing liquid, suggesting the possibility of its early demise.
  67. He did not go to the university because, while still in the seventh class of the gymnasium, he made up his mind to go among the people and enlighten his neglected brethren.
  68. In such a case you shall worship only God while you seek to enlighten such misguided earthly rulers and in this way lead them also to the recognition of the Father in heaven.
  69. If this is the case, if there are moral absolutes, then God should be encouraging us to enlighten ourselves by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  70. You seem to know a great deal of what I’m doing here, will you please enlighten me as to why you are here? The Inquisitor replied as he affixed his eyes directly upon him.
  71. The author has always been a very private person, not having had sufficient confidence to share problems with a friend who probably couldn’t enlighten, or even a wife who might not understand.
  72. I explained to you some of the basics of God’s plan and the world of spirits with terms that you can absorb, but I can’t enlighten you more without bringing to you doubts and confusion as well.
  73. He talked much of the degree of punishment, saying it could not be done under the theory of destruction, but he made no attempt to enlighten us as to how, under his strange scheme, and he never will.
  74. Come, let us endeavor to get to the end of our story, Beauchamp; I told you that yesterday Madame made inquiries of me upon the subject; enlighten me, and I will then communicate my information to her.
  75. Is this then, a kind of intellectual Tower of Babel meant to remind Man that he can climb or build only so high in his own strength and wisdom? And what more does theology have to enlighten our way?
  76. If it still exists in you,—and I hope it does,—reflect before replying to me: consider on the one hand, this man, whom a word from you may ruin; on the other hand, justice, which a word from you may enlighten.
  77. I haven’t been around your parents since the move, so due to lack of interaction I would like you to enlighten me on the subject of why you can’t, or won’t, tell your parents what’s happened these past few weeks.
  78. With these objects under despotic governments there is direct prohibition against printing and disseminating books to enlighten the people, and everyone who might rouse the people from their lethargy is exiled or imprisoned.
  79. Because he was deemed an exceptional strategist and a peerless tactician, he was once more asked to lead the armies that would enlighten Urfall, instead of being stripped of office and rank and live on the streets as a beggar.
  80. Thus to be a loving citizen-producer-consumer, to make the impersonal acts of a disembodied organization the personal acts of love, is to strive to enlighten governments and domesticate virtualnisms in caring for the other, e.
  81. I want to believe my mom, but it seems she is trying to keep as much information from me as possible and not enlighten me, and if what Olaf told me is true, then I have many options moving forward, not just the one she is trying to sell to me.
  82. Furthermore, autocratic governments directly forbid the printing and circulation of books and the delivery of speeches that might enlighten men; and those teachers who have the power to rouse the people from its torpor are either banished or imprisoned.
  83. This mighty transaction of the incarnation of the God of Nebadon as a man on Urantia could not augment the attributes of the eternal, infinite, and universal Father, but it did enrich and enlighten all other administrators and creatures of the universe of Nebadon.
  84. Hence we have a secondary aim, that of preparing our members as much as possible to reform their hearts, to purify and enlighten their minds, by means handed on to us by tradition from those who have striven to attain this mystery, and thereby to render them capable of receiving it.
  85. To save the transition, to soften the passage, to deaden the shock, to cause the nation to pass insensibly from the monarchy to democracy by the practice of constitutional fictions,—what detestable reasons all those are! No! no! let us never enlighten the people with false daylight.
  86. The table had become a door at her back and the path that had led there trailed not from whence she came, but to her next enlightentainment or a grave along Adventure's Way, as if she had never been seeking the Sanctuary, but only a game called Enlighten Me Now, which can be played anywhere with anybody.
  87. With no population to enlighten, no known forces arrayed against us, what objectives should I designate? What provisions will I require? What manner of equipment should I gather, what should the disposition of our forces be? How will our forces move? What, exactly, will we be going up against, Arch-minister?
  88. Great combatants must rise, must enlighten nations with audacity, and shake up that sad humanity which is covered with gloom by the right divine, Caesarian glory, force, fanaticism, irresponsible power, and absolute majesty; a rabble stupidly occupied in the contemplation, in their twilight splendor, of these sombre triumphs of the night.
  89. The Master conceived that a faith which could stand what his chosen representatives had recently passed through would undoubtedly endure the fiery trials which were just ahead and emerge from the apparent wreckage of all their hopes into the new light of a new dispensation and thereby be able to go forth to enlighten a world sitting in darkness.
  90. The meal was passed in commonplace talk of what he had been doing during the morning at the Abbey Mill, of the methods of bolting and the old-fashioned machinery, which he feared would not enlighten him greatly on modern improved methods, some of it seeming to have been in use ever since the days it ground for the monks in the adjoining conventual buildings—now a heap of ruins.
  91. Why? If the wisdom of Daoism could not enlighten the Chinese after 8,000 years of it being taught and practiced there… what good is it? If it has been taught and not properly practiced, whose fault is it? How stupid is it to assume that our present modern conventional wisdom will be useful to others; seven thousand years from now? Yet people love to worship the proven 8,000 year-old failure of Daoism simply because it is so ancient.
  92. This is why it is important for our purpose to arouse curiosity because we will not be inspired to acquire knowledge in an area that holds no interest to us! The aim is to share what you learn and your personal experiences with others in such a way as to enlighten, empower, educate or entertain them – it really is a lot of fun as long as your intent is to serve and not to exploit the attention of others simply to make money or gain recognition.
  93. So, what is the meaning of the statement: ((except Fasting it is mine)) ? In fact the word (mine) which is mentioned in the holy Hadith, means that, His aim of his commanding you to fast Ramadan month is to link you to His High Excellency, make you taste His Mercy, show you a part of His Majesty and Beauty and to enlighten your heart with His sublime Light that you can act and behave within it in your life, then you will never go astray along your life.
  94. My greatest anxiety being now relieved, and my fair young visitor restored to animation and resting peacefully enough, my mind naturally turned to the consideration of the strange position I was so unexpectedly placed in; but in my state of absolute ignorance as to the identity of my charge, where she came from, what had happened, and of the whole chain of circumstances which led up to her strange visit, I came to the conclusion that I could only wait for her to awake and enlighten me before taking any steps whatever.
  95. Would you abandon them for that? Would you turn their distress into a malediction? Cannot the light penetrate these masses? Let us return to that cry: Light! and let us obstinately persist therein! Light! Light! Who knows whether these opacities will not become transparent? Are not revolutions transfigurations? Come, philosophers, teach, enlighten, light up, think aloud, speak aloud, hasten joyously to the great sun, fraternize with the public place, announce the good news, spend your alphabets lavishly, proclaim rights, sing the Marseillaises, sow enthusiasms, tear green boughs from the oaks.
  96. In those days my eyes saw the secrets of the lightnings and of the lights and the judgements they execute 'their judgement' and they enlighten for a blessing or a curse as the Lord of Spirits wishes; And there I saw the secrets of the thunder and how when it resounds above in the Heaven the sound of it is heard and he caused me to see the judgements executed on the Earth whether they are for well-being and blessing or for a curse according to the word of the Lord of Spirits; And after that all the secrets of the lights and lightnings were shown to me and they enlighten for blessing and for satisfying.
  97. In those days my eyes saw the secrets of the lightnings, and of the lights, and the judgements they execute 'their judgement', and they enlighten for a blessing or a curse as the Lord of Spirits wishes; And there I saw the secrets of the thunder, and how when it resounds above in the Heaven, the sound of it is heard, and he caused me to see the judgements executed on the Earth, whether they are for well-being and blessing, or for a curse according to the word of the Lord of Spirits; And after that all the secrets of the lights and lightnings were shown to me, and they enlighten for blessing and for satisfying.
  98. In connection with this, the despotic governments directly prohibit the printing and dissemination of books and the utterance of speeches which enlighten the masses, and deport or incarcerate all men who are likely to rouse the masses from their lethargy; besides, all governments without exception conceal from the masses everything which could free them, and encourage everything which could corrupt them, such as the authorship of books which maintain the masses in the savagery of their religious and patriotic superstitions, all kinds of sensuous amusements, spectacles, circuses, theatres, and even all kinds of physical intoxications, such as tobacco, and brandy, which furnish the chief income of states; they even encourage prostitution, which is not only acknowledged, but even organized by the majority of governments.
  99. Who are you? You are a bishop; that is to say, a prince of the church, one of those gilded men with heraldic bearings and revenues, who have vast prebends,—the bishopric of D—— fifteen thousand francs settled income, ten thousand in perquisites; total, twenty-five thousand francs,—who have kitchens, who have liveries, who make good cheer, who eat moor-hens on Friday, who strut about, a lackey before, a lackey behind, in a gala coach, and who have palaces, and who roll in their carriages in the name of Jesus Christ who went barefoot! You are a prelate,—revenues, palace, horses, servants, good table, all the sensualities of life; you have this like the rest, and like the rest, you enjoy it; it is well; but this says either too much or too little; this does not enlighten me upon the intrinsic and essential value of the man who comes with the probable intention of bringing wisdom to me.
  100. And they made a collection of money according to every man's power; And they sent it to Jerusalem to Joakim the priest the son of Helcias the son of Salom and to the priests and to all the people that were found with him in Jerusalem: At the time when he received the vessels of the temple of the Lord which had been taken away out of the temple to return them into the land of Judah the tenth day of the month Sivan the silver vessels which Sedecias the son of Josias King of Judah had made After that Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon had carried away Jechonias and the princes and all the powerful men and the people of the land from Jerusalem and brought them bound to Babylon; And they said: see we have sent you money buy with it holocausts and frankincense and make meat offerings and offerings for sin at the altar of the Lord our God: And pray you for the life of Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon and for the life of Balthasar his son that their days may be on earth as the days of Heaven and so that the Lord may give us strength and enlighten our eyes that we may live under the shadow of Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon and under the shadow of Balthasar his son and may serve them many days and may find favour in their sight; And pray you for us to the Lord our God for we have sinned against the Lord our God and his anger is not turned away from us even to this day; And read you this book which we have sent to you to be read in the temple of the Lord on feasts and proper days; And you shall say: To the Lord our God belongs justice but to us confusion of our face: as it is come to pass at this day to all Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
  1. He was very enlightening sometimes.
  2. This was a fun and enlightening time in my walk.
  3. I found the book quite fascinating and enlightening.
  4. But an enlightening footnote in Ludwig von Mises’s.
  5. My interview with Sammy was most enlightening Melinda.
  6. The example of this analysis is thoroughly enlightening.
  7. That was a very enlightening proposition, so I considered it.
  8. I found it not only strange, but enlightening that I was Page 44.
  9. We have been enlightening already these consequences from long time.
  10. Really he said, but added that he had found it very enlightening.
  11. Who has the mind and enlightening thought … Will solve many problems.
  12. If the company is advertising, the terms in the ad can be enlightening.
  13. I think it's about nourishment and enlightening, not emptiness and pain.
  14. Technical indicators are enlightening and should be considered as advisory.
  15. What these two came up with was outrageous, hilarious and very enlightening.
  16. They learned the intricacies of teaching, enlightening, and chastising the layman.
  17. It is enlightening that the Dead Sea Scrolls refer to this individual as both the.
  18. This is very enlightening because it clearly demonstrates God's hand in the events.
  19. Yet when Our enlightening signs came to them, they said, This is obvious witchcraft.
  20. Efforts at enlightening someone are analogous to planting a seed and watching it take root.
  21. Another enlightening example is that of the so-called star of Bethlehem and the three Magi.
  22. Hilderich found the machine’s view somehow enlightening, though indeed blase and disturbing.
  23. One of the most enlightening lessons in idealism is to "deconstruct" the social institutions in.
  24. It is both interesting and enlightening that John 21:11 and Daniel 11:36 both have the number 11.
  25. This enlightening revelation would become the starting point of another cycle of spiritual growth.
  26. They sought to embroil him in debate, but his answers were always enlightening, dignified, and final.
  27. These scripts are available for us to read and they are indeed very informing and enlightening writings.
  28. And though it was difficult to get him to speak, when he did, their conversations were always enlightening.
  29. Why would your Creator give you a manual which is contradictory and confusing instead of enlightening?
  30. Dean's anecdote of his first attempt at enlightening the darkness in which he had been reared, I observed:.
  31. Constantly interrupting without listening never leads to a meaningful, exciting and enlightening conversation.
  32. This habit of questioning commences the enlightening; whenever we cease it, we begin our own private Dark Ages.
  33. The level of thought that goes into many of the posts is enlightening, above what I’ve run into elsewhere online.
  34. The statures of the LORD are , rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is , enlightening the eyes (Psalm.
  35. He was too close to enlightening the entire Jewish culture of hate with his message of love and gentleness and kindness.
  36. Dean’s anecdote of his first attempt at enlightening the darkness in which he had been reared, I observed,—‘But, Mrs.
  37. Seven and a half million years our race has waited for this Great and Hopefully Enlightening Day! cried the cheerleader.
  38. How much more enlightening, how much more efficacious than any words, than any explanations, is that very simple thing, a kiss.
  39. In the two dreams on the other side of the redemption and enlightening of the kingdom, we saw sin purged and carried away to Shinar.
  40. Outstanding programs like Ken Burns’ Baseball or Jazz can be so enlightening that they lead viewers to read more about the subjects.
  41. Sparky looked over the brim of his glasses at the big man, Well then, would you mind enlightening the rest of us! He said testily.
  42. Thank you for enlightening me, I’d thought that I’d been hearing that from you, but I guess there was some doubt, so again thank-you.
  43. Sheikho (his soul has been sanctified by Al'lah) will be as an enlightening Real Sun which lightens my way and reveals the Divine knowledge.
  44. When free he worked towards the aim he had set himself, the enlightening and the uniting of the working men, especially the country labourers.
  45. Enlightening others to stay focused and safe To use my life experiences to shelter others from life’s storms By reaching out to the ones who mourn.
  46. Her enlightening, but depressing talk with Ben made her late for dinner, but considering the circumstances, whether she ate or not had little importance.
  47. Along with this comes the careful selection of words used and messages conveyed in order to establish natural, free-flowing, yet enlightening conversations.
  48. Reading the story wasn’t enlightening, and she couldn’t help but think back to Hollowcrest’s admission that the papers didn’t always print the truth.
  49. And when Our enlightening Verses are recited to them, they say, This is nothing but a man who wants to divert you from what your ancestors used to worship.
  50. The driver spoke about the manager of the Kusminskoie estate, not knowing that he was carrying its master, Nekhludoff purposely refrained from enlightening him.
  51. He held those tears, feeling he would be misjudged by his brother and that would only serve further to his befuddlement, whereas he should be enlightening him by his actions alone.
  52. He is ready to come down with all His precious gifts, renewing, sanctifying, purifying, strengthening, cheering, encouraging, enlightening, teaching, directing, guiding into all truth.
  53. He (cpth) is the enlightening Sun that pours Al’lah’s Light upon your heart enlightening your spirit to attain the piety (Al-Takwa) to become learned as explained in the noble hadith.
  54. He said he was ready to do some more inner searching and I suggested he go to the hallway of doors and let Spirit guide him to an experience that would be enlightening, enjoyable and helpful.
  55. But like Czar Peter content to toil in the shipyards of foreign cities, Queequeg disdained no seeming ignominy, if thereby he might happily gain the power of enlightening his untutored countrymen.
  56. Should I fall, therefore, seek no victims to my manes, but rather forgive my destroyers; and if you remember them at all, let it be in prayers for the enlightening of their minds, and for their eternal welfare.
  57. Around the same time Ira was enlightening me about the options market, my friend Chris Stavrou introduced me to Management Assistance Liquidating Trust when he faxed me the 10-Q, adorned with his handwritten notes.
  58. The previous night’s dream visit from Tamar had been most enlightening, he had been provided with the enemy’s numbers and position and now only time would tell whether things would work out as they had planned.
  59. A nocturnal rain, the wall of Hougomont, the hollow road of Ohain, Grouchy deaf to the cannon, Napoleon's guide deceiving him, Bulow's guide enlightening him,—the whole of this cataclysm is wonderfully conducted.
  60. If you have grown in the consciousness scale, you will definitely appreciate the growth you have gone through when you look back and say Ah, here I was last year in the stage of pride… The reflection is truly enlightening.
  61. He revealed the reality of paradise, which is, looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of Honouring, beauty and majesty, demonstrating that all what man obtains of pleasures, honouring and bliss is below that lofty Paradise.
  62. He revealed the reality of Paradise, which is looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of Honouring, Beauty and Majesty, demonstrating that all the pleasures, honoring, and bliss that man obtains are below that lofty Paradise.
  63. He revealed the reality of paradise, which is, looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of honouring, beauty and majesty, demonstrating that all what man obtains of pleasures, honouring and bliss are below that lofty Paradise.
  64. And that he used their words in the commonly received sense, needs no other proof than this, that if he had not done so, instead of enlightening them in the knowledge of his will, he would have deceived and confounded them: than which, no hypothesis is more impious.
  65. With the utter absorption of a man to whom love comes late, not as the most splendid of illusions, but like an enlightening and priceless misfortune, the sight of that woman (of whom he had been deprived for nearly a year) suggested ideas of adoration, of kissing the hem of her robe.
  66. This is that anti-intuitive hyper-intuition that one is but a psychic antenna literally netted inside multi-taneous minds enlightening, and your awareness has been telescoped ten god strides across heaven and time, picking up ideas bigger than humanity in the great electrical field that actually 362.
  67. This chapter connects all of the distant enlightening points of truth throughout human history and explains the existence of these undead evil things as a constant condition which systematically hides and twists every attempt of Living Life to straighten itself out and live decently in happiness and health.
  68. He could see nothing obvious the mind-cane might be trying to convey to him, simply the story and life he knew: a boy lost and found again through danger and pain; a slow realisation of his life’s meaning; the struggle to change what had gone wrong; the battles on the way; death and life again; and then a kind of enlightening on the road to achievement.
  69. By enlightening the opinions, by expanding the patriotism, and by assimilating the principles, the sentiments, and the manners, of those who might resort to this temple of science, to be redistributed, in due time, through every part of the community, sources of jealousy and prejudice would be diminished, the features of national character would be multiplied, and greater extent given to social harmony.
  70. Jesus has taught us that God lives in man; then how can we induce man to release these soul-bound powers of divinity and infinity? How shall we induce men to let go of God that he may spring forth to the refreshment of our own souls while in transit outward and then to serve the purpose of enlightening, uplifting, and blessing countless other souls? How best can I awaken these latent powers for good which lie dormant in your souls? One thing I am sure of: Emotional excitement is not the ideal spiritual stimulus.
  71. Let us not weary of repeating, and sympathetic souls must not forget that this is the first of fraternal obligations, and selfish hearts must understand that the first of political necessities consists in thinking first of all of the disinherited and sorrowing throngs, in solacing, airing, enlightening, loving them, in enlarging their horizon to a magnificent extent, in lavishing upon them education in every form, in offering them the example of labor, never the example of idleness, in diminishing the individual burden by enlarging the notion of the universal aim, in setting a limit to poverty without setting a limit to wealth, in creating vast fields of public and popular activity, in having, like Briareus, a hundred hands to extend in all directions to the oppressed and the feeble, in employing the collective power for that grand duty of opening workshops for all arms, schools for all aptitudes, and laboratories for all degrees of intelligence, in augmenting salaries, diminishing trouble, balancing what should be and what is, that is to say, in proportioning enjoyment to effort and a glut to need; in a word, in evolving from the social apparatus more light and more comfort for the benefit of those who suffer and those who are ignorant.
  72. Why do good men and even women, who have certainly no interest in war, go into raptures over the various exploits of Skobeloff and others, and vie with one another in glorifying them? Why do men, who are not obliged to do so, and get no fee for it, devote, like the marshals of nobility in Russia, whole months of toil to a business physically disagreeable and morally painful—the enrolling of conscripts? Why do all kings and emperors wear the military uniform? Why do they all hold military reviews, why do they organize maneuvers, distribute rewards to the military, and raise monuments to generals and successful commanders? Why do rich men of independent position consider it an honor to perform a valet's duties in attendance on crowned personages, flattering them and cringing to them and pretending to believe in their peculiar superiority? Why do men who have ceased to believe in the superstitions of the mediæval Church, and who could not possibly believe in them seriously and consistently, pretend to believe in and give their support to the demoralizing and blasphemous institution of the church? Why is it that not only governments but private persons of the higher classes, try so jealously to maintain the ignorance of the people? Why do they fall with such fury on any effort at breaking down religious superstitions or really enlightening the people? Why do historians, novelists, and poets, who have no hope of gaining anything by their flatteries, make heroes of kings, emperors, and conquerors of past times? Why do men, who call themselves learned, dedicate whole lifetimes to making theories to prove that violence employed by authority against the people is not violence at all, but a special right? One often wonders why a fashionable lady or an artist, who, one would think, would take no interest in political or military questions, should always condemn strikes of working people, and defend war; and should always be found without hesitation opposed to the one, favorable to the other.
  73. The searches full of the Enlightening,.
  1. The enlightened of this world.
  2. I was enlightened by a double S.
  3. Even shit can become enlightened.
  4. He is an enlightened well-wisher.
  5. We are now enlightened and ready.
  6. The enlightened art of seduction:.
  7. In the heat of enlightened flames.
  8. He who knows himself is enlightened.
  9. For the enlightened on the harmful.
  10. M: The enlightened (gnani) is neither.
  11. What if the enlightened took a collective.
  12. All it takes is an enlightened selfishness.
  13. An enlightened soul has potential to stay.
  14. For even the enlightened bleed when stabbed.
  15. That which enlightened this man was his heart.
  16. Becoming enlightened is like becoming pregnant.
  17. Whose crown is adorned with a fully enlightened.
  18. Thus Enlightened Masters are said to be precious.
  19. To have one’s eyes opened is to be enlightened.
  20. Even in more enlightened times, it was a foul job.
  21. In not being enlightened, our perceptions are flawed.
  22. In most respects, Napoleon was an enlightened despot.
  23. Within the sixty-two enlightened Deities, Heruka and.
  24. If you know the Eternal, you are enlightened and wise.
  25. In a laughter filled tone, Joel enlightened his friend.
  26. There was a moment of captured, enlightened recognition.
  27. And he claimed only an enlightened being could be that.
  28. The enlightened man who sees all things in himself and.
  29. My childhood enlightened, and for them with promises grew.
  30. While meditating on the assembly of sixty-two enlightened.
  31. Q: Had I never lost anything, I would have been enlightened.
  32. But I also propose that Shamen and Enlightened Saints have.
  33. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other.
  34. The Enlightened Guru has removed the Energy Blockages to his.
  35. The Enlightened Guru has unified his Mind of many of the Ego-.
  36. For thousands of years Shamen and the Enlightened have helped.
  37. Whoever belonging to this state has enlightened mankind is a.
  38. So he pleads with Krishn and wishes to be enlightened on why.
  39. Why? Because the rich had become enlightened by legal taxation.
  40. In this practice, having generated ourself as the enlightened.
  41. Shamen and the enlightened, though, always had the ability to.
  42. There are still, even in these most enlightened of times, some.
  43. Once enlightened, virtue makes her calculations as well as vice.
  44. You are always already aware; you are always already enlightened.
  45. In these enlightened days of course, no one believes a word of it.
  46. Enlightened Masters give Energy to, raise the Energy Vibration of.
  47. The enlightened individual resides in a higher state of awareness.
  48. We can trust no-one who is not enlightened! This is the Law of the.
  49. Krishn has said before that only enlightened, realized, sages have.
  50. Enlightened, Carl shook his head at the unutterable stupidity of them.
  51. It is the ultimate responsibility of all enlightened human beings to.
  52. I told the manager exactly what had taken place and enlightened him.
  53. Legends of the Enlightened, who were wise well beyond their years.
  54. Roosevelt was an enlightened member of the Robber Baron millionaires.
  55. The real bliss of being enlightened is in being at all levels at once.
  56. It is believed that we are the most enlightened of all animal species.
  57. The verdict rests with the best and most enlightened public sentiment.
  58. I suspect that’s why our Government won’t do anything enlightened.
  59. Everyone truly is a Buddha or enlightened being, at least in potential.
  60. I contacted the custodians and arch fathers of physics and enlightened.
  61. Those who are enlightened know well that philosophy is not going to help.
  62. Enlightened Masters are rare, yet all of them work through the Laws above.
  63. We curently have many enlightened souls in Heaven, waiting for those who.
  64. So I’m sitting there, about to get enlightened and the tea bell rings.
  65. Almost at the Enlightened level, if you’ve never been forced out thus far.
  66. Hence the enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution.
  67. When one achieves the enlightened state, a common description of the spiritual.
  68. Obviously, this city was born the wise and enlightened, and knows it from birth.
  69. This lucid presentation of the possibilities both frightened and enlightened Vera.
  70. The enlightened view life as a dream, so how could they possibly differentiate.
  71. When not enlightened, Buddhas are no other than ordinary beings; when there is.
  72. We began at Passover in the ravine; then the kingdom was justified and enlightened.
  73. It seems that in this enlightened age new duties are assigned to a Representative.
  74. They are too enlightened not to know that this will be but the beginning of sorrow.
  75. The enlightened mind opens the world into absolute objectivity and bigger thoughts.
  76. It is not a personality and where the enlightened power created the humans the same.
  77. Egan’s face went from looking stressed and disappointed to enlightened and excited.
  78. Once upon a time I would have been considered a witch but this was an enlightened age.
  79. With the arrival of these „sources' there appeared among the populace many enlightened.
  80. It is unfathomable to me that anyone could be enlightened without knowing their true self.
  81. You are undergoing a transitional phase and are becoming more enlightened or spiritual.
  82. Luckily, I have a more enlightened sponsor who is more open-minded about medical treatment.
  83. A man entering Washington through this portal was glorified and enlightened by the passage.
  84. I am constantly reminded of this handicap and recently an editor enlightened me on the issue.
  85. There is some great historical fiction available – you’ll be entertained and enlightened.
  86. Even an enlightened being needs to have a ‘minimum ego’ to survive on the physical plane.
  87. That is why one could say that being enlightened in the Buddhist sense is a sort of calamity.
  88. A mind enlightened conquers the world in discovery, inventions and all the riches of the mind.
  89. Ok, that gives shape to the question, I said and thanked him for the enlightened response.
  90. A glance at the window enlightened me further, and the striking of a match completed the picture.
  91. The enlightened ones have realised the illusory nature of the concept of a unique individual self.
  92. I need only suggest what kind of sermons are still listened to in the most enlightened countries.
  93. And humans will move into an enlightened state of being such as they have never imagined possible.
  94. These terms have slightly varied meanings but can all be used to describe the enlightened disciple.
  95. Enlightened self-interest is not compassion, but cooperative P2Ping the world for one's own benefit.
  96. So I guess one doesn't become enlightened; it's more of a recognition that enlightenment is present.
  97. When admitting that they will have to forfeit their veneer of godliness about how enlightened they.
  98. To become pregnant (enlightened) you will have to receive God’s love into the womb of your psyche.
  99. Besides, to this day, the highly enlightened Turks devoutly believe in the historical story of Jonah.
  100. An enlightened master describes that he is anger less, worry free, fearless, timeless and space less.
  1. The Holy Spirit enlightens the hearts of al and helps us understand, accept, endure and hope.
  2. Love is the divine energy that enlightens the spiritual world and is the highest in the rank of evolution.
  3. But that the Holy Spirit calls me by the Gospel, enlightens me with His gifts, sanctifies and preserves me in the true faith.
  4. Even as He calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies the whole Church on earth,1198 which He keeps by Jesus Christ in the only true faith.
  5. This chapter not only enlightens you about the true origins of our Universe, it makes you smarter than all the Cosmologists and Astro-physicists in the world.
  6. The Sun did not forget you, since, until today, it enlightens us with good thoughts; however, it is mother Moon that shelters you during the time of distress.
  7. It tends only to conceal defects and weak points in the system resorting thereto, by throwing over it the halo of learning, and the play of much speaking which confuses more than enlightens.
  8. He has ordered us to direct our spirits towards Him in our communication with Him and to turn towards the Ka’ba where we can find the spirit and the lofty spirituality of the imam (cpth), who enlightens us and shows us the way that leads to Him, the Almighty.
  9. There comes an hour when protestation no longer suffices; after philosophy, action is required; live force finishes what the idea has sketched out; Prometheus chained begins, Arostogeiton ends; the encyclopedia enlightens souls, the 10th of August electrifies them.

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