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Ensnare dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And the more surely we ensnare.
  2. That would Love himself ensnare.
  3. Kate always manages to ensnare men.
  4. Still convinced I was the reason she couldn’t ensnare Prince The Maiden’s Odyssey.
  5. And with what you just told me about your family, she could have used that to ensnare your brother.

  6. The vampire queen is very beautiful, and she uses it as a weapon to ensnare those who succumb to it.
  7. Last but not least, spin refers to what a spider does to create a web in which to ensnare her enemies.
  8. The liberal confidence and friendly overtures of the United States were taken advantage of to ensnare them.
  9. He couldn’t bust a trafficker if doing so might ensnare Enrique, because that just might finish things for Edgar.
  10. Having learned from the great minds described in this chapter, we laid out a trap designed to ensnare only the guilty.
  11. The Internet: was supposed to be their ultimate creation: a global web of lies designed to ensnare the souls of living humans.
  12. Many of today’s isolated suburban kids fear that to acknowledge feeling would ensnare them in a similar way to the slavery of their parents’ failing marriage.
  13. In answering them as he did, while not claiming authority from John, he so satisfied the people with the inference that the effort of his enemies to ensnare him was effectively turned upon themselves and was much to their discredit in the eyes of all present.
  14. Though apparently absolutely isolated from the rest of the world in his mountain retreat in southern Spain, he keeps in touch with affairs outside so far as they affect him, and is able, in mysterious ways, to anticipate, and so defeat, all attempts to ensnare him.
  15. And this we will do so that those who really desire to enter the kingdom may discern the meaning of the teaching and thus find salvation, while those who listen only to ensnare us may be the more confounded in that they will see without seeing and will hear without hearing.

  1. The sand stops slithering and ensnaring.
  2. It was at that time that trapping, fishing, and hunting with dogs were invented – ensnaring game instead of hunting it directly.
  3. Why not be revenged on society by shaping his future domesticities loosely, instead of kissing the pedagogic rod of convention in this ensnaring manner?
  4. Therefore, once embarked on her undertaking, Natasha remained calm and indifferent, brilliantly distinguished, and ensnaring the just and the unjust alike.
  5. Most Men fear Learning and Wit in Women, for they suppose that all a Woman’s Wit will be put to the Service of ensnaring them and making them Slaves for Life.
  6. And so they came with the woman and her companion in transgression for the purpose of ensnaring Jesus into making some statement which could be used against him in case of his arrest.
  7. The heart is always deceitful and desperately wicked; the devil is always busy, and seeking whom he may devour; the world is always ensnaring; the way of life is narrow, the enemies many, the friends few, the difficulties great, the cross heavy, the doctrine of the gospel offensive to the natural man.
  8. That these priests, who imagined they were eating and drinking the body and blood of Christ in the form of bread and wine, did in reality eat and drink His flesh and His blood, but not as wine and bits of bread, but by ensnaring these little ones with whom He identified Himself, by depriving them of the greatest blessings and submitting them to most cruel torments, and by hiding from men the tidings of great joy which He had brought.
  1. I was ensnared in thought.
  2. In the end, they ensnared and possessed him.
  3. She ensnared by the love she had within her heart.
  4. Far below, Louie was still ensnared in the plane, writhing in the wires.
  5. He guessed that this must be Altaf Chandio, the man who’d ensnared Mandy.
  6. She screamed as the effulgent cobweb ensnared her, binding her limbs in the net.
  7. The roundup ensnared seven gang members, though the state police said more arrests were coming.
  8. The night of the wedding reception, Leanna ensnared Phillip with the ruse of finding her gloves.
  9. On impulse, he gently ensnared the ball in his mouth, then spat it out, shooting it high in the air.
  10. It was such a one who had ensnared him in years past and led him to the rending fields at Marshwren and elsewhere.
  11. Although he was the wisest man ever to live, apart from Jesus Christ, he was ensnared by the cares of this world.
  12. Whatever webs of conspiracy were drawn about him, whatever trickery and treachery ensnared him, this knife was real.
  13. People preferred to think of their weak, twenty-nine-year-old monarch as a saintly figure ensnared by evil councillors.
  14. When the game becomes ensnared the snare arm is dislodged from the keeper stick and the switch line slips off the other end.
  15. Blood ran from the corners of his mouth, he reached down to the floor and ensnared his fist in the plush emerald colored carpet.
  16. Once ensnared, the animal’s struggles will disengage the snare arm regardless of the direction from which it originally approached.
  17. He did not begin to guess that she was exhibiting full-fledged obsession until she had thoroughly ensnared him with her tragic story.
  18. Once thus ensnared, unless the protecting hand of God snatch him thence, all is over, and his struggles but tend to hasten his destruction.
  19. But if some one else gains possession of his conscience—oh! then he will cast away Thy bread and follow after him who has ensnared his conscience.
  20. Churches of men, look on all you have done! You are trapped, ensnared by all your harlotries, which you have in common with your estranged mother, the catholic church.
  21. Prepared speeches, soft songs, lulling you to sleep as you rest comfortably in your padded chairs, slowly fading into all this darkness in which you are so easily ensnared.
  22. Leaning against the wall of his study at home was the ‘Caroline Steepleton’ work board and along its bottom edge, he had long since drawn a sketch of a spider’s web with three figures ensnared.
  23. The whirling dark cloud of energy was completely ensnared by the light cords cast off by the sword in my father’s hand and the mass of darkness began to writhe and moan, as it was chained in by the light.
  24. A growth-oriented body politic ensnared in endless economic confrontations killed the collective creative spirit by dulling it with a variety of trance-distractions, from sports contests to street theater protests to iWorlds to eScapes.
  25. He had not had such an encounter since the days immediately following his salvation, when he had confronted and cast out the witch doctor, who had ensnared his people for generations with superstition and cultic beliefs of practice, from the village.
  26. Take up the spear and shield and arise to help us; confound and put to shame those who have devised evil against us, may they be before the faces of Thy faithful warriors as dust before the wind, and may Thy mighty Angel confound them and put them to flight; may they be ensnared when they know it not, and may the plots they have laid in secret be turned against them; let them fall before Thy servants’ feet and be laid low by our hosts! Lord, Thou art able to save both great and small; Thou art God, and man cannot prevail against Thee!.

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