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  1. Entitle it the FOUNT OF TEARS!.
  2. Later, as the Institute grew, this early application would entitle me.
  3. Perhaps he thought the explanation was asked in terms which did not entitle Mr.
  4. Still such a mode of proceeding could not be justified, and might perhaps entitle the.
  5. The aid they have already given is sufficient to entitle them to the lasting gratitude of our profession.

  6. There was nothing in the air or attire of this Indian that would seem to entitle him to such a distinction.
  7. The question recurring on filling the blank with the number of souls which should entitle to a Representative—.
  8. This will also entitle the applicant to an internet account that may be used to maintain and organize the expenses of the business.
  9. My present social standing is such, that my former slight acquaintance with you does not entitle me to a visit from you, unless you have some business with me.
  10. During a cruise that my wife and I took last year, a distinguished, affable and learned traveler suggested that I should entitle my next book Odyssey Dreamed.
  11. And to entitle these experiments to the more favorable consideration, they were so framed as to enable her to place her adversary under the exclusive operation of them.
  12. The latter do what they please, punish them, as seems good to them, and confiscate at their will those two sorry things which they entitle their industry and their liberty.
  13. Of plebeian lineages I have nothing to say, save that they merely serve to swell the number of those that live, without any eminence to entitle them to any fame or praise beyond this.
  14. I have therefore thought fit to submit this resolution, and hope the reasons assigned will induce you to believe that I think it of such importance to the nation as to entitle it to your attention.
  15. And, "If possessing a higher degree of intelligence does not entitle one human to use another for his or her own ends, how can it entitle humans to exploit non-humans?" wrote Peter Singer in the twentieth century.

  16. In Europe, the qualification necessary to entitle a proprietor to vote at their general courts was raisted, from five hundred pounds, the original price of a share in the stock of the company, to a thousand pounds.
  17. A certificate that stated she had just turned eighteen years old this year and that Walter wasn’t her real father! A certificate that would entitle her to a half share of the insurance money from Georgia’s death.
  18. There was nothing in the Constitution that gave the Federal government the power to Entitle anything, yet Roosevelt claimed this power to establish a means for imposing a Socialistic government on the unsuspecting public.
  19. The danger is that the absorbing interest in his academic studies may take up his whole attention, to the neglect of the instinctive qualities that he should possess the possession of which alone will entitle him to be an artist.
  20. The size and beauty of the specimens, and the abundance of this mineral near Shawnee Town, (provided there is no mistake in the case) clearly entitle this to be considered as the most interesting American locality of this beautiful mineral.
  21. I did not much approve of the project, for divers reasons; the principal of which was, because my daughters were grown into young ladies, and I was, thank God, in a circumstance to entitle them to hold their heads something above the trades.
  22. As the situation and talents of that gentleman entitle his statements and opinions to great weight; as it is more than probable that the votes of several members will ultimately rest upon the weight of his authority, my honorable friend from Maryland (Mr.
  23. But, sir, the wise and magnanimous policy of the General Government has uniformly conferred on the respective Territories the rights of State sovereignty so soon as their numbers would fairly entitle them to one member in the House of Representatives of the United States.
  24. Smith acknowledges the receipt of information, that the property which he had said in his last must be restored, in order to entitle France to the American commerce while it was denied to England, was sold, and the proceeds deposited in the caisse prive—privy purse of the Emperor.
  25. Bellamy should see just how much she could stand of American life and manners; in order that their children might have enough of their native soil on their hands as they played, and enough of its education in their heads, to entitle them to the self-sufficiency of American citizens.

  26. Indulging no passions which trespass on the rights or the repose of other nations, it has been the true glory of the United States to cultivate peace by observing justice; and to entitle themselves to the respect of the nations at war, by fulfilling their neutral obligations with the most scrupulous impartiality.
  27. But gentlemen were desirous now to fix the number of souls which should entitle to a Representative—and why? That the State Legislatures, understanding the number of Representatives to which they are entitled from knowing the census, may proceed to district their States, in anticipation of the law to be passed by Congress.
  28. To deliver themselves from this subjection to their creditors, the poorer citizens were continually calling out, either for an entire abolition of debts, or for what they called new tables ; that is, for a law which should entitle them to a complete acquittance, upon paying only a certain proportion of their accumulated debts.
  29. The committee are of opinion, that the resolution of Congress, upon a liberal construction, did not require actual service, and that the officer should be in the receipt of his pay to entitle him to commutation; but that he should have a commission, and be at all times liable to be called on to perform the duties of his station.
  30. The teachers of the doctrine which contains this instruction, in the same manner as other teachers, may either depend altogether for their subsistence upon the voluntary contributions of their hearers; or they may derive it from some other fund, to which the law of their country may entitle them ; such as a landed estate, a tythe or land tax.
  31. I would wish to know if the misfortunes which have happened to you—misfortunes entirely beyond your control, and which in no degree diminish my regard for you—I would wish to know if they have not, in some measure, contributed to render you a stranger to the world in which your fortune and your name entitle you to make a conspicuous figure?
  32. Your committee, therefore, consider it an act both of strict justice and sound policy to advance the respective territories of the United States to the grade of a separate commonwealth, whenever they shall contain the number of inhabitants necessary to entitle them, under the ratio established by law, to a Representative in the Congress of the United States.
  33. The reason was, that a few days later it was reported in the town that Don Fernando had been married in a neighbouring city to a maiden of rare beauty, the daughter of parents of distinguished position, though not so rich that her portion would entitle her to look for so brilliant a match; it was said, too, that her name was Luscinda, and that at the betrothal some strange things had happened.
  34. Your memorialists state, that although they do not pretend to have the number required by the said articles of agreement and cession, and the ordinance to entitle our Territory as a matter of right into the Union, upon the footing of one of the original States; yet, we hope that our numbers (as will appear by the census now taken under a law of the United States) are sufficiently respectable to induce your honorable body to admit the Mississippi Territory into the Union, as a matter of expediency.
  35. For instance, at one time England must repeal her Orders in Council to entitle her to the benefit of the law; at another, viz: after hearing from France, the condition must include a repeal of the blockades also, and on the part of France, she must rescind her decrees and restore the property, then a promise is to be accepted as it respects the property, and, to top the climax, the proclamation issues on the presumption of an agreement having taken place, on the part of France, that the property shall be restored.
  36. In what census of living creatures, the dead of mankind are included; why it is that a universal proverb says of them, that they tell no tales, though containing more secrets than the Goodwin Sands; how it is that to his name who yesterday departed for the other world, we prefix so significant and infidel a word, and yet do not thus entitle him, if he but embarks for the remotest Indies of this living earth; why the Life Insurance Companies pay death-forfeitures upon immortals; in what eternal, unstirring paralysis, and deadly, hopeless trance, yet lies antique Adam who died sixty round centuries ago; how it is that we still refuse to be comforted for those who we nevertheless maintain are dwelling in unspeakable bliss; why all the living so strive to hush all the dead; wherefore but the rumor of a knocking in a tomb will terrify a whole city.
  1. It is a card entitling its holder to buy goods and.
  2. The entitling of both of the following illustrations was done by me:.
  3. A certificate issued at a judicial sale entitling the buyer to receive.
  4. Thus the fiendish triumvirate approved that compromise as well as a clause entitling Viswava to his fair share.
  5. They went about trying to weave a variety of borrowed concepts into a compelling history entitling them to advantage and blessing.
  6. He's haggling with him for it, being asked too much, and here he would have all the documents entitling him to the property itself.
  7. Compare that stance with that of Obama, who, while a state senator from the benighted state of Illinois, even voted against the law entitling new-born survivors of abortion to have life-support systems.
  8. The bank grants at the same time what is called a recipice or receipt, entitling the person who makes the deposit, or the bearer, to take out the bullion again at any time within six months, upon transferring to the bank a quantity of bank money equal to that for which credit had been given in its books when the deposit was made, and upon paying one-fourth per cent.
  9. Thus, when Sophia Ivanovna (who was never weary of discussing her niece) related to me how, four years ago, Varenika had suddenly given away all her clothes to some peasant children without first asking permission to do so, so that the garments had subsequently to be recovered, I did not at once accept the fact as entitling Varenika to elevation in my opinion, but went on giving her good advice about the unpracticalness of such views on property.
  10. And it has come about because the position of men of science and art is a privileged one, because art and science (in our day), in our world, are not at all a rational occupation of all mankind without exception, exerting their best powers for the service of art and science, but an occupation of a restricted circle of people holding a monopoly of these industries, and entitling themselves men of art and science, and who have, therefore, perverted the very idea of art and science, and have lost all the meaning of their vocation, and who are only concerned in amusing and rescuing from crushing ennui their tiny circle of idle mouths.
  1. W entitled to obtain an.
  2. You are entitled to it, but.
  3. Aren’t we entitled to due.
  4. We are entitled to calculate.
  5. They are entitled to an opinion.
  6. He’s entitled to his privacy.
  7. The landlord shall be entitled.
  8. It was entitled, Please Help.
  9. He was entitled to a little look.
  10. I think you’re entitled to that.
  11. The movie was entitled World’s.
  12. Sharma entitled me baby repeatedly.
  13. We start with the source entitled:.
  14. That's the least she was entitled to.
  15. That you’re not entitled to things.
  16. She is entitled to a share of this.
  17. She was entitled to her widow's dower.
  18. Booker is entitled to damages for this.
  19. And to it you are always entitled to.
  20. The middleman is entitled to substitute.
  21. It could never be right although entitled.
  22. The poem I wrote entitled The Radiant.
  23. Hervey Cleckley entitled The Mask of Sanity.
  24. With a police report you are entitled to:.
  25. The Books holding the letters are entitled.
  26. Why not? He's entitled to know who she is.
  27. I think they’re entitled to at least that.
  28. His newest novel is entitled Gods and Fathers.
  29. He was entitled to feel angry, Gwenda thought.
  30. Hussein will ever be entitled to such respect.
  31. She felt entitled to a higher station in life.
  32. The lucky ticket holder could be entitled to:.
  33. And you, sir, are not entitled to see any of it.
  34. When you feel entitled, you can't feel thankful.
  36. Those who profess hate are entitled to only hate.
  37. They’ll say he was entitled to chain a runaway.
  38. The article was entitled, working For the oLd MAn.
  39. He‘s entitled to his opinion, but it‘s YOUR.
  40. Truth comes only to those who are entitled to it.
  41. The man’s entitled to his opinion, answers.
  42. R—— a pamphlet entitled Suppressed Documents.
  43. Surely he’s entitled to the Promised Land?
  44. First-year employees are only entitled to a week.
  45. Entitled Additional Aspects of Security Analysis.
  46. The article is entitled A New Basis of Church Life.
  47. Tharp, entitled Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom.
  48. H, which entitled me to almost the same pay as an AB.
  49. Every reporter is entitled to his opinion, of course.
  50. He is entitled to have a past and talk to old friends.
  51. And the old are entitled to be grumpy once in a while.
  52. Or, in his book entitled Healing the Unaffirmed, Staten.
  53. If you have an inner feeling that you are not entitled.
  54. Thank God everyone was still entitled to a fair trial!.
  55. Everyone was entitled to a Government job that paid the.
  56. There is an old hymn entitled Brighten the Corner Where.
  57. He was entitled to it, and I had heard men in pain before.
  58. That argument, therefore, was entitled to no consideration.
  59. These postgraduates will also be entitled to an additional.
  60. When this occurs, the taxpayer may be entitled to receive.
  61. This issue is entitled to cumulative prior dividends of $3.
  62. The unrestricted stock is first entitled to dividends of $2.
  63. They have more wealth and success than they’re entitled.
  64. Students who don"t live on campus aren"t entitled to this deal.
  65. I had been working hard saving the world, and I felt entitled.
  66. Dean Ornish came out with a book entitled Eat More, Weigh Less.
  67. Fripp on this subject, entitled Human Anatomy for Art Students.
  68. With the population that you have now you would be entitled to.
  69. When you reach age 62, you're entitled to receive social security.
  70. Since you are entitled only to the performance of action but.
  71. Slaves are not entitled to enter the blissful state of pure love.
  72. The landlord is entitled to increase the rent on the anniversary.
  74. Also that Peter was entitled to commission-free currency exchange.
  75. An endless game of jockeying for position in an entitled hierarchy.
  76. Both are humans and equally entitled to attain the goodness of life.
  77. In the early 1970s, I had a Columbia LP entitled, Different Strokes.
  78. Those who profess love and happiness are entitled to only love and.
  79. As a bona fide member of the group, you were entitled to use the van.
  80. They think they are too honest and entitled to tell all their secrets.
  81. So perhaps you are entitled to the estate, said an excited Sarah.
  82. Anger has to do with your rights, what you believe you're entitled to.
  83. This is one part of another book entitled the Seven Days Of Creation.
  84. Cole's entitled him to, as the weather was excessively hot, to bathe.
  85. It is in a little work entitled Claude Gueux that this word made its.
  86. But who is the man entitled to this spiritual discipline called dharm?
  87. Dreman, published in 1977 and entitled Psychology and the Stock Market.
  88. The chapter entitled, Trade-Offs, will help you with the external.
  89. The second piece that was to be played was entitled, Kedril, the Glutton.
  90. This is exactly what is said in the chapter above entitled Why rarely.
  91. In 1954 Darrell Huff authored a book entitled How to Lie with Statistics.
  92. Transformative learning isn’t something that only elites are entitled.
  93. In this sense we are completely entitled to refer early Buddhism toeso-.
  94. The book was tentatively entitled; ‘Hints and Kinks of Aerial Fighting.
  95. Michelle also has a short story collection available entitled The Spread.
  96. Catherine reads a poem she has written, entitled My spring, to the.
  97. The subscriber under this offer will not be entitled to any other Premium.
  98. Military, entitled The case of the clown sized boots for young female.
  99. The patentees are entitled by law to exclusive rights for fourteen years.
  100. All those who have seen God or God has seen them, become entitled to the.
  1. Being a member entitles one to wear.
  2. The option entitles you to buy one board lot of XYZ shares.
  3. We live in a culture that entitles and constrains at birth via competition.
  4. But his conversion privilege entitles him to receive 153,846 shares of common stock.
  5. That just because you are in a long term relationship that this automatically entitles you to sex.
  6. Ever since the Consumer Reporting Act was passed it entitles you to all the information a credit agency has on you.
  7. To help me with all this I was furnished with a book entitles 'Harpers Directory and Manual', I still have the book, dated 1957.
  8. The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act entitles all dependents (parents, minor children, unmarried daughters) to maintenance even if they are disinherited.
  9. A ready submission entitles him to mercy; resistance will provoke the aggressor, and his own blood must expiate the blood which he presumes to shed in legitimate defense.
  10. But on the other hand, if the farmer feels that by giving the cows life entitles him to torture them every moment of their life, that farmer would be regarded as a cruel, sadistic man and abhorred by most.
  11. None of this makes any fucking sense, UNLESS you factor in the hidden fact that ALL the top elite in ALL the top positions of civilized power are being controlled, manipulated and corrupted by the forces of hidden undead evil entitles, who have their own hidden secret agendas.
  12. The States north of the Potomac contain nearly four millions of souls; and surely it needs no proof to convince the most casual observer, that the proportion which the commercial interest bears to the other interests of that great section of the Union, is such as entitles it to the denomination of leading interest.
  13. The States north of the Hudson contain nearly two and a half millions of souls; and surely there is as little need of proof to show that the proportion the commercial interest bears to the other interests of that Northern section of the Union, is such as entitles it there to the denomination of predominating interest.
  14. In England, besides, a lease for life of forty shillings a-year value is a freehold, and entitles the lessee to a vote for a member of parliament ; and as a great part of the yeomanry have freeholds of this kind, the whole order becomes respectable to their landlords, on account of the political consideration which this gives them.
  15. Finally, he is anxious to see if you have been fortunate enough to escape the bad moral influence to which you have been exposed, and which is infinitely more to be dreaded than any physical suffering; he wishes to discover if the fine abilities with which nature had endowed you have been weakened by want of culture; and, in short, whether you consider yourself capable of resuming and retaining in the world the high position to which your rank entitles you.

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