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Entrap dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. If the television doesn’t entrap us with.
  2. Oh, will I not? You have managed to entrap me?
  3. I mistrusted a design to entrap me into some admission.
  4. Therefore, Delilah could use all her wiles to entrap him.
  5. To entrap the Woodlanders along the way and involve you in this confusing venture.
  6. The time has finally arrived for concepts that permit others to entrap and enslave.
  7. This was a use for clubs that he hadn’t considered: you could entrap animals with them.
  8. By this time some of the Sadducees were united with the Pharisees in their effort to entrap Jesus.
  9. And that night both the Sadducees and the Pharisees joined hands in the plan to entrap him the next day.
  10. Even the youths who had endeavored to entrap him marveled greatly at the unexpected sagacity of the Master's answer.
  11. This would entrap and eliminate Axis forces, thus giving the Allies complete control over the northern shore of Africa.
  12. She had almost forgotten her early desire to entrap him into this revelation but as an idea came to her she suddenly laughed aloud.
  13. As he was about to leave, his friend warned him about the pitfalls that could entrap the self-assured and asked Kris to be cautious.
  14. And now that she knows that he didn’t kill Pruitt, that he hasn’t been trying to entrap her, she feels a little guilty for suspecting him.
  15. You will be eaten alive for my supper! Saying that, she pointed her grotesque hand at each of the girls, shooting spider webs to entrap them.
  16. In his abrupt assertion, Mitchell couldn't read him as a man serious in his intentions, or a sick design to further entrap him by appealing to his sympathy.
  17. Be careful I said, placing her free strands of hair behind her ear, I felt a need to be protective of Jiva, her innocence had served to entrap me as well.
  18. It was a clear case, but the prosecutor, as he did yesterday, raised his shoulders and propounded subtle questions which were calculated to entrap the clever criminal.
  19. One last thing: our intent is to use her to our profit, not to try to entrap her, so explain to her honestly how to do things around here in a way that won’t get her arrested.
  20. The time has finally arrived for concepts that permit others to entrap and enslave others through deception, debt, money, property obligations, materialism, fear, ignorance, and all.
  21. Nonetheless some workers found one of them the following Saturday in a brothel and they made him sign a copy of the sheet with the demands while he was naked with the women who had helped to entrap him.
  22. It had taken little effort to entrap the young man in a contrived grievance---Ralf had laid no shortage of temptation at the poor boy’s feet, and had simply watched until he succumbed to one such enticement.
  23. Accordingly, several groups of learned men were designated to be on hand the next morning in the temple to undertake to entrap him with difficult questions and otherwise to seek to embarrass him before the people.
  24. Standing before her, was a man who fed cocaine to a fourteen year-old girl to entrap her into a life of prostitution, yet she could detect not the slightest trace of evil lurking there or in his body language, which always spoke so loudly if one paid attention.
  25. Though the words had been whispered so as not to be overheard, a sudden fearful silence, the dreadful kind common to houses of mourning, seemed to fall over the dining room and entrap Elizabeth in a void as she digested this bold statement in relation to her vision.
  26. Some of the Jewish teachers sought to entrap him by publicly asking him: "How long will you hold us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, why do you not plainly tell us?" Said Jesus: "I have told you about myself and my Father many times, but you will not believe me.
  27. Drawing a little closer to the Master, he said, "But, Teacher, I should like you to tell me just who is my neighbor?" The lawyer asked this question hoping to entrap Jesus into making some statement that would contravene the Jewish law which defined one's neighbor as "the children of one's people.
  28. Sometime within the last week, had she become a subject of Malik’s research? Was she ever a Project X team member, or was her employment just a ruse to entrap her here like the other subjects? It was getting to feel more and more like she was part of the experiment, a variable being manipulated, rather than a scientist facilitating research.
  29. A thousand thoughts at once suggested themselves to him on the subject of this new adventure, and it struck him as being ill done and worse advised in him to expose himself to the danger of breaking his plighted faith to his lady; and said he to himself, Who knows but that the devil, being wily and cunning, may be trying now to entrap me with a duenna, having failed with empresses, queens, duchesses, marchionesses, and countesses? Many a time have I heard it said by many a man of sense that he will sooner offer you a flat-nosed wench than a roman-nosed one; and who knows but this privacy, this opportunity, this silence, may awaken my sleeping desires, and lead me in these my latter years to fall where I have never tripped?
  30. The Pharisees and Herodians then attempt to entrap him,.
  1. His eyes close to mine, looking at me the way someone had earlier, but I couldn’t remember who, spellbindingly entrapping me in its trance.
  2. In imagination Anne saw herself reading a story out of a magazine to Marilla, entrapping her into praise of it—for in imagination all things are possible—and then triumphantly announcing herself the author.
  3. Within hours after the attack, the Twin Towers of the New York City Trade Center collapsed into rubble, entrapping and killing hundreds of victims, bringing to mind the previous attack (February 1993) which injured more than a thousand people and killed six.
  4. I saw, of course, too, that he was entrapping me hke a schoolboy (I certainly must have seen it even then) ; but the thought of marrying her so thrilled me that though I wondered how Lambert could believe in such a fantastic notion, yet, at the same time I tried violently to believe in it myself, though I did not for an instant lose consciousness of the.
  5. Does it comport with our honor and dignity to admit into our ports and harbors the very vessels destroying our commerce? Not to go into an inquiry what has been the fact heretofore, but what may be now—if you pass a law that a French frigate may come into your waters and partake of your hospitalities, where is the obligation that it may not take advantage of the opportunity to make its prey more sure by watching it in port and then going out and entrapping it? If, from the intoxication of the man who rules the destinies of the nations of Europe, he does not feel disposed to treat with us on terms of reciprocity, that circumstance should have no effect on our measures.
  1. The more we indulge the more we are entrapped.
  2. Snatching away his entrapped hand he began to.
  3. The child remains charmed by it and entrapped forever.
  4. She felt like an entrapped animal being taken to its prey.
  5. He was literally running for his life but the steep had entrapped him.
  6. I am entrapped, sinking, I cannot alone, only I hate myself and my life.
  7. Thoughts of his friends did not surface, too entrapped by the terror of.
  8. Grieve not for them, they often choose to stay entrapped by hollow fears.
  9. His enemies continually laid snares for him, but they never entrapped him.
  10. Gingerly she inched her way out of the compartment that had briefly entrapped her.
  11. When he speaks of the Ulysses entrapped in Calypso’s palace for seven long years (Od.
  12. Her entrapped hand was on the table, but she had already put her other hand behind her waist.
  13. The regents of the coliseum were quick to enter your names into the roster of entrapped citizens.
  14. Joshua Longtree had been entrapped by a foreign agent into giving highly sensitive secrets to an unfriendly government.
  15. At length, the minerals of the soil wealth would have altered the biological characteristics of those entrapped plunams.
  16. But each time the temptations of the world entrapped him, and without noticing it he fell again, often lower than before.
  17. The Apocalypse has served as a sting operation against those souls and institutions that have long entrapped and bedeviled.
  18. They have become set in their ways: complacent and afraid to change, afraid to fly out of fear’s cage, conditioned to remain entrapped.
  19. In a sense, his practical skeptical nature was good in that he avoided the deeply destructive and doomed to fail war that entrapped his son.
  20. But the temptations of life entrapped him anew, after every awakening, and, without knowing it, he sank again, often to a lower depth than he was in before.
  21. The sheikh knew that the superstitions and drivel that are related by the devils had enticed this stingy rich man, and had entrapped him in illusions and deceptions.
  22. I am laughing at those simpletons who believe in all the foolish things that are told them, and who allow themselves to be entrapped by those who are more cunning than they are.
  23. Most of the rest are large and fierce; many nets of deep-mist fishermen have been torn to ribbons by a mistakenly entrapped beastie, and catching them would be nigh on impossible.
  24. They say that when the Doctor found that the rocks had entrapped his friend, Long Arrow, he was so angry that he ripped the mountain in halves with his bare hands and let him out.
  25. By this time the faint air had become a complete calm; so that whether or no, the Pequod was now fairly entrapped in the smell, with no hope of escaping except by its breezing up again.
  26. Why, I began to feel embarrassed to have Raju any more around my circle of the wealthy, and entrapped in that snobbish trap, there was no way I could’ve pulled Ruma out of its inimical grip.
  27. Thinking about what she would have to endure tonight almost made it impossible to enjoy it, but she knew she had to dutifully eat because she was so deeply entrapped in three-d reality that she would get ill without nutrients.
  28. This physiological and psychological well-being is dependent in part, on the characteristics of Self’s Spirit/Personality and ‘physical’ brain, through which the Self operates whilst still entrapped and attached to the body.
  29. As I looked at her, the wind torturing her hair, my eyes fell on her frown and her pupils that were rapidly dilating into their natural form, she was as entrapped as a fox in a humble layman farmer’s trap in the midst of the forest, and she looked every bit the part.
  30. The petitioners state that they were entrapped into the service of the said Miranda, on the said expedition, by assurances made at the time of their engagements, that they were to be employed in the service of the United States, and under the authority of the Government.
  31. From Nobel laureates like Robert Schiller and Harry Markowitz to Dan Ariely (MIT) and the tandem of Shlomo Benartzi and Richard Thaler, whose Save More Tomorrow allows individuals to get around the cognitive and emotional limitations that most human beings find themselves entrapped by.
  32. As a balance to these austerities, when he went to live in London to see what the world was like, and with a view to practising a profession or business there, he was carried off his head, and nearly entrapped by a woman much older than himself, though luckily he escaped not greatly the worse for the experience.
  33. But Goring, the head of Luftwaffe in the Third Reich put it into Hitler’s head that Wehrmacht’s victory would be perceived by the Germans as the victory of their armed forces, but if Luftwaffe were to annihilate the entrapped that would be to the Fuehrer’s account as the air force was his creation whereas the army was as old as the nation.
  34. Shortly after, Miranda, under the name of Martin, and a number of persons hitherto unknown to your petitioners, appeared on board, in the character of his officers; which, for the first time, awakened strong suspicions in the breasts of your petitioners that they had been entrapped into the power of wicked and designing men, and that, too, when retreat was impracticable.
  35. But Pip loved life, and all life's peaceable securities; so that the panic-striking business in which he had somehow unaccountably become entrapped, had most sadly blurred his brightness; though, as ere long will be seen, what was thus temporarily subdued in him, in the end was destined to be luridly illumined by strange wild fires, that fictitiously showed him off to ten times the natural lustre with which in his native Tolland County in Connecticut, he had once enlivened many a fiddler's frolic on the green; and at melodious even-tide, with his gay ha-ha! had turned the round horizon into one star-belled tambourine.

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