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Entwine dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Our tongues entwine, our passion and ardor erupting between us.
  2. This is one of the many ways you teach me, nurture me, entwine me in the endless lessons of love's diverse acts.
  3. And they teach the serpents there to entwine themselves up on long sticks out of the ground and of the scales of these serpents they brew out a brewage like to mead.
  4. James’, and Venus herself will laugh and sing to see the Jewels I will heap about your delicious Neck, entwine ’round your delicate Wrists, and slide upon your slender Fingers.
  5. To you – open heart, open arms, open hands; breathe as one into our lungs, entwine our limbs, lift a cup with a single hand to pour into our mouth the wine of our heart's bounty – a love overflowing, self-renewing, and other serving.

  6. To produce art in dramatic form, a talented man, in addition to all that is required for novels and stories, must also learn to furnish his characters with as many smart and witty sentences as possible, must know how to utilize theatrical effects, and how to entwine the action of his characters so that there should not be any long conversations, but as much bustle and movement on the stage as possible.
  7. Why Plato, who was himself a poet, and whose dialogues are poems and dramas, should have been hostile to the poets as a class, and especially to the dramatic poets; why he should not have seen that truth may be embodied in verse as well as in prose, and that there are some indefinable lights and shadows of human life which can only be expressed in poetry--some elements of imagination which always entwine with reason; why he should have supposed epic verse to be inseparably associated with the impurities of the old Hellenic mythology; why he should try Homer and Hesiod by the unfair and prosaic test of utility,--are questions which have always been debated amongst students of Plato.
  1. Entwining with each other as much as it.
  2. Batch of Japanese tourists entwining them in.
  3. Carter laughed, entwining their fingers together.
  4. She felt Liam's hand grab hers, entwining his fingers with hers.
  5. Our eyes level; we smile at each other, entwining our hands together.
  6. The men went through their usual routine, bailing water into the raft and entwining themselves for warmth.
  7. Cora stood foremost among the prisoners, entwining her arms in those of Alice, in the tenderness of sisterly love.
  8. He smiles into kisses and she's entwining their fingers together and slipping an arm around his shoulders to draw him closer.
  9. She sat at a round oak table, her slim fingers rapidly twisting a mass of dark curls, entwining the hair of the young girl sitting beside her.
  10. He wrapped his tail around Solo Ki's arm, entwining it from shoulder to wrist where it split into a pair of curved barbs that dug into the elf's cape.
  11. I do miss her and will always love her but I have to go on with my life and that’s where you fit in, he says while entwining his hands into hers.
  12. That entwinement is a metaphor for sexual union, for the core of creativity itself, with the writhing serpent entwining the pole being the vagina, and the pole being the erect penis.
  13. And they held each other tight joining the love they both carried for each other, entwining their souls and continuing a story that was destined to bring a new aura and passion to their lives in Montana.
  14. Then an enterprise, giving rise to a new era in maritime history, and entwining round the brows of the United States a wreath of imperishable laurel, turns out to be a violation of that instrument on the sacredness of which depends the Union and happiness of America.
  15. I looked at Levi, studying his eyes sceptically, was it possible that Levi was a vampire and didn’t even know it? Had Adrinius sired him without his knowledge? I blinked my eyes in disbelief, holding Levi’s hands on my face with mine, entwining our fingers, peering into his worried eyes and analysing my situation.
  1. The saga is entwined with.
  2. And leg is entwined with leg.
  3. Past and present were entwined.
  4. Our hands were tightly entwined.
  5. Her fingers entwined in his hair.
  6. Risk and reward are inextricably entwined.
  7. Our feelings of satisfaction are entwined.
  8. Merthin looked down at their entwined hands.
  9. The pillared Moorish hall, shadows entwined.
  10. Ash entwined their arms and lowered himself.
  11. They were entwined when the seizures started.
  12. Limbs entwined, two hearts joined as one beat.
  13. You will remain entwined in the temporary and.
  14. The marrying kind, hearts entwined smile warmly.
  15. She entwined her hands with mine and looked at me.
  16. Sue and I held hands with our fingers entwined as.
  17. Molly slammed her two entwined fists down on his head.
  18. Moonflowers sprouted from the ground and grew entwined.
  19. Arms entwined and lips met for the first time but only.
  20. Their lives, during the hunt, will be completely entwined.
  21. They went on and on, their arms entwined, without a word.
  22. It had expunged the dark forces, entwined within her body.
  23. Father says the family’s fate is forever entwined with.
  24. Keeping the lips entwined, she would ask him how the taste.
  25. I entwined my arm with the shooter’s and snapped his wrist.
  26. Entwined with the ivy were small, vivid flowers that added a.
  27. A water-reed entwined wild hair and arcane patterns of earth-.
  28. Her hand was still entwined in the long hair of the man's beard.
  29. Into the hieroglyphics of Egypt the entwined serpents were woven.
  30. Reaching over, he took her hand and entwined her fingers with his.
  31. We entwined our arms and hands and drank from each other's goblets.
  32. He just looked down at our hands that were entwined in front of us.
  33. She pressed the backs of her entwined hands on her eyes and murmured.
  34. Elven standards, and she wore it in a courtly, coiled braid, entwined.
  35. His history was entwined with hers almost as much as with Gwenda’ s.
  36. Their hands entwined and the two stood together for a few long moments.
  37. But why are some metaphors two entwined serpents, and some a serpent.
  38. I didn’t see just two entwined serpents, however, which is what the.
  39. Towards the end of the meal, with hands and fingers entwined as ever, and.
  40. My hand entwined with Jesse’s on the white leather armrest of his Maybach.
  41. I wonder what Crick would think about his helixes being entwined serpents.
  42. I lay beside her on the bed with our hands entwined as I had done a hundred.
  43. Their hands remained entwined as Joseph gazed upon Guinier’s petite features.
  44. Ryota and Karina lay entwined next to the fire while Yurie stared out over the.
  45. Encouraged by his reaction, I slipped my tongue further and entwined it with his.
  46. Afterwards they lay entwined by the fire, panting, and he recalled the first time.
  47. Amelia stared down at her entwined fingers which lay in the lap of her crossed legs.
  48. Their hands entwined, Bob bent over her prone form and kissed her gently on the lips.
  49. Tarak entwined his first two fingers around Rayne’s; Naria noted that small action.
  50. He’s silent and panting on top of me, his hands still entwined in mine above my head.
  51. A half of an hour later, Kim stepped into the mansion again with Anne’s arm entwined.
  52. They were laying flat on the floor, arms entwined as their huge hands pinned the others'.
  53. Serpent had one mate with whom he shared his life, finding himself entwined in her coils.
  54. Our emotions had become so entwined over these last few months that we were almost as one.
  55. They were sleeping together, entwined as James and I had been on that bed in East Hampton.
  56. Her generous breasts pressed against his chest and her satiny-smooth legs entwined with his.
  57. When he noted Lord Tarak’s fingers entwined with Rayne’s he couldn’t hide his surprise.
  58. Jesse sat on the edge of the bed with his forearms resting on his knees and his hands entwined.
  59. Egyptian symbols such as the entwined flax cord and entwined serpents (both related to Heka) as.
  60. It was then that I noticed the Mermaid entwined with the Eagle almost shining on her upper thigh.
  61. They remained there like that, entwined and kissing for an unhurried, leisurely stretch of time.
  62. She joined her hands on the table in front of her, fingers entwined, head bowed, as if in prayer.
  63. Akenji leaned forward, his elbows on his knees and the fingers of his enormous hands entwined in.
  64. The vision of the Serpent entwined about a pole came much later, as the Male Spirit began to rise.
  65. The hieroglyph for heka that westerners have erroneously interpreted as magic is the entwined.
  66. Nearby, Galimoto had entwined his tail around another’s neck, his claws buried deep in its dark eyes.
  67. One of the lessons Jason learned, was that freedom was deeply entwined with man’s relation with land.
  68. Lovern upright and tall behind me placed his hands on my shoulders, his fingers softly entwined in my hair.
  69. Slowly and gradually Karan and Tarana drifted off to sleep with their almost bare bodies entwined together.
  70. Yet, in spite of his absence, his life was entwined with hers, and she sensed it would forever be that way.
  71. Her fingers slid down across her flat belly and his hands became entwined with hers, moving slowly downward.
  72. For an instant I thought the poor man entwined by the devilfish might be torn loose from its powerful suction.
  73. Afterward, sweating and panting and still entwined with Joe, I rested my cheek against his shoulder and held him tightly.
  74. Home, a shadow of an easier life entwined in fickle memory, a better place a better time, even though it may not have been.
  75. They are entwined in nethermost darkness, the willer with the willed, and in an instant (fiat!) light shall flood the world.
  76. Now what is so important that you would interfere with my time with Aurora? Tommit asked leaning forward hands entwined.
  77. The falcon went up to the man that Tizzie held entwined by her snake hair, which hissed at the man and flicked its many tongues.
  78. The small disks were embossed with a caduceus—two serpents entwined around a winged staff, the symbol of the medical profession.
  79. Soon the ship flows with wine; then a vine with hanging clusters stretches along the sail-top, and the mast is entwined with ivy.
  80. Soon they were entwined with each other again, their hands exploring each other's body, their mouths no longer available for words.
  81. In the case of the entwined serpents, the ayahuasca shamans will tell you they’re not a symbol for Creation—they are C reation.
  82. This pass was to become one of the most important routes for prospectors, and its name is entwined in the history of the gold-rush.
  83. When you peel off all the layers of the onion of existence that is what you eventually get down to: two entwined, writhing serpents.
  84. Holnami reached out with her left hand and entwined her fingers into the man's thick long beard as she smiled directly into his face.
  85. Once she nearly fell asleep, and she imagined herself back on the mountainside with her fingers entwined in the wiry fur of her hound.
  86. My hand was firmly entwined with Brandon’s but my gaze couldn’t help but be riveted on the passing streets and buildings of New York.
  87. I looked down at our entwined hands before I finally spoke, "This would be my first time," I said softly unable to speak above a whisper.
  88. The jacket was embossed, with silver clasps and small metal plates riveted down either side of the breast, engraved with entwined animals.
  89. Coffee distilled from beans highland grown, entwined with wild orchids and dusted with their pollen; an elixir marrying nature’s extremes.
  90. While encouraged that his own fate was entwined with the successful expansion of the railroad he had concern for Andre and the other four orphans.
  91. She knew that he was still too entwined with events from his recent past to be fully open to the unfolding of a completely new chapter in his life.
  92. With the scream, he hurled Simon away, but something inside refused to let go, couldn’t have let go with his other hand still entwined in its fire-hair.
  93. He thought of her hand in his, the sensation of his fingers entwined around hers as if they were their full bodies, heated and entwined in post-climatic sex.
  94. She led him towards it without speaking, the cold, claw-like fingers that were entwined through his own bearing down for a moment, warning him not to resist.
  95. And Tarana entwined her fingers with Karan and drifted off to sleep in Karan’s comfortable cozy lap, unaware and unbothered about the dangers awaiting them.
  96. Couples lay sprawled across the seats, their mouths locked together in endless union, their limbs entwined while feverish hands groped under rumpled blouses.
  97. Their romance had steadily grown and now they were so close they were like siamese twins, their arms and legs entwined as they made love in front of the open fire.
  98. Inside the house, Jacobi and Conklin were debriefing the former governor and Valentina Campion, who sat together on a sofa, shoulder to shoulder, their hands entwined.
  99. Through there, the bed, the wide, soft bed where they had enjoyed - how many? - maybe a dozen nights of entwined limbs and pumping fluids and desperate little deaths.
  100. In these travels, I have met some very special people, and most were entwined in their families, and to watch their interconnection was one of the pleasures of the trip.
  1. He then takes my hand and entwines it with his.
  2. Zachary takes my hand and entwines it with his.
  3. It entwines your awareness in a manner that is confusing to me.

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