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  1. He could not envisage a greater.
  2. She could not envisage returning to Cairo.
  3. No human being could envisage tackling one of.
  4. I could easily envisage the continual mushrooming.
  5. I am certainly not in the same position but I cannot envisage quitting.

  6. As I could not envisage explaining the causes and intricacies of my divorce.
  7. Unlike most Washington tourists, Hinckley does not envisage hours of sightseeing.
  8. Not at any time did they envisage an air strike aimed at the destruction of the U.
  9. Neither was it so well paid that she could envisage setting up in a home of her own.
  10. Nothing is eternal and I suppose it will wear off in time though I envisage her being desirable at seventy.
  11. This could mean that even Jurassic Park might become a reality one day, though I can't really envisage lots of T.
  12. European standard EN206 envisage possibility of concrete production and application including 115MPa concrete grade.
  13. We can envisage, in a few years time, a situation similar to the one inpublishing concerning use of different languages.
  14. He could not envisage days of mutual brooding and sulking that resulted from trifling misunderstandings and raised voices.
  15. Common-stock investment, as we envisage it, will confine itself to issues making exhibits of the kind illustrated by Group C.

  16. Mathematics was a quirk of mine, much to my fathers disappointment and disapproval, who could not envisage its practical usefulness.
  17. Off the top of my head, I can’t envisage any scheme that would deprive all the terrorist organisations of their considerable funds.
  18. They could never envisage that his separation from Lea would be heartbreaking; a withering of his life, perhaps an early melancholy death.
  19. As the picture presented by her rationale as his neglected wife did not appeal to her, her love sought to envisage her life as his fulfilled woman.
  20. However, despite her increasing self-containment, she still undoubtedly needed him, depended on him and for this, he was grateful for he could not envisage life without her.
  21. There was so much love between him and Helen, so much passion, that he could not envisage the unsettling intrusion of small annoyances and petty bickering in their married life.
  22. I, finally, told Ceres the only solution I could envisage was for me to come and see her and Iason for a few days every month and she said that was not a life neither for her nor Iason.
  23. Kimmel could only envisage a fleet action similar to the battle of Jutland, and advocated leading his substantially inferior battleship fleet deep into hostile waters to give battle to the enemy.
  24. I found that I could no longer envisage spending my life in this building, surrounded by these people – not the people, no, rather under the roof of my parents, for all their uselessness and lies.
  25. From what he could tell, it was a thing of its own, but he had only been able to envisage it as its sign, which was like trying to conceive of a piano by looking hard enough at the letters in the word.

  26. Build up a stock of preserved food, make water bottles and larger containers too if you envisage crossing waterless territory, litters or other means of transporting any remaining sick, the old or very young.
  27. Do you envisage Analytics reaching a level of standardization in near future, where solutions can be deployed on a ‘plug-and-play’ basis without having to deal with complexities and nuances of an industry?
  28. After all he lived with the woman, albeit in an atmosphere of hostility towards the end of their time together in Newcastle, especially when the marriage was failing, but he could not envisage her as a murderess.
  29. The myth/lie of the 3rd eye: the attempt to envisage an exit sending your awareness out of your body is their little dirty joke: the picture you see is actually them leaving your body coming out of your rectum, out of your ASSHOLE: that is why it was named ASS-tral travel.
  30. If the division between investment and speculative operations were as clear now as once it was, we might be able to envisage investors as a shrewd, experienced group who sell out to the heedless, hapless speculators at high prices and buy back from them at depressed levels.
  31. As he lifted her head to envisage her visage, he felt that it looked aesthetically beautiful and thrilled by the charms of her frame; he wondered whether the purity of emotions rarefies the soul to surface onto the face, to enable the fusion of the inner beauty with the outer grace.
  32. But sadly for Germany and arguably for the good of the world, while it was his grandeur of delusion and not the well-being of his country that made Goring envisage that absurdity, it was Fuehrer’s false sense of invincibility that made him overlook the danger the move had portended.
  33. He could envisage the devout and captivating sermons of the enigmatic reverend appealing to the secretive social organization that the KKK represented; whether or not he was actually a member was questionable, though the knights of the KKK would undoubtedly be willing to make contributions to this humble man in exchange for his spreading the word of their crusade.
  34. Knowing well what it takes to regain one’s self-confidence after a reverse or two, would it be difficult to envisage what it takes for the so-called SCs and STs to start believing in themselves? Do you honestly believe that the climate today is conducive to their emotional integration with the social mainstream? It’s surprising why we fail to put ourselves in their sectarian shoes, knowing that birth is a chancy proposition, after all.
  35. She taught us how to use the stars to return home from anywhere in the land, different stars told when to plant different seeds and when to harvest them, but she always went back to the importance of the Trail of the Gods which she said had been slowly moving away from the land for many years now, a sure sign of troublesome times ahead, this talk of troublesome times was never taken serious by me, no, that’s not really the truth, I just couldn’t mentally consider or envisage anything upsetting what was such a wonderful existence.
  1. I kept envisaging what might have happened if Hazel hadn’t arrived.
  2. Hoping to make Sandhya his wife and envisaging the charms of a life with her, in time, Raja Rao slept expectantly.
  3. He always looked too far ahead, he realised, envisaging problems that would probably never exist, imagining so many possible scenarios that he was in danger of becoming paralysed with indecision.
  4. So without imposing upon the Creator the realities of Time and Beginning, etcetera, but envisaging the Creator as being Spirit (that just exists as Is and Being), and therefore not requiring the need to be ‘physically’ created, then it is conceivable that the Creator had and has no Beginning, or End, or Time.
  1. Somehow they had both envisaged a sleek, high.
  2. Dealing with long term problems was not envisaged.
  3. But the social order that sages have envisaged to.
  4. She had never envisaged the country as being her home.
  5. For a moment I envisaged triffids or something horrendous.
  6. He said that the FCFS method as envisaged will result in black.
  7. He has till now envisaged the ultimate happiness in terms of heaven.
  8. GIVING, not receiving forms the basis of pious life as envisaged in.
  9. This was not how she had envisaged this naval operation coming to an end.
  10. The biggest curse possible coupled with a gift of love I had never envisaged.
  11. In the accolades she received, he envisaged the crowning glory of his surname.
  12. The dark plasma envisaged in this paper would therefore consist of positively and.
  13. It is envisaged that the (percentage) difference between the masses of the charged DM.
  14. It is envisaged that very soon males will be restricted to teaching Years six to twelve.
  15. This just isn’t the sort of relationship I ever envisaged having, especially as my first.
  16. It’s not how I envisaged my first romance – but, of course, Christian doesn’t do romance.
  17. Iraq is the center of the black drama picture envisaged powerfully by John, false prophet reality.
  18. Groundsel was the first envisaged on that terrible evening when he set out alone to face General.
  19. The dark plasma envisaged in this paper would therefore consist of positively and negatively charged.
  20. Next he would surround the piers with the piles of large rough stones he had envisaged from the start.
  21. The good doctor could never have envisaged the shock I received to my system during that couple of miles.
  22. It is envisaged that the (percentage) difference between the masses of the charged DM particles are not as.
  23. On a cosmological scale, it could then be envisaged that the dark sector did not undergo the recombination.
  24. In all of the 35 years of his life, Steve Johnson could never have envisaged himself doing this: and now he is.
  25. We moved to the table and I was still trying to recover from my surprise of a Harry I had not envisaged before.
  26. On the way down Olivet he even envisaged the Sanhedrin and all of their sympathizers dead before sunset of that day.
  27. He pointed to the chess pieces that symbolised armies and positioned them in places that Adem had never envisaged before.
  28. As for the definition of God, I think that given above by Aquinas would be essentially identical to that envisaged by Maimonides.
  29. Possibly even more far reaching goals were envisaged that would create unrest in Beijing and London and potential havoc here in Hong Kong.
  30. He envisaged a "new Dunkirk" situation developing, with the British once again evacuating to England or this time being completely destroyed.
  31. I became interested in this when I realised it was a hobby of my fathers, but I have extended it far beyond what he would ever have envisaged.
  32. When the circus came to a close at the campus, he envisaged, the rich and the privileged would accommodate these ringleaders among their ranks.
  33. A risk venture fund is envisaged to be provided to cover the most probable amount of the financial risk calculated based on other occurred risks.
  34. Besides, Bahira the Monk at Bostra, in the very presence of Abu Talib, identified Muhammad, when still a boy, as the envisaged Prophet of the Scriptures.
  35. The human perception of death, the experience of ‘physical’, intellectual and emotional suffering, envisaged to be perhaps experienced at one’s death.
  36. The agony of the envisaged horror and frustration the housekeeper must have suffered when failing to reach Jazz on the phone that night had compounded seriously on Jazz Bryant’s psyche.
  37. In earlier times they had envisaged this deliverer as "the servant of the Lord," then as "the Son of Man," while latterly some even went so far as to refer to the Messiah as the "Son of God.
  38. Here’s another example: Griffin Mining, a zinc miner, disclosed on February 21, 2006, that operating costs were higher than envisaged due to inevitable initial teething problems in commissioning the plant.
  39. It is envisaged that Ireland will have two Senators and four members of the House of Representatives, two of whom will be empowered to sit in this Chamber and take part in debates on any issue that relates to or might impact upon the State of Ireland.
  40. Secondly, I believe a substantial reduction in your charges is now called for, not least because of your obvious surprise and delight at the amount which has now been put on deposit with you, and from which you will earn far greater interest than you had first envisaged.
  41. Once the initial German counterattacks had been broken, Alexander, overall commander of the ground forces, envisaged the British 8th Army thrusting up the eastern coast of the island to seize Messina, and to cut off the Axis forces before they could, retreat to the mainland.
  42. Because they had been lovers, off and on, for so long, they had seen the ceremony as no more than confirmation of a long-established fact, and they had foolishly envisaged a small, quiet event: a low-key service in St Mark’s church and a modest dinner for a few people afterwards at the Bell.
  43. So they sided with Muhammad’s progeny and began to swear by Ali, of course, besides Muhammad for after all it is the essence of being a Musalman, and thus the unitary path of Islam that Allah envisaged for the believers came to be forked into the Sunni right and the Shia left with a Quran to boot in Persian.
  44. It was not so much firmness of soul as the lack of a certain kind of imagination—the kind whose undue development caused intense suffering to Senor Hirsch; that sort of imagination which adds the blind terror of bodily suffering and of death, envisaged as an accident to the body alone, strictly—to all the other apprehensions on which the sense of one's existence is based.
  45. Can the meaning of the word ‘love’ be distorted and corruptly perceived through interrelational misuse and abuse? Does pure unconditional love exist? Has Self ever experienced the phenomena of the thoughts and feelings that Self would imagine would relate to the characteristics of unconditional love, maybe even within a dream? Has Self ever experienced what they envisaged to be unconditional love, from another human being? What are the cognitions and emotions experienced as an outcome of unconditional love? Is the level of love from a personal pet, such as a dog may provide its owner, unconditional? So are there different levels of love given and received? Are there different levels of unconditional love? The meaning of the word love can have many different meanings for different people as a consequent to the mix and interaction of the unique Self’s higher constructs interplaying with the unique Self’s past and present experiences.
  1. This arrangement envisages effective cooperation between the trustee and a group of bondholders who in the opinion of the trustee are qualified to represent the issue as a whole.

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