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Erupt dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. But Tommy was not ready to erupt.
2. Heated arguments erupt between workers.
3. Shortly thereafter, wars began to erupt.
4. Inside he was a volcano waiting to erupt.
5. It was scheduled to erupt that very evening.
6. Invigorated these perceptions to erupt into.
7. Volcanoes will erupt, throwing ash into the.
8. A fatal volcano is about to erupt from it.
9. Massive amounts of water erupt from the extracted.
10. And if that happened then literally anything could erupt.
11. So why worry now? And probably it wouldn’t erupt anyway.
12. Caleb heard water erupt from the shower head in the bathroom.
13. It was obvious to everyone that he was going to erupt any minute.
14. Taken aback, a volcano of weeping was about to erupt from Elizabeth.
15. It is nature at work, just as volcanoes erupt and claim many lives.
16. Jealousy is tied with anger that is ready to erupt like Mount Pinatubo.
18. In other words, he didn’t just think about it now and then and erupt.
19. He basks in the adoration—but his usual impatience and anger soon erupt.
20. Now? Why? Can't you help her here? That volcano isn't going to erupt! I was.
21. Being from the future, they knew it would not erupt anytime in their time line.
22. She’s so composed and funny, the girls beside me erupt on cue at her first joke.
23. I stare back for a second before I erupt, louder than necessary in the silent car.
24. Jihad’ would erupt everywhere possible, that it would occur here in Benghazi as well.
25. If I had my way, Dionysus said, I would cause your molecules to erupt in flames.
26. This caused the Detroit team to erupt in derisive laughter, and the crowd followed suit.
27. It made sense, personal lives could erupt in ways that would impact the operation of the ship.
28. The closest thing we have that would affect us is if the Yellowstone Cauldron decided to erupt.
29. He could only recall, instantaneously, similar incidents that had caused him to erupt years ago.
30. It was his call to bring in reinforcements should violence erupt and threaten to get out of hand.
31. Higgins’s cheeks expanded as if he were about to erupt, but he swallowed hard and exhaled sharply.
32. But you know, you could feel the violence that was about to erupt there, and it shocks your system.
33. He stared for several minutes in silence as rage welled up inside of him like a volcano ready to erupt.
34. And, while watching, waiting for the boy to erupt, he had completely forgotten and disregarded the imp.
35. She wiped a hand quickly over her mouth several times as if to make sure the lunacy didn’t erupt again.
36. The captain was able to see in his periscope four huge geysers erupt along the side of the first troopship.
37. He had a massive heart attack! Kerosene spread over the kitchen floor, causing the house to erupt in flames.
38. He was so sad he started to cry, and the water from his tears put out his fires so that he did not erupt any more.
39. Occasionally a chuckle would erupt into the sunny day; and many times, yes, yes! Let your hearts be joined as one.
40. For at least 20 million years, they lived near or under volcanoes which could erupt without warning at any instant.
41. Perhaps the entire assembly will erupt into unarmed violence, and one side will prevail, and that’s the end of it.
42. Whoops and hollers erupt from the thrill seekers in the room even before Commander Mannard finishes the announcement.
43. Loud, angry voices erupt from all sides, and Judge Rothstein has no choice but to finally go through with his threat.
44. Aazuria bit her lip to conceal the giggle that was threatening to erupt; she knew that this was no time for laughter.
45. He’s watching—we’re all watching—a defendant smoldering on the witness stand, and Akers is hoping he’ll erupt.
46. Wall Street is a culprit of the highest order as are the financial institutions that allowed the mortgage crisis to erupt.
47. She was in pain, coughing severely, probably from trying not to vomit more, which only caused her coughs to erupt into gags.
48. He cursed loudly and banged the dashboard with his fist, which caused a spray of sparks to erupt from the broken instruments.
49. Annette reminded Phoebe that she had been beaten by her husband, who glared across the table as if he might erupt any moment.
50. Those words made the personnel in the launch control center erupt in wild cheers, with Ingrid not being the quietest in the lot.
51. Active geysers of frigid nitrogen gas erupt several kilometres high into the thin atmosphere of Neptune’s large moon Triton.
52. And by the way, the lava plume that fed the volcano moved off eons ago, and so the volcano is extinct, and will erupt nevermore.
53. A pause would again erupt into hilarity at the thought that the lack of bananas would have the British asking for God’s mercy.
54. When conflicts erupt individuals direct their aggressions against the enemy that is consistent with their own level of awareness.
55. When he did remember, he sat up suddenly, and then fell back, writhing in agony and quelling the nausea that threatened to erupt.
56. One can imagine the controversy that would erupt had a professor required students to distribute Gospel tracts on a street corner.
57. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to the chaos that will erupt when our society crumbles and has to re-invent itself.
58. Whenever they told him this, Ganesh would try to keep public composure, but a whirlwind of emotion would erupt within him every time.
59. As she passed the trash bins and old junkers that lined the snow covered alleyway, she heard a commotion erupt from inside the hospital.
60. The lands, deep to the west, shudder from the violent alien invasion, and countless cherry-red plumes erupt from every square inch of soil.
61. He did not erupt very often, just once every few years, and he made sure his ash fell on the fields behind him, not on the village in front.
62. What happened to them for 25 million years when a volcano did erupt and all the animals panicked? They would have been the last ones to panic.
63. They were very fearful and said that the surrounding volcanoes of this place would likely all erupt, but that doesn’t seem to have happened.
64. His pose made some of the group uneasy and concerned that this man of power was about to erupt and that they would be the recipients of that rage.
65. One minute she was lost in a malaise and the next moment her anger would erupt, combined with her frustration and loss, and she would be almost manic!.
66. It was clear that Runs Like Cheetah, like myself, sensed that sooner or later the hatred we had seen in Dark Moon would erupt elsewhere in the river delta.
67. Out of its top erupt ten thousand sparks, like a waterfall in reverse, lighting the lower landings of fire escapes before succumbing to entropy and night.
68. Shields and wards were part of her early training, followed by calling down lightning from a cloudless sky and making the earth erupt into walls of flame.
69. The remaining fuel aboard the doomed jet aircraft ignited inside the building, making balls of flames erupt from the lower windows of a section of the building.
70. Standing in the shade of the O-1E's wing, stinking and sweaty, dirty with red dust, stomach and bowels ready to erupt at any moment from bad food, he never felt better.
71. No sooner than she began to come down than he would move his thumb, or dig his tongue in and swirl it around her most tender flesh, and she would erupt all over again!.
72. When prophecy began to erupt among some of the leaders of Israel and was questioned by Joshua, Moses responded by saying, I wish that all God’s people were prophets.
73. Chico explained stress sometimes caused his skin to erupt and reassured everyone in general and no one in particular the suppurating sore would not interfere with his play.
74. We thought it was all over, and then the west coast gave way and threw tons more into the upper atmosphere, but not before triggering almost every volcano in the world to erupt.
75. I saw from his distorted face that he was about to erupt into one of his hideous laughs and I quickly signaled Runs Like Cheetah to put his hand over Ghost Hunter’s mouth—and just in time.
76. To him, it was inconceivable that Brockenhurst Sett could erupt into an expanding fireball, devouring all before it– that badgers would die horrible deaths, beating at flames as they sprang into life on their fur.
77. Tyler feels the anger within him building to a crescendo, one which, if uncontained, would threaten to erupt like a volcano and obliterate their pathetic world, where the most trivial of matters are regarded as a major event.
78. Whorls and eddies of intelligence and drive continuously erupt to spew red-hot molten productivity and ingenious ideas across the planet’s surface, only to be quenched in the sea of couch potato quicksand and Happy Meal appetite mud-slides.
79. Nothing could prepare him for the flaming horror of watching the city where he had grown up erupt into what equated to a funeral pyre, buildings launching smudges of black smoke into the dawn time sky to obscure the rising red orb of the sun.
80. There was an uneasy silence and slowly John began to erupt into his own laughter, first shaking slightly as he stood and then breaking into a broad grin, and finally letting loose a stifled guffaw as he resisted, unsuccessfully the urge to laugh loudly.
81. Still he could see no sign of their pursuers and was about to withdraw when he spotted the aircraft lower down and off to one side, hovering silently, pointing towards their cave, and saw its forward cannon erupt in a white flash that rivalled the sun.
82. The intense heat produced by such a gigantic natural uranium reactor pile would be sufficient to melt the iron and rock around it and warm up the sub-surface water ocean, keeping it liquid and also creating volcanic vents that would from time to time erupt on the surface.
83. Molo believed that asking him about his Pilgrimage was a bad idea; the dark-skinned man would erupt in a series of prayers and gestures, reciting long stories of tradition as well as many other minutiae that would only complicate his efforts at understanding whatever useful information and knowledge he could offer.
84. Furthermore: for how may millions of years, did the two natural processes of whitewashing coincide in Africa? For how many millions of years did volcanoes erupt when the snows fell? For how many millions of years did the falling snow mix with the white ash of volcanic eruptions? And what was the psychological effect of this double whammy upon the apes living there?
85. Where the fuck had I been living? Surely I knew that homos could be brought before the courts, imprisoned for up to twenty years and be raped, have their crimes published in the papers, be fired from their jobs, kicked out of rented accommodation [which is why he wanted to own his own house], disowned by families, incarcerated in funny farms, given electric shock treatment and… He dropped his head onto strong arms and let years of anger and anxiety erupt in sobs of impotent misery.
1. As the fiery lava of an erupting.
2. He felt ashamed, for not erupting in anger.
3. He had seen violence erupting all over the.
4. Wars were erupting all over the Middle East.
5. Erupting at different times in different regions.
6. During this time the internet was erupting, the.
7. Several years went by, without the volcano erupting.
8. Our tongues entwine, our passion and ardor erupting between us.
9. EST, a new volcano will start erupting in the Pacific Ocean at +13.
10. The second voice was harsh, erupting like another gunshot in the air.
11. With all the chaos erupting, the police would never get there in time.
12. Ravan collapsed, fighting for breath, his thigh erupting in a hot blaze.
13. The main sound she heard was that of burglar alarms erupting into actions.
14. Jungle animals on attack, ancient icebergs collapsing, volcanoes erupting.
15. The blind eye of the human penis: erupting semen into a female’s vagina.
16. His fiefdom was erupting and he felt powerless to stop or even understand it.
17. That second a bomb exploded erupting the car and both men in a great ball of flames.
18. He felt sick to his stomach; a nausea that threatened to burst like an erupting fountain.
19. With sword in hand and peace in mind, they fought valiantly to prevent wars from erupting.
20. He sounded at all times as if he were about ten seconds away from erupting in a violent rage.
21. Every time a volcano stopped erupting: it became capped…By negative material, called FLINT.
22. Fierce upward flames resembling a volcano erupting enveloped the ship from one end to the other.
23. The open, countrywide violence erupting in America was simply its belated catching up to the rest.
24. Instead: they copied the worst example of all: the erupting destruction of blind volcanoes of death.
25. Just enough power to tip it over the erupting point, eventually creating 762 square miles of new land.
26. The hydra flew around the erupting fountain in a wary circle, never turning its back to the jet of water.
27. Not madness in fact, more a burning rage like a volcano erupting within his flesh and bones - his blood and spirit.
28. You go with the flow erupting from the busses; signing in at the entrance hall, echoing hallways, salvadordalian rooms.
29. This past week spent with Jean had eased some of his symptoms though now he felt himself erupting inside like a volcano.
30. They had landed near an erupting volcano which, by the way, based on the description of the locale, may have been Krakatoa.
31. He looked to the sun, well above the uneven horizon, then to the volcano that had been erupting the last time they’d visited.
32. Gunfire was still erupting from the Colonel’s and Cecil’s guns, and from somewhere even more distant, she heard a pounding.
33. It explains why the volcanoes in Africa kept on erupting, and re-erupting over and over again for 25 million years so regularly.
34. The Hebrews took the name of the God of the volcano on top of Mount Sinai: because it was always erupting in anger at their sins.
35. Drops of water steadily dripped down from the limestone walls and the chilly air made me shiver, goosebumps erupting across my skin.
36. However, events took control and following the explosions and attacks erupting around them both followed everyone into the safe area.
37. Which he had, he was lurching pretty badly here with the movements of the boat and all the strife and indecision erupting in his head.
38. No, he thought with a sparkle erupting in his heart and his gaze shooting upwards through the canopy toward the uncaring, seamless sky.
39. The space tug was also severely buffeted by the erupting gasses and particles from Ra Patera and had to pull out to avoid crashing itself.
40. A chill went through Max at the thought of his recent escape from the erupting volcano on Montserrat, as he covered up for The Organization.
41. The dull buzz inside his head the last few days had worsened suddenly, erupting from a soft staticy pop to a percussive, shrieking chorale.
42. Peering out of the door to see who it is making the noise on the cobbles, I witness Gilla erupting from the house and running along the path.
43. But right now with riots and explosions erupting outside and rocket attacks smashing apart the building things did not look promising at all.
44. A rumble growled down in the pit, first caused its walls of dirt to cave, then spread up through the shaking ground erupting in consuming fire.
45. Erupting upwards, they dislodged in turn the shelf above before gravity turned them earthward again to shatter on the larder's flagstone floor.
46. Newt had read the message aloud for those who couldn’t see the paper, but instead of erupting in confusion, the Gladers all stood dumbfounded.
47. They collided at belt buckle height and the grenade exploded ripping and shredding his entrails and flesh and erupting all over the men beside him.
48. Black birds in Africa were created by the complete devastation of volcanoes erupting and filling the atmosphere with black soot for millions of years.
49. The cheering turns to screaming and the crowd is surging—moving backward—and I see a fiery explosion erupting not fifty yards from where I stand.
50. Survivors spoke of a rumble in the ground, as if the nearby volcano Mount Chariness, which had been dormant for a thousand years, were erupting again.
51. The taller and more powerful a volcano was: the higher it could spew out its energy and cover all other erupting volcanoes with the clouds of its fallout.
52. The Mount of Sin: Mount Sinai: is the sin of an ‘I’ the separate ‘I’, the blind ego, the eye of the blind volcano erupting destruction upon the earth.
53. None of the marauding raiders were as interested in attacking the men in the pool as they were with escaping the blazing inferno that was erupting all around us.
54. As he entered the station in the far distance, he heard the sound of the building erupting into flames and the thundering explosion of the building being ripped apart.
55. As Ken was about to write off the base as finished, one of the Japanese heavy cruisers was rocked by four enormous geysers erupting against its flank in quick succession.
56. Ramses the Pharaoh of Egypt: was supposed to block the spurting semen of the Semite tribes from exploding and erupting out of Egypt and populating the world with their offspring.
57. When Ravan was suddenly startled to the present by the boisterous laughter erupting from within the tavern, it occurred to him that the sun had sunk another hand’s breadth deeper.
58. With eagerness to live suddenly erupting plus a quivering determination which she wasn’t sure was her trembling from the cold or her happiness at having an escape, she grabbed hold.
59. Looking up in awe and terror at oncoming clouds of pyroclastic death that move, created by erupting volcanoes that spewed fire and flames all around for miles for X millions of years.
60. After a holocaust was over, after the volcanoes stopped erupting, did they return? After the first big rain: the entire land would have turned black from the dissolving carbon in the ash.
61. Someone opened fire with a projectile weapon and a soldier next to him hit him, tried explaining something about shooting at suits, but the comment was all lost in the cacophony erupting.
62. The next few seconds felt eternal to Edrimer, and during them he felt a crushing wave of sadness and grief which, by the time those seconds passed, turned into an erupting blaze of rage and fury.
63. A bloke and a girl would be escaping ravening wolves, erupting volcanoes or pursuing crooks, and she"d stop and start arguing, asking questions, complaining she wasn"t being treated with respect.
64. Although there had been no eruptions for over one-thousand years, the craters looked untouched by time, and the travellers could imagine explosions and flames erupting around them, without warning, at any moment.
65. The silence lasted only seconds before erupting into acrimonious disputes between those who trusted the two young men and those who insisted they were planning to take over the city and replace the Mages as overlords.
66. Every muscle, every tendon, every bit of Jake in his full majesty was shown; the fierceness of Daniel and the flames erupting from him was captured perfectly; it was so real that it felt as if the drawing itself was alive.
67. You’re on boss, happily replied the soon-to-be-dead, self-appointed leader of Obotron 4, Krimshaw’s last memory was the cheer erupting from Rip as the ship exploded immediately upon coming in contact with the rings of Saturn.
68. The descent into Phuket airport in the daytime is spectacular; suddenly below the clouds a profusion of tiny tropical islands appear, bursting with life in their photosynthetic quest, as though erupting from the sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea.
69. Behold the house, which Quinn described in years-ago summer days when he went to call on beloved Mona, the house with crape myrtles pressed against its black fence, and the two famous sentinel oaks with their erupting roots beneath the broken flagstones.
70. Thinking briefly how that reminded him of pictures he had seen of volcanoes erupting and sending ash spewing forth through the air, turning day into night, he entered the main dining room that was completely crowded with guests and scanned the tables for his wife.
71. Now if Greece was covered under 400 ft of ash as a peripheral effect of volcanic activity in Africa… how many hundreds or thousands of feet of ash was Africa buried under? Every living thing in the center of Africa; lived under, or near the threat of a volcano erupting.
72. His glee however turned into sorrow when a series of powerful explosions cut the cargo ship in half, with the stern half sinking capsizing and sinking quickly while the forward half kept erupting into a long string of secondary explosions that sent burning ammunition and missiles up in a spectacular display of fireworks.
73. As the ashes cooled, apes on the ground, carefully not burning their sensitive hands on the still hot Earth, forced to stand on two legs, would have seen these small flames as curious replicas or small babies of the huge fiery volcano that spat out its thunderous roar and flashed yellow death only once before erupting tons of black smoke and white ashes in the atmosphere.
74. Being wiped out into near extinction countless times… traumatized and terrified: by the horror of an exploding world gone mad with the erupting fires of huge volcanic disasters and terrifying earth quakes, smoke and ash covering the skies, terrorized and attacked and killed by predators on the ground: millions of years of trauma, vulnerability, living in constant fear.
75. Blind, Agatha made the curb, wheeling about, seeing us close, all of us yelling, Grandma way ahead, shouting, too, and Agatha off the curb and out in the street, halfway to the middle, then in the middle and suddenly a car, which no one saw, erupting its brakes, its horn shrieking and Agatha flailing about to see and Grandma there with her and hurling her aside and down as the car with fantastic energy and verve selected her from our midst, struck our wonderful electric Guido Fantoccini-produced dream even while she paced upon the air and, hands up to ward off, almost in mild protest, still trying to decide what to say to this bestial machine, over and over she spun and down and away even as the car jolted to a halt and I saw Agatha safe beyond and Grandma, it seemed, still coming down or down and sliding fifty yards away to strike and ricochet and lie strewn and all of us frozen in a line suddenly in the midst of the street with one scream pulled out of all our throats at the same raw instant.
1. The hall erupted into chaos.
2. Fangs erupted in his mouth.
3. The room erupted in laughter.
4. Helens erupted in the 1980s.
5. The room erupted in cheering.
6. Cheers erupted from the crowd.
7. The table erupted in laughter.
8. The room erupted with cheers.
9. The crowd erupted in applause.
10. The room erupted with laughter.
11. The room erupted with activity.
12. A cheer erupted from the street.
13. When they finally erupted out.
14. The Council erupted in an odd.
15. The Cal fans erupted in cheers.
16. Massive fire erupted at queens.
17. The house erupted into violence.
18. Chaos had erupted in the streets.
19. The volcanoes in my heart erupted.
20. In the distance, shouting erupted.
21. The crowd erupted in shouts of joy.
22. The hall erupted in furious gabble.
23. Then the volcano erupted before Mr.
24. The classroom erupted into laughter.
25. His screams erupted from his throat.
26. The mob erupted in a bellow of rage.
27. Gunshots erupted in the building!.
28. The whole table erupted in laughter.
29. A big smile erupted across her face.
30. The room erupted at Quartz’s words.
31. Fremont Street erupted in strobing.
32. Gunfire erupted throughout the jungle.
33. Sir, yes sir! erupted the crowd.
34. What? Callder erupted in laughter.
35. Once the door slid shut Summers erupted.
36. Suddenly, he erupted in a column of fire.
37. The hal erupted in cheering and applause.
38. A loud cheer erupted from the prisoners.
39. A silent but dreadful explosion erupted.
40. The crowd erupted again in wild applause.
41. And then, all at once, the ocean erupted.
42. More powder smoke erupted from the stable.
43. A squeal erupted and shattered the silence.
44. Laughter erupted throughout the fieldhouse.
45. The place erupted with Aye aye sir!.
46. When we were here, a small volcano erupted.
47. The bridge erupted into cheers and clapping.
48. The next moment chaos erupted amongst them.
49. They all erupted into applause and cheering.
50. Suddenly the whole room erupted in whispers.
51. A pounding erupted at the double doors below.
52. Before Douglas could turn, the clock erupted.
53. Whoops, hollers, and cheers erupted once more.
54. Garcia cursed as the spikes erupted once more.
55. When we walked back onstage the crowd erupted.
56. Resultantly riots erupted all over Zulimistan.
57. An inhuman cry of anguish erupted from the pit.
58. Robert watched as the convention hall erupted.
59. The meeting erupted into a chorus of arguments.
60. The audience erupted into applause and cheering.
61. The crowd erupted with loud applause and cheers.
62. Ethan almost erupted into a drowned out shout:.
63. The Circle erupted in one last howl of laughter.
64. Emily groaned as the light erupted into her room.
65. It frequently just erupted into brawls or riots.
67. A hint of a scoff erupted from the judge’s lips.
68. Jagged spears of wood erupted, a fence of spears.
69. Thumps and shouting erupted from inside the yacht.
70. And when Arthur said this the entire hall erupted.
71. The ball went in and the crowd erupted in cheers.
72. The courtroom erupted in muffled cries and shouts.
73. The ground erupted as bullets punctured the soil.
74. At the end of the soliloquy, the crowd erupted in.
75. A big whoosh sound erupted from the basin and the.
76. The room erupted with excitement and wild applause.
77. The villagers erupted as one in the face of such.
78. Shouts of "No, kill them!" erupted from the crowd.
79. Another explosion erupted, this time in a smaller.
80. When the song ended, the crowd erupted in applause.
81. For 25 million years: volcanoes erupted in Africa.
82. The next day, at lunchtime, things erupted again.
83. The crowd in the courtroom erupted with cheers and.
84. The hallway erupted in laughter and my face flushed.
85. Several of the monsters erupted in roars of laughter.
86. The place erupted with shouts of anger and disbelief.
87. A hysterical laughter erupted from the armor as the.
88. Then the crowd erupted with hostility in their voices.
89. Lots of laughter erupted in the crowd at the theatre.
90. The congregation erupted in cheers and clapping as a.
91. Rhine Brad said and the class erupted with laughter.
92. They appear to have erupted on the scene from nowhere.
93. The crowds erupted into cheers again and continued the.
94. A great mist erupted in the air as CO2 gas was set off.
95. The music changed and the crowd erupted in cheers from.
96. Now a flurry of activity had erupted in preparation for.
97. Broadman erupted from cover, his face Suffused with rage.
98. The house erupted in a huge explosion of rock and debris.
99. His laughter vanished just as rapidly as it had erupted.
100. Great wars erupted among the humans who had managed to.
1. The ground erupts.
2. The crowd erupts in laughter.
3. A fire erupts on the ground.
4. The crowd erupts into cheers.
5. The throng erupts in excitement.
6. When a child erupts into a fit over.
7. The small circular-shaped capsule erupts.
8. The crowd erupts with cheering and applause.
9. The crowd sort of erupts and dies down quickly.
10. The room erupts into applause, whistles, and cheers.
11. In front of the T-Rex, a 45 degree earth column erupts.
12. Whenever you are alone, that loneliness erupts, surfaces.
13. Skin erupts over the swelling and festering sores persist.
14. The crowd erupts, you cut off the broadcast from the car radio.
15. Sometimes she erupts wildly while at other times she smoulders.
16. And then Loki erupts into what can only be described as cackles.
17. His mouth opens and a scream erupts from the depths of his being.
18. Light erupts around me as the Court fae vanish into their fissures.
19. She holds the chain as her twirling body erupts with a, Weee!.
20. Laughter erupts into applause for the onlookers of the crowded soup kitchen.
21. This method will also work to reduce the inflammation if the cold sore erupts.
22. Another explosion then rattles the crypt, and a staccato of gunshots erupts nearby.
23. Suddenly, the room erupts into applause as Miss Katherine Kavanagh has taken the stage.
24. So; all of their pent up energies, frustrations, resentments, and anger erupts incoherently.
25. Irish anger at these concessions erupts into civil war, in which Collins himself is assassinated.
26. The tubing erupts in a burst of flame as the container then explodes in a showering of burning fluid.
27. Laughter erupts, and I run as fast as I can toward the door, holding the dress against my body to hide it.
28. Adults often need adrenalin to stimulate hilarity, but for children hilarity erupts euphorically from play.
29. At the word congratulations the room erupts, not into applause, but into the pounding of fists on tabletops.
30. You watch her struggle with the bubbles trying to escape her nose before she erupts in froth and coughs over the bar.
31. No matter how carefully you analyze the daily chart, its trend can be upended by a move that erupts from another timeframe.
32. A human child is born, erupts through puberty, mellows in maturity, fades with age, and eventually returns to the dust of death.
33. Her deception was exposed when she miscarried during a procession, a symbol of the hidden gestation which erupts unbidden into our awareness.
34. Sand volcanoes, or sand blows, are formed during earthquakes when water is squeezed out from subsurface layers, carrying sediment with it that erupts on to the surface.
35. Now Macklin bangs on the kitchen table and shouts, Order in the court! I said, order in the court! And the room erupts in a riot of whistles, catcalls, and stomping feet.
36. So here's a paralysed guy there, and Jesus is calling him clean; and the whole room erupts, remember? YOU CAN'T CALL HIM CLEAN! He's paralysed! Look at that! You can't do that!.
37. If, however, a crisis erupts, then the Spacers League will reserve the right to recall these armed merchant ships into military service, with their expenses and payrolls then taken care by the government, and that for the duration of the crisis.
38. You can see the headlines! Gay Teacher’s Love-Nest with Student Erupts in Violence! By the time they’d finished with us I’d be unemployable, Robert would have had a nervous breakdown and I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for our relationship.
39. We believe that the guards downstairs will have served us by disarming all the guests, therefore, the security guards are our wild cards: if shooting erupts, it will be from them, so those of you stationed inside the house should identify them from their lapel pins and make them your first targets, if necessary.

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