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Escapade dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Had I considered this escapade of Mr.
  2. D said, we have broken even on this escapade.
  3. After her escapade, Leila was never allowed to move into her flat.
  4. Here I am at home again; ready to write up my next escapade in the.
  5. Expanses of grey slate roof predominated in other directions, but the escapade.
  6. The all-night escapade in Berlin is documented in some detail in the three journals.
  7. Was it not bound to come out, this escapade? These things cannot stay hidden for long.
  8. There was also this little escapade that happened while I was stationed at Nichols Field.
  9. Leonardo, on the other hand, evoked it like the infantile escapade of a bad-mannered girl.
  10. As I said, I have you dead to rights on forty-four violations from today’s escapade alone.
  11. After our croc escapade, our camping trip was over, and we headed back to the Royal Malewane.
  12. The drunken sex was more of a banal blur than an erogenously exciting erotic escapade for Susan.
  13. Anyway, this present escapade was a lot easier, since it was nighttime and the moon was almost full.
  14. He undressed with excessive caution, and fell asleep congratulating himself that nobody knew of his escapade.
  15. As she still loved her husband, and didn’t love Langlade, this little escapade failed entirely to interest.
  16. What would have been the point of our escapade if we’d come all this way for nothing? But still I hesitated.
  17. She was a good swimmer, but her fight was gone because she felt all was lost when she viewed the sex escapade.
  18. She told me of her life with Rex and of the secret, vicious, disastrous escapade that had taken her to New York.
  19. Strange how the two sixteen year olds have been the most mature human representations in the whole of this farcical escapade.
  20. I was sure he had his doubts about me after the McDonald’s bathrobe escapade, and now I was seeing Bambi the friendly ghost.
  21. With his gentle support, Joseph managed to survive this mortifying escapade; though he feared the residue might interfere with his future job prospects.
  22. While Marilyn Monroe was navigating delicate terrain with Natasha Lytess and Johnny Hyde, her mother, Gladys, was involved in her own little romantic escapade.
  23. Conklin said his name and mine, introduced Cindy Thomas without identifying her role in this escapade, and all three of us stepped into Constance Kerr’s home.
  24. The lovely persecutor who was the instigator of the whole escapade, and who till then had been my irreconcileable foe, suddenly rushed up to embrace and kiss me.
  25. After her escapade, she would settle for a soothing, hot bath followed by a decent night’s sleep to clear her mind of the Underwoods and their domestic turmoil.
  26. What was more likely than that Martin Ogleby should have heard of his wife's escapade? He would certainly learn now to his surprise of her meeting with Langhorne.
  27. Often I felt a long moment of dread, especially when walking into the briefing room, and seeing all those innocent young faces beaming after their latest escapade.
  28. She had been dreaming of this moment for two weeks and although when thinking of the escapade she had always felt a twinge of nerves the same was not happening now.
  29. My aunt Lily's friend returned to his wife, whom he called "the General" and she must have straightened him out with a few curt commands after his romantic escapade with my aunt.
  30. The agitation of having to leave New Zealand had been dispersed by his arrogant confidence and he had resigned himself to a short stay in Sydney with his monster share of their escapade.
  31. John had found Silvero's medical file as a bonus during his little central computer hacking escapade, and with that useful piece in their back pocket, they had hatched the phony eye plot.
  32. How had she persuaded Anne to dress as a boy and storm Hampton Court? What if Young Falstaff learned of the escapade? What was Anne thinking? She wasn’t a weak character, easily manipulated or influenced.
  33. We arrived back at our start point exhausted only two days ago we were fighting a battle to get off the beaches and this latest escapade had taken its toll and everyone was worn out and tired beyond endurance.
  34. I told you this would happen and that it would bode no good for us and I was right charging fucking trenches with a handful of blokes mark my words no bloody good will come from this escapade and that’s a fact.
  35. The whole escapade was turning into a shambles the Turks were ambushing some of our lads and then falling back and the terrain in front of us was terrible and because of this the straight sweeping line we had started out with was now a disjointed mess.
  36. As she wondered whether man-woman attraction could be bound by sentimentality, she ventured on the path of adultery, ‘should Roopa itch for a romantic escapade, then Raja could easily out-tempt every other suitor of hers, given his personality as well as proximity to her.
  37. Buying me for a few paltry dollars? Of course you do, Robert Canler, and the hope of just such a contingency was in your mind when you loaned papa the money for that hair-brained escapade, which but for a most mysterious circumstance would have been surprisingly successful.
  38. Though he expected that the story of his escapade would be already known in Moscow and that the ladies about his father- who were never favorably disposed toward him- would have used it to turn the count against him, he nevertheless on the day of his arrival went to his father’s part of the house.
  39. Though he expected that the story of his escapade would be already known in Moscow and that the ladies about his father—who were never favorably disposed toward him—would have used it to turn the count against him, he nevertheless on the day of his arrival went to his father’s part of the house.
  40. And sprang from ambush and captured a waggon of Count Riol’s food; and from that day, by escapade and ruse they would carry tents and convoys and kill off men, nor ever come back without some booty; so that Tristan and Kaherdin began to be brothers in arms, and kept faith and tenderness, as history tells.
  41. Though to laugh at Mitya to his face was rather a risky proceeding, there was much laughter behind his back, especially in the tavern, at his own ingenuous public avowal that all he had got out of Grushenka by this escapade was permission to kiss her foot, and that was the utmost she had allowed him.

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