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Escapism dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But it was real, and escapism is fleeting at best.
  2. American culture became a culture of pure escapism.
  3. Fancy the pictures tonight? I could do with some escapism.
  4. It glorified the ease of spectatorship, and idol worship, and escapism and fantasy.
  5. A common clash of will he later told the regular bartender keeping tabs on escapism.

  6. During Prohibition: American culture was mostly made up of the Hollywood crap of pure escapism.
  7. So she continued in her newfound escapism, and reveled in the fact that despair's hold was loosening on her life.
  8. You have created a culture which places entertainment and laughter and escapism and fantasy and fiction above truth.
  9. Even our free time is usually caught up in some sort of tool-use, or it is merely a reflex reaction against over-intensive tool-use into some form of escapism; be it a book, or movie, or a concert.
  10. Would every woman who bought it, dress in a red riding outfit, walk through a huge marble floored hallway and tell the wolf to be quiet? I doubt it very much, but it is fantasy and provides escapism.
  11. The entire Nation was successfully brainwashed by a polio cripple, a wealthy son of a wealthy Robber Baron, into ignoring the actual state of affairs and escaping into the fantasy escapism of mass media.
  12. Why do you think the culture of escapism and entertainment, the culture of the theater, the culture of staged plays has been growing and spreading ever since its invention in the 15th century and plays of William Shakespeare? Why do you think the culture of actors and actresses playing another historical person has become so popular and glorified? Why do you think Shakespeare wrote;.

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