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Establish dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Establish a navy, said Mr.
  2. You may establish a data link.
  3. Once you begin to establish a.
  4. What you want is to establish.
  5. You establish a false question.

  6. He will establish himself in the.
  7. I wish to establish a checking.
  8. The US is trying to establish some.
  9. I will establish peace in their homes.
  10. He must establish a regular position.
  11. We want to establish a new society.
  12. This is why lunging works to establish.
  13. To establish identity, there may be a.
  14. It is the best time to establish longs.
  15. Establish contact with others in your.

  16. The main thing would be to establish a.
  17. We’re trying to firmly establish that.
  18. Once you establish which slope and snow.
  19. To establish a direct inheritance, Ivan.
  20. We will help you establish yourself here.
  21. Yet we have yet to establish who you are.
  22. You have to establish what is stressing you.
  23. Church that Jesus would establish with Paul.
  24. Their ulterior motive was to establish a U.
  25. First let’s establish some trust with Mr.

  26. It is not to establish the groundwork for.
  27. We have to establish a presence there, and.
  28. It is therefore difficult to establish any.
  29. A few days later we managed to establish jobs.
  30. They will establish communication with you.
  31. Austin to establish the Buffalo Lake Heritage.
  32. We haven’t been able to establish that she.
  33. We will establish a two hour watch rotation.
  34. Try to establish what changes you made and why.
  35. Now, establish a teaching Link with Equemev.
  36. Each class was eager to establish regulations.
  37. But I did not manage to establish a connection.
  38. To keep and establish good relationships with.
  39. It was how she began to establish relationships.
  40. But losers don’t establish national cemeteries.
  41. Libby gave an airy shrug to establish she had no.
  42. There will be aggression while they establish a.
  43. We establish temples in most of the major cities.
  44. Establish and Eliminate the Source of Your Stress.
  45. We are not attempting to establish a diagnosis.
  46. Witnesses are not wanting to establish these facts.
  47. Establish some contacts and build relationships in.
  48. We are yet to establish ourselves as spiritual again.
  49. This is necessary in order to establish new patterns.
  50. It would establish his complete control over her life.
  51. The seeker can use it to establish him in God-seeking.
  52. We can then establish a fruitful dialogue that helps.
  53. For us to walk with God we need to establish primarily.
  54. This should firmly establish the new religion in Babel.
  55. But now we can’t cross-examine him to establish that.
  56. Though it was hard to establish a basis for comparison.
  57. We arrived here hoping to establish a new community.
  58. Fourth: Christ had to die to establish the New Covenant.
  59. We establish a navy—we also establish a marine corps.
  60. God will Himself defend us and establish our authority.
  61. Many interpreters have tried to establish that the ten.
  62. NLP can be used to establish rapport and build stronger.
  63. III - to establish or to alter norms of the Bylaw of the.
  64. It needs only to establish that the value is adequate—e.
  65. The P A F arrived before we could establish our defenses.
  66. To establish the correct rate of one tone to each second.
  67. He takes away the first, that he may establish the second.
  68. The One Lord has establish me as the head of the nation.
  69. To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the.
  70. Ever since I first started to establish a hold in the.
  71. Or to establish thought leadership (the spread & share of.
  72. Clearly it was difficult to establish death, without a body.
  73. Testimonials are influential selling tools that establish.
  74. I encourage you to establish a legacy that will outlive you.
  75. We'll invade and conquer and establish ourselves as rulers.
  76. A Yogi practices regulation of breath to establish harmony.
  77. M: Establish yourself firmly in the awareness of ‘I am’.
  78. One plaintiff to file one case, to establish one precedent.
  79. His return to earth, when He will establish the Kingdom of.
  80. The first thing that we need to establish here is that, God.
  81. They’re allowed to establish a powerful empire that will.
  82. He said, You should go to Europe and establish the Dharma.
  83. You when once you have turned again establish your brothers.
  84. Establish the Prayer and pay the Zakat and maintain ties of.
  85. Judge–To establish Truth and Justice through wise decisions.
  86. Establish in your mind that you have the necessary faith to.
  87. Establish a commune, and the same gradual flux will continue.
  88. Establish as large a trap line as you can manage in your area.
  89. To introduce them to our country we would need to establish.
  90. Firmly establish in the minds of a pupil's parents, early in.
  91. Bohm helped establish the foundation for Pribram's theory.
  92. They establish a pattern that you can analyse to extract the.
  93. They weren’t only trying to establish schools and hospitals.
  94. Once you obtain this information, you may want to establish a.
  95. TANU, as we understand it wants to establish common ownership.
  96. While we can establish our own credibility by behaving when-.
  97. This exam, at the age of fifteen, would establish their future.
  98. However today there are some subcultures that establish their.
  99. First they’re testing our capabilities, trying to establish.
  100. Still, we can hypothesize, even if we cannot prove and establish.
  1. It is by movement establishing.
  2. So was establishing a so-called.
  3. Begin by establishing a relationship.
  4. This is establishing your track record.
  5. Without establishing trust and respect.
  6. This I hope to rectify by establishing.
  7. They are aimed at establishing a lingering.
  8. God is establishing a prophetic culture in.
  9. Of the Motives for Establishing New Colonies.
  10. This is the best season for establishing shorts.
  11. But it does mean establishing clear boundaries:.
  12. Beards can sometimes be a barrier to establishing.
  13. Remember that part of the reason for establishing a.
  14. The Puritans were slow in establishing a government.
  15. The Coanda effect is the establishing of individual.
  16. The UN is also interested in establishing its own army.
  17. Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust.
  18. Creating rapport is about establishing a tangible and.
  19. For OEX, this might mean establishing put ratio spreads.
  20. Horrendously bad karma is associated with establishing.
  21. The coaching will focus on establishing long term goals.
  22. The importance of establishing the world as a rational.
  23. While establishing desires and working through the sales.
  24. Establishing good habits and feeling positive about what.
  25. Establishing rapport can be achieved by matching and then.
  26. Establishing a regular routine whether it is daily or three.
  27. They are setting up a base of operation, establishing a.
  28. The bill establishing a land office was read the second time.
  29. We took for granted that our chances of establishing contact.
  30. When the coachee is incapable of establishing and maintaining.
  31. By establishing and reinforcing the view of one God, there was.
  32. It will lead us in the right way in establishing a better life.
  33. You need to focus on establishing an anchor that will draw the.
  34. Your website copy plays a major role in establishing and growing.
  35. The idea behind healing with angels is that by establishing this.
  36. There are many benefits to establishing and tracking your handicap.
  37. The only way to be establishing customer loyalty is to employ the.
  38. Establishing dictatorships in Turkey, Italy, and around the world.
  39. Only by establishing long term barriers around the business can the.
  40. This most recent series of tools has been about establishing a solid.
  41. In that time, Jesus was establishing that the Kingdom had indeed come.
  42. Establishing good momentum is key at this early stage of the project.
  43. Establishing the Optimization Framework: Challenges and Compromises.
  44. Establishing a regular routine, including time to relax and an age-.
  45. The beginning thing in establishing a relationship is the building of.
  46. Start with establishing the communication, since all would just follow.
  47. Taking away the Law and establishing a new covenant is the subject of.
  48. Lord) for establishing the path of devotion, the purpose thereto being.
  49. Her favourite song is hotels we offer by establishing new relationships.
  50. Without realizing or intending too, Hayes and Watson were establishing.
  51. Establishing partial positions changes an investor’s mindset instantly.
  52. Again he failed in establishing himself as a lawyer in Mumbai and Rajkot.
  53. The pivots are great for establishing ranges in markets on an intraday basis.
  54. The low at the 13th or 14th month is the key in establishing the continuity.
  55. This I hope to rectify by establishing such a relationship with the three of.
  56. The purpose is establishing a strong warning serving Salvation and to be alert.
  57. When Sam Walton was establishing his stores, he started opening in small towns.
  58. While Amazon are playing nice you want to look at establishing some shelf-space.
  59. Taking away the Law and establishing a new covenant is the subject of Hebrews 10.
  60. The Tea Party Patriots work at establishing PACs and backing political candidates.
  61. As a means of establishing guilt, how would you characterize the medieval ordeal?
  62. Investment Accounts, establishing a middle or long term high (1Ney, 61), and then.
  63. Thereafter it is a matter of making friends and establishing the mental upper hand.
  64. He hated establishing communications while enemies were present in the same system.
  65. Establishing two Roman periods and two Constitutions of the Unites States of America.
  66. But that machine wasn’t capable of establishing a permanent transfer, McCoy.
  67. I’ve been authorized to negotiate a solution that would involve establishing a.
  68. To give you some idea of the thought processes involved in establishing a focus, the.
  69. It was around that time that he conceived the idea of establishing an airmail service.
  70. All that prevents us from establishing a true paradise on earth is the delusion that.
  71. I will agree to make appropriations for the establishing a navy for the United States.
  72. After establishing the picture of the new self, enhance it in any way you possibly can.
  73. O’Neil was using an historical precedent in establishing his price target for Schwab.
  74. England played a leadership role in establishing the Confederation of European Nations.
  75. The rest of the week was spent establishing a base line for her business by generating.
  76. Every new Web business has to go through the hassle of establishing itself with the SEs.
  77. And so I did, by establishing a portfolio comprising stocks from the hardest-hit sectors.
  78. He held his hand as close to the hilt as he could, and succeeded in establishing contact.
  79. One strategy in establishing the proper outlook is to stop thinking of your money as money.
  80. When you sow early, you are actually benefiting by establishing the plants for the winter.
  81. Ali smiled, Let’s start by establishing what you should call me, you can call me Abang.
  82. After four years of establishing colonies, on one trip back to the depot adjacent to New St.
  83. Working with a Certified SR® Counselor or Coach is your best insurance to establishing and.
  84. The unknown variable necessary for accurately establishing the correct dates was long hidden.
  85. She apparently spent a lot of her own money on the initial stages of establishing the project.
  86. Lawrence and Harold set about establishing a working itinerary with rail and sailing schedules.
  87. Left-wing novelists claim that moralizing is just a contribution to establishing the normative.
  88. They have assisted us in establishing a seal to keep the Creatures of Chaos out of this Plane.
  89. Once she was settled she began the arduous task of establishing Baal-Melkart as the principal god.
  90. He began establishing a large position in AIG in March of 2010 after it was recapitalized by the U.
  91. I look at Dad again, wondering if he’s given up on the idea of establishing contact with the AI.
  92. The purpose of establishing any action limit or level is to assure that the water system is under.
  93. Thus, in establishing the level of contamination allowed in a high purity water system used in the.
  94. It is a classic example of establishing air superiority to do what you want to do and get out again.
  95. After establishing the picture of the new self, make sure the structure is the same as your initial.
  96. As you must know by now, we are not proponents of merely establishing a strategy because it there.
  97. Jara establishes time as her Light passes through the Sound Matrix, establishing time on the matrix.
  98. Universe and the missing mass is not establishing the matter density throughout the vastness of the.
  99. Verification of the proper time and context were necessary first steps to establishing a trustworthy.
  100. Before this crazy idea took hold in England… establishing a new colony, was mostly a losing venture.
  1. Once a link was established.
  2. Tony then established a new.
  3. The gangs are all established.
  4. I had established myself as a.
  5. To the way I have established?!.
  6. What has God established in the.
  7. A new daily routine established.
  8. That’s an established fact too.
  9. Established and New House Shares.
  10. The lawyer established the fact.
  11. It had already been established.
  12. The connection is now established.
  13. Dana has literally established a.
  14. Surely the world is established so.
  15. No religions have been established.
  16. Have we not established that, Mr.
  17. A new routine was thus established.
  18. It was established in 1940, dubbed.
  19. He established a foothold in Kansas.
  20. The world is firmly established, it.
  21. Silence was established in the hall.
  22. It isn’t established in bloodshed.
  23. Where are you now? Established 1763.
  24. In him was established her life now.
  25. Victor had established his army with.
  26. My ideal is firmly established: a ft.
  27. It was established he had no actual.
  28. Church established in the early 1950s.
  29. Yeah, Dylan, we’ve established that.
  30. Before they existed, She established.
  31. Yet My servants are established still.
  32. The smelting factory was established a.
  33. His going forth is established as the.
  34. Very strange ties had been established.
  35. Right there He established His cult hut.
  36. We’ve already established that their.
  37. I think we just established that it.
  38. Such reliability is established by the.
  39. They have established their lairs in us.
  40. Now that we have established that I am.
  41. Established at 1301 South Coulter in the.
  42. We went back in with nothing established.
  43. There was no identity to be established.
  44. The founders of the firm established the.
  45. North in the ancient past and established.
  46. Standards should be established based on.
  47. That reputation was established early on.
  48. Victor had now established himself as the.
  49. The results of my spirometry established.
  50. In his place are other rulers established.
  51. Café, established in 1946, is the oldest.
  52. They so established these days as days of.
  53. Institutions are established to fill needs.
  54. These established habits make the thought.
  55. Yet the wicked shall never be established;.
  56. Of course: that is the established answer.
  57. Some of the colonist have established a.
  58. The territory’s established form of gov-.
  59. Have they established a motive Madam?
  60. The Church Was Not Established at Pentecost.
  61. He was greatly established that the king of.
  62. The covered call position is now established.
  63. The elves are established in Eden, by Jeohab.
  64. Established house share tenants however are.
  65. An initial stop was established just under 54.
  66. From this Jesus and the disciples established.
  67. EeEe had strong ties to the established order.
  68. Keever, was it? I thought we established that.
  69. The Established Church of England is in danger.
  70. Established Principle of Withholding Dividends.
  71. The theocracy of the Jews, as established by.
  72. They universally, therefore, established the.
  73. Some established house shares do give you the.
  74. Liberty cannot be established without morality.
  75. Your Thoughts Will Be Established by the Lord.
  76. Once the child has been established under its.
  77. As we have already established, knowing how to.
  78. Large caps are established in their industries.
  79. They established close relationship with their.
  80. But the status quo had already been established.
  81. William’s established friendship with old Tom.
  82. Once those memories are established, they’re.
  83. They are established and have built their very.
  84. In their place, a new government is established.
  85. Because they were all established submissives.
  86. The country has 42 000km of well established road.
  87. This kingdom has been established in nonviolence.
  88. But at any rate a principle would be established.
  89. Until this is clearly established, women should.
  90. Some stability of trend is established with this.
  91. The country has 42 000km of well established roads.
  92. It was later established that the hour glass had.
  93. But Autumn quickly established her domain, inside.
  94. They'd established themselves in the middle of a.
  95. The affirmative of the proposition is established.
  96. The Educational scheme or Course established by Mr.
  97. They were well established in business and trades.
  98. He shall come, and His glory shall be established!.
  99. You haven’t established a track record here yet.
  100. This crew, once established, will remain as a unit.
  1. So, Jane establishes Doe, Inc.
  2. And technology too establishes its.
  3. He establishes the spread at the following prices:.
  4. The breakeven point equation best establishes this.
  5. Once the base establishes itself, wait for springs (i.
  6. This clearly establishes that they are the same entity.
  7. This knowledge establishes a contradiction in our lives.
  8. Kelley, Splendid Race Establishes Washington Crew as U.
  9. I thought your story establishes that mortal failure well.
  10. Reverence for the deity establishes a safe and secure planet.
  11. It also establishes the true nature of the stone that.
  12. The act which establishes this company (the 23rd of George II.
  13. We did a pretty good job, and history establishes our progress.
  14. In this path, the seeker establishes an emotional relationship.
  15. Wadd [21] establishes the relationships of intimacy among people.
  16. This builds trust with the visitor and establishes your relationship.
  17. However, fresh research now establishes that it’s simply not true.
  18. This establishes a new thrall, replacing any that already exists.
  19. Al McIntyre, establishes the four have been lying through their teeth.
  20. The king by judgment establishes the land, but he who receives gifts.
  21. Verse 1 establishes Moses as being a Levite, a member of the priestly.
  22. Article 6 also establishes the hierarchy of legislation in our nation.
  23. After that Jesus establishes His Millennial Reign on earth that lasts for.
  24. Dragon, establishes that Bel or Belial is a false god of ancient Babylon.
  25. The amount of fixed assets and the inherent risks they entail, establishes.
  26. Bodhisattva wins the Matter, or rather, establishes a parity of Matter and Spirit.
  27. It establishes quantitative and qualitative objectives and how they will be evaluated.
  28. The moment one asserts the "I," and "finds himself," he establishes a close connection.
  29. The lifting of holy hands begins here! This establishes the practice of the lifting of.
  30. Gravity forms by movement that establishes singularity initiating a circle in using Π.
  31. R, we create a proportional indicator that establishes the ratio of the amount of.
  32. The POP3 session begins when the client establishes a TCP connection with an active server.
  33. This keeps them in your pipeline and establishes you as the obvious expert in their minds.
  34. For example, she establishes a standard file-naming scheme that guarantees unique file names.
  35. Such approach establishes a correspondence between strategies and their most suitable criteria.
  36. Preparing kindling in this way makes it catch light more freely and establishes a fire quickly.
  37. This wisdom is the long-awaited Judgment from God that establishes unequivocal Truth and.
  38. God establishes this covenant directly with the children of Israel at Mount Sinai in Deuteronomy.
  39. I expect quickly to be told that the plethora of optical illusions establishes the authenticity of.
  40. Jara establishes time as her Light passes through the Sound Matrix, establishing time on the matrix.
  41. However, the document is two volumes thick with 97 chapters and establishes organizations concerning.
  42. Further if you incorporate a garden gate along with walkways, this establishes a feeling of continuation.
  43. The Communist Manifesto essentially establishes the attitudes and ideas of modern socialism and communism.
  44. An impulse is a unit of love establishes itself in an environment of love to detail other inferior choices.
  45. He grants its overwhelming immensity, but he establishes its triviality; and he does more than spit upon it.
  46. The rlogin command establishes a connection to another system on the network and provides access to its shell.
  47. This establishes a healthy self-leadership that equips our mind with the power of clarity, efficiency, and happiness.
  48. The first singular feature that attracts attention in this bill is the new and unconstitutional veto which it establishes.
  49. Price moves sharply higher from there, forming a long white candle that once again establishes that buyers are in control.
  50. It establishes that a man like that was here on several occasions—the dates you gave me in November, January, and April.
  51. This establishes a connection with our biomolecular brain cells, which allows the mind to view portions of the Akashic Records.
  52. Yoga, in affecting the glands, establishes a rhythm in the body so that you do not feel a desire for food that you do not need.
  53. A reciprocal comparison of all the texts found establishes the fact that they belong to a collection of texts known as the Book.
  54. On the other hand, the latter provides instruction for the Present that establishes the guidelines for uncertain (Future) events.
  55. This example establishes the soundness of American Telephone & Telegraph, but not the intrinsic attractiveness of convertible bonds.
  56. Under the rules of salvage, it may be claimed by the first person or legal entity that takes possession and properly establishes a claim.
  57. Arguments from ignorance are an illegitimate, it has no evidence to prove or disprove, bringing an irrelevant points establishes weakness.
  58. The first section of the first article establishes one key principle for American government: Only our elected legislators can make laws.
  59. The apocryphal ending of the Book of Daniel, titled Bel and the Dragon, establishes that Bel or Belial is a false god of ancient Babylon.
  60. This is the shippers’ declaration of the value declared for the items which establishes the carrier’s maximum liability for damage or loss.
  61. The test of fire we considered earlier (1 Corinthians 3:13-15) establishes how our works and the quality of our works (actions) will be evaluated.
  62. If the Commune is not well-to-do and is small, it hires quarters from a peasant, or establishes a rotation, and the teacher passes from hut to hut.
  63. When a fund establishes a new position, chances are that it will continue to add to that position and be less likely to sell it in the near future.
  64. Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us is God, 22 who alsohas sealed us and given us the Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee.
  65. He recognises this as a support level, so he establishes a long position at 3900 using a FTSE 100 ETF and places a stop order to sell at 3600 in case he is wrong.
  66. Since the early forties this whole complex has come on the market that establishes what I'll call a global genetic health immune system for the species as a whole.
  67. The father in the family has one nature, that he makes demands, establishes principles, and laws and his love for his son depends on the obedience to these demands.
  68. Thus, the consolidation of candlesticks before the trendy kangaroo tail establishes a minor zone, and the bearish trendy kangaroo tail extends above this minor zone.
  69. The beast is described as coming out of the earth, not out the sea, establishes Allah’s power over the world which will take a significant role during the Armageddon.
  70. You need relationship Maria, with your Heavenly Father and it’s through experiences like this that build the faith that establishes the trust needed for true relationship.
  71. Their holy books instruct them not to play the part of a woman and this statement establishes that they will not be doing so; therefore whatever they do next is not sinning.
  72. They tend not to overturn that balance which naturally establishes itself among all the various employments of the society, but to hinder it from being overturned by the duty.
  73. I also think, however, that Anticlea, having been unsuccessful in aborting the pregnancy and oppressed by her guilt, establishes with the son she is carrying a total enmeshment.
  74. Universal poverty establishes their universal equality ; and the superiority, either of age or of personal qualities, are the feeble, but the sole foundations of authority and subordination.
  75. The best solution to this whining, screaming or whinging behavior is to tackle it immediately, ideally before it establishes itself as an ingrained habit - try to nip it in the bud as they say.
  76. In contrast, a retail customer who establishes the same hedge will be less inclined to adjust or will adjust less frequently because any adjustments will reduce the profitability of the position.
  77. Through the centuries they have pushed steadily westward, and now a tribe skirts the southern end of the great inland sea—Vilayet—and establishes the kingdom of Turan on the southwestern shore.
  78. It is the Partiki which serves as material for the patterns of all universes, and the manifestations which comprise them; but Solí, with his ―Megin,‖ establishes the patterns of all the universes.
  79. The man who first establishes himself on this sublime point, will have more reason for self-congratulation than he who led the Persian myriads into Greece, or he who pushed the Macedonians to the Indus.
  80. Simply stated, when one establishes a futures option calendar spread, he is not only spreading time — as he does with stock options — he is also spreading the relationship between the underlying futures.
  81. When a user on one LAN performs an operation that requires access to the other LAN, the server automatically dials in to a server on the other network, establishes the connection, and begins routing traffic.
  82. Government, by establishing an administration under their own immediate inspection, of the same kind with that which the farmer establishes, might at least save this profit, which is almost always exorbitant.
  83. Interestingly, there are more women drawn to the Feng Shui habit than men, who may or may not be conscious that they are actually supporting a form of belief system that establishes males as strong and females as weak.
  84. Let me establish that this and the other parables were about the Kingdom that God has set into place, not necessarily for the life beyond, but as life now, as He establishes His Kingdom in each for our walk on this earth.
  85. It establishes, then, in a somewhat lyrical language at times, an epitome of experiences and personal accounts, writing pad or diary of cultural pilgrimage, without the religious emphasis that such concept normally assumes.
  86. A standing army establishes, with an irresistible force, the law of the sovereign through the remotest provinces of the empire, and maintains some degree of regular government in countries which could not otherwise admit of any.
  87. This perfect correlation occurs only at the idealized market bottom that, in fact, establishes the need for prefiltering before the correlation is calculated so that a relatively high correlation can be achieved using real data.
  88. The physical layer establishes a circuit-switched connection between the user equipment and the telephone company’s switching office that operates at 64 Kbps and also provides diagnostic functions such as loopback testing and signal monitoring.
  89. I cannot conclude this chapter concerning bounties, without observing, that the praises which have been bestowed upon the law which establishes the bounty upon the exportation of corn, and upon that system of regulations which is connected with it, are altogether unmerited.
  90. By what a frugal man annually saves, he not only affords maintenance to an additional number of productive hands, for that of the ensuing year, but like the founder of a public work-house he establishes, as it were, a perpetual fund for the maintenance of an equal number in all times to come.
  91. But two claimants to elite status are one too many! Believing that others are of inferior race, that sub-humans exist, that God establishes a hierarchy among humans by distinguishing the small designated community from the rest of humanity, means that the Other may not claim the same status as ourselves.
  92. Yes, sir, whilst the English Government establishes no such doctrine, the French Government acts upon the principle that speaking the English language is prima facie evidence of your being a British subject, and would justify their treating you as an enemy, the burden of the proof to the contrary being thrown upon yourself.
  93. The continuous harangue of the socialist indoctrination to mislead students and others, in too many people results in a hatred of anything capitalist and establishes a negative, resentful association with the concept of Capitalism, which has to gnaw at the very feeling ability of the person embracing the structure of collectivism.
  94. How are we to translate this example into our lived experience? When one claims that in fact no one is speaking, this implies, at best, in lived experience that I perhaps searched my immediate vicinity and did not perceive any speaker or audio device nearby, but my searching does not establish a fact of reality, it establishes, if anything, a fact of my limited experience—a brief period of looking about the room—which may always be put into question.
  95. The teacher from the start establishes the order which is necessary for the success of his work: each pupil is to answer only when asked to do so; all the others are to listen and should be able to repeat the words of the teacher and of their companions; the desire to answer, when the teacher directs a question to everybody, is to be expressed by raising the left hand; the words are to be pronounced neither in a hurry, nor by drawing them out, but loudly, distinctly, and correctly.
  96. Some moderate and gradual relaxation of the laws which give to Great Britain the exclusive trade to the colonies, till it is rendered in a great measure free, seems to be the only expedient which can, in all future times, deliver her from this danger ; which can enable her, or even force her, to withdraw some part of her capital from this overgrown employment, and to turn it, though with less profit, towards other employments; and which, by gradually diminishing one branch of her industry, and gradually increasing all the rest, can, by degrees, restore all the different branches of it to that natural, healthful, and proper proportion, which perfect liberty necessarily establishes, and which perfect liberty can alone preserve.
  97. Provided ample opportunities to self-destruct, that child soon acquires disagreeable habits that, reinforced by common attitudes, establishes the rocky foundations of a society populated by lingering, single-minded adolescents who, guided by their own (―exceptional‖) rules of conduct, acquire self-centered and perhaps anti-social points of view devolving into a collection of interchangeable parts reflecting the questionable character of that society‘s lowest forms that must negatively impact its social, cultural and political institutions including schools, churches, political organizations, judicial system, the news media, corporations, all! A free and open society should never impose arbitrary limits or draw uncertain conclusions as to how an individual should (otherwise) think or act however eccentric or unconventional such attitudes may appear; although that society, by example, should seek to broaden exemplary manners and customs essential to the maintenance of proper form if that society hopes to function effectively.
  98. Long-term debt to capital (LTD/CAP) establishes not only the proportion of debt to equity,.

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