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Estimate dans une phrase (en anglais)

I estimate that it can.
Some estimate the gap at 1.
The estimate was raised to $2.
That was Ash’s estimate too.
Estimate time to be completed.
I estimate now that I plunged.
Jimmy didn’t give an estimate.

His estimate was almost correct.
Your best estimate calls for $6.
NOMA’s initial estimate was £450.
Most weight is given to this estimate.
How long do you estimate he will take.
Why is liquidity so hard to estimate?
The number is only an estimate since.
They estimate the planes actual age at.
To the extent that it can estimate the.
He groaned as he looked at the estimate.
A half mile seemed a reasonable estimate.
I use all this to get a general estimate.
They can go two hundred miles I estimate.
A common and agreed upon estimate of the.
That being the case, we can estimate the.
My best estimate is that will be several.
She needed some estimate of his potential.
Scientists estimate that on average, over.
The highest estimate I came across was an.
Thus if we were willing to estimate life in.
I’d estimate that there are only about.
They estimate at least twenty thousand so far.
I’d estimate another seventeen hours, sir.
My estimate has to be revised to around sixty.
Estimate of the expenses and losses of the Bank.
Estimate how low you expect a stock to collapse.
Not that Stahdmaiyr’s estimate made him happy.
Now you need to estimate your maximum heart rate.
But some marketing executives estimate that up.
Estimate the visibility is less than 200 metres.
I would also estimate that each of these sites.
In the final estimate, life and poetry both have.
A bit less than ten minutes, by their estimate.
Now, estimating risk is no easy task.
In this case, you might start by estimating.
Estimating average future earnings is not easy.
The model for estimating market value is as follows:.
Estimating it to be past half-turn of the night, the.
Estimating it to be fifty strides across, the massive.
Second, errors in estimating expected inflation (secular).
Remember that guessing is not the same thing as estimating.
However, estimating free cash flow is usually quite arbitrary.
Rajan was estimating on a paper as how to complete this project.
Estimating a body is like estimating the fingers on your hand.
Is this not an index of a Wise Arranger and Estimating Creator?
This is of course useful when it comes to estimating print costs.
Estimating the length of one's stride while out walking does not.
His estimating brow was drawn up into sums of devious calculations.
I am estimating, took up the first two or three years after I started.
Your finance team may have some suggestions for estimating this figure.
Estimating the market impact of accounting numbers is what counts for them.
I usually use this for estimating pipe length or explosive cable - not for.
However, estimating what the buyer could earn from the use of the strategic.
I say 150 meters, although I had no instruments for estimating this distance.
Carbonate of lime in calcareous substances, new instrument for estimating, J.
Valuation is the process of estimating the monetary amount the firm is worth.
In estimating the τth quantile,* we try to find that value of β, for which.
Here is a simple alternative method I like for estimating long-term fair value.
Hanor, Nole and Bane stayed alert, estimating over fifty strangers populated the.
Is this not an indication that there is a Wise Arranger and Estimating Creator?
The best performance is attributed to the criterion estimating the degree of symmetry.
He gave her a level look as though estimating how much coquetry was behind the question.
There are two other ways of estimating future turning points on the basis of time alone.
Hence, she resolved to follow him in quietly, estimating the complexity of the situation.
She did all the estimating and ordering in a concise amount of time and level-headedness.
The professional traders are estimating what volatility will be or forecasting volatility.
Estimating their progress toward the gate, Moshe moved in that direction hoping to time his.
Is this a general phenomenon? We answer this question by estimating another linear regression.
I could not preach but to the educated; to those who were capable of estimating my composition.
When estimating the standard deviation from a sample of the entire population, σ is given by1.
A good rule of thumb to use is that 1 palm is 1% of the body when estimating the % of the skin.
Experience of the members estimating, plays key role in the success of estimation in this method.
Insert additional comments and local pricing information to complete cost estimating of the project.
An estimated 5% of the.
It is estimated that over.
It is estimated that be-.
Also, estimated costs of $5.
An Estimated Premium of 40.
It has been estimated that.
Estimated Weight of the Soul:.
The cost is estimated at $250.
I estimated less than a minute.
There are an estimated 10,000.
Water: Estimated amount of water.
I estimated about twelve horses.
It is estimated that there were.
The doctor estimated six months.
I estimated the twin peaks to be.
I estimated her age to be in the.
Its 2012 membership was estimated.
The estimated wait time listed on.
We estimated that we were half-way.
There are an estimated 500 million.
I had estimated a twenty-five year.
But their estimated time is nearly.
Each year, an estimated minimum of 3.
There is now an estimated 20% to 30%.
It has been estimated that 80 to 90.
Who has estimated and guided;.
It is estimated that there would be.
In the United Kingdom, an estimated.
The mass of dark matter was estimated.
The estimated equation is as follows:.
Projects have estimated ROI within the.
About three thousand yards, he estimated.
He estimated that there were less than.
The estimated cost at that stage was R27.
This was estimated at under $25 million.
We estimated we had five minutes to live.
It is estimated that 10 per cent of all.
An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the.
The estimated regression was as follows:.
HIV prevalence in Achaam is estimated at 1.
The firm’s use of estimates.
Estimates are that the cost.
For many years, estimates made.
The UN estimates that there are 12.
They gave us their best estimates.
As expected varying estimates can.
The most common estimates for the U.
We have only estimates at this time.
Estimates went up for the year to $1.
Comparing those estimates with both.
The reliability of estimates of body.
Other European Death Tolls (estimates).
According to estimates of professional.
The chart below estimates growth in GDP.
Earlier data estimates are available for U.
Estimates of expenses at the 1986 meeting.
Estimates call for GDP in 2009 to fall by 1.
The president didnt flinch at the estimates.
Some estimates of killings go as high as 7.
But our estimates say they‘re pretty minor.
EPA estimates, for example, range between $6.
HUD reported that estimates were that over 5.
We need her budget estimates for next year.
The above estimates show that the dark matter.
Intel Wing estimates their numbers have grown.
Analysts duly raised estimates for 1995 to $1.
When analysts’ estimates are below both our.
British Airways estimates that the air travel.
We offer free estimates and a full explanation.
According to estimates, only 6% of the civilian.
Yes, and we were conservative in our estimates.
The most recent estimates have Shanda earning $3.
Some estimates suggest that natural resources (e.
Some estimates of the death toll were even higher.
Verifying all important assumptions and estimates.
Some estimates of the impact of foreign flows on U.
Even if we use the highest estimates of population.
Most recent estimates say there are over 8 million.
Analysts affably lowered their year estimates to $1.

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