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Exile dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The Road to Exile, 98 K.
  2. These were condemned to exile.
  3. It was a pretty visible exile.
  4. Forty years in Exile is a.
  5. Well, what is it? Exile?

  6. Our romantic exile days are done.
  7. The king is in exile this month.
  8. They had become my family in exile.
  9. She was afterwards sent into exile.
  10. Centuries of hardship, exile, and.
  11. It was like the three years in exile.
  12. Decades in exile, decades of madness.
  13. He blames you for his mother’s exile.
  14. Half of the city will go into exile, but.
  15. They will exile me for being ungifted.

  16. Damn it! This pathetic self-imposed exile.
  17. Before the exile in Babylon, the concepts.
  18. Siv said, The life of an exile is wretched.
  19. After exile, he will return to lead the army.
  20. What fate awaited him now? Exile? Execution?
  21. They continue to exile Christ from their life.
  22. The headline was the exile of the Carrot-Tops.
  23. This resulted in the third exile, the Diaspora.
  24. Long Exile, The, and Other Stories for Children.
  25. Exile me, punish me, but don't bother me any more.

  26. From 1847 to his death he lived abroad as an exile.
  27. After I went into exile, they reopened the Amon.
  28. Constitution adopted by the Tibetan exile government.
  29. You have been in exile a long time, on and off, Mr.
  30. How about exile in the Netherlands? I suggested.
  31. I pointed out that an exile was supposed to be alone.
  32. She had lived a life in exile for the past two years.
  33. Its name typifies a cold, inhospitable place of exile.
  34. This he had to couple with the plight of being an exile.
  35. Information of the Tibetan government in exile, reads:.
  36. Gary's few years in exile have helped him to sit-back.
  37. If you continue to bully my ward, I wil exile you and.
  38. She uses her Council position to shield him from exile.
  39. Wildlands where we lived in exile for the next six years.
  40. Abolitionist writings were punished with death or exile.
  41. I am afraid he will exile me to the Solovétsk Monastery.
  42. He was sentenced to exile in the Government of Archangel.
  43. In 1955 the army launched a coup and sent him into exile.
  44. Yet, after months in exile, the plant had refused to die.
  45. The Tibetan exile government al ege that the monks are a.
  46. He went into exile, taking many of his followers with him.
  47. During the Exile, a new class of religious leadership arose.
  48. This exile government has hidden the truth about previous.
  49. Tibetans, he is trying to create one tradition here in exile.
  50. The tale of the exile clan is most often accompanied with a.
  51. He would not confess his relentless fear of exile to Jasper.
  52. This is no new fact; Descartes complained of it in his exile.
  53. They had big dreams for their people in their world of exile.
  54. If they exile you then they exile all of us, Loken said.
  55. More recently in 2009, as mentioned above, the Tibetan exile.
  56. India, the Dalai Lama’s country of exile, lasted three weeks.
  57. The reason Sita was of royal blood as well as Queen in exile.
  58. After his exile from Makkah, the teachings of Muhammad and the.
  59. Look at the many parallels of their lives: both suffered exile.
  60. This was one of the times she regretted the world of her exile.
  61. Standing there just in the clothes you wore on the day of exile.
  62. He was condemned to exile and ten years' hard labour in Siberia.
  63. Khakhans have always looked kindly on me and would only exile me.
  64. There is no independent press within the Tibetan exile community.
  65. That first Christmas and New Year I spent with my family in exile.
  66. Security of the Tibetan exile government, they were complete with.
  67. I decided to leave rather than face the indignity of public exile.
  68. He was removed from all party posts and pushed into political exile.
  69. The post-exile religion(s) did not exist before the Babylonian exile.
  70. Statement in 1988, indeed throughout all of the years in exile, the.
  71. In the last fifty years, the Tibetan exile government functioning in.
  72. I finally had enough of this and decided to exile myself in the past.
  73. Another reason to be glad was that he no longer needed to fear exile.
  74. Two primary deceptions were added into the texts following the exile.
  75. I…I cannot comment on the status of that traitor and exile!.
  76. Those who sent the King into exile must open their arms to him again.
  77. The biblical account of this sad saga I will call the First Exile.
  78. She went into exile to campaign for a return of democracy in Pakistan.
  79. However, despite initial rhetoric during the early years of his exile.
  80. I told him about the exile and how wonderful it had been in the north.
  81. For years she had seen holos of Exile prisoners in their chambers, but.
  82. I was beginning to understand the meaning of the word exile and nomad.
  83. During the centuries of exile, Jews have lived separately from Gentiles.
  84. Also, the whole concept of 12 tribes relies on a pre-Babylonian exile.
  85. He was in exile in the isle of Patmos awaiting God’s call to go home.
  86. Exile: Banishment; the state of being expelled from one's native country.
  87. He lost his mind in exile, unable to except the reality of his situation.
  88. I’ve been thinking about the wonderful exile we shared in the north.
  89. Nowadays the Dalai Lama lives in exile, but who is the real Dalai Lama.
  90. He had contacted their brother Kevin and had ended his self-imposed exile.
  91. What would they do with him? Would they try to exile him to save magic?
  92. Had God not decreed exile for them, He would have punished them in this life.
  93. Moreover, he had in his favor that great recommendation to the throne, exile.
  94. So Spain sued for peace and offered money for Aguinaldo’s exile to Hong Kong.
  95. At New Year 1959, the rebels entered Havana and Batista had to flee into exile.
  96. Well, I logically took Carlotta to visit her new relatives during your exile.
  97. Herod was more acceptable to the Jews of the exile than to those of Eretz Israel.
  98. When they repented and turned back to God, they came out of exile and prospered.
  99. It marked the end of a chapter in the history of the Polish government in exile.
  100. But it’s very useful to know that the government is preparing to go into exile.
  1. By exiling them.
  2. The cause of exiling was the writing of an appeal to help the persecuted Dukhobors (see Note 160) and their activity in behalf of the Dukhobors and the persecuted sects in general.
  3. It is not that she was an expert in the use of the dark arts, but she was beginning to penetrate secretly into that dangerous world, at the expense of being discovered and exiling permanently from The Ciudadela, at the expense of losing Leonardo forever.
  4. It had not always been this way, but King Kyrosed, Aazuria’s father, had significantly thinned the male population in the past few hundred years by exiling the sea-dweller men and sending many of them away on missions from which they would never return.
  5. If it were not for these servile instruments at the disposal of the authorities, it could never have entered the head of the landowner to rob the peasants of the forest they had tended, nor of the officials to think they are entitled to their salaries, taken from the famishing people, the price of their oppression; least of all could anyone dream of killing or exiling men for exposing falsehood and telling the truth.
  6. If there were no men who would be ready at the will of the authorities to torture and kill every person pointed out to them, it could never occur to a landed proprietor to take away from the peasants a forest which had been raised by them, nor to the officials to consider legal the payment to them of salaries, which are collected from the hungry masses, for oppressing them, to say nothing of executing men, or locking them up, or exiling them, because they overthrow the lie and preach the truth.
  1. I exiled them to the forest.
  2. In Exiled Ones, Yearning To.
  3. He was quickly exiled to the.
  4. Exiled Cubans, with their Slaves.
  5. Tregubov were exiled before him.
  6. He is the exiled leader of the.
  7. Chertkov was exiled abroad and I.
  8. He exiled Ovid for his erotic writing.
  9. Your exiled king has no power here.
  10. Nesten said, Either exiled or executed.
  11. Then came those exiled by their Communes.
  12. One of the Dukhobors exiled to Siberia, V.
  13. It was near midwinter when I was exiled.
  14. They clearly wanted to be exiled back here.
  15. There are worse things than being exiled.
  16. I was also arrested, and shall be exiled.
  17. She had been exiled for the great crime of.
  18. He was exiled to the Government of Archangel.
  19. I was exiled to the hall just like the old days.
  20. It is an experience that brings for many exiled.
  21. Some exiled children who inherit this narrative.
  22. The one who lived, John, was exiled to the prison.
  23. He has lived in India as an exiled leader of Tibet.
  24. A man is not exiled for that, I said, with a laugh.
  25. Halloween is an experience that the exiled children.
  26. He exiled his daughter Julia for licentious behavior.
  27. Sati looked in the direction the exiled Vasudev pointed.
  28. Tregubov, were exiled after a search of their homes: V.
  29. She had exiled him for life to the depths of Siberia!.
  30. Dharamsala, the seat of their exiled government, to pay.
  31. Biriukov was exiled to the city of Bausk in Courland, V.
  32. Do you want that? I can have you exiled; give me reasons.
  33. Our dad was exiled from the community of Readers in St.
  34. The exiled families, who opened their doors, financed and.
  35. Exiled out here and wondering what in hell has happened to.
  36. He had been exiled from Heaven and damned for all eternity.
  37. He was thereafter exiled to the island of patmos in Greece.
  38. It is the place to which Kujujuk exiled his daughter Chabi.
  39. On other occasions an exiled child, with a broken narrative.
  40. Bangalore and a respected member of the exiled Tibetan com-.
  41. Tregubov some time later was exiled to Goldingen in Courland.
  42. But enough of my pathetic tale of our self exiled existence.
  43. Manfred is named Manfred the Fool and exiled from Wizards’ Keep.
  44. He instantly exiled Higgens to his homeless status for another month.
  45. I had not for a moment thought I would be exiled from the Khakhanate.
  46. In 41 AD he was exiled to Corsica, having fallen out with the Emperor.
  47. After that he was exiled to the Perm Government, from where he escaped.
  48. The Pretender died, and those who followed him were exiled or forgiven.
  49. It was the kind of irony that permeated Irish families exiled in England.
  50. She said to me through her tears: 'If you are exiled, I will go with you.
  51. When the Israelites were exiled to Babylon, many of their leadership were.
  52. It was taken away from her and her family when they were exiled out of Baja.
  53. Then he was put to prison for seven months and after that exiled to Archangel.
  54. Odysseus dreamed his son would slay him, so he exiled Telemachus to Kefallinia.
  55. Just because I am angry with her doesn’t mean she is exiled, Garcia said.
  56. Immediately after that, the allies arrested him and exiled him to the island of.
  57. A witch may have been led to suppose she would be exiled or receive another mild.
  58. It is strange that we should not know you, if you, too, were exiled for the 14th.
  59. He would not be hunted down or exiled; he would become a feared and terrible man.
  60. Danger had been exiled from their eyes and all that remained was blind acceptance.
  61. Boulanger, a friend, was exiled abroad for his activity in behalf of the Dukhobors.
  62. I need a boat to take me to Amona Island where I have been exiled by the Khakhan.
  63. It was to Forks that I now exiled myself – an action that I took with great horror.
  64. The Candace had them both exiled, with the knowledge that the dynasty was to die with her.
  65. When he turned to look at the dark and spindly figure he hoped it would be his exiled ally.
  66. His chocolate brown eyes cut across the small room the corner where Cam Fisher was exiled to.
  67. Later he was exiled by Ferdinand VII, and wasfor five years a prisoner of state in a Spanish.
  68. Dilemma’s like this faced many exiled families in England and elsewhere as the years passed.
  69. The instigators and leaders of the Fronde were now either in jail, dead, exiled or on the run.
  70. My father was exiled when I was small; I could follow him east, try to find out where he went.
  71. The leader of the movement, Samuelu Ripley, was permanently exiled and Samoan chiefs imprisoned.
  72. The exiled oracle is hunting for the Unspeller with a band of gritich-he's trying to stop the End.
  73. He also wanted me to know that the Khakhan exiled me in order to stop John’s attempts on my life.
  74. The child was like the return of a shame that she had thought exiled by her from the house forever.
  75. This happened because not everyone exiled to the village was given the same knowledge by the Light.
  76. Bulldozers razed homes and entire neighborhoods and families of the terrorist/murderers were exiled.
  77. Mathilde urged me not to get exiled again and told Carlotta to take good care of her little brother.
  78. Instead of delivering its shareholders to the promised land, Exodus left them exiled in the wilderness.
  79. They had been forced to stand up in church and be publicly pilloried and then exiled from the community.
  80. It covered all aspects of Irish life on both sides of the Irish Sea for the exiled population in Britain.
  81. If W writes a book after being exiled from office, will it have words of more than one sillabull in it?
  82. Brena had been nothing but trouble since Lady Sera had been exiled, walking around like she was entitled.
  83. Conquered peoples were exiled to various parts of the empire to supply labor and prevent organized revolt.
  84. Just when Sam was getting ready to head to the Sea of Clouds or CBGB, he’d be exiled again to Long Island.
  85. John Foster Dulles probably arranged for her to be exiled to some forgotten, shitty hole to get back at her.
  86. Apparently most of the people in the city have been taken prisoner and they are to be exiled here in Babylon.
  87. Yet, these were also the people that turned their backs on the Carrot-Top family when they were exiled from Baja.
  88. Earth’s primary paradigm is that the first man and woman were exiled from paradise for eating forbidden fruit.
  89. The boss, Sal D’Ambrosio, spoke on Peter’s behalf and the unanimous vote was to have him exiled from the family.
  90. You were on campaign for three years, then searched for your beautiful wife, then got yourself exiled for five years.
  91. He was told that it was believed that the former sergeant, hunted, exiled and in despair, had stabbed himself to death.
  92. I think he is somewhat irked that you had help from an exiled Elusiver – no less, the very one he talked about having.
  93. In these Bubble States there are no poor, for there are only the employed or the exiled – those who have been fired or quit.
  94. There were about forty inhabitants living there under the rule of an exiled Englishman who had been there for many, many years.
  95. You can understand that there are reasons for this and that I could not have exiled the Postmaster had he not been a harmful person.
  96. How can anyone be happy that his family has been captured and exiled from their native country? It would be upsetting to most others.
  97. Therefore he decided to stay, and to manipulate those powers to take his vengeance on the Gathandrians, the people who had exiled him.
  98. Those who, after rigorous studying, do not meet a minimum intelligence requirement will be exiled from the faction so they can be made useful.
  99. It was that year that someone with foresight and capability saw and fostered the need for an Irish publication for the exiled population there.
  100. But the boy grows up and becomes an officer; for a duel and other reckless conduct he is exiled to one of the remote frontier towns of Russia.
  1. Exiles without his say so.
  3. Slowly the exiles drifted home.
  4. Cuban-American exiles even plotted to kill Reagan.
  5. But more and more exiles are beginning to question.
  6. I spoke to one of the drivers who brought the exiles here.
  7. From those sentenced to hard labour they went on to the exiles.
  8. There were some Polish exiles, political prisoners, among them.
  9. It is also a great consolation that our fleeing exiles have added.
  10. Island has served as an isolated prison for exiles and troublemakers over.
  11. Ezra 2:70 states of the returned exiles, and all Israel lived in their cities.
  12. Coming back to one’s homeland always seemed to have that effect on exiles, no.
  13. He arrived here 10 years ago along with me and the first group of Hebrew exiles.
  14. He was attacked in the desert by a wild animal on the way back with the exiles.
  15. A messenger arrived this morning with an inventory of the exiles on their way here.
  16. More captives? This was the first he’d heard about more exiles arriving in Babylon.
  17. In journals which sold themselves, prostituted journalists, insulted the exiles of 1815.
  18. Cuban-American exiles were largely white and wealthy, somewhat changing with later waves.
  19. From the exiles to those evicted by the Commune and those who followed of their own free will.
  20. Crissy overheard Ashpenaz say that a large group of exiles from Jerusalem is on its way here.
  21. We were fellow exiles starting a great industry with our alien knowledge and got caught up in it.
  22. Zerubbabel is said to be the name of a governor of Judah who was said to have lead the first exiles.
  23. Exiles notoriously feed much on hopes, and are unlikely to stay in banishment unless they are obliged.
  24. When Kennedy quit working with the exiles publicly, only two years later the bombing campaigns began.
  25. Since he had become the guardian of the Hebrew exiles, she hadn’t seen much of him at the royal court.
  26. If only he hadn’t convinced her to assist with the training of the exiles, then she would still be alive.
  27. Coming in contact with political exiles in this way made Nekhludoff completely change his mind concerning them.
  28. Zarko had been so engrossed with the exiles that he’d never even noticed that his own father was also missing.
  29. Without uttering a word he turned and ran to where his horse was, the exiles and their grief forgotten for the moment.
  30. He bore it very patiently for six months, and when no signs of amendment appeared, he did what other paternal exiles do-.
  31. It was a great joy for the Irish as were all sporting achievements, and was greeted with great pride as always by the exiles.
  32. Among them there are exiles of all kinds, some condemned to hard labour, others to labour in the mines, others to simple colonisation.
  33. There was a short silence; they sat quietly in the tropic night together on the steps of the atap schoolhouse, exiles far from their homes.
  34. Three of the men were native-born Cubans and another was said to have trained Cuban exiles for guerrilla activity after the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.
  35. Count Bournon, one of those loyal French exiles, who found a home in England, during the storm of the French revolution, was almost domesticated at Mr.
  36. If anyone doubts that such fantastic incidents occur in everyday Russian life, even now, let him look into the biographies of all the Russian exiles abroad.
  37. He began to analyse life and the marked impression his father’s death had left on him and the relatively young ages that generation of exiles were dying at.
  38. There is only one thing, though; the Hebrew exiles arrived this morning and someone will need to be at home to show Helez’s family to their living quarters.
  39. The plan was to accommodate the exiles in tents here on the plain of Dura while they awaited their assignment to work as slaves with Babylonian households in the city.
  40. The soldiers were directing the exiles towards the registering point where Ashpenaz and his officials were ready to commence the massive task of cataloguing the exiled families.
  41. This impression passed when he recognised in the crowd of convicts the murderer Federoff, and among the exiles Okhotin the wit, and another tramp who had appealed to him for assistance.
  42. It is not, as suggested, that God was to cause His Spirit to rest among the exiles to stir their zeal for the rebuilding of the Temple and for the quickening of their hope for the future.
  43. These men, exiles for and from life, seemed either in a perpetual smouldering agitation, or else in deep depression; but there was not one who had not his ordinary ideas of one thing or another.
  44. Zerubbabel is said to be the name of a governor of Judah who was said to have lead the first exiles back to Israel from Babylon and is widely thought to have helped lay the foundation for the second.
  45. Then came the women in the same order, in gray coats and 'kerchiefs, those sentenced to hard labor coming first; then the exiles, and finally those voluntarily following their husbands, in their native costumes.
  46. But in consequence of a correspondence with the exiles in one of the other towns—a quite innocent exchange of letters—it was thought necessary to remove them to our jail to be under the more direct surveillance of the government.
  47. From the cells in which those condemned to hard labor were imprisoned, they passed over to the cells of the exiles, and finally those in which the relatives who escorted the prisoners to Siberia were awaiting the day appointed to start hence.
  48. Zarko related everything that had happened that day: the arrival of the exiles, how the Hebrews had impressed him, what the renovated old royal stables looked like now and how he was planning to take the Hebrews on a tour of the city the next day.
  49. Tell me, was it worth it? Was it worth the years of terror, hiding, killing and suspicion? You would have been better off to have taken refuge in Paris, Baden-Baden, London, New York and lived on Imperialist handouts and donations like most of the exiles.
  50. On the other hand, no one ever learned about the visions of those who did not return, including the saddest of them all: those who had died as exiles in the tuberculosis pavilion, more from the sadness of the rain than because of the complications of their disease.
  51. Townships leveled to the ground, straggling columns of exiles, workhouses multiplied, and still crowded, express the determination of the Legislature to rescue Ireland from its slovenly old barbarism, and to plant there the institutions of this more civilized land.
  52. She had felt disappointed and betrayed when she’d heard that he was betrothed – and to a foreigner at that! A slave! What was wrong with the women of Babylon? The fortunate woman proved to be that one with the fiery-coloured hair; the one who’d arrived with the exiles.
  53. How could he have foreseen this terrible heat, or the fact that they would start so late in the day and in such crowds? The prison inspector? But the inspector had only carried into execution the order that on a given day a certain number of exiles and convicts—men and women—had to be sent off.
  54. And the higher official, actuated by like motives, according to whether he is inclined to distinguish himself, or to what his relations to the minister are, exiles men to the other side of the world or keeps them in solitary confinement, condemns them to Siberia, to hard labour, to death, or sets them free at the request of some lady.
  55. A new edition of the English translation of that famous old story ‘Elizabeth; or the Exiles of Siberia,’ which used to be the standard French reader in private schools, where many a tender-hearted school-girl cried not only over the hard task of rendering the difficult French phrases into her own tongue, but also over the misfortunes of this generous-souled heroine.
  56. Moreover, at this minute which we are now traversing,—a minute which will not, fortunately, leave its impress on the nineteenth century,—at this hour, when so many men have low brows and souls but little elevated, among so many mortals whose morality consists in enjoyment, and who are busied with the brief and misshapen things of matter, whoever exiles himself seems worthy of veneration to us.
  57. All this was taking place in the court-yard of the prison, while without the prison stood the usual armed soldier, about two dozen trucks for the baggage, and the infirm convicts, and on the corner a crowd of relatives and friends of the convicts, waiting for a chance to see the exiles as they emerged from the prison, and, if possible, to have a last few words with them, or deliver some things they had brought for them.
  58. How Jo did enjoy her `wilderness of boys', and how poor, dear Aunt March would have lamented had she been there to see the sacred precincts of prim, well-ordered Plumfield overrun with Toms, Dicks, and Harrys! There was a sort of poetic justice about it, after all, for the old lady had been the terror of the boys for miles around, and now the exiles feasted freely on forbidden plums, kicked up the gravel with profane boots unreproved, and played cricket in the big field where the irritablècow with a crumpled horn' used to invite rash youths to come and be tossed.
  59. Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to cause to be laid before the Senate such information as he may deem proper to communicate respecting the unfortunate exiles lately expelled from the Island of Cuba, and who may have arrived, or are expected to arrive within the jurisdiction of the United States; and, also, respecting any propositions which may have been made to him by the Minister Plenipotentiary of France, for the purpose of facilitating the removal of any of the said exiles, with their slaves, and other effects, from the United States, to any place within the dominions of France.
  60. Was it some sort of electrical discharge? Was I approaching some natural phenomenon still unknown to scientists on shore? Or, rather (and this thought did cross my mind), had the hand of man intervened in that blaze? Had human beings fanned those flames? In these deep strata would I meet up with more of Captain Nemo's companions, friends he was about to visit who led lives as strange as his own? Would I find a whole colony of exiles down here, men tired of the world's woes, men who had sought and found independence in the ocean's lower depths? All these insane, inadmissible ideas dogged me, and in this frame of mind, continually excited by the series of wonders passing before my.
  61. The man lives peacefully; suddenly people come to him, who say: In the first place, promise and swear to us that you will slavishly obey us in everything which we shall prescribe to you, and that everything we shall invent, determine, and call a law you will consider an indubitable truth and will submit to; in the second place, give part of your earnings into our keeping: we shall use this money for keeping you in slavery and preventing you from forcibly opposing our decrees; in the third place, choose yourself and others as imaginary participants in the government, knowing full well that the government will take place entirely independently of those stupid speeches which you will utter to your like, and that it will take place according to our will, in whose hands is the army; in the fourth place, appear at a set time in court and take part in all those senseless cruelties which we commit against the erring men, whom we ourselves have corrupted, in the shape of imprisonments, exiles, solitary confinements, and capital punishments.

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