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Expand dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We need to expand our.
  2. How to expand the tree?
  3. I expand it into a sphere.
  4. We have to expand the pool.
  5. Filburn Case to expand the.

  6. The balloons of fantasy expand.
  7. Then we expand to other cities.
  8. They expand on their own power.
  9. Ether does not shrink or expand.
  10. It did not expand human culture.
  11. If the company needed to expand.
  12. To expand on these three answers:.
  13. This is a good way to expand your.
  14. Calculate how much they can expand.
  15. Sacred Hearts, purify expand, and.

  16. The King wants to expand His kingdom.
  17. In this regard he sought to expand.
  18. Technologies, looking to expand the.
  19. Texas A&M University to expand their.
  20. Polk began the war to expand slavery.
  21. Always try to expand your vocabulary.
  22. Company took the opportunity to expand.
  23. See if there are ways you can expand.
  24. In doing this you will expand and be.
  25. These stars expand and contract in a.

  26. Danny felt himself expand and contract.
  27. The fire wanted to expand, to consume.
  28. TK can expand a drop of water into an.
  29. These testimonies are meant to expand.
  30. Most franchises do not expand so easily.
  31. EDC has helped expand and remain in the.
  32. Expand Your Use of the Onscreen Keyboard.
  33. PROC EXPAND uses SAS interval definitions.
  34. Woe to those who houses and fields expand.
  35. Christian church neglects to expand on this.
  36. Would you care to expand on that?
  37. I have a lot of plans to expand the plan-.
  38. The best way to expand your client base is.
  39. Would you expand on what you mean by that.
  40. Sometimes, a crystal will just expand out-.
  41. The mechanical animals expand and begin to.
  42. I fight with my bones as they ache to expand.
  43. TO= option, EXPAND procedure 206, 209–212.
  44. Leaves of the gooseberry beginning to expand.
  45. The ogre wasn't allowing her chest to expand.
  46. Instead John would have to expand his market.
  47. Rosetti felt his heart expand when he saw him.
  48. He will expand his testimony in this regard.
  49. FROM= option, EXPAND statement 206, 209–212.
  50. Trevain felt her chest expand against his body.
  51. Polk fought a war with Mexico to expand slavery.
  52. Leaves of the meadow violet beginning to expand.
  53. In the breath in: expand the ribs cage side ways.
  54. She looked up, waiting for me to expand upon this.
  55. Use the creativity, use the mindset, and expand it.
  56. He is much more qualified to expand on this topic.
  57. What I want to do here is expand both senses and.
  58. House votes to expand hate-crime protection.
  59. The following PROC EXPAND step has no ID statement.
  60. Krishna can expand and contract, just like Mother.
  61. Seventh: If I expand and hire employees, how will.
  62. Maria said you’ve had to expand over the years.
  63. Leaves of the currant and lilac beginning to expand.
  64. In time we can expand, bring more people under rule.
  65. OPTION 1) Expand the concept -- make it more general.
  66. Chapters 4 and 5 of my book expand this description.
  67. A buyer that has the capacity to rapidly expand the.
  68. Feel into this space and expand it as far as you can.
  69. You will usually use an ID statement with PROC EXPAND.
  70. Abram, I want to expand our business to the Far East.
  71. Expand science and no the Universe for the Universe.
  72. Lion wants to continue to expand volumes and seek the.
  73. It seemed to expand in size with every passing second.
  74. At this level you expand your vocabulary significantly.
  75. He tries to expand his chest, stand as tall as he can.
  76. She wasn't ready to expand on that thought, but he was.
  77. They could expand verbatim coverage, Haldeman suggested.
  78. Going into the unknown is how you expand what is known.
  79. Your education must expand past that of archaehistory.
  80. She felt tears expand behind her eyes in intermittent.
  81. Individuals flourish, and companies effortlessly expand.
  82. The carrot powder will expand and form a liquid porridge.
  83. That's when Tracy asked me: would I be willing to expand.
  84. Ahead of plans to expand, the main sticking points have.
  85. Impressed by the hack, Stallman looked for ways to expand.
  86. Let’s define Karma again and expand on this concept.
  87. Then you can expand your focus to include your entire body.
  88. He had to take his ‘fill’…had to expand his ‘tum’.
  89. The planet is finite for Christ’s sake! It cannot expand.
  90. Perhaps I�ll expand on it in the next book, or on my blog.
  91. He needs to expand on this with more coffee trivia and tips.
  92. OBSERVED=TOTAL option, CONVERT statement (EXPAND) 207–212.
  93. China earlier this month confirms its plans to expand in the.
  94. You could maybe expand more, but business has been declining.
  95. So about a year ago we decided to expand into other ventures.
  96. Commentary: Here is where I decided to expand Andore’s story.
  97. I wanted to expand more on the Energy Enhancement side of the.
  98. The following you develop here can help you expand your brand.
  99. He needed helpers to expand his work by healing and teaching.
  100. Nicky stared at her friend and decided to expand on her theory.
  1. Our world is expanding, Keith.
  2. Jean Claude was at work expanding.
  3. Such expanding brings about cooling.
  4. My heart is expanding a thousand fold.
  5. Yes, we tried expanding the 16%.
  6. They, after greatly expanding on the.
  7. The Universe is expanding by 7(ΠΠ2).
  8. Channel lines, expanding the trend line.
  9. If it continued expanding, there was a.
  10. If the Universe was expanding then the.
  11. Expanding space goes in terms of heating.
  12. I was the body expanding and contracting.
  13. The web was expanding, Butterfield realized.
  14. The core was expanding at an alarming rate.
  15. Ask your professor to show how an expanding.
  16. Therefore, the mass of the expanding universe.
  17. Plagues were expanding in biblical proportions.
  18. This is why the universe is expanding and this.
  19. He felt he was expanding, turning big, undeniable.
  20. Universe is expanding and Newton’s said otherwise.
  21. Your career is expanding greatly in the year ahead.
  22. Knew of him but thought he was currently expanding.
  23. I am on the edge of an expanding x-y plane pushing.
  24. As for why the universe is expanding, give this a try.
  25. Even billionaires are constantly growing and expanding.
  26. The cosmos is fil ed with ever expanding dark energy.
  27. Of course the universe is expanding! It is separating!.
  28. This results in an expanding of the equator, giving a.
  29. The pie is actually constantly expanding because wealth.
  30. Universe is expanding at the rate the Big Bang indicates.
  31. That is, by expanding the node with the best lower bound.
  32. In spite of Brazil’s large and expanding economy this.
  33. Hubble found the Universe is expanding and Newton said.
  34. I could actually feel the energy that was expanding out.
  35. I see his irises growing, the blue expanding, made more.
  36. There was the gradual tick of expanding metal, heating up.
  37. He now has a thriving business which is expanding rapidly.
  38. A light, he said, the light expanding into a white.
  39. The HBC had its beginnings in the lucrative and expanding.
  40. Instead of Energy expanding Out, Space began expanding Out.
  41. Rebecca and I slithered through the now expanding crowd of.
  42. Instead of expanding out in rings of Connection-Separation.
  43. Those of you who employ others are expanding your workforce.
  44. If the Big Bang is expanding the Universe, then how can the.
  45. The current fashionable theory is that the world is expanding.
  46. The efforts she would have put into expanding her restaurant.
  47. And yet Congress keeps on expanding into more and more fields.
  48. It now appears that they may be expanding into this area and.
  49. Behind this concept we find the cause of Supernovas expanding.
  50. The bubble was holding, and it was also expanding exponentially.
  51. The leverage position was solid in an expanding economy - the.
  52. He did not only saw a Universe expanding endlessly, he draw a.
  53. The notion that contained universes that are forever expanding.
  54. An expanding sphere of energy followed and would over take them.
  55. We constructed the universe with power, and We are expanding it.
  56. They were expanding their efforts to test me for the whole hour.
  57. As he saw my belly expanding, Rami realized I would keep the baby.
  58. Furthermore the phenomenon of corruption is expanding alarmingly.
  59. But if you live with an expanding reflective sense of Pure Wonder.
  60. Now the expanding town had surrounded it with buildings and roads.
  61. Leah felt her appreciation for its beauty expanding into wonderment.
  62. These concerns have to do with formulating and expanding transla-.
  63. Not enough contracting solution will be the cause of the expanding.
  64. Expanding the portfolio of products can be very cost effective as.
  65. A great emptiness expanding, to the further hardening of his heart.
  66. Infosys can use that money for expanding revenue or for acquisition.
  67. The gravity constant (I suppose) must prevent any further expanding.
  68. Russia apparent at that time, and interested in expanding their own.
  69. Is the universe expanding or contracting? That’s another question.
  70. When the argument arrives of contraction versus expanding they wall.
  71. Hubble saw the Universe expanding while Newton said the Universe was.
  72. Expanding that thought, he wondered what could be positive in darkness.
  73. It was just an expanding cloud, with no particular destination in mind.
  74. Either something is contracting, or expanding, it is as simple as that.
  75. It did this an Infinite number of times, expanding and contracting….
  76. The battle of Armageddon is coming and Satan is busy expanding his army.
  77. They were expanding too far, too fast, and with nothing to back them up.
  78. In expanding economies, yesterday’s luxury becomes today’s necessity.
  79. Perhaps it is the expanding need to diversify that is driving this trend.
  80. Skeets could feel the blush creeping into his neck, expanding his collar.
  81. Then he turned east and spent the next five years expanding his conquest.
  82. Chevalier watched her, and as his eyes fell to her expanding middle, his.
  83. Go on and marry that with the Big Bang that says everything is expanding.
  84. It seems to be expanding rapidly at both ends and shrinking in the middle.
  85. Of course, if hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of 89.
  86. He also professes hopes of expanding his club internationally noting that.
  87. Once outside, the red mist continued its slow descent, expanding as it went.
  88. It was a gradual process in which we are still learning and expanding our.
  89. By expanding our understanding we see that virtually everything is relative.
  90. Carol had begun to notice with horror that her abdomen was rapidly expanding.
  91. The notion that contained universes that are forever expanding would somehow.
  92. My aim is to help the process by greatly expanding the understanding of what.
  93. But we had half a dozen species expanding outwards from their home systems.
  94. The world of addiction research is expanding at a rapid and exciting pace and.
  95. The world was expanding and not contracting which made the Universe quite wrong.
  96. The predominant regime that has been expanding ever since is Human Ecology, in.
  97. The only sound was the motor hum, the glide of water, the sun expanding the air.
  98. Conversely, if new lows are expanding on rising volume, this is a negative sign.
  99. Universe were stretched to a point the mass would not tolerate any more expanding.
  100. She could see the lake rippling gently, expanding her fingers of waves for miles.
  1. The charm expanded into a.
  2. The rib cage is usually expanded.
  3. Revised and expanded second edition.
  4. The extended sovereignty expanded U.
  5. Summer comes with an expanded active.
  6. The client’s awareness is expanded.
  7. A mind that is expanded to a new idea.
  8. Early on it expanded its original 13.
  9. It shows both compressed and expanded.
  10. They, too, had expanded north and west.
  11. Ragusa expanded its influence over the.
  12. Thomas’ circle of friends had expanded.
  13. Because of the war, his job has expanded.
  14. Her soul expanded into prayer beside him.
  15. He expanded their bureaucracy, created.
  16. Your mind is continually expanded with.
  17. Principles of OCCOULIA (1-28): Expanded.
  18. My mind expanded outward into the world.
  19. It has also expanded into to the Dallas.
  20. These new models would include expanded.
  21. How I had expanded the business to offer.
  22. They have expanded their online services.
  23. These issues are expanded and explored next.
  24. This theory takes a more expanded view of.
  25. The flame expanded, lighting up the tunnel.
  26. The Frenchman expanded his chest and made a.
  27. My head expanded and snapped back into place.
  28. If the cosmos expanded while Newton said it.
  29. There is expanded knowledge and strength in.
  30. Magic really was just expanded quantum theory.
  31. The credit and debt bubble has expanded again.
  32. Every day, the scale of my conquests expanded.
  33. A crimson sphere expanded into a broad gateway.
  34. That was ten years ago and his gang expanded.
  35. But Washington expanded its lead over Syracuse.
  36. The beam expanded and turned into a brown mist.
  37. At Mark’s quizzical look he expanded on that.
  38. The local population had expanded somewhat at.
  39. It was easier since they were already expanded.
  40. During this time, we also expanded our inventory.
  41. The sea expanded before his eyes, restless and.
  42. They had expanded the adjacent plant that made.
  43. Dave expanded his mind outward in all directions.
  44. They had also expanded eastward into the vacuum.
  45. In addition I have expanded the mandate of the.
  46. The gap between his hands and the wall expanded.
  47. Objectives may have shifted or been expanded upon.
  48. These themes will be expanded on through the book.
  49. Many larger buildings had been expanded haphazardly.
  50. The implication could be further expanded such that.
  51. It has been expanded into a longer series since then.
  52. As you exhale, keep everything expanded except your.
  53. And as it revolved it grew, expanded, became nebulous.
  54. Something that could be expanded to all areas of life.
  55. An inline function is a function that is expanded in.
  56. In this timeline WWI never ended, in fact, it expanded.
  57. They expanded aggressively, cocooning Setne in a pink.
  58. As the range of conflict and conquest expanded through.
  59. Pain pulsed throughout him, throbbing as bones expanded.
  60. The ancient pier expanded with a loud groan in the heat.
  61. I have expanded that question over the years to include.
  62. Father was manifested or expanded through their preaching.
  63. As the one State expanded everywhere: matter, time, space.
  64. Many times, the range is simply expanded, as in Figure 4.
  65. A historical figure who greatly expanded the Inka Empire.
  66. That’s too small an area; it should be expanded to.
  67. The family later expanded to include the 99105 and 99110.
  68. The set of underlying assets are expanded to 2,500 stocks.
  69. Frank took me on an expanded tour of his mansion and also.
  70. The Balloon filled within twenty minutes and had expanded.
  71. If 80 grains form Martensite,as they have expanded, they.
  72. Raj), was expanded and the expanded part of city was named.
  73. This was difficult as his definition changed and expanded.
  74. Tiger Carter and Darrin, wings expanded, were next to them.
  75. As you can see, we’ve expanded the resort considerably.
  76. The raw materials store can thus be expanded and rearranged.
  77. The Anishinabe had expanded into most of their old homelands.
  78. He carried a collapsible pencil that expanded into a pointer.
  79. Settled civilizations expanded, became nations, then empires.
  80. First, make sure the market size hasn’t magically expanded.
  81. The expanded reports lack analyst commentary and projections.
  82. A classic example of this expanded hacking definition is the.
  83. All it takes is an expanded awareness of your own selfishness.
  84. Coast Guard duties expanded in both usual and unexpected areas.
  85. Then, in the darkness under the trees, his repertoire expanded.
  86. They’ve expanded the Army and doubled the size of the cities.
  87. EMBA Programs not only expanded in number, but also in variety.
  88. There seems to be no reason why the garden can’t be expanded.
  89. It is by thinking about these ideas that our minds are expanded.
  90. His shoes popped open and massive clawed feet expanded outwards.
  91. He expanded the vision to that of a young girl in a white dress.
  92. The expanded choices now open to certain middle-class women are.
  93. But his ideas were expanded by later researchers such as Gregor.
  94. In addition, we believe that space is not compressed and expanded.
  95. In time, the business grew and expanded in both business and in.
  96. The vast boundary of the Plate expanded out in front of them like.
  97. The one is a product of the other where space forms expanded heat.
  98. With the pentagram-pentacle though, the sun has been expanded to.
  99. In contrast to ConocoPhillips, it expanded its EVA in 2006 to 11341.
  100. Ok, I expanded a little on what he said, but it got me to thinking.
  1. Water expands when cold, and.
  2. When anything expands it is hot.
  3. The Universe expands and does.
  4. The upper body expands outwards.
  5. Thus in the earth the seed expands.
  6. Officer Remmit expands the image again.
  7. A square of space expands from the void.
  8. It expands endlessly and without any need.
  9. His support of Israel expands his funding.
  10. So Isaiah expands the abilities of the name.
  11. Graham expands on this concept in Chapter 20.
  12. If one of the stars expands so much that its.
  13. It expands to about 3 times its size as it dries.
  14. Take in a deep breath that expands your midsection.
  15. The hotel’s foyer expands into a sweeping hallway.
  16. There is so much information in there that expands.
  17. The company expands and create more job opportunities.
  18. This very letter BaM expands and spreads to the ends.
  19. As the Net expands, a compelling VPP will be essential.
  20. The inconsistent translation of I Timothy 5:17 expands.
  21. It should also be mentioned that as space expands the.
  22. In turn, it expands and makes your waistline even bigger.
  23. We know that time is slowing down as the universe expands.
  24. Accordingly, the sun as one eye also expands into (or is.
  25. The diet changes of course as the size of the fish expands.
  26. The crumbling sound of rock as it expands from the intense.
  27. Now your vocabulary expands and you should use it correctly.
  28. Michael McCullough, expands on this by explaining that when.
  29. It still expands, and doesn't break up, even at close range.
  30. It expands your understanding of everything in the Universe.
  31. Reinvestment Act of 2009 expands the list to include expenses.
  32. It teaches us a lot in life and expands our thinking capacity.
  33. Time moves, and expands and slips away before he answers softly.
  34. As the triple-alpha process continues, the core expands, but its.
  35. As the star expands, its outer layers become cooler, so the star.
  36. As our universe expands out into the void, will the matter that.
  37. Kubrick expands on his view of the man's futile hope of salvation.
  38. Control expands thoughts as we talk without having mythical dreams.
  39. Furthermore, it expands and gives you more of what you don’t want.
  40. When a business expands slowly, it can execute its plan methodically.
  41. The remainder of this book greatly expands that evidence to leave no.
  42. As space expands, Relativity suggests that time slows down and it does.
  43. Themselves (and retitling the note as it morphs and expands and grows).
  44. When business expands, so do accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  45. However, as the crystal expands, it continuously sheds its outer layer.
  46. The vagina expands while the clitoris, like men’s penis, expands too.
  47. Your Lord expands the provision for whomever He wills, and restricts it.
  48. This expands your promotional reach far wider than you can ever imagine.
  49. His chest expands so enormously it threatens to pop buttons on his shirt.
  50. It pops at the open, and the premium price of the option expands accordingly.
  51. This ecstasy though caused by the play of the duality yet it expands beyond it.
  52. The rate at which the 2-dimensional Universe expands and contracts is constant.
  53. The actual sequence expands by adding the last two numbers to get the next one.
  54. It expands well when hitting entrails, which is very important in North America.
  55. God expands the provision for whomever He wills of His servants, and restricts it.
  56. Sometimes the individual buys a second home or renovates and expands the present one.
  57. When consciousness expands and opens into a new expression, we call that an awakening.
  58. The more time he spends in Hollywood, the more Hinckley expands his circle of loathing.
  59. Why are there men and women that while they are nigh me the sunlight expands my blood?
  60. Another of the many things that the cross and four elements models is how fire expands to.
  61. Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes.
  62. Science takes charge of health, wellbeing and expands consciousness for life sustainability.
  63. A growing business is one that expands its customer base or sells more to existing customers.
  64. I tap each icon he points to until a schematic of the Ember expands and rotates on the display.
  65. Our reality is formed in collective thought and expands through collective thought to become.
  66. When you encounter truth, the sense of your self opens, expands, softens, fills in, and lets go.
  67. This universe is the product of thought that expands into myriad interactive concepts, just as.
  68. The store of knowledge expands with each deal, each stock purchase, and each arbitrage position.
  69. Every sailor quietly sucks in their bellies and expands their elated chest to accept his announcement.
  70. Even a slight intimation of Actual Infinity expands your awareness of everything else in the Universe.
  71. The efficient use of emotions in a learning experience increases soul strength and expands knowledge.
  72. Kyol lays a hand on my shoulder, and a pleasant warmth expands beneath the thin strap of my purple cami.
  73. But this much I do know: this project, the Occidental State's project, expands on your little discovery.
  74. I like a favorable reception; it expands the countenance, and those around me do not then appear so ugly.
  75. How, then, with me, writing of this Leviathan? Unconsciously my chirography expands into placard capitals.
  76. The more our consciousness evolves, the more its potential expands for a further, more complete enlightenment.
  77. In this way they create a tube around price that expands and contracts as volatility in the price action changes.
  78. Unlike a flat, domain-based structure for a directory, Active Directory expands the structure into multiple levels.
  79. Breathing is not a problem and you start to see more and more of the world around you as your vantage point expands.
  80. It is a fact, established equally by common experience and by numerous experiments, that water, in freezing, expands.
  81. That too has to be compensated by the duration of time reducing the time aspect by the margin that the space expands.
  82. So I want to try using a more elastic material—bronze, probably—that expands when the propelling charge detonates.
  83. Outer space expands into the oblivious and therefore by never stopping expanding outer space must be the hottest region.
  84. The "!a" event designator expands to that same command since it's the most recent command that started with the letter "a.
  85. To compensate for the vulnerability of the crops, the implied volatility seasonally expands greatly into the summer months.
  86. So, water expands when it freezes, it could burst the tubs, we’d lose some and I don’t think we can afford to do that.
  87. When it is very hot let out some air from an inflated dinghy, for air expands with the heat—you will need to release the valves.
  88. The fabric of space is the energy of persistent current as perpetual motion – this is the vibration of space and how it expands.
  89. He created Market Mind Fields™, which greatly expands the understanding of how to control the market influence on trader’s psyche.
  90. This can be repeated, trading the same size and gradually accumulating a larger, more or less risk-free position as the trend expands.
  91. His chest slowly expands to its intimidating size as he attempts to suck in the entire morning aroma coming from the bakeries on shore.
  92. Finally, the more you take care of it and glorify this love, the more you feel that this flower expands and tightly surrounds your 166.
  93. It expands and contracts (exhalation and inhalation) (Catechism of the occult, taken from The Secret Doctrine by HP Blavatsky).
  94. Within the bosom of the earth, it is a sort of mysterious polyp with a thousand antennae, which expands below as the city expands above.
  95. The more they come to know something, the less they know: because the context of knowledge always expands more than the knowledge itself.
  96. Your true teacher is this sensitive and accurate Heart, which expands and contracts as it senses the endless folding and unfolding of life.
  97. It is not until the fifth level of awareness that this limited scope expands beyond the personal level to include a truly global perspective.
  98. Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) variant.
  99. If asked to explain, scientists would probably say: Time expands or contracts according to a number of physical factors in a define situation.
  100. The compact round body of its root expands into two broad, firm, flat palms or flukes, gradually shoaling away to less than an inch in thickness.

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