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Expatriate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I agree, said the expatriate.
  2. The expatriate looked at his friend.
  3. Expatriate: The Best and Worst Aspects.
  4. No way, said the expatriate Deputy Commissioner.
  5. It’s interesting since one of the brothers was an expatriate.

  6. It is for these reasons that the expatriate employee often refuses to.
  7. Being one of the leaders of their tiny expatriate community made this mail common.
  8. And, I suppose, expatriate Greeks pouring in money to invest in land and buy houses.
  9. When I lived in Mexico there wasn’t a tight little expatriate community of gringos, sealed off from the rest of society.
  10. Early twentieth century American expatriate to western Europe, mainly Paris, along with such notables as Ernest Hemingway, and many others.
  11. They had shared a beer or two together, and Menachem thought that Beniamin was a sensitive soul, not one of the more resilient expatriate types.
  12. At the height of the following summer a long time expatriate resident sat in the popular Bull and Bear Pub in the busy Central district of Victoria Island.
  13. You will tell me that a simple Kurdish expatriate girl would have such items with her? Who are you and who do you work for? The Mossad? Syrian Intelligence services?’’.
  14. The points made in the debate seem to be: impressment; the right to expatriate; the right to naturalize; and French influence; neither of which have any connection with the bill, which is to raise troops for one year.
  15. One universal law seems to be, that Sovereigns can command their subjects to return home in case of war; another, that no person can expatriate himself; and Great Britain is no doubt willing to acknowledge another, by which she might impress sailors from all the world.

  16. He had a sense of similar scenes playing out elsewhere in the city, similar little expatriate conspiracies of good food and good drink while ashes rained down over the Hudson and the Soviets rattled their sabers and scientists in the Midwest moved the hands of the doomsday clock one tick closer to midnight.
  17. Is it not bottomed on the ancient doctrine of perpetual allegiance—or in other words, that the native-born subject can never so expatriate, as that the mother country may not claim his service in time of war? Is this a novel doctrine, either as to time, or the nation who now attempts to enforce it? I venture to say that Great Britain has practised upon this principle ever since she has been a nation; and it is farther manifest that France, and all the maritime powers of Europe, have maintained the same doctrine.

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