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Expectant dans une phrase (en anglais)

Expectant knocks upon the door.
Both were expectant of the hate.
There was a long, expectant pause.
Thomas was hopeful and expectant.
He looked at me, waiting, expectant.
An expectant hush fell upon the crowd.
Miss Foley leaned toward him, expectant.

Nine expectant faces looked back at her.
A chord, longdrawn, expectant, drew a.
Daria slowly arched an expectant eyebrow.
Osama looked on with expectant - but open.
Hoping it was Hanor returning, expectant.
Marco turned to me with an expectant smile.
She became breathlessly quiet and expectant.
He shot Nicole another weird, expectant look.
Alan had heard everything and looked expectant.
She then faced back the expectant receptionist.
He decided to stare back at the expectant faces.
Some of the more frequent urges that expectant.
She gives me a worried look, and an expectant one.
Some expectant mothers pass the plug all at once.
What? the hopeful and expectant priest asked.
Then came a pause, an expectant hush, a straining.
I lowered my gaze from Mike and his expectant stare.
Zoleka looked at Emeka's expectant face, and agreed.
Stavrogin closed the door after him and stood expectant.
Richard gave him an expectant stare, one eyebrow arching.
They compliment expectant mothers upon their expectations.
She looked at Cam, expectant, so he added his to the pile.
Norah almost hated the look of expectant faith on his face.
After she finished, she looked at them with expectant eyes.
When the organ started, the crowd grew still and expectant.
A people who are cynically expectant are bemusedly grateful.
I tried to remain calm as I said it, what with my expectant.
The expectant mother bent over and put her face in her hands.
Ted stood there with an expectant smile but all he could see.
I glanced around the subject of the expectant looks of my crew.
He still found the beauty of fresh skin and bright, expectant.
Two hundred expectant faces peered back at him, willing him on.
Manfred paused and looked around the table at the expectant faces.

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