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Expectant dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Expectant knocks upon the door.
2. Both were expectant of the hate.
3. There was a long, expectant pause.
4. Thomas was hopeful and expectant.
5. He looked at me, waiting, expectant.
6. An expectant hush fell upon the crowd.
7. Miss Foley leaned toward him, expectant.

8. Nine expectant faces looked back at her.
9. A chord, longdrawn, expectant, drew a.
10. Daria slowly arched an expectant eyebrow.
11. Hoping it was Hanor returning, expectant.
12. Marco turned to me with an expectant smile.
13. Osama looked on with expectant - but open.
14. She became breathlessly quiet and expectant.
15. He shot Nicole another weird, expectant look.
16. Alan had heard everything and looked expectant.
17. She then faced back the expectant receptionist.
18. Some of the more frequent urges that expectant.
19. He decided to stare back at the expectant faces.
20. She gives me a worried look, and an expectant one.
21. Some expectant mothers pass the plug all at once.
22. Then came a pause, an expectant hush, a straining.
23. What? the hopeful and expectant priest asked.
24. Zoleka looked at Emeka's expectant face, and agreed.
25. I lowered my gaze from Mike and his expectant stare.
26. Stavrogin closed the door after him and stood expectant.
27. Richard gave him an expectant stare, one eyebrow arching.
28. She looked at Cam, expectant, so he added his to the pile.
29. Norah almost hated the look of expectant faith on his face.
30. They compliment expectant mothers upon their expectations.
31. When the organ started, the crowd grew still and expectant.
32. After she finished, she looked at them with expectant eyes.
33. A people who are cynically expectant are bemusedly grateful.
34. The expectant mother bent over and put her face in her hands.
35. I tried to remain calm as I said it, what with my expectant.
36. Ted stood there with an expectant smile but all he could see.
37. Two hundred expectant faces peered back at him, willing him on.
38. I glanced around the subject of the expectant looks of my crew.
39. He still found the beauty of fresh skin and bright, expectant.
40. Manfred paused and looked around the table at the expectant faces.
41. Nacho’s eyes slipped away from Tom’s fearfully expectant stare.
42. Cliff raised an open hand in a gesture both resigned and expectant.
43. John appeared in the threshold of the living room looking expectant.
44. The energy in the room converted from expectant to awkward dissonance.
45. And? His face was expectant, eyes and clenching hands commanding.
46. The harsh, expectant breath of the mortician, shaken; the whimpering Mr.
47. But Holmes was shaking his head, and his face was puzzled and expectant.
48. He spotted the dracoid woman looking at him with an expectant expression.
49. Lola stood there quietly, her face expectant in anticipation of his answer.
50. You tend to think about expectant mothers being in their twenties at most.
51. The confident, fearless, expectant, "I Can and I Will" man is a mighty magnet.
52. He gave her a grateful look, but was still expectant and looking for someone.
53. They rose expectant: eye and ear waited while the flesh quivered on my bones.
54. I sat in expectant wonder and fear, bracing for a mighty storm that never came.
55. It opened with a thud as Taffy lurched in, wearing an expectant and happy grin.
56. There was a moment of expectant silence, then Balen spoke with careful courtesy.
57. Brigit was standing by the side of the road, part of an excited expectant crowd.
58. The majority of expectant mothers will have some food cravings during pregnancy.
59. The boys stood round him and at once bent attentive and expectant eyes upon him.
60. Inglenook’s metal face gazed back at her, his mouth set in an expectant smile.
61. The expectant crowd of fathers, mothers, and wives is still standing at the gates.
62. There was such a sense of expectant wariness about him that I didn’t dare speak.
63. He put his hands behind his head and leaned back with an expectant look on his mug.
64. He could barely hear the host intro, but then the expectant applause began and the.
65. All were silent, expectant of what was to follow, for this was dearly only a prelude.
66. All were silent, expectant of what was to follow, for this was clearly only a prelude.
67. Donna groaned inwardly and raised an expectant eyebrow as she motioned to Sam’s office.
68. Oh God, Harry, she gasped and pushed past the expectant Alex and into the grand hall.
69. But Holmes was shaking his head, and his face was puzzled and expectant rather than joyous.
70. Returning hours later he laid a package on the kitchen table and gave her an expectant look.
71. Expectant mothers with a healthy pre-pregnancy weight and body mass index (BMI) should gain.
72. David? she said, with an expectant smile that turned to shock at the sight of Campbell.
73. THERE WASN’T A sound in the room, just expectant faces, every one of them turned toward me.
74. Pyotr Ippolitovitch and his wife were both in the passage, too, Icioking scared and expectant.
75. The thread of the argument had been rudely broken, and the audience was restless and expectant.
76. No wonder the souls of these weary and expectant Jews were deeply stirred by such a phenomenon.
77. She was pale and expectant with wonder, her lips were parted, and her dark eyes lay open to him.
78. Seeing the expectant faces around her, Nancy felt that she could not refuse them that small favor.
79. Rudolph ended the call there and addressed the expectant eyes of Ken Evans with a shake of the head.
80. Something had startled her, this was no dream or imagination, the air was different, it was expectant.
81. Pregnancy is associated with weight gain, and it is normal for expectant mothers to worry about their.
82. They preferred to come running down, open the stair-foot door, and see him watching, expectant of them.
83. As soon as the men caught sight of me they excitedly called Luis and all fixed me with expectant looks.
84. Out of the corner of his eye Phouchg could see the sea of tense expectant faces down in the square outside.
85. The sunglasses hiding a pair of green eyes, unable to hide the beauty of the face with the expectant smile.
86. The harsh, expectant breath of the mortician, shaken; the whimpering Mr Carrington; her own crackling voice.
87. She searched with her eyes and an expectant half-smile the bunched crowd of people awaiting the newly arrived.
88. One minute I'm a student having a casual relationship and then next I'm a married man and an expectant father.
89. He noticed Amonas’ was looking at him with an aggravated, expectant look, and answered him in an excusatory tone:.
90. I took the little black box and held it in my hands, looking at his expectant face nervously waiting for my response.
91. Expectant mothers should try to take part in some type of exercise program so that they can remain physically comfortable.
92. Back then I'd felt young and free, looking at the world through expectant eyes, but right then I felt as old as the trees.
93. Farah ‘B’ looked around the expectant faces of the members of the council, trying to gauge them, before speaking again.
94. His Expectant Lover (Antonio & Andie) – While strolling the runways of Milan, Andie sees him and her heart begins to race.
95. Meg colored behind the brake, but asked no questions and looked across the river with the same expectant expression which Mr.
96. He swallowed the expectant saliva, reflecting that his mouth had been worse than this after a night on the booze at uni ….
97. He still found the beauty of fresh skin and bright, expectant eyes utterly compelling, but his flesh was weak and he was tired.
98. Edgar, ethereal in silvery tights flitted athletically around his master, triggering excited murmurs from the expectant audience.
99. He sat in his chair—still, but not at rest: expectant evidently; the lines of now habitual sadness marking his strong features.
100. Tamara was a real person, a citizen of this city, an exemplary soul, and an expectant mother of the other victim in this trial.

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