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Explode dans une phrase (en anglais)

It did not explode apart.
He sounded ready to explode.
I felt that I could explode.
David expected it to explode.
Her body was ready to explode.
Bombs, here and there, explode.
The boys explode into movement.

It appeared he would explode.
I was ready to explode with rage.
He was going to explode if she.
We expect to see the VIX explode.
Inside Mitchell wanted to explode.
I might explode any minute now!.
Their entire bodies would explode.
Gareth felt as if he would explode.
I think that I am going to explode.
Or a shell will explode on the road.
Lights began to explode in his head.
All I could do was watch her explode.
Kurt was about to explode in his chair.
But no planes crash, no houses explode.
His heart or lungs could easily explode.
I’d shake my head but it would explode.
Dominic thought she was going to explode.
My stomach rolled over, ready to explode.
He felt ready to explode, ready to vomit.
I couldn’t help but explode with laughter.
If it hits something solid it will explode.
The distant hills explode and turn to ashes.
It looked as though he was about to explode.
Storme looked as if he were about to explode.
He'll explode, she said with a light laugh.
I ran straight to the urinal, about to explode.
She was so excited I thought she would explode.
His lungs felt like they were about to explode.
Flames hungry for oxygen and explode into here.
But he was certain Tetloan was going to explode.
Travis felt as if his mind was ready to explode.
Harry’s head felt like it was going to explode.
Explode doesn’t realize this and continues on.
And then she was exploding with pain.
Or maybe my right boob was exploding.
By exploding their rage symbolically.
They are armed with exploding shells.
The ice was exploding in his Drambuie.
Focus on exploding up on the pushing.
They matched the panic exploding inside her.
I have a way to stop the core from exploding.
They just glowed and vanished without exploding.
Novas are re-creations of an exploding Universe.
Every last curse he withheld came exploding out.
Now You Have A Product To Sell To This Exploding.
Wizard was on the point of exploding, he could tell.
Volcanoes exploding in Africa millions of years ago.
They felt the intense pressure of the bomb exploding.
Red hate grew inside her, exploding into a supernova.
I just said that things are exploding when you're mad.
The growl of pistons exploding as they chewed up fuel.
Matilda left with artillery shells exploding around her.
Peppered by shrapnel from exploding 40mm shells and by.
Long John Twitter - EBook For The Exploding Twitter Market.
Of course, it was all a matter of exploding sophistication.
I had no idea how drastically our population was exploding.
What other town had exploding soap bubbles to boast about?
The almighty sound of the glass exploding deafened them both.
But instead of darkness he saw visions of the exploding ship.
Her eyes widened with joy at the taste exploding in her mouth.
The laughter was in danger of exploding uncontrollably from me.
By projecting their exploding emotional rage outwards physically.
He notices the moving shadow festival exploding before his eyes.
You have a humanitarian crisis exploding, beyond all proportions.
It fires into the sidewalk, launching exploding chips of concrete.
I hugged a cushion into my chest to prevent my heart from exploding.
And now this had come upon her too suddenly to keep from exploding.
A shaft of agony hit her mind, exploding thought, desire and memory.
I wonder if this was before or after they tried the exploding cigars.
Then it hit me with the power of a train exploding from a dark tunnel.
There were so many exploding torpedoes that torpedoes were beginning to.
An exploding Moslem birth rate in an infertile Greek Orthodox environment.
Hudson’s mind was reeling, crashing, exploding with sharp-pointed lights.
It exploded like a bomb.
The boy exploded his list.
Pain exploded in his head.
Her heart exploded in her.
The man then exploded into.
The statistic exploded to 7.
At that Uncle Harry exploded.
The whole wall exploded then.
It exploded around him with.
Just then, the organ exploded.
When the oceans are exploded.
Our side exploded into cheers.
I knew it! Paul exploded.
The world might have exploded.
The crowd exploded in applause.
Water exploded out of the pipes.
A word exploded from his mouth.
It exploded out of the speakers.
Then the rat exploded out front.
His arms exploded out from the.
A moment later, the ship exploded.
Neons exploded in electric color.
His heart almost exploded in him.
Then a shot exploded from his gun.
When they were home, she exploded.
And something inside him exploded.
He exploded in a snort of laughter.
Goosebumps exploded over her skin.
Looks like one of you exploded.
The legacy portfolio exploded today.
The anger rose in him and exploded.
The space suddenly exploded in size.
Libby gasped as the heat exploded.
She and Nora exploded with laughter.
And then the world suddenly exploded.
A couple light bulbs exploded nearby.
You drive past exploded windshields.
The air around her exploded with noise.
Lezura’s panic exploded into despair.
The side of head his explodes.
The world around him explodes.
A car explodes a ways from you.
Her ego explodes in submission.
The penis explodes its sperm out.
At 3:58, a 30-mile fire explodes.
The top of a man’s head explodes.
You cut it off, Ryodan explodes.
And you allowed this? Cian explodes.
The sperm-rocket explodes off the planet.
And then, at a certain point, it explodes.
Flame explodes through the scribe’s fingers.
The blue projectile explodes in all directions.
Then things click together, and Eugene explodes.
Delicious, triumphant sound explodes around them.
You cough blood as the air explodes from your lungs.
He smiles as the dock explodes with thunderous applause.
The last one explodes near them knocking them backwards.
Everything explodes inward—a reverse big bang of pain.
EXPLODES out of the side of a nearby cliff wall where the.
My stomach explodes in nerves as I glance towards the door.
Willie's rocket SMASHES and EXPLODES onto the cliff's wall.
When reality explodes in you, you may call it experience of.
A streetlight globe explodes as a high shot passes through it.
Jerry tried not to, but he explodes with laughter for a second.
It explodes with pieces of egg all over the microwave surfaces.
Fleeing apes: dying as the Earth explodes in rage against them.
He cannot believe it and after a while he explodes with laughter.
The window explodes open, sending gusts of wind through the room.
It sparks and explodes as they leap out the same hole they came in.
It explodes in all its fervor when the members of a group of Sophia-.
This is where rivalry between siblings explodes, or where siblings band.
Some hours later, a bomb explodes at Mr Gryparis' house, while it is empty.
But the closing should occur before—not after—the fund explodes in size.
Then she explodes in a cloud of dust that instantly disperses within the air.
A mortar shell explodes somewhere in the city, and a flurry of dust sifts down.
Maggie explodes through it and the door slams into the white washed brick wall.
GUN FIRE explodes in fits and spurts as others around them fire at paper targets.
Something explodes at the front of the car and a big crack appears in the window.
Fire into the pipes until it explodes or we run out of missiles! Fire at will!.

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