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Explode dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It did not explode apart.
2. I felt that I could explode.
3. He sounded ready to explode.
4. David expected it to explode.
5. The boys explode into movement.
6. It appeared he would explode.
7. Bombs, here and there, explode.

8. Her body was ready to explode.
9. I was ready to explode with rage.
10. He was going to explode if she.
11. I might explode any minute now!.
12. We expect to see the VIX explode.
13. Inside Mitchell wanted to explode.
14. Gareth felt as if he would explode.
15. Their entire bodies would explode.
16. I think that I am going to explode.
17. Or a shell will explode on the road.
18. Lights began to explode in his head.
19. All I could do was watch her explode.
20. Kurt was about to explode in his chair.
21. But no planes crash, no houses explode.
22. His heart or lungs could easily explode.
23. I’d shake my head but it would explode.
24. He felt ready to explode, ready to vomit.
25. My stomach rolled over, ready to explode.
26. Dominic thought she was going to explode.
27. If it hits something solid it will explode.
28. I couldn’t help but explode with laughter.
29. Storme looked as if he were about to explode.
30. It looked as though he was about to explode.
31. He'll explode, she said with a light laugh.
32. The distant hills explode and turn to ashes.
33. I ran straight to the urinal, about to explode.
34. His lungs felt like they were about to explode.
35. Flames hungry for oxygen and explode into here.
36. But he was certain Tetloan was going to explode.
37. Travis felt as if his mind was ready to explode.
38. She was so excited I thought she would explode.
39. Harry’s head felt like it was going to explode.
40. Explode doesn’t realize this and continues on.
41. I watched it explode because I sit near the front.
42. And explode it did—just on a much smaller scale.
43. Ralph’s nose seemed to explode in blood and pain.
44. And then, when I could take no more, I did explode.
45. Harald's nephew was like a cannon ready to explode.
46. Their own evil energy will explode out against you.
47. When the spark reached the trigger, it would explode.
48. The whole room seemed about to explode with tension.
49. This thing is about to explode, Claire, I said.
50. What she sees is not what Explode and Tripwire sees.
51. Monsieur Gilbert looked as if he was about to explode.
52. I hoped they didn't have to be plugged in to explode.
53. Manfred now thought that his head was about to explode.
54. Will thought his heart would explode through his chest.
55. And then the engine of the Beech 1900 seemed to explode.
56. It needs something to ignite it before it will explode.
57. He would never leave it to explode in a populated area.
58. He stared at the envelope as if expecting it to explode.
59. Otherwise, the profits/GDP ratio would explode (implode).
60. I was wired to explode anyway; he just got in the way.
61. Other leaves, already dry at midsummer, explode underfoot.
62. To truly defeat them we need to cause this star to explode.
63. Dynamite tends to explode when somebody sets the timer on it.
64. She had to shut down her engines, or the plant would explode.
65. At any given moment, an emotion could all too easily explode.
66. When Peter felt he would explode, he returned back to reality.
67. He looked like he was about to explode in front of their eyes.
68. The invention of human culture did not explode human awareness.
69. His blood was now boiling and he couldn’t help but explode:.
70. Spray her insides with your goo when you’re ready to explode.
71. He looked as though he was about to explode with anxious energy.
72. The rockets explode with a shower of beautiful noise and colour.
73. There was but a destructive leadership of either expand or explode.
74. His mustache bristled as though he was about to explode with anger.
75. Anyone who wired a ship to explode would wire more than one charge.
76. Stars that accumulate too much mass: explode and destroy themselves.
77. He would not explode, as the popular myth would have people believe.
78. At the same time, it’s been known to explode for no reason at all.
79. In that case, you could set an air-burst round to explode over them.
80. He seemed to explode; Because I love you! he said explosively.
81. From Vince's villa, Amanda & Mandy watch as they see the boat explode.
82. My chest felt like it was on fire and my lungs were about to explode.
83. Flowers can seem to explode if the actual rate of time is speeded up.
84. It takes awhile to heat up the central core to where it can explode.
85. That would be insane, his heart would explode if he tried to do that.
86. You’ve got to go slow; if you surfaced all at once you’d explode.
87. It was beating so fast, she thought it would explode out of her chest.
88. If Phoenix was really blowing up, nonperformers would explode as well.
89. The option traders simply become nervous that the price could explode.
90. Joseph was about to explode; he was a nervous ball of pent up tension.
91. And the liver that was about to explode in my face? Garcia asked.
92. As Explode searches for the switch, I hope the damn king is in here.
93. Pam stared at the paper as though it was going to explode in her hands.
94. Ka-wham! Stacey heard the downstairs door explode off its hinges.
95. If the price does explode, you will not only benefit by price movement.
96. However the black hole’s center may explode from the sudden collapse.
97. He felt as if dynamite were about to explode at the center of his chest.
98. Using time-lapse photography a mushroom can be made to seem to explode.
99. These mast cells will then explode to release chemicals like histamine.
100. Think about how this could explode if you posting a couple of videos a.
1. And then she was exploding with pain.
2. Or maybe my right boob was exploding.
3. By exploding their rage symbolically.
4. They are armed with exploding shells.
5. The ice was exploding in his Drambuie.
6. Focus on exploding up on the pushing.
7. They matched the panic exploding inside her.
8. I have a way to stop the core from exploding.
9. Novas are re-creations of an exploding Universe.
10. They just glowed and vanished without exploding.
11. Every last curse he withheld came exploding out.
12. Now You Have A Product To Sell To This Exploding.
13. Wizard was on the point of exploding, he could tell.
14. Volcanoes exploding in Africa millions of years ago.
15. They felt the intense pressure of the bomb exploding.
16. Red hate grew inside her, exploding into a supernova.
17. I just said that things are exploding when you're mad.
18. The growl of pistons exploding as they chewed up fuel.
19. Matilda left with artillery shells exploding around her.
20. Peppered by shrapnel from exploding 40mm shells and by.
21. Long John Twitter - EBook For The Exploding Twitter Market.
22. I had no idea how drastically our population was exploding.
23. Of course, it was all a matter of exploding sophistication.
24. What other town had exploding soap bubbles to boast about?
25. The almighty sound of the glass exploding deafened them both.
26. Her eyes widened with joy at the taste exploding in her mouth.
27. But instead of darkness he saw visions of the exploding ship.
28. The laughter was in danger of exploding uncontrollably from me.
29. By projecting their exploding emotional rage outwards physically.
30. He notices the moving shadow festival exploding before his eyes.
31. You have a humanitarian crisis exploding, beyond all proportions.
32. It fires into the sidewalk, launching exploding chips of concrete.
33. And now this had come upon her too suddenly to keep from exploding.
34. I hugged a cushion into my chest to prevent my heart from exploding.
35. I wonder if this was before or after they tried the exploding cigars.
36. A shaft of agony hit her mind, exploding thought, desire and memory.
37. Then it hit me with the power of a train exploding from a dark tunnel.
38. There were so many exploding torpedoes that torpedoes were beginning to.
39. An exploding Moslem birth rate in an infertile Greek Orthodox environment.
40. Hudson’s mind was reeling, crashing, exploding with sharp-pointed lights.
41. She is an angel,' she said, exploding into a laughter that somehow seemed.
42. By adding the binder, the C4 could handle rough treatment without exploding.
43. Earth energy is birth energy without the blast threat of its core exploding.
44. We can strike as they pack up with the exploding test tubes and this wonder.
45. Then, he abruptly stood up, with the seat belt lock exploding from his waist.
46. He was angry at their seminal fluids exploding out of their volcanic penises.
47. Rodric’s statement was punctuated by several of the Kierdan ships exploding.
48. Leone’s dark eyes hid his fury and he was proud of himself for not exploding.
49. Thrown forwards onto his side, his arm struck the ground, exploding into pain.
50. Fired from a mere 200 meters, her salvo hit at once, exploding the jet bomber.
51. His brain clenched unbelievably tight, filled to exploding with unnatural heat.
52. From an outside perspective it seems that their strength is really EXPLODING!.
53. It is the enraged of human instinct being blocked and suppressed, exploding out.
54. Radiation energy is a re-creation of energy exploding out from its first source.
55. With the UN disbanded, the world is on the brink of exploding into chaos; world.
56. Crows and exploding light bulbs were one thing, but hearing voices was too much.
57. The crushing, humming and exploding sounds quickly become very loud and annoying.
58. The resulting explosion rippled from the source like waves from an exploding star.
59. The bomber then disintegrated in a huge fireball, its bomb load exploding as well.
60. There are oceans of metal boiling with bubbles exploding hundreds of miles upwards.
61. Argh, he growled, his voice betraying the pain that was exploding in his head.
62. This business with his car exploding, Friedman took another sip of the coffee.
63. Samantha turned her attention back to me once the light bulbs had stopped exploding.
64. It started out sunny and bright, the popping wood of the fire exploding in his ears.
65. Truong Chinh listened to this with growing outrage, finally exploding in indignation.
66. He then looked at the radio operator, speaking loud to be heard over exploding shells.
67. With every passing arc of M’jllner a dozen fell, their bodies exploding on contact.
68. Taking all these possibilities Sosan insisted on exploding entire court simultaneously.
69. Her eyes instantly deepened, an emotion of sheer disbelief exploding within her irises.
70. The ship is moving faster as it rides out the compressed hydrogen’s exploding forces.
71. The 85mm shell barely missed Angie’s M20, exploding against a house and destroying it.
72. I knew then and there, with full certainty, that I was caused the exploding light bulbs.
73. Ken watched the bellows expansion joint as it was brutally sprung to the exploding point.
74. The wind is pushing me around, and the thunder and lightning are exploding all around me.
75. We could see sparkles which came from insects exploding into it or other invisible debris.
76. Misery then sends another white-hot spark of rage up his spine, exploding into his conscious.
77. The force of the exploding warm balloon alone shoved Will's teeth apart, kicked his head back.
78. They crashed into them exploding into charmed dust as they had before against Krazy’s Club.
79. Only this time the sound of the exploding exhaust seems to shift, seems to echo off the walls.
80. The uptrend then resumes with a long white candle exploding out of the three-day consolidation.
81. Ivan could barely maintain his composure, but he managed to leave the meeting without exploding.
82. While it was approaching, we could hear the howls of the wood carbonizing and exploding in agony.
83. Then I flew up into the air, like an angel—an angel whose head was exploding with terrible pain.
84. None of the aircraft were yet within visual sight of each other before missiles started exploding.
85. As the stair case loomed ever closer, the noise of exploding walls and floor tiles became deafening.
86. They could see the waves rushing in against the jagged rocks and exploding into huge, angry geysers.
87. Some day - when your time would come - you would start exploding into the light of self-realization.
88. We would not buy the shares of a company at a random spot just because the market is exploding higher.
89. Each bomb could be heard almost hissing as it dropped, spiraling towards the earth and then exploding!.
90. The mercenary returned and reported about the microwave oven exploding and how the place stank of sulphur.
91. The vision of the ejection seat exploding Donny Higgens into crushed oblivion fleeted behind Court's eyes.
92. The bombers parking apron then turned into an exploding inferno, with burning fuel spraying the whole area.
93. The pirate advancing on the hostages was the first to fall, his head exploding under the impact of a bullet.
94. Instead the fire around them is exploding and through it, he can see nothing but the fierce emptiness of sky.
95. The video of Bellona replays in the middle of the room, of her on the ground being shot at and then exploding.
96. The missile launchers were the easiest to take out, their missiles exploding when touched off by laser beams.
97. Thick columns of black smoke were also rising over the port and harbor area, where bombs were still exploding.
98. He got the long-distance operator, his heart exploding within him, faster and faster, a blackness in his eyes.
99. Ten secret years of monastic conspiracy, radio and women, while he was holding his exploding business together.
100. Ingrid didn’t answer her, continuing her sprint while ignoring the bombs exploding around her and the station.
1. It exploded like a bomb.
2. The boy exploded his list.
3. Pain exploded in his head.
4. Her heart exploded in her.
5. The statistic exploded to 7.
6. At that Uncle Harry exploded.
7. The whole wall exploded then.
8. The man then exploded into.
9. It exploded around him with.
10. When the oceans are exploded.
11. Just then, the organ exploded.
12. Our side exploded into cheers.
13. I knew it! Paul exploded.
14. The world might have exploded.
15. The crowd exploded in applause.
16. A word exploded from his mouth.
17. Water exploded out of the pipes.
18. It exploded out of the speakers.
19. His arms exploded out from the.
20. Then the rat exploded out front.
21. His heart almost exploded in him.
22. Neons exploded in electric color.
23. Then a shot exploded from his gun.
24. THE GALLERY EXPLODED in an uproar.
25. When they were home, she exploded.
26. A moment later, the ship exploded.
27. He exploded in a snort of laughter.
28. Looks like one of you exploded.
29. And something inside him exploded.
30. Goosebumps exploded over her skin.
31. The space suddenly exploded in size.
32. The anger rose in him and exploded.
33. Libby gasped as the heat exploded.
34. The legacy portfolio exploded today.
35. She and Nora exploded with laughter.
36. And then the world suddenly exploded.
37. A couple light bulbs exploded nearby.
38. You drive past exploded windshields.
39. Lezura’s panic exploded into despair.
40. The air around her exploded with noise.
41. Some exploded like colored flash bulbs.
42. His strange word exploded upon her ears.
43. Brereton then exploded with frustration.
44. As the projectile had exploded it had.
45. The chopper exploded in a ball of flame.
46. She exploded into shards of light and.
47. The control room exploded with applause.
48. The room exploded in joyous pandemonium.
49. The intruder staggered back and exploded.
50. Panic exploded within him, consumed him.
51. Garcia’s window exploded and he ducked.
52. The Passion entered her, exploded in her.
53. Just then the front door exploded inward.
54. The Brokenheart’s face exploded in red.
55. Gold exploded out of volcanoes in Africa.
56. A few seconds later, she exploded in a.
57. When he entered the elevator he exploded.
58. Roughly 10 to 15% of them never exploded.
59. Without warning the web exploded outwards.
60. Gas bottles exploded and fires broke out.
61. But then the fat man exploded with wrath.
62. Her heartbeats exploded against her chest.
63. The cellar door exploded off of its hinges.
64. A plume of bubbles exploded from her lips.
65. He pulled out and exploded on her stomach.
66. The car plowed into the wall and exploded.
67. The spider whined as its thorax exploded.
68. Car bombs have exploded in Abuja and Lagos.
69. When the helicopter crashed and exploded.
70. Once again, the world exploded around them.
71. His main cylinder exploded with no warning.
72. Hope is found! exploded from The Wall.
73. Time to think about it! She exploded.
74. His rage exploded and he dove at them again.
75. Trees exploded in clouds of leaf and branch.
76. It exploded beyond the force that a pod had.
77. Only the wall in front of them had exploded.
78. Everything exploded on the steps of the Hall.
79. It was the spark that exploded the dynamite.
80. Her face was a bloody mass of exploded and.
81. Freelands, his imagination exploded into life.
82. Now it exploded in her and shook her to bits.
83. Tammas’ rage exploded out of his instrument.
84. Suddenly both cars exploded in a fiery blaze.
85. As a freshman at Chatham College, I exploded.
86. His body exploded as he reached his completion.
87. The cave exploded in a haze of smoke and blood.
88. The house exploded from the force of the snow.
89. As their lips met, heat exploded in his belly.
90. Flashes of memory exploded into Harry’s head.
91. The gun exploded, and dug a pit in the ground.
92. Another reactor has exploded! he shouted.
93. What was going on when the lights exploded?
94. We watched as it exploded from the power lines.
95. I looked over at Roy and almost exploded myself.
96. Most exploded while only two managed to retreat.
97. We took a hit in the magazine, which exploded.
98. Immediately, the helicopter exploded in the air.
99. The power station has exploded! he blurted.
100. When first introduced they exploded in popularity.
1. The world around him explodes.
2. The side of head his explodes.
3. Her ego explodes in submission.
4. A car explodes a ways from you.
5. The penis explodes its sperm out.
6. At 3:58, a 30-mile fire explodes.
7. The top of a man’s head explodes.
8. You cut it off, Ryodan explodes.
9. The sperm-rocket explodes off the planet.
10. And you allowed this? Cian explodes.
11. And then, at a certain point, it explodes.
12. Flame explodes through the scribe’s fingers.
13. The blue projectile explodes in all directions.
14. Delicious, triumphant sound explodes around them.
15. Then things click together, and Eugene explodes.
16. You cough blood as the air explodes from your lungs.
17. He smiles as the dock explodes with thunderous applause.
18. The last one explodes near them knocking them backwards.
19. Everything explodes inward—a reverse big bang of pain.
20. Willie's rocket SMASHES and EXPLODES onto the cliff's wall.
21. EXPLODES out of the side of a nearby cliff wall where the.
22. My stomach explodes in nerves as I glance towards the door.
23. When reality explodes in you, you may call it experience of.
24. A streetlight globe explodes as a high shot passes through it.
25. Jerry tried not to, but he explodes with laughter for a second.
26. It explodes with pieces of egg all over the microwave surfaces.
27. Fleeing apes: dying as the Earth explodes in rage against them.
28. He cannot believe it and after a while he explodes with laughter.
29. The window explodes open, sending gusts of wind through the room.
30. It sparks and explodes as they leap out the same hole they came in.
31. It explodes in all its fervor when the members of a group of Sophia-.
32. This is where rivalry between siblings explodes, or where siblings band.
33. Some hours later, a bomb explodes at Mr Gryparis' house, while it is empty.
34. But the closing should occur before—not after—the fund explodes in size.
35. Then she explodes in a cloud of dust that instantly disperses within the air.
36. Maggie explodes through it and the door slams into the white washed brick wall.
37. A mortar shell explodes somewhere in the city, and a flurry of dust sifts down.
38. Something explodes at the front of the car and a big crack appears in the window.
39. GUN FIRE explodes in fits and spurts as others around them fire at paper targets.
40. The flare strikes Fozzie in the left shoulder and the 4th of July explodes around him.
41. Fire into the pipes until it explodes or we run out of missiles! Fire at will!.
42. When your bad temper releases on you, it is like a fire that explodes out of your belly.
43. The limo explodes as John and Teekra run hand-in-hand to Russ and Ahmed by the date tree.
44. But you get to the 13th hole, and then the 14th, and then the 16th, and then it explodes.
45. The high-speed rocks create holes in the ground and debris explodes in different directions.
46. The guy skids on the floor just as the sphere reaches its time limit and explodes in his hands.
47. Then the long scream as the shell comes flying in, the fhump as it explodes on an outer island.
48. Her overwhelming emotions meets somewhere in the middle as her mouth explodes with crying laughter.
49. However, when he tests it again to the pig’s whole body, after a day the pig bloats and explodes.
50. The tubing erupts in a burst of flame as the container then explodes in a showering of burning fluid.
51. But the moment we walk into the designated room, our whole idea of what the meeting is about explodes.
52. When it explodes to 106, I’ll make money, but when it comes back to 104, this is where I have trouble.
53. You see, I have to make him want to fight and the only way to do that is to tweak him until he explodes.
54. What are the descriptive words used to describe pain? Pain either explodes, cuts, burns, aches, or throbs.
55. Fire explodes around him and in different directions as he spins sixty feet into the 1% oxygen atmosphere.
56. Ciere, he says, the word a whisper against her lips, but then the cargo container next to him explodes.
57. Then Darek sung ruefully, Where is the number? Where is the code? I’ve got to leave before it explodes.
58. Then the crowd explodes into a frenzy, everyone running toward the bowls, toward Edward, toward the Erudite man.
59. The top half of the mountain explodes and creates a large mushroom cloud into the mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere.
60. There is just enough magic now that when the knife hits the guard, it explodes, and the guard crumples to the floor.
61. The moment the sunlight, even though diffused, strikes this powder it explodes with a violence which nothing can withstand.
62. Instead of our inner reflective awareness being trapped inside ourselves by reflective fear: it explodes out into infinity.
63. It explodes and shrinks by gravity so quickly that the atoms are broken up and fused together so tightly they form neutrons.
64. The fourth stone explodes from the blur of motion, skitters across the floor, sliding toward that fourth corner, sliding ….
65. Two sub-critical masses of enriched uranium are joined together by explosive charges to form a critical mass that then explodes.
66. It then explodes in all its violence and life becomes an infernal labyrinth that hides a frightening monster that continually devours us.
67. We’re so far from civilization that if a bomb explodes no one but the yokels in the few clapboard shacks in the woods would hear us die.
68. The roar of the bombers has hardly faded when an artillery shell whistles over the house and makes a dull crash as it explodes not far away.
69. Richard arrives on your doorstep one day, an emissary from the great world, and subsequently your orderly and secure life totally explodes.
70. The pipe sticks out of the nose fuze and explodes the bomb two feet off the ground scattering fragments in a lethal radius out to about 70 feet.
71. When it explodes where does the air of the balloon go? The air inside the balloon gets reunited with the atmosphere from where it came originally.
72. The strange green energy which explodes in his head is beyond his ability to manage, and he groans, clutching at his hair and falling to his knees.
73. Her hair explodes from the slick globe, cerulean waves cascaded into the backseat, powdery bursts shoot into the sky thrown off from budding flower.
74. KA-BOOOOOOM! The shell fired by the militants explodes near the tail section, the plane shudders violently and cases of liquor tumble in every direction.
75. The 2nd throws a bomb which bounces off the Arch dikes car and explodes behind, injuring a dozen people in the car and General Potiorek’s adjutant is injured.
76. Lowering the sword, he pulls a knife from his belt and hurls it in the beast’s direction, but the monster vanishes and the knife explodes harmlessly against a tree.
77. Historically it happened that a terrorist would call before the bomb explodes to warn about it but that was limited to nationalist groups worried about their own fish.
78. When the Behemoth explodes under a hail of enemy fire, the parents whip out their smartphones and use them to take control of two more drones and join the battle, too.
79. Green flame explodes out of the fluid stone shape of the dog and the howl accelerates to a shriek, just as suddenly cut off as a river of colour flows from the animal.
80. Trading a calendar in the final days of expiration is much more difficult to handle than a butterfly because of the way the gamma explodes against the back month options.
81. Uh, say that again? Aren’t calls supposed to make money only when the markets go up? Yes, but if the implied volatility explodes, it increases the price of all options.
82. Existing in a cunning sneaky hidden state that has no love; it automatically explodes into instant rejection and negative response to all love the instant it encounters it.
83. A small hole appears in the center of it's forehead, followed by a massive splattering as the back of it's head explodes onto the face of another Revenant standing behind him.
84. While she holds Apollo in her arms she looks over at me and her face explodes with surprise, "Your eyes! They're better, what happened?" Apollo interjects, "ARIES repaired them.
85. The intent when someone explodes is to vent what's in them, and usually to hurt someone else with it, and if they don't intend to hurt them, it still makes no difference, they do.
86. This decentralizes the debt, it explodes it in thousands of units, it facilitates its liquidation and it annuls the process highly concentrator that inhibits the possibility of its payment.
87. Of course, this is exactly when everything explodes! On the other hand, many times when the market has been very active (volatile) for a period of time, since most traders are already in the market, it is likely to maintain a trading range.
88. When the gravity that holds a star is insouciant to keep a star bonded then that would imply that gravity is about cooling the star which enables the star to maintain structural integrity and when the balance it heat goes beyond the control of gravity the star overheats and it explodes.
89. A black hole is created when a larger star called a Super Giant, such as Betlegeux, which is much heavier and bigger than one that explodes into a supernova, uses up all its fuel and then collapses suddenly and violently from its gravitational force without the physics to explode as a supernova.
90. When hydrogen runs out, and no longer fused into helium, another chemical reaction occurs as the star explodes into a supernova, before extinction, where the heat is so tremendous other chemical reactions occur where heavier elements form, one by one, such as oxygen (O), carbon (C), uranium and gold (AU) etcetera.
91. There is a popular notion that if technology explodes fast enough, if people have so much machine-tool wealth: eventually even the billions of poor will somehow benefit from this trickle-down effect of excess… this is nothing more than the lip-service myth of charity, which all the rich and affluent keep spouting.
92. Every time undead are blocked or frustrated in their evil designed orchestrations of trying to completely control living humans: every time a rare exception a positive living human force blocks their continuing designed orchestrated plan to weaken human life energy into total death weakness: their ‘rage’ their ‘anger’ at being blocked: explodes; instantly.
93. He regained some control of his breathing and peered up at us with a maniacally insane look, Even now every trinial power cell on this continent is imploding on itself and causing a mass eruption of the entire landmass and beyond, but long before you the one I detest and hate most dies in the glorious flames of my destruction of your new kingdom you will see the traitorous witch, my elixir of youth that you stole from me blown into a million billion itsy-bitsy pieces as the trinial explodes within her! Let’s watch her destruction together shall we!.

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