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Explosion dans une phrase (en anglais)

The explosion had been a.
An explosion shook the boat.
It was almost an explosion.
It was a sensory explosion.
I dove through the explosion.
There would be an explosion.
I fell after the explosion.

You could hear the explosion.
There was a beautiful explosion.
In an accidental explosion, a 3.
The explosion was deafening in.
The explosion causes a spewing.
As the loud explosion shook the.
If this was no gas explosion….
The explosion of spirit into time.
An explosion rang through her ears.
This explosion over, he added:—.
Bywater with a deafening explosion.
Meth lab explosion, Hanni said.
Bammmmm! A loud explosion was heard.
You almost died in an explosion.
They all hear and see the explosion.
We live in the midst of an explosion.
The explosion rocked the entire block.
Clearly, there had been an explosion.
Ashley never even heard the explosion.
Another explosion rocked the compound.
That sudden explosion of possibility.
It was like an explosion in her chest.
Hare from the explosion of, xxii, 185.
The resulting explosion was deafening.
But it was far too big of an explosion.
And that’s what caused the explosion.
There was no way to stop the explosion.
That was a pretty massive explosion.
The brilliant explosion is known as a.
Just then a hollow explosion was audible.
A silent but dreadful explosion erupted.
Soon after, an explosion struck my ears.
Nero had only just escaped the explosion.

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