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Extend dans une phrase (en anglais)

If we extend.
He will extend.
how they extend.
Extend left foot.
Extend your feet.
Extend right foot.
Extend both arms.

to extend farther too.
extend the same to others.
God will extend His hands.
juice and extend the pulp.
extend beyond these factors.
extend it out of sincerity.
You have to extend again.
The devastation will extend.
healthy and extend their life.
term which may extend to 5 years.
We can then further extend the.
Wisdom extend it into happiness.
move didn’t extend to his lips.
We can extend the pods later.
and then extend it eastward?.
extend your arm out and be afraid.
But I do not extend my time, here.
does not extend to business acumen.
extend credit where it is needless.
He said extending his hand.
Closure, and extending themes.
Extending his hand he said: Dr.
commenced extending the safe area.
Not painting but extending the line.
here she was, extending her inquiries.
mayor kept extending the conversation.
Bruno followed, extending a set of keys.
He introduced himself, extending his hand.
extending between greed at the top of the.
5 meters long and extending to the stempost.
Chapter 9: Extending the Core Introduction.
Extending from the ceiling was a brass chain.
in his palm before extending his hand to her.
The area around the walls, extending a long.
Grant, he said, extending his hand to me.
Hi, Rave, Cali said, extending her hand.
Hi, Chris said, extending a gloved hand.
Said Max extending his arm to signal Carter.
I ended up extending the worry period for her.
"Thank you," he said, extending his right hand.
And you are…? He asked, extending his hand.
Blue Five was extending a hand towards the hole.
Shal we? He asked extending his arm to her.
extending the average American's life five years.
And two, he added, extending a second finger.
extending toward reddish mountains on the horizon.
’’ Said Roger before extending his right hand.
"Thanks," murmured the invalid, extending one hand.
an extended Blog.
She extended her.
He extended both.
Her hand extended.
MY Hand is extended.
She extended a hand.
He extended his hand.
He extended one leg.
She extended her hand.
Libby extended her leg.
He extended his hands.
Than extended his hand.
After a few extended.
Doug extended his hand.
Venki extended his hand.
Marri extended his hand.
hand he extended to her.
Morrel extended his hand.
He extended his fingers.
Manila is to be extended.
extended his hand to her.
He extended his hand.
It can also be extended.
extended her hand to him.
He extends a hand.
TK extends his arm.
He extends his hand.
It extends to all classes.
The problem extends further.
Though, this extends further.
barrel extends a second barrel.
extends to recovering the Crew.
It then extends the model to.
extends to singularity it is 21.
It extends above the head and.
She extends her hand and Ms.
Remember that the range extends.
I just hope our good luck extends.
extends therefore only to such tasks.
But again, it just extends the offer.
The Love HE extends comes from within.
He extends his hand through the window.
He extends his hand, and she shakes it.
STEPHEN: (Extends his arms) It was here.
Willie pauses the bike and extends his.
The pit extends more into the forest area.
He extends a hand to pull me from the bed.
tomer base extends nationally and globally.
The truce extends until thirteen o’clock.
This work extends the Cartesian skeptical.
He extends his hand for me to draw closer.
The practice of euthanasia extends to animals.

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