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Extra dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We made an extra 0.
  2. One nil in extra time.
  3. He had no extra flesh.
  4. An Extra dash of Honey.
  5. I had to be extra careful.
  6. Look, here's a bit extra.
  7. Be extra careful if you.
  8. There was one extra chair.
  9. But this rose is an extra.
  10. Even then, with no extra.
  11. Extra time would be played.
  12. Size eight and extra large.
  13. But with one extra thing.
  14. There was a hint of extra.
  15. The extra staff did not help.
  16. This caused a little extra.
  17. And, just for extra, McCoy.
  18. You’d make a lot of extra.
  19. I had asked for it extra hot.
  20. I’ve ordered an extra squad.
  21. I want everyone on extra.
  22. There were two extra rifles.
  23. Have extra copies printed to.
  24. Yes, a little something extra.
  25. I could use a few extra hands.
  26. Need That Bit of Extra Speed?
  27. We need the extra hand in the.
  28. Never one to go the extra mile.
  29. But the body was extra special.
  30. She must be the extra teacher.
  31. The extra one was from Theodore.
  32. This one even has an extra shed.
  33. He gave us all some extra money.
  34. They had to put an extra forty.
  35. Getting an extra large tray or.
  36. Is it with extra cheese?
  37. The canaries are the extra milers.
  38. The extra finances that the two.
  39. Tim then grabbed extra magazines.
  40. I got out an extra pair for Janet.
  41. There was no extra paint anywhere.
  42. In other words, extra amounts of.
  43. Not that he needed the extra kick.
  44. The surgery time was simply extra.
  45. A few extra bucks here and there.
  46. Plus, it was like extra protection.
  47. What is the extra Q? It is quality.
  48. Extra points for that one, she.
  49. The bomb bay now carried extra fuel.
  50. The extra ingredient was lime water.
  51. She also requested an extra blanket.
  52. Don’t be greedy for that extra $0.
  53. That was for extra credit on memory.
  54. Top with a sprinkle of extra nutmeg.
  55. He was keeping an extra eye out on.
  56. I do promise I’ll be extra careful.
  57. I'd ask them if they had extra cop-.
  58. Everyone was extra busy this morning.
  59. Night-time was an extra bonus for me.
  60. I’d like that extra safety cushion.
  61. He dressed with extra care that night.
  62. I suppose I could use an extra hand.
  63. There is an extra duty to cover, Sir.
  64. The staff knows that extra help and.
  65. Along with some extra plates and forks.
  66. What was the extra clockwork for?’.
  67. Aaron posted an extra guard on their.
  68. The key is investing that extra money.
  69. Sue was extra gentle with my testicles.
  70. I needed that extra day and badly too.
  71. You will have to take extra but I.
  72. Bromo Seltzer was fifteen cents extra.
  73. I gave Bubba some food and extra water.
  74. There was plenty of extra light from.
  75. But we can also pass extra parameters.
  76. If the pole straps are too much extra.
  77. Man all those extra fees really add up.
  78. Hard poppy-seed roll with extra butter.
  79. Your garden will love this extra touch.
  80. I can do without paying extra for that.
  81. We would have to be extra careful then.
  82. What would you do with an extra $1000.
  83. He gave my father an extra year of life.
  84. Hear how it adds extra color and spice.
  85. The sex was just an extra treat for him.
  86. That guy has an extra ‘X’ chromosome.
  88. He grabbed an extra pillow and held it.
  89. There would still have been extra space.
  90. This is my extra set of eyes and ears.
  91. I had also agreed to stay over an extra.
  92. He must have put it on for extra warmth.
  93. The horse needed no extra encouragement.
  94. Maybe it was the extra butter or my words.
  95. I gave him the one extra clip I had and.
  97. All, with extra clips, and boxes of ammo.
  98. Then Sue and I gave each other an extra.
  99. He gave bade papa 10 extra years to live.
  100. It’s overlaid with extra protection.

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