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Fanny dans une phrase (en anglais)

Go, Madam Fanny.
Fanny pitied her.
Still with Fanny.
He turned to Fanny.
He told Fanny of it.
Fanny is like that.
Fanny shook her head.

Fanny, New Erection.
Lisa and Fanny, too.
Fanny was her oracle.
Fanny gave her a look.
Remember that, Fanny.
Had Fanny accepted Mr.
Fanny he must give up.
Memories of Fanny Hill.
She was removing Fanny.
And lunch, said Fanny.
But Fanny held on tight.
Fanny was disappointed.
Fanny was quite shocked.
Fanny was almost stunned.
You are mistaken, Fanny.
Fanny spoke her feelings.
But Fanny still hung back.
Fanny could not answer him.
This is life, said Fanny.
Fanny laid down Tom Jones.
Then Fanny was really angry.
I cannot give her up, Fanny.
Fanny oughtn't to have come.
Fanny was now an older woman.

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