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Fantastic dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was a fantastic story.
It was a fantastic feeling.
This is a fantastic signal.
She is one fantastic woman.
Today, the day is fantastic.
The food eaten was fantastic.
This is a fantastic way to.

It sounded a fantastic story.
That was a fantastic moment!.
You have unique and fantastic.
This is a fantastic find!’’.
This was truly fantastic, miss.
Thorn said you were fantastic.
Her eyes were a fantastic weapon.
Joy riding was a fantastic thrill.
Then it did a most fantastic thing.
They said she was a fantastic lay.
It’s a fantastic place to find.
What a fantastic day this has been.
It's fantastic to be a child of God.
Joe made a fantastic job of the cart.
Interviews And A Fantastic Job Offer.
We had had the most fantastic year.
I had an awesome and fantastic life.
Fantastic for them, but not for you.
It was too beautiful, too fantastic.
You've been a fantastic help already.
You look fantastic, Jim said.
It was fantastic to see her so happy.
And you do look fantastic in that.
Besides, she’s fantastic with Annah.
Alexa, that’s a fantastic question.
That is, they seemed equally fantastic.
That would be truly fantastic, Ingrid.
Business was fantastic; he already had.
He then began his fantastic revelations.
Why bother to tell us a fantastic tale.
Is that fantastic? Well isn't this great.
He has a heart, and is a fantastic fellow.
We had a fantastic weekend, thanks to him.

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