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Feature dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Pain is not a common feature.
  2. Some salient feature of the.
  3. The pet remedies is a feature.
  4. The striking feature of Table 7.
  5. It was a feature shot for the.

  6. That feature too is propitious.
  7. All waiting for the main feature.
  8. That was the commendable feature.
  9. This is a feature that is never.
  10. Again, that’s a safety feature.
  11. The only negative feature was the.
  12. Another notable feature of Flash.
  13. It’s got a great search feature.
  14. The most remarkable feature of St.
  15. I like the Stock Check Up feature.

  16. The finished feature was sent to a.
  17. Bankers seemed to like that feature.
  18. Zeus being his characteristic feature.
  19. Call feature: An option to the issuer.
  20. But her most distinguishing feature.
  21. The first and most obvious feature is.
  22. I thought that was a special new feature.
  23. The same feature is seen at the center.
  24. I use this analysis feature all the time.
  25. The distinguishing feature here is that.

  26. His most noticeable feature was his hands.
  27. The most obvious feature is the detailed.
  28. However, there is always a unique feature.
  29. This is why these feature so highly in a.
  30. I did that feature, but in the process of.
  31. It was a regular feature of their evenings.
  32. With intolerance being the key feature of.
  33. That’s on sites which already feature a.
  34. Spam has to be the most annoying feature of.
  35. But it is your father that you feature, sir.
  36. It is the core feature of our universe that.
  37. He was studying her face, feature by feature.
  38. He was in thirty-three feature films as well.
  39. Rest and to feature what you are, a poet or.
  40. Feature #1: They build towards their success.
  41. Store Build It!’s feature set includes….
  42. A Technical Feature of Some Convertible Issues.
  43. Another feature of the day took place at night.
  44. Merthin had copied this feature from Chartres.
  45. Th e feature typical of such systems is that.
  46. Try again tomorrow without the vibrate feature.
  47. This functionality is a feature of the multi-.
  48. Keep this feature in mind when shopping around.
  49. Magdi became a permanent feature at the factory.
  50. Feature Film that will present a powerful story.
  51. The cavern had one nice feature, the floor was.
  52. Facebook has a feature called Notifications that.
  53. For me, it was like a chick flick double feature.
  54. But a delusion was the chief feature in this case.
  55. Brake is an essential safety feature of the dumper.
  56. C++ proposes a new feature called inline function.
  57. At the word, another feature of the ball manifested.
  58. His horse naturally headed for the distant feature.
  59. As you can see, there is a very interesting feature.
  60. Zeke saw this as an easy to achieve safety feature.
  61. Their outstanding feature is their sense of humour.
  62. Don’t use the auto-play feature when you use video.
  63. But one feature of this document was not commonplace.
  64. We can use the built-in decorator feature of Python.
  65. Multiple occupations and interests are a feature of.
  66. The central feature of the bee hive is its nest the.
  67. A prominent feature at the temple of Amen in Thebes.
  68. This problem can be remedied by having a feature –.
  69. The most shocking feature in this story is that the.
  70. This feature is self contained on the condensing unit.
  71. This is an attractive feature of the last-kiss trade.
  72. There’s an interesting feature on the front page.
  73. The worst feature was, she said, Nastasia Philipovna.
  74. Besides, it possesses an additional important feature.
  75. Journalists are not a standard feature with the house.
  76. The functionality imparted by this feature creates a.
  77. Personally, I find this is a very unimpressive feature.
  78. Certainly it shouldn’t be used on the feature pages.
  79. Feature #2: They formulate and sell their own products.
  80. Another feature of the shem-an-na is that even its 56%.
  81. He eyed the largest natural feature on the island and.
  82. He had built a normal hoist with one innovative feature.
  83. Palestine, love was the central feature of His teaching.
  84. Rather it’s a feature of the calculation methodology.
  85. I’m sure it would be a very distinguishing feature.
  86. Insert a tracking feature in your ebook that tracks the.
  87. The machine must cost more than the call-waiting feature.
  88. Proxy bidding is an interesting feature of auction sites.
  89. The most characteristic feature of a trauma is the pain.
  90. And then every ugly person seems has a redeeming feature.
  91. Their key feature has to be independent decision making.
  92. And to this feature I attribute most of their usefulness.
  93. Many charting examples in this book feature swing trades.
  94. This compressive feature offers little chance of chafing.
  95. Th is state has a particular feature: a person that has.
  96. This feature can largely explain their high Sharpe ratios.
  97. Perhaps its most terrifying feature, however, is its face.
  98. She activated a feature no one on board knew was possible.
  99. Another unusual/prominent feature of the Proboscis is its.
  100. Joe was a permanent feature, that was the only difference.
  1. MC Frank-N-Stein featuring Diamond Head Crater.
  2. Space) a collection of poetry featuring 12 poets, Văn.
  3. First of two so-called episodic movies featuring Monroe.
  4. As a side note, the stories featuring Cornelius begin with.
  5. Soon after, it opened its doors to the public featuring live.
  6. Johnny and I attended a Black History Program featuring Eartha Kitt.
  7. Crescent Moon symbol featuring prominently on it, as the very banner.
  8. A planned show featuring Ry Cooder and Mavis Staples had to be abandoned.
  9. In fact, Claire, what would you think about me featuring it in the front of.
  10. The films featuring Marilyn Monroe in 1950 and 1951 were not exactly memorable.
  11. Caris held a triumphant Sunday service featuring the rescued bones of the saint.
  12. It was like a small self-enclosed town, featuring an assortment of stores and inns.
  13. There are many available online resources featuring case studies and lessons learned.
  14. By March of 2009, newspaper headlines were regularly featuring the word depression.
  15. It was a masterpiece featuring over fourteen hours of horror, gore, violence and shock.
  16. On the other hand, looking for negative tweets finds tweets featuring a range of frowns.
  17. On September 16 we had the first headline featuring stock prices as the subject of the sentence.
  18. On the wall to my right was a calendar featuring Miss June wearing nothing but a wave in her hair.
  19. In the case of ADSK, I attached a combination chart, featuring weekly, daily, and 25-minute charts.
  20. On one particularly quiet night, I was listening to the radio featuring a host who was a clairvoyant.
  21. The lowest of three lines on the banner declared FEATURING THE WORLD-FAMOUS SOMBRA BROTHERS MIDWAY SHOWS.
  22. She wore a black lace dress featuring a V-neckline, three-quarter length sleeves, and a modest knee length.
  23. He found the Veranda Café, its walls painted with Venetian scenes and featuring a large elliptical dance floor.
  24. The average batch size for those, featuring similar construction characteristics to the model being discussed (Fig.
  25. For timely analysis of the market action as it happens, read the Markets Update, featuring nine intraday reports.
  26. Not long ago I used my VCR to record a PBS concert from a program in Kentucky featuring the blues band, Kay Kay and the Rays.
  27. Add to that the zillions of food commercials targeting mostly children and featuring enticing calorie-packed foods or beverages.
  28. Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World’s Most Extraordinary Birds featuring the photographs, was published on 23 October 2012.
  29. An appropriate album, matching Doc's euphoric mood, featuring Chic Corea, with Stanly Clarke (Stanley-Fucking-Clarke, Man!) on bass.
  30. Deadly Inheritance A murder thriller featuring Dave Pritchard who has been tasked with finding the remaining heirs to a large fortune.
  31. Satanic Gods have mutilated figures from half-human, half-fish to Aphrodite featuring two heads of man and woman standing on the dragon.
  32. An intergalactic game of Simon, featuring those same five tones the Europans had used to bookend their cryptic transmissions to us.
  33. It was a proper hard-core (as her brother would have said), two-thousand-piece jigsaw featuring a black-and-white photo of wartime Paris.
  34. Have you ever heard of Buffalo Bill? Well, he had a show featuring Annie Oakley, she was billed as the best sharp shooter in the world.
  35. Did you see that film last night featuring the woman who was married to that chap? You know, the one who used to go out with the woman.
  36. The song was recorded many times by others, including a fine version on the LP Streetnoise of Trinity, featuring Julie Driscoll on vocals.
  37. Eventually, I put together a band called The Rude Five featuring Pete Thomas, Jerry Scheff, Larry Knechtel, Steven Soles, and Marc Ribot.
  38. Also very interesting is that this latest Marilyn Monroe release from the FBI refers to a sex tape supposedly featuring Marilyn Monroe.
  39. Suspicious Minds, featuring much more elaborate production techniques than Presley’s ‘50s work, shot to #1 upon its release in 1969.
  40. He looked up from the Cravenswood Gazette sports page cover that was featuring his baseball team's season, and an article that included himself.
  41. The front display windows, dusty and cracked, were pasted with yellowing ancient Kodak posters featuring bonny healthy beauties of another era.
  42. If the trend continues, there may be news stories in the major media featuring the trend, but talking heads will still be divided on the subject.
  43. The family had begun featuring the heroism of Jack and Joe during the war as part of the campaign rhetoric, ignoring Billy Hartington’s sacrifice.
  44. I point at the small stone tablet, the crest featuring the bird with the hooked beak and long tail feather, the circle of tiny daggers surrounding it.
  45. Until Sony launched the PSP; featuring a wide screen display, graphics that surpassed the original Playstation One and support from a wide range of game.
  46. Crude raptor-feather hangings covered the walls, of the sort featuring peasants with bottle bodies and bubble heads outside cottages noticeably shorter than they.
  47. My Dad stared in awe at the awning, familiar from photographs and the covers of many live recordings made at the venue since it began featuring jazz in the 1940s.
  48. When I look at its economy and prospects, I see a nation featuring China’s growth potential, but without China’s problematic lack of strategic natural resources.
  49. Paget, it is true, takes due rank in the same category, and both these women have all the truly American tastes for featuring their entertainments most delightfully.
  50. It was played up on stage featuring a very fast-playing southern banjo player who also used a harmonica mounted on a metal bracket that fit snuggly over his shoulders.
  51. I was watching a movie recently on Turner Classic Movies entitled ―The Sign of the Cross‖ (1932) featuring Fredric March and Claudette Colbert in the starring roles.
  52. An article about the 1936 Boat Race, featuring Ran Laurie and Duckworth, Beer Scores Over Milk, NYT, April 5, 1936, is the source of some of my information about Laurie.
  53. Joe, who had just seen a Paramount movie short featuring a cartoon character new to the silver screen, Popeye the Sailor, wrote in his scrapbook that night, I yam disgusted.
  54. Featuring scenes in The Netherlands, New York, Los Angeles and the Czech Republic, it’s a rollercoaster of a story and a fitting end to the year that changed Martin’s life.
  55. I’m a bit disturbed by the Huff Post featuring a blog that is covering one of the most bizarre stories in the history of ufology ending with the line: The truth is out there.
  56. Its design was identical to that found and recovered by the Imperial scouts near Bthalft, featuring the same black dragon with the red and bleeding or weeping eye upon crimson cloth.
  57. What follows is an epic struggle for justice, featuring, among other things, the Loch Ness Monster, a potato with gunshot wounds and the occasional interspatial warp matrix interface.
  58. While the PSP boasted superior graphics and power, following a trend established since the mid-1980s, Nintendo gambled on a lower-power design but featuring a novel control interface.
  59. The first time she came by I was with another chick from school and she had a boyfriend this skitzo dude named Ben we all had heard of from stories featuring him ripping of dudes heads.
  60. Opening it, the first thing he saw was the copy of a magazine cover featuring a very beautiful young woman wearing a combat uniform and standing in front of a gray P-40 fighter aircraft.
  61. That limited menu was in turn a bit strange in its composition, featuring things like roast beef and steak tartar but very few items that would be considered usual American fast food fare.
  62. Plastered on every available wall were posters featuring the symbolic logo of their movement: a silhouette in profile of the legendary Augusto Sandino, wearing his trademark wide brimmed cowboy hat.
  63. By not eating candy bars… but the very magazines featuring models who have perfectly slim waists sit right next to all the last-minute impulse junk foods at the checkout counters in supermarket stores.
  64. However, an amateur archaeological dig near York has quite recently uncovered a Cross-shaped gravestone featuring an English-language carved incription: "Here Rest Alcuin of York and Tetta of Lindisfarne".
  65. Spencer, age seventeen, involved with several young starlets with the pictures to prove it, nude photos came across your news feed featuring best new artist and a leaked letter of apology felt a little insincere.
  66. Someone has been feeding him, and the spoon rests on the glass table and blobs of porridge cling to Frederick’s whiskers and his place mat, which is a woolen thing featuring happy pink-cheeked children in clogs.
  67. Chicken or Fish, Sir? is also a work in progress is the first in a series featuring Geordie Fortune, who is a food safety investigator on the hunt for a poisoner out to wreck his friend’s catering business.
  68. Jason Duffy thought he had accepted a routine burglary case when a career studio musician hired him to recover a memorabilia collection featuring unusual treasures from some of the top performers in the music industry.
  69. With Silver the only real piece of 'cleverness' in terms of the UK ebook was that I wrote a self-contained story featuring Noah Larkin, one of the characters, and offered it for free - all people had to do was email in to get it.
  70. And last but not least, Dandy’s girlfriend’s boss and local favorite, Marv from Marv’s Diner made quite a splash, arriving in a Food Truck with billboard size advertisements featuring the Starlet Waitress herself on each side.
  71. He is the internationally bestselling author of the highly praised Maximum Ride novels, the Witch & Wizard series, Med Head, Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, and the detective series featuring Alex Cross and the Women’s Murder Club.
  72. Silaran also wore his gold-trimmed armor, a cunningly articulated set of plate barding that covered him almost completely, featuring white silk tassels and a glinting four-foot sword blade that was mounted on his head just in front of his exposed horn.
  73. LOCATED IN GRIFFITH PARK, a four-thousand-acre stretch of land featuring three golf courses, the Gene Autry Museum, and the Hollywood sign, the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is more of a run-down tourist attraction than a wildlife conservation facility.
  74. Silaran also wore his gold-trimmed armor, a cunningly articulated set of plate barding that covered him almost completely, featuring white silk tassels and a glinting meter and a third long sword blade that was mounted on his head just in front of his exposed horn.
  75. Attendees ranging from nine-year-old geeks to ninety-year-old scenesters in costumes featuring tentacles that moved, wings that moved (but were too small to actually support anyone’s weight), and antennae that moved, and even a pair of blinking eyes in the back of one guy’s head.
  76. Gram Parsons’s recordings with The Byrds on Sweetheart of the Rodeo, his songs on The Gilded Palace of Sin by The Flying Burrito Brothers, and his later solo albums featuring Emmylou Harris were my initial education in the soul of country music and kicked open several doors at once.
  77. And finally he found the Grand Salon, featuring its own theatrical stage and talking-picture screen, with more Persian rugs, formal divans and armchairs, fluted walnut pilasters, hand-carved molding, wide windows hung with velvet curtains, and another high, domed rococo plaster ceiling.
  78. She knew for a fact that after a few drinks over at the local watering hole, and once the sun started to go down, the town’s night life would begin to trickle into the many fine and once-extravagant Western hotels featuring lobby saloons and gambling halls that ran the show here in this part of the county.
  79. A calendar featuring costume designs for characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was sold to a bidder for £36,000 ($57,848) as part of a fundraising auction held in aid of the Muir Maxwell Trust and the Fettes Foundation (both UK) at Fettes College, Edinburgh, UK, on 3 July 2011.
  80. These microprocessors were used in the AT&T 3B5 and 3B15 minicomputers; in the 3B2, the world's first desktop supermicrocomputer; in the "Companion", the world's first 32-bit laptop computer; and in "Alexander", the world's first book-sized supermicrocomputer, featuring ROM-pack memory cartridges similar to recent gaming consoles.
  81. The straight warp of necessity, not to be swerved from its ultimate course—its every alternating vibration, indeed, only tending to that; free will still free to ply her shuttle between given threads; and chance, though restrained in its play within the right lines of necessity, and sideways in its motions directed by free will, though thus prescribed to by both, chance by turns rules either, and has the last featuring blow at events.
  82. After explaining in detail to James, how he had become involved in the investigation into Illegal Drug sales and distribution - and the reason that their paths had crossed,…Rory came to the point: ‘…we, The Circle, operating with the assistance of the Minister of Police, would like to hire yourself and filming crew to supposedly shoot part of a Documentary film that is being produced for the Education Department, featuring Dairy Farming and Dairy products.
  1. The leaflets featured a color.
  2. Base rates, featured in Table 20.
  3. He has been featured in the New.
  4. Reilly was featured before the game.
  5. Our analysis, featured in Table 24.
  6. Base rates, as featured in Table 21.
  7. All base rates, featured in Table 14.
  8. The base rates, featured in Table 14.
  9. All base rates, featured in Table 26.
  10. Its base rates, featured in Table 14.
  11. Another useful site is featured at www.
  12. Her writing has been featured in the.
  13. The TV Guide featured Father Knows Best.
  14. Its headdress featured a fearsome vulture.
  15. Behlendorf featured in the interior spread.
  16. Featured in the Nine of Pentacles, ss di.
  17. Toronto that featured boys dancing in tanks.
  18. Featured event: Ring around the moon.
  19. The BEST affiliate links are featured as a.
  20. Darrell - Glide has been featured on Wattpad.
  21. Shock featured in the faces of all three men.
  22. One time I was featured in a national magazine.
  23. The park with its gardens featured shady balu-.
  24. Featured auctions aren’t for the faint of heart.
  25. These included the Sauropterygia, which featured.
  26. He was the sort of heavy featured man considered.
  27. Men haven’t exactly featured largely in my life.
  28. My garage featured a lone light bulb that seemed.
  29. This episode featured a starship Captain gone mad.
  30. Be thankful that I featured you at the last segment.
  31. QUICK LINKS that were featured in this publication:.
  32. Stella featured prominently in them, to his disgust.
  33. The bath was barely five by seven and featured pink.
  34. The earliest Paleocene featured a low diversity and.
  35. The base rates for the strategy, featured in Table 26.
  36. The base rates for the strategy, featured in Table 21.
  37. His option research is featured regularly on Zentrader.
  38. The Championship featured New England and San Francisco.
  39. The Pink Panther: Featured on most of the opening and.
  40. His transformation story was featured as Transformation.
  41. Uranians: These are people with Uranus strongly featured.
  42. In addition to this the book is featured on the 'I Care'.
  43. However, if the words aren’t exact, it won’t be featured.
  44. The base rates for deciles 1 and 10 are featured in Tables 14.
  45. The grill featured a sun-glistened figure of a bat in-flight.
  46. It featured only photos of residents protesting in the 1970s.
  47. Women still featured in his life, but only via the electronic.
  48. The base rates for the 25-stock version, featured in Table 25.
  49. That same year Big Dave featured on an official Outlawz mixtape.
  50. Fancy or not, it was the featured object in the room where our.
  51. His trading book reviews have been featured on BusinessInsider.
  52. The track not only featured wagers on the races that were held.
  53. The individuals featured on our website are real people who 94.
  54. His success and achievements are regularly featured in regional.
  55. I could clearly see the shore, which featured a few sparse trees.
  56. There she found a recent magazine that featured her on the cover.
  57. Common sense dictates that featured affiliate products should be.
  58. Fortunately the last person featured on the program was an artist.
  59. The cover of Sports Illustrated for the week featured Tony Reilly.
  60. His art has been featured on the website swordsandsorcerymagazine.
  61. He has been featured as a top Darvas System trader on DarvasTrader.
  62. His reviews of trading books have been featured on BusinessInsider.
  63. Fine, big fellows they were, too; loose-limbed and strong featured.
  64. The Center’s foyer was decorated in a gallery style that featured.
  65. The detailed information on deciles 1 and 10 is featured in Table 14.
  66. ND’s club featured graduating senior varsity football team members.
  67. Both featured sleek cedar skins, five-thirty-seconds of an inch thick.
  68. I featured recent, sensational crimes and became a sensational TV host.
  69. Do you watch for the contests so al uringly featured in newspapers and.
  70. He has been featured as a top Darvas System trader on Darvas TraderPro.
  71. The meal featured her favorite quiche, homemade exactly as she loved it.
  72. They say it's the mark of the wounded healer when it's strongly featured.
  73. The paper on Sunday morning featured a story called Small-Town Scandal.
  74. Adelphia’s bankruptcy featured intercreditor disputes over the proceeds.
  75. In appearance he was young, short, smoothcheeked, and delicately featured.
  76. From the Home screen, tap iBooks and tap Featured in the bottom-left area.
  77. All the base rates for the All Stocks Growth strategy, featured in Table 25.
  78. This extraordinary story was captured and featured on ABC TV show Primetime.
  79. The kitchen featured a large range, always stoked and emitting a meaty smell.
  80. It's kind of funny because the actor Seth Rogen was being featured on a show.
  81. As you might have expected, base rates for the strategy, featured in Table 7.
  82. The man prominently featured on the screen was Spock, only it wasn’t Spock.
  83. All base rates for the 50-stock version of the strategy, featured in Table 25.
  84. However, the formula featured below seems to be a common one for stock options.
  85. Sites for posting ads are another recommendation featured in the BUM Marketing.
  86. And featured fights with both kinds of weapons: pistols and broken beer bottles.
  87. Even if it weren’t featured, she would find my listing with those exact words.
  88. The Cominos Hotel is featured in Steinbeck’s short story The Chrysanthemums.
  89. For example, one question featured on the Hamilton Anxiety Scale asks about fears.
  90. The campaign featured an online contest that was marketed through targeted online.
  91. The ceilings were carved plaster and featured sea creatures from real to fanciful.
  92. Kay knew these networks ran for miles and featured deep drop-offs and jagged pits.
  93. The base rates for the best performing decile—decile 9—is featured in Table 14.
  94. The wanted poster featured the picture the woman in the ink shop had sketched of him.
  95. The bodice featured a gently scooped neckline which was accented with black beading.
  96. On both the Featured and Charts screens, you can scroll most rows from right to left.
  97. This allows me to include all the strategies featured in various sections of the book.
  98. If she types in the search term baby doll, she won’t find it as a featured item.
  99. The ceiling featured pictures of plants, geometric figures, crosses, animals, and birds.
  100. I consider the featured part to be the following statement credited to Stephen Kendrick:.
  1. But look at his features.
  2. What are the features of.
  3. That is, the features and.
  4. Of the many features in our.
  5. Some of its key features are:.
  6. Yet her features are striking.
  7. I couldn’t see her features.
  8. But then his features softened.
  9. The features of this computer.
  10. Yes, all the features in an asp.
  11. His features bore the ancient.
  12. He still had handsome features.
  13. Her fingers traced his features.
  14. Thor has more generous features.
  16. His face and features were thin.
  17. Most ships had similar features.
  18. The sun highlighted his features.
  19. He had chiseled facial features.
  20. This boy too had strange features.
  21. His features were almost feminine.
  22. The features they found included:.
  23. She curiously studied his features.
  24. This soup features that fine herb.
  25. Fear seeped into Adam’s features.
  26. It showed clearly on her features.
  27. What are the features of the man.
  28. As I looked at his perfect features.
  29. This is one of my favorite features.
  30. A look of pain crossed her features.
  31. His features were carefully neutral.
  32. He has your facial features, pet.
  33. Simply list the features and give a.
  34. Features are different from benefits.
  35. Decorate the bunny by adding features.
  36. It was a dwarf, with strong features.
  37. His rugged features matched his voice.
  38. The one on the left has oval features.
  39. Present the product and its features.
  40. His long bangs hung over his features.
  41. I stare at the Administrator's features.
  42. The mask came over his features as he.
  43. The features were indeed a stiff mask.
  44. Many of these features really aren’t.
  45. Are there features you could add which.
  46. A deep-set frown dominated his features.
  47. Every one of them has cool features of.
  48. They could see its features clearly now.
  49. A grimace of sorrow crossed his features.
  50. There were no other features on its head.
  51. A faint smile spread across his features.
  52. That it has all the safety features and.
  53. The land’s sharp features seemed to be.
  54. Now, add any features that you want and.
  55. The features of integration are joy and.
  56. Nobody is interested in just the features.
  57. Clarity studied the features of the healer.
  58. A look of mock-hurt contorted his features.
  59. The play of emotions across her features.
  60. The dismay on the pretty features of the.
  61. And he could see clearly her features now.
  62. This book includes the following features:.
  63. I had wakened the glow: his features beamed.
  64. His lion features disappeared as he did so.
  65. These events are features of our landscape.
  66. Puller sat down, his features turning angry.
  67. It has some human features around its body.
  68. She had exotic features that attracted him.
  69. Some studies mix the two features (call vs.
  70. She had a very stern face and hard features.
  71. The light flashed on his features as I spoke.
  72. The features that we see today don’t stop.
  73. I gasped again when I made out his features.
  74. Many times, the only features that I could.
  75. He calls out all the features he recognizes.
  76. Not all features can be shown to exact scale.
  77. He could not make out any specific features.
  78. Here is the difference in material features.
  79. In fact, less features and functions would.
  80. One that involves,’ his sagging features.
  81. Harris must have had charge of her features.
  82. She was black, with exquisitely fine features.
  83. News and Features Related to Sleep Disorders.
  84. He had fine features and a medium complexion.
  85. That’s one of the features that makes the.
  86. Her typically timid features twisted in rage.
  87. The hall was devoid of other notable features.
  88. Tom squinted trying to make out his features.
  89. And this is perhaps one of its best features.
  90. She could just make out the features of the.
  91. One of its features is the functionality and.
  92. The Romans left behind some features of Latin.
  93. But now she had features, a biography, a name.
  94. Or that provide a list of features that their.
  95. Adams nodded, his mean features twisting with.
  96. She nodded once, her features taut with emotion.
  97. A thin smile spread across his bronzed features.
  98. Larger units with more features will cost more.
  99. A gray colour seems to spread over his features.
  100. Moloch features in the Book of Deuteronomy and.

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