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Fend dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Then we could fend off the P A F.
  2. She let go of Pussy, to fend it off.
  3. Even Kifter could not fend off hunger.
  4. But no! Up came the crop to fend, and.
  5. Nancy had to fend for herself in the end.

  6. The kids have to fend for themselves then.
  7. In the future, they would have to fend for.
  8. We just need to learn to fend for ourselves.
  9. Muslims were still able to fend off the attack.
  10. He’ll just have to fend for himself for now.
  11. I was able to fend him off, but he'll be back.
  12. One fellow picked up an oar as if to fend us off.
  13. He could barely fend his attacks with his spears!.
  14. It sounds like something that’s said to fend off.
  15. Still he smiled, ignoring her attempt to fend him off.

  16. The rest were mostly kids, left to fend on their own.
  17. Schmidt gave an agonized wheeze and tried to fend him.
  18. The Kolor had to raise the shield to fend off the blow.
  19. I asked if they fed her or left her to fend for herself.
  20. He watched Cat storm off leaving Eva to fend for herself.
  21. It had taken much more than he expected to fend off Peter.
  22. Buddy, expecting to fend off the blow, raised his arm and.
  23. I don’t know how much longer I can fend them off though.
  24. Despite the fact his woman was there, I had to fend him off.
  25. The tradesman writhed miserably in a futile attempt to fend.

  26. Without his shield, it would be much harder for him to fend.
  27. Social activity maybe started as a way to fend off the darkness.
  28. We managed to fend them off, but not before they took half of.
  29. They toss the vampires in a pit and let them fend for themselves.
  30. He lashed out at it, again and again, trying to fend it off, so he.
  31. Ashley could fend for herself, but had no ties to this place or time.
  32. Sam and Everette had been warned, and they could fend for themselves.
  33. Tamlyn’s teeth chattered, and his legs shook in an eff ort to fend.
  34. You're in, you are, Libertyville, the squalid mainland of fend for.
  35. His place was among the dead the moment he left me to fend for myself.
  36. The innocents were returned to it and will have to fend for themselves.
  37. I tried to fend him off, but he ignored my outstretched knife and lunged.
  38. I don’t feel right about leaving you to fend for yourself on the trail.
  39. Nangong Ping knew that it was a hopeless situation as he tried to fend off.
  40. We have to fend for ourselves in the pathless woods of personal prejudices.
  41. Kyrin got on her horse and rode off, leaving the others to fend for themselves.
  42. Ray was busy trying to fend off the demons that were attacking the downed lion.
  43. Hurried by her mother, she left her fiancé and her mate to fend for themselves.
  44. Staggering backwards, he managed to fend off Gonzalez, recovering from the punch.
  45. He put up his hand as if to fend off the brightness of their faces from his eyes.
  46. She was a fraction too slow; there was insufficient time for her to fend him off.
  47. And they must go out into the cold, hard machine world… and fend for themselves.
  48. He was already on his feet, shoulders bunched, preparing to fend off the intruder.
  49. Gray houses run in converging lines to the horizon, bunched as if to fend off cold.
  50. Too many Americans would have simply told the servants to fend for themselves alone.
  51. No one suspected that their city would be able to fend off an orderran attack….
  52. He was hoping only to fend off his assailant, but the mind-cane had a different purpose.
  53. Meanwhile Victor was somehow perplexed and hardly had time to fend off missing strikes.
  54. Greg and Rachel attacked it and found it had only a small laser battery to fend them off.
  55. When I wanted to study engineering at Manipal, he said I was too young to fend for myself.
  56. Nether the less, she tried to fend it off, but her fingers slid through its inky blackness.
  57. The short interval of busy work tending to communal chores helped to fend off notice of the.
  58. The secret service was gone, patrolling the crowd leaving the president to fend for himself.
  59. It starts with 'Live and let the others fend for themselves' and ends with 'Live and help die.
  60. An obscene amount of money had been used up from the estate funds to fend off the legal actions.
  61. To fend off fighter attack and hit narrow target islands, planes had to bunch very close together.
  62. This setup has a tendency to take a few days to get started as bears fend off the dip-buying crowd.
  63. Those people could not just be abandoned in the middle of Germany or Poland to fend for themselves.
  64. By now the nursing staff had left the operating room in fear leaving the doctor to fend for himself.
  65. He tried to fend the blows of with his raised arms but the blows continued to rain against his head.
  66. I had him wrapped around my little finger, which left Desiree’ out in the cold to fend for herself.
  67. It was only time before Muhammad developed acumen for trading, and thus was able to fend for himself.
  68. They were left to fend for themselves while he drained the family’s life savings to spend on excess.
  69. I’ve had to fend for myself and I guess that left no time for carefreeness, if there’s such a word.
  70. This left Monica to fend on her own for the evening, and to cook whatever she desired to consume as food.
  71. TIN had adopted a poison pill defense in an attempt to fend off a hostile takeover by International Paper.
  72. I figured that she and Marcus must be married and that is why she left Nhance and me to fend for ourselves.
  73. Visola finally was able to fend off the bulk of her swarm of attackers and turned to swim toward the princess.
  74. The Cimmerian made no attempt to dodge or fend them away, but his own hands darted to the Kosalan's bull-neck.
  75. Reaching out both hands to fend off the invasive digits, he grasped at the air finding something solid to hold.
  76. This was not a real bankruptcy but rather a nearly sui generis use of bankruptcy law to fend off legal obligations.
  77. He clambers to his feet, surprised at how weak he is, but prepared to fend off all attackers, whether man or animal.
  78. No longer able to fend for themselves, they slumped on the streets awaiting whichever came first, a handout or death.
  79. You have no idea how great it is that I don’t have to fend off the nitwits who were always after me for my pills.
  80. Damien wasn’t ready for her to date boys, and his attitude indirectly gave them permission to fend off any suitors.
  81. Unlike the incident with Blondie, he made no attempt to fend off the blow and took the hit solidly without flinching.
  82. She saw the man in front of her now as a tired old man trying to fend for his family, just like any other man on earth.
  83. But there was a nice camp knife that would fend off small vermin the size of a mindune in her pack tied to that saddle.
  84. Maybe, it’s this subconscious sense of gratitude that tends parents to fend their children into adulthood, and beyond.
  85. What happens now? What happens to the cows and horses and sheep back on the island? They can’t fend for themselves.
  86. Even had the original plan been completed, there had been no plan to cut them loose and leave them to fend for themselves.
  87. He had decided that his men could fend for themselves against the cannon as their lives were of little consequence to him.
  88. The irony now was that with Amonas missing, and her protector unable to come to her aid she would have to fend for herself.
  89. The combat armor they both wore was intended to fend off lasers and not the slug from a large caliber pistol at short range.
  90. It was not easy for Jon to fend off the natives as he was quite attractive and more imposing than the rest of his shipmates.
  91. Where do you think the custom of All Empires neglecting their own colonies, and leaving them to fend for themselves comes from?
  92. For a while I could recall no more, and then, unable to fend it off, for it came of itself, a last fragment appeared in the dark:.
  93. For now, he had just abandoned her without warning to fend for herself against the most powerful and evil being that walked Midgard.
  94. Okay, okay! he protested holding up his hands to fend off an unseen enemy, But you’ve got to cut them a little slack, Rytal.
  95. They were joined in their dry haven by a middle-aged man who was holding a newspaper over his head in an attempt to fend off the rain.
  96. Liam, a trainer of Thorns, watched in horror as his new apprentice attempted to fend off a medium-sized cave spider in Teekwood Caverns.
  97. What is love that can split even gold into half? Love is something that is as mysterious as magic, when it comes, it cannot be fend off.
  98. The day after, when a TV repair van slowed to seek an address, Emily stepped out to fend off any ill-mannered reporters who might nose in.
  99. One by one, the kith and kin, with heavy heart, took leave of the bereaved, leaving Roopa, her family and her in-laws to fend for themselves.
  100. Only then can GOOD positive living human grass-roots movements, and GOOD positive living energy fend off and begin ATTACKING negative energy.

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