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Film dans une phrase (en anglais)

So it was with film.
And the film was over.
We see a film on the.
The senses blend to film.
The film was pure fantasy.
The film is a disaster.
It’s a scene from a film.

I shot a whole roll of film.
A film slid across his eyes.
Ben, you’ll love the film.
Eke noticed the film first.
It is not hard to find film.
Time was a film run backward.
It was a film about war time.
Cindy pushed the film onward.
Film production is my passion.
Half an hour into the film.
It was a great film and he'd.
It’s this film, I said.
He played himself in every film.
She’s really enjoying the film.
Roy on film, acting out the Beast.
We watched a film for a few hours.
Tony'd do anything for this film.
Embedded in the film of our minds.
No, nothing to do with the film.
The film began to flicker like an.
Something had come back on the film.
You should make a film about it.
A film script lay open on the table.
Here is my latest gun camera film.
But this had been a new roll of film.
One of the most popular film stars.
He also had a lot of film and tapes.
The city is filled with film posters.
We sat watching the film for a while.
The film is set in the Tang Dynasty.
But it was only a film over her fire.
There was a plastic film over the map.
Film is spliced together by the frame.
The crews were filming as he went.
First, cameras are filming the 879.
They’re filming me as I stand here.
It shouldn't affect filming or anything.
You should be filming this party, Alan said.
They were filming the first and last scenes there.
With Nancy still filming, Farah shouted in horror.
She hadn’t realized they’d still been filming.
Filming commenced on September 1, 1954, at Fox’s L.
He panted, tears filming his eyes, and did not answer.
Her tormentor stepped back in disgust, still filming.
Namibia offers filming conditions of the highest level.
The two walked down the hallway, John filming everything.
Jem had set up his tripod and was hunched over, filming.
He further insisted on filming the entire proceeding by.
Namibia has been on the international map of top filming.
The cameramen were filming and the others had faces that.
In a break from filming, we recently visited the Oak Tree.
When filming had finished the band stopped off for a pint.
Their people had also been filming all day in Kansas City.
I started filming and Dr King got handed the keys to the city.
Are you filming a movie by the way? It’s not too bad so far.
Given the many calls upon his time, filming new and instructive.
Were those bastards spying on Caitlin? Were they filming her?
He could now command $9-12 million per picture and was filming an.
We were filming that evening in a converted garage that Charlie’s.
The killers turned as they saw the cameraman filming them and all he.
We were to spend next week with him filming the story from the other.
Fabrice had been taping the parade and filming a fly past of Egyptian.
We started filming early the next morning, none of us in the room had.
Webinars are another way to create video content (as is filming a live.
I’d smoked about 4 cigars already, the tension of filming the petrol.
I’d been out one night filming the Cairo crowds in the streets when I.
That said, Marilyn’s emotional problems took their toll during filming.
The closing weeks of filming were at a location somewhere in New Zealand.
My most important duty is to make sure filming continues unhindered here.
A hundred yards away, at the entrance pool, the Cupids were still filming.
She pulled the blindfold off my eyes and there they were, filming it all.
It had taken some doing to restore enough order on set to continue filming.
Without looking in the viewfinder, filming like this is a tricky business.
Filmed in and around St.
My own stepmother filmed it.
Miss Laplante filmed the whole thing.
We filmed it on our phones, obviously.
They were filmed without their knowledge.
Jose's eyes seemed filmed over, reflective.
Still, I wish that I could have filmed her.
The crew filmed Thomas and Cindy walking hand.
Tears filmed his eyes when he looked down at her.
The Soviet concentration camps were never filmed.
When was this filmed and was it recorded live?
He knew what happened to my parents because he filmed it.
The scene lurched, as if filmed by one who was stumbling.
An episode of that show about hoarders could be filmed here.
Aazuria, these movies were filmed long before you were born.
He and his crew had filmed there a couple of times previously.
One of the most dramatic scenes I ever filmed was this dish at.
We filmed a woman who told us that she been found in her small.
The camera was quickly set up and they filmed Rolls Royce’s and.
The depth of the feeling about the award was shown when we filmed.
There was an engineer we filmed, who had been playing with his son.
Everything went smoothly after that, we filmed the inauguration and.
She was once again in the Room where Hu Lyang had filmed and raped her.
Marcia took a drink, taking her time, her eyes still filmed with tears.
We filmed Bradley’s 727 jet fly out of Ton San Nuit airport with the.
In the middle of the program there were filmed segments with Christians.
Okay, it was filmed on the hills around Manchester with actors, but hey.
The situation was a little delicate, Charlie wanted to be filmed with his.
It was a long while ago when I filmed him and no doubt he’s out now and.
They were from the hut next door and some filmed with their camera phones.
He filmed Raffe and Kerim discussing how they were going to eliminate you.
Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now was filmed there in 1975-76.
The scene was to be filmed in a dusky light, almost dream sequence surreal.
Ron and his friends, then filmed them from the roof of the enclosure, down.
Stepmother brought a camcorder and filmed while Mother yelled discouragement.
Valley, filmed in front of German wine cognoscenti, Gerrie had slated one of.
He remembered news footage of soldiers at war filmed with night-vision cameras.
I was part of the team that filmed the scenes from the Pleistocene that you saw.
He said it was part of Fort Worden, where they filmed An Officer and a Gentleman.
We did manage to get one of these sessions filmed, and it is fun to watch on DVD.
No films for two years.
Maximus Films, like I said.
Then again, those films are staged.
Some of the other films about Gāndhi:.
Watch films – some 50-100 hours will do.
Why are these stereotypical films still.
There would undoubtedly be books and films.
Watch films that are suspense or thrillers.
She then disappeared with the rolls of films.
You know, Barry said, the war films.
Everyone thinks films are made in Hollywood.
Crass obviously had a sideline in bimbo films.
Karl was a producer and dealer of Snuff Films.
Nowadays these films didn’t make him happy.
He was in thirty-three feature films as well.
Many films have been produced in Namibia by.
He paid it and the propaganda films that were.
Our films and programs are overrun with clichés.
Since there are countless films that have been.
Films and books on the lives of saints have not.
He didn’t approve of the content of most films.
That’s what all the Bollywood films were about.
Films, BBC Science, Epo Filmproduktions and others.
It was still one of his favourite Earth-type films.
In 1948 she starred in the films A Date with Judy.
I’m in heaven with all things that the sex films.
Andy - I was lucky enough to break into films first.
They can be had, because they love films, we don’t.
The OWG hadn’t produced any films in recent years.
BADDE holds a movie camera and films the road ahead.
Well known examples of these are found in the films.
He looked like he was out of one of those army films.
You could gravitate to films of a spiritual nature too.
In films set in Victorian times we often see the old-.
I’m not sure I think much of 3D films, she said.
Oh, they always do that in French films, she said.
Most of these films were made in America, encouraging.
Films with a message, whether you agree with it or not.
It’s one of few such short films that I really like.
She was never allowed to dance in any of her many films.

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