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Finicky dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. She is always too finicky about my hair and length and if she.
2. Been finicky is known in cats, which will mean you may have to just.
3. Oh, you humans are really finicky, aren’t you? I love this stuff.
4. Gracilaria is one of the foods you could try if you have a finicky tang that is FishLore.
5. And I was being finicky in choosing a transient sexual partner for a short love affair! But it obviously had to be so.
6. This island seems uninhabited, but it still might harbor certain individuals who aren't so finicky about the sort of game they eat!.
7. He performs a service, without pay – all right, he gets some cat chow and is finicky – very similar to the good that is done at various Hospice places.

8. I hopped into my truck, a red ‘98 Chevy S10, which has seen much better days, and prayed silently that it wouldn’t give me problems; it’s been finicky about starting recently and I really don’t have time to get it checked out; especially with prom coming up.
9. There’d been ample time for Azkhat’s men to dismount the weapons from their sleds and prepare solid, properly leveled foundations on the eastern side of a long crest line, and the lieutenant and Sergeant Cahnyr Lynkyn, his senior squadron commander, had positioned the range and bearing stakes with finicky precision.

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