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Fire dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Of the ring of fire.
  2. My body was on fire.
  3. Could be a fire risk.
  4. The heat of the fire.
  5. The fire died a little.

  6. But the fire, the fire.
  7. I opened fire on the.
  8. Then he saw a fire pit.
  9. The gun failed to fire.
  10. Fire of love that burns.
  11. Fire burns in the land.
  12. His larynx was on fire.
  13. To play with that fire.
  14. Maureen had lit a fire.
  15. Piss on the fire stuff.

  16. The house was on fire!.
  17. Sort of like fire opals.
  18. The flames of the fire.
  19. There is no fire at all.
  20. The fire is put out now.
  21. He hears the engine fire.
  22. It's red and like fire.
  23. A slow roast in the fire.
  24. A river of fire fell on.
  25. He fell into the fire.

  26. Zia’s fire ebbed to a.
  27. It will put out the fire.
  28. Soon it is water and fire.
  29. Fire needs oxygen to live.
  30. This is a kingdom of fire.
  31. The fire had been put out.
  32. We haven't had a fire yet.
  33. Two pots stood by the fire.
  34. As fire on candles, as shy.
  35. That shine with fire power.
  36. Fire was coming their way.
  37. This is fuel on the fire.
  38. He was sitting by the fire.
  39. The fire started in Greece.
  40. The fire inside him burned.
  41. The two people opened fire.
  42. Fire burns as water soothes.
  43. I have stepped into the fire.
  44. They sat warming by the fire.
  45. Teddy brings his fire coat.
  46. Fire is the best remedy for.
  47. Then he saw the fire escape.
  48. Soon, his fire shall be lit.
  49. The fire danger was marked.
  50. She poked at the fire awhile.
  51. Learned that fire is random.
  52. Cira was gifted with fire.
  53. He stared at the fire awhile.
  54. My house is on fire!.
  55. Lisa lit a fire in the big.
  56. A fire out here, especially.
  57. On the coals of a dying fire.
  58. Shake over the fire until hot.
  59. The tares are burned in fire.
  60. Fire and hail mixed together.
  61. Jayana was starting the fire.
  62. But the fire was in his eyes.
  63. The wolves did not fear fire.
  64. That’s the thing about fire.
  65. They caught my roots on fire.
  66. The Refiner’s Fire of Life.
  67. Put another log on the fire.
  68. Behold the fire and the wood:.
  69. Where is that fire chief?
  70. Fudge, The Fire That Consumes.
  71. The command of the Jewel Fire.
  72. Their fire will neutralize it.
  73. This morning, before the fire.
  74. Nick started a wood fire and.
  75. There was a huge cloud of fire.
  76. Doubt thou the stars are fire.
  77. Fire crawled across the pages.
  78. He rained fire onto our cars!.
  79. She is, after all, a Fire Mage.
  80. Fire Spear of the All Father!.
  81. Breathing fire across the land.
  82. It had caught fire and burned.
  83. Or if it is where my fire burns.
  84. Rather, it was a trial by fire.
  85. She put another log on the fire.
  86. The fire and water themselves:.
  87. The fire is coming this way.
  88. Consumed by fire of the shadow.
  89. The other skeletons opened fire.
  90. Allow the fire of heaven to 90.
  91. His eyes flared with inner fire.
  92. His groin was on fire with pain.
  93. They have a fire in their eyes.
  94. His mind on fire, Adros stumbled.
  95. His vision was filled with fire.
  96. Place Uriah in the line of fire.
  97. They have seen that fire before.
  98. Seconds later, the fire was out.
  99. Our trial by fire was not over.
  100. I love the fire, she said.
  1. Someone was firing at us.
  2. Men firing without a care.
  3. At last the firing stopped.
  4. There was no firing anywhere.
  5. Lord Godalming is firing up.
  6. This firing drives out the.
  7. The sounds of firing died out.
  8. They believe that by firing.
  9. For firing that guy I think.
  10. As I didn’t hear any firing.
  11. Joey risked firing the Gunkshot.
  12. Glain, bloody and firing a gun.
  13. Where are they firing from?
  14. The gunners were firing at them.
  15. I went on firing deadly bullets.
  16. He was executed by firing squad.
  17. The heavy firing finally ceased.
  18. I chambered it and started firing.
  19. Two of the T-90s are firing at me.
  20. The firing grew louder and louder.
  21. And again he was firing questions.
  22. Some of the men began firing back.
  23. When the firing finally abated I.
  24. They’ve stopped firing on us.
  25. Firing the weapons in a good cause.
  26. But there were no sounds of firing.
  27. Surrendered without firing a shot.
  28. I really like the rear firing tubes.
  29. Thrusts with the sword and firing, M.
  30. That would be by firing squad though.
  31. Greg did not believe in firing first.
  32. He pulled out his gun and began firing.
  33. Their actions warranted firing squads.
  34. Not in the sound of the bullet firing.
  35. Besides, he suddenly realized, firing.
  36. They’ll be in firing range in ten.
  37. That's why he was so keen on me firing.
  38. There was no case to eject after firing.
  39. At least they weren’t firing at us.
  40. They were firing from all directions now.
  41. Dunn saw him but hesitated before firing.
  42. The firing had stopped from that direction.
  43. They were already firing from the windows.
  44. The soldiers started firing without orders.
  45. The topside turret wasn’t firing anymore.
  46. Immediately after firing those shots, Dr.
  47. All of a sudden the phasors started firing.
  48. They emptied their pistols in firing at the.
  49. By now, everyone was firing at everyone else.
  50. Ton Tsing, who was firing through an opening.
  51. But instead of firing, the pilot saluted him.
  52. I came close to firing you a couple of times.
  53. The cubfighters turn and begin firing at her.
  54. The firing began about three in the afternoon.
  55. The shouting and sporadic firing at anything.
  56. Trent wasted no time in firing up the chopper.
  57. What's going on out there? We can hear firing.
  58. Most of the shots missed, firing safely over.
  59. Something was firing a round of bullets at me.
  60. I’m already a candidate for the firing squad.
  61. I wouldn’t dream of firing the principal.
  62. Minutes later the firing and explosions stopped.
  63. Lucas rolled down the window and started firing.
  64. All weapons on all vessels were firing at once.
  65. The guards rushed in and took firing positions.
  66. Before she made eye contact she started firing.
  67. There was no wholesale firing or housecleaning.
  68. Read's case and upheld the firing for lack of.
  69. Dawley was dropping the pistol with each firing.
  70. The firing stopped and Jabbar called out to them.
  71. This was the Jazz of old firing on all cylinders.
  72. The firing from the gun was about to begin again.
  73. The recoil from firing the missile was incredible.
  74. Max, what is the reason you are firing us?
  75. He thinks, It only sounded like two guns firing.
  76. A random firing of neutrons, whatever that means.
  77. Without any electronics, the engines stop firing.
  78. At last his continuous firing killed three of them.
  79. The targets are the firing tubes here and here.
  80. Those Greys have woken it up with all that firing.
  81. Pretexts arose in late November for my firing 12/07.
  82. The financial intuition is firing on all cylinders.
  83. The firing stopped and he heard Humphrey’s voice.
  84. His group began firing toward the approaching ships.
  85. He slowly raised his pistol to the firing position.
  86. Keep firing at it—Chén, what are you doing?
  87. Only her missiles were restricted to firing forward.
  88. Then they started firing indiscriminately over them.
  89. Sharply pull the firing string vertically downwards.
  90. Robin had cranked his crossbow into firing position.
  91. She flitted around like a butterfly firing missiles.
  92. A second group further down the road started firing.
  93. Candy in turn stood ready to commence firing at the.
  94. Climbing and firing turned out to be a difficult task.
  95. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the firing stopped.
  96. They responded by firing rubber bullets at the youths.
  97. He now could hear a machine gun firing from that room.
  98. The advance troops were firing at anything that moved.
  99. They killed two birds with one stone by firing Smith.
  100. Is he still alive then? Bane asked, hopes firing.
  1. I fired but I missed.
  2. He fired a gaze at J.
  3. It fired up and raged.
  4. He fired a third time.
  5. The ship fired a 188.
  6. I too have been fired.
  7. The gun had been fired.
  8. He took aim and fired.
  9. He fired and missed me.
  10. I fired into his chest.
  11. And I fired the pistol.
  12. The ruling fired up Mr.
  13. He fired up the ignition.
  14. It could be fired again.
  15. My grey matter fired up.
  16. The gun fired twice more.
  17. He fired up the computer.
  18. I fired her this morning.
  19. Her eyes fired back open.
  20. He fired two shots that.
  21. I fired again, and again.
  22. He fired a few more times.
  23. We all fired when Zem did.
  24. Ryodan may have fired her.
  25. I was fired, I said.
  26. If he fired his pistol, M.
  27. There was a shot fired.
  28. Garcia fired up the engine.
  29. He fired up the first joint.
  30. I had never fired a cannon.
  31. He fired once into his leg.
  32. She fired her last missile.
  33. Matt fired, right on target.
  34. He raised the gun and fired.
  35. Ben fired a shot at the cave.
  36. Not a single shot was fired.
  37. President Polk had fired him.
  38. I fired again into his face.
  39. He would have fired his gun.
  40. I would not have fired back.
  41. Harry fired the four retros.
  42. Though she fired seven more.
  43. Actually, she was fired for.
  44. Each ship fired two missiles.
  45. He drew his weapon and fired.
  46. She raised her gun and fired.
  47. He fired, sending the slugs.
  48. The gun on the roof fired a.
  49. They fired her without mercy.
  50. He fired three shots rapidly.
  51. Teachers have been fired for.
  52. Sati reloaded and fired again.
  53. As she went, Sue fired a few.
  54. They fired a round towards us.
  55. And then the cops fired at him.
  56. Does this mean I'm fired?
  57. I aimed at his side and fired.
  58. Top executives are never fired.
  59. The weapon had never been fired.
  60. No sounds of shots being fired.
  61. So far I hadn’t fired my guns.
  62. He fired three quick shots at.
  63. He refused, so he was fired, i.
  64. McLean fired a round into his.
  65. He fired one shot into the air.
  66. Bronson fired first and missed.
  67. Will aimed and then fired twice.
  68. One of the M-16s fired a round.
  69. She fired it, and then another.
  70. And it can be fired off, too.
  71. He never fired a gun unless he.
  72. He fired off the entangled beam.
  73. Fired in continuous mode, the 1.
  74. He fired another shot in the air.
  75. The farmer got all fired up to.
  76. Twisting to her back, she fired.
  77. When fired, the revolver turns.
  78. The Bishop fired up the grandes.
  79. The Pinto fired on the first try.
  80. They probably fired upon the.
  81. Her soft warmth fired his blood.
  82. Came home and fired a gun?
  83. He never personally fired anyone.
  84. They held for a second and fired.
  85. The deputy fired from the ground.
  86. He can’t be fired from this job.
  87. Michaud had not fired it in anger.
  88. And with that the Orderrans fired.
  89. Joshua fired a third shot that day.
  90. Ben fired another shot at the cave.
  91. I fired at my first ox from 850ft.
  92. He expected to be fired any minute.
  93. The merfolk fired their crossbows.
  94. Aquarius raised his gun and fired.
  95. He aimed, fired, and left the room.
  96. They escaped without a shot fired.
  97. He fired his pistol to wake us up.
  98. When he pulled left, Dempsey fired.
  99. Sharon fired the follow-up question.
  100. God is not dead; he has been fired.
  1. It fires a place up!.
  2. The fires were so high.
  3. Fires off a single shot.
  4. It fires semi auto only.
  5. Fires burn night and day.
  6. He had escaped the fires.
  7. If I bring the fires of.
  8. Once these fires were to.
  9. He lifts his gun and fires.
  10. Amy fires the pepper spray.
  11. The fires are out of control.
  12. There were fires all around.
  13. There are a number of fires.
  14. When the fires were lit and.
  15. Ticking of fires as they cool.
  16. Fires in theatres are common.
  17. Fires confirmed in med bay.
  18. I’ve had enough of fires.
  19. Justice animates, it fires up.
  20. There's a lot about the fires.
  21. A squeeze fires off at 8:30 a.
  22. In the names of the Four Fires.
  23. Fires of several homes burning.
  24. Drums rolled and fires leaped up.
  25. Had sought their household fires.
  26. Fires were visible on all sides.
  27. They have fires and warm clothes.
  28. It fires a 22 caliber long rifle.
  29. Small fires flickered under each.
  30. Fires began to break out and the.
  31. Chapter Seven: The fires of chaos.
  32. And there were some bad fires too.
  33. It fires auto, burst, or semi auto.
  34. Zoey fires her dual SMGs in the air.
  35. Test fires continued from 2010-2024.
  36. Most of the fires are out and the.
  37. Fires burned in front of the tents.
  38. It fires semi auto, burst, or auto.
  39. It fires (obviously) semi auto only.
  40. The source of the fires were wagons.
  41. The red fires shone between it and.
  42. The fires raged for sixty-nine days.
  43. Thomas! What’re all the fires?
  44. Light the beacon fires, he said.
  45. Out by the gas fires of the refinery.
  46. Seven is the number of fires in Hell.
  47. No, I am not reading about the fires.
  48. Of the Beltane fires? I ask curiously.
  49. Fires dotted the neighbourhood skyline.
  50. Fires had started in some parts of Pyr.
  51. You see, there are dark fires in Hell.
  52. The fires of passion and its smart—.
  53. All the fires were out and they were.
  54. We soon saw twinkling the fires of Berd.
  55. Let me see, the fires you start are a.
  56. Its neighbor, the blue truck, fires up.
  57. There were fires and huge explosions.
  58. The fires of hell waiting to engulf me.
  59. Then I could smell peat fires around me.
  60. Old fires stirred in the priest’s eyes.
  61. The man counted the angry, magical fires.
  62. The flares of little fires threw shadows.
  63. Tee fires a shot and we both startle and.
  64. Its fires were now dimmed, and it stood.
  65. He jumps back into the Rover, fires it up.
  66. Maggie is keeping the home fires burning.
  67. Gas bottles exploded and fires broke out.
  68. Jet fires his fully charged photon cannon.
  69. They leave papers around and build fires.
  70. Fires from the siege engines of the Army.
  71. I shield my face with an arm as she fires.
  72. Luckily, it fires a relatively slow round.
  73. Continual fires were kept to consume these.
  74. The city’s fires had been uncontrollable.
  75. The stranger’s eyes are deep-seated fires.
  76. The home fires idea associated with.
  77. Since the fires began, he had slept little.
  78. The fires went out, and blank darkness fell.
  79. Sure some fires can open new paths for you.
  80. Listen, we need to stay close to the fires.
  81. The fires of dawn… ! breathed Zaphod.
  82. I hope they’re enjoying the fires of hell.
  83. The fires were nearly impossible to put out.
  84. Point 2 shows a squeeze that fires off long.
  85. At points 1 and 2, a squeeze fires off long.
  86. The next he was burning in the fires of Hell.
  87. That night, the city was bathed in red fires.
  88. If the fires began to grow dim, they’d be.
  89. Point 1 shows a squeeze that fires off short.
  90. And it is not damp if there are fires enough.
  91. It fires semi auto and was first made in 1996.
  92. Fires stormed there, where there was no water.
  93. He sucks in a breath and holds it as he fires.
  94. The rain is good too: it will stifle the fires.
  95. The Badgers worked hard to replenish the fires.
  96. And while he was traveling, John Orr set fires.
  97. At point 1, a squeeze fires off a short signal.
  98. We made great fires, and brewed strange drinks.
  99. There are such things as fires and earthquakes.
  100. My heart where she smiles asks no colder fires.

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