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Fixture dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Social smoking was a fixture at.
  2. Shooting galleries are a fixture in.
  3. He felt his seat move away from its fixture.
  4. He was practically a fixture and above suspicion.
  5. If you are not using a light fixture, turn it off.

  6. He pulled the metal fixture open and poked his head out.
  7. The staircase was a grand, ornate fixture in gleaming oak.
  8. The bathroom fixture is flooding the floor, answered Mr.
  9. Rinker’s office was lit with an overhead fluorescent fixture.
  10. A fixture of light she must have possessed, yes? A candle? No.
  11. All of them had grown up with Peter as a fixture in their lives.
  12. A fixture that illegally intrudes into or invades the property or.
  13. The light fixture above still had no bulb, and the room was still as.
  14. Slender, her hair in a tight bun, she was a fixture of quiet authority.
  15. The 1968 season commenced in March and the first fixture was on a Sunday.

  16. We were in an apartment painting when it was time to take down a ceiling fixture.
  17. Ingrid lay back on the table, blinking up at a light fixture with a dead wasp in it.
  18. A new gray steel light fixture hung from the ceiling, giving the room a modern feel.
  19. What had happened was a pipe from the upstairs bathroom was leaking into the fixture.
  20. One hit the light fixture and it exploded, throwing them into near-complete darkness.
  21. She heard a screw snap out of the fixture overhead and then the whole fixture gave way.
  22. Light flooded the tiny room from an overhead fixture, illuminating every square inch of it.
  23. And now, three days into the war, Drau’d feared that scowl had become a permanent fixture.
  24. The symbolism of mountains and pyramids are a pivotal fixture throughout the ancient wisdom.
  25. After she went upstairs he pulled a chair over and changed light bulbs in the ceiling fixture.

  26. The dead bulb screwed loose easily, and when it came away from its fixture, he studied the insides.
  27. Kai has become a fixture at University of Michigan’s Tozzi Electronic Business and Finance Center.
  28. It was a wet Saturday in March when West Ham played the reverse fixture in Manchester against United.
  29. Owing to an accident at the commencement of March, he became for some days a fixture in the kitchen.
  30. Clarence Travers looked straight ahead at the radiator fixture on the car front and started the motor.
  31. Carla was convinced the camera was a permanent fixture and the victims were not targeted, just unlucky.
  32. Hump was Cal Humphrey, a fixture from down the street; they had just walked past his storefront office.
  33. Sometimes an unattached third person becomes a fixture, a necessary element in a couples relationship.
  34. Neither, come to that, had Silas, who worried whether insomnia was becoming a permanent fixture in his life.
  35. The scaffold had become a permanent fixture in the plaza and was in constant use after every Resistance attack.
  36. He’d met Sabrina, a bio major, in the taekwondo club, and she’d become a fixture in our group when we got together.
  37. One day when I least expected it she made herself a fixture in my life by choosing to visit me and call me at some of the strangest hours.
  38. The night was sultry and the full moon was nearly a permanent fixture in their nighttime sky, twinkling off the gentle swells in the lagoon.
  39. Such an honoured fixture is the Backwoodsman, stoned erect, with not as much as a summation of fear, for the Headless-huntsman hot on his heels.
  40. As the days passed Francesca became a regular fixture in the early morning rush, often chatting to Ben as she ate her bagel and drank her coffee.
  41. By the seventh century, fireworks were a fixture of court occasions, and fireworker an official position, like magician or Lord High Executioner.
  42. I made out that I was fastened to a stout perpendicular ladder a few inches from the wall,—a fixture there,—the means of ascent to the loft above.
  43. Because of the long record of dividend payments, investors came finally to consider the dividend as a fixture, and as late as 1922 the stock sold at 70.
  44. The big, rawboned mixed collie had been a fixture at the Duff household since Sam was two years old; young Duff and Blackie were inseparable these past twelve years.
  45. He could it, now that he had worked up enough courage to locate the box where he’d stashed his corner of the scroll, hidden on top of a wagon-wheel light fixture.
  46. The job required slight thought or effort—load a part in the fixture, place an 8-32 insert, pull the handle—arm rather than wrist flexion—wrap and stack the finished part in a shipping box.
  47. She was a fixture to him—an article of furniture, one with the home, indispensable perhaps as the home itself, but only because, like inanimate things, she had been useful and had made no claim.
  48. I moved through the living room, turning off lamps as I went, then I hesitated at the switch that controlled the lighting fixture over the island, and turned to look at him over my shoulder, going for a sultry look.
  49. They provide not only a setting, but also a permanent fixture that can sometimes be an important pivot point for characterization as well as an objective correlative for the lives of the characters in those series.
  50. Raine McLennan had become a fixture on Orcas in the summertime, offering sought-after, colorful descriptions of past, present and future life experiences for the throngs of tourists who haunted this beautiful island every year.
  51. His breath was sweet, olive skin flawless, lips full and intentions clear – I thought, so was somewhat surprised and just a tad disappointed when he merely asked if I’d become a permanent fixture, and he'd guarantee I'd be a buyer within a year.
  52. After adjusting the fixture and canvas, he dipped his paintbrush into the various colors, painting erratically in an attempt to release the tension and frustration he felt through abstract images, seeing Sage’s face, his parents’ faces, and the coven’s faces.
  53. A small crystal chandelier was suspended from the fifteen-foot ceiling by a heavy chain that would have been more suitable for holding a more substantial fixture; the dim glow from the shaded bulbs hardly created enough light, especially given the lack of natural sunshine inside.
  54. It is how Jewish and Western corruption became normalized, accepted, unquestioned and remains unchallenged as a permanent fixture of a sick society which refuses to look at itself critically, seriously, refuses to act, refuses to connect insight to action and refuses to stand up for anything and anyone and refuses to fight for anything and refuses to fight against anything.

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