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Flail dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Kyrin handed the flail over.
  2. I brandished the crook and flail.
  3. Carter raised his crook and flail.
  4. He beat the ground with his flail.
  5. He leaned his flail against the steps.
  6. He started to flail in circles and, in the.
  7. Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail:.
  8. That one with the flail and bladed buckler is.
  9. He pul ed out the crook and flail, which were.
  10. The idea of using the crook and flail made me.
  11. She also would feel better if she had her flail.
  12. Carter stared at the crook and flail in his hands.
  13. No then, she said, and started for her flail.
  14. When he didn’t return, she went in search of her flail.
  15. She hesitated and then hiked her skirt up to remove the flail.
  16. Alric wasn’t surprised to see her flail tucked into her belt.
  17. I flew into his arms, knocking the crook and flail out of his lap.
  18. He offered the sun god the crook and flail, but Ra shook his head.
  19. She started to get mad and when she readied her flail, he hit her.
  20. He was cowering in the corner as she pummeled him with that flail.
  21. She used her flail to slam away the vines, and then stepped inside.
  22. Zem’s Kolor deflected the flail with its shield as it stepped aside.
  23. She had a small lantern her hand and a flail made of coarse horsehair.
  24. Alric looked over at Kyrin as she slipped her flail back into her belt.
  25. Carter waded forward, swinging his flail and crook as if he had trained.
  26. I grasped the crook and flail in one hand and held Zia’s hand with the.
  27. You don’t need your flail tonight, Trox said, sensing her problem.
  28. The skirt trailed several feet behind her and left nowhere to put her flail.
  29. A knock startled her, and she grabbed her flail and moved back by the window.
  30. Kyrin pummeled him with her flail, turning him into a mass of flesh and blood.
  31. Kyrin had just entered with her arm in a sling and her flail on her left side.
  32. That girl can hand-to-hand with the big boys and always has her flail with her.
  33. Leave the flail behind… His voice dropped to a whisper, Let me love you.
  34. Her hand hung inches above her flail as her eyes narrowed, and she studied the corner.
  35. The legs continued to flail, and Bryony heard a muted cry from inside the pile of turnips.
  36. The body was fitted and not at all bulky, and she had free range of motion with her flail.
  37. She walked over and grabbed her flail with her good hand, and then tucked it into her belt.
  38. He was only slightly surprised when Kyrin reached under her skirt and pulled out the flail.
  39. She kept a tight grip on her flail, even while she teetered on the edge of unconsciousness.
  40. If an enemy were to get that flail, it would be less effective in their hands, Alric added.
  41. It was thick and accentuated her small waist, but had a loop for her flail that fit perfectly.
  42. She had her flail tucked under her skirts, and was finding that to be a huge advantage of a dress.
  43. Contrary to what she’d promised Alric, she then hiked her dress up and tied her flail to her thigh.
  44. From his pocket he took a shoelace and tied the ends of the sticks loosely together to make a flail.
  45. The milk thistle resembled a medieval flail with its thick green stem topped with a green spiked head.
  46. A ball of light appeared before them and Kyrin stood with her flail ready, but Alric put his hand out.
  47. I guess, she said, and then slipped the flail into her belt before following him out of the castle.
  48. He saw a man topple and flail down, falling from one level to another of the caves, a victim of his shot.
  49. However, Ingrid Weiss showed surprising expertise with her flail, a notoriously difficult weapon to master.
  50. The way he moved was indicative of an Assassin, so she slowly grabbed her flail and kept a close eye on him.
  51. Could I have run all that way without Crumley and Henry to flail away shadows as my breath banged the walls?
  52. And Molly…she’s the kind of person who fries ants with a magnifying glass just to watch them flail around.
  53. He held it for a third minute, until that smallest of the trolls began to flail his arms and legs in the water.
  54. Ingrid, apparently most eager to fight, jumped to the center of the circle and made her flail turn over her head.
  55. Lio!rt chose that moment to flail down with his free hand, and a fistful of rings stabbed into the wizard's fingers.
  56. About halfway across the room I kicked it up a notch and began to flail my arms and legs about as wildly as I could.
  57. Once her flail was tucked in at her side, she started to tie her hair back, but heard a loud thud against the window.
  58. He half expected her to be gone in the light, but she was still sitting on his bed with her flail lying across her lap.
  59. Irritated that she wasn’t sure what he meant, she slipped her flail into her belt and laid down on the rug, facing him.
  60. She started for her flail, but it was torn out of her belt, and she was pulled to her feet and restrained by two of them.
  61. The first two got slapped on the temple by her baton flail and collapsed to the ground, followed quickly by two more men.
  62. She was able to pry her flail from the hands of one of the dead, and the weight of it in her hand was somewhat comforting.
  63. Kyrin reached out and pulled her flail from her belt, and then smiled when Finn gasped and instantly had his sword readied.
  64. She’d told Alric that the first person to call her Queen would meet her flail, but he assured her that she wasn’t a Queen.
  65. She continued to flail her fists upon his chest even as she thought that she was going to lose consciousness from lack of breath.
  66. He reached to her side and removed the flail from her belt, and handed it to the closest Knight before shutting the door behind them.
  67. Kyrin studied them for a moment, trying to decide if she should go attack them with her flail, or just cast at them from where she stood.
  68. Most waved and smiled, but some looked at her questioningly, and she couldn’t help but check to make sure her flail was still on her hip.
  69. When under the cover of the house, Kyrin chanted softly, and slowly began to transform into the old man, then tucked her flail onto her side.
  70. He lunged at her with the dagger held incorrectly, and she was easily able to slam her flail into the back of his neck, breaking it instantly.
  71. Gasping Elm tried to grab at Pine's hand but the other hand grabbed his tied hands, so all he could do was flail at Pine, who was not budging.
  72. When the ground shook again, Kyrin put her backpack beside her, grabbed the flail in her good hand, and then laid down, using a rock as a pillow.
  73. Haberclad snapped a lantern from the ceiling and swung it from the chain like a flail; and Hal pulled me under a table, where it was near black.
  74. Daniel galloped up silently, holding a naked dagger in his left hand and thrashing the laboring sides of his chestnut horse with his whip as if it were a flail.
  75. There was a dress hanging in her room when she arrived, but she refused to put it on, and instead decided to polish the spiked balls of her flail while she waited.
  76. It was obvious she was in a hurry and irritated, because her foot was tapping impatiently on the ground, and she fiddled with the spiked balls on her flail while she waited.
  77. Screaming a war cry, Ingrid advanced on her and slammed her shield against Elizabeth’s shield at the same time she hit the British teenager’s helmet with her flail with a loud noise.
  78. In Petrarch's "Africa" and Albricus' "Allegoriae Poeticae" Mars comes, furious, full-bearded, in his blood-stained, three-horse chariot; he is in full armor, a shining helmet upon his head, a three-roped flail in his left hand.
  79. Mesmerized by that scene, Anne Marie Louise watched on as the four first soldiers to approach the girl were greeted by a flurry of flail swings and high kicks and sent sprawling to the ground in seconds, to the astonishment of all around her.
  80. Others proposed the "anguille," another kind of recreation, in which a handkerchief is filled with sand, pebbles, and two-sous pieces, when they have them, which the wretches beat like a flail over the head and shoulders of the unhappy sufferer.
  81. You carry the crook and flail,.
  82. This time I pul ed out a pair of familiar weapons—the crook and flail,.
  1. She gasped for air flailing her.
  2. He snorted, and made a flailing gesture that.
  3. He was flailing about like a fish in the sand.
  4. Harold's shoulder, sending him flailing to the.
  5. Arms flailing, Scott fell into the grass with him.
  6. He could not long keep up that flailing whirlwind.
  7. The Cyri landed, flailing miserably on the ground.
  8. Help me! screamed Zach, his legs flailing wildly.
  9. I went under, flailing about and rolling over and over.
  10. This knee sent the guy flailing to the concrete out cold.
  11. They pounded down the tracks, laughing, flailing the air.
  12. The hose began flailing wildly, spraying water into the.
  13. After a couple of near misses with the boy’s flailing.
  14. Adros dropped back to avoid the monster’s flailing arms.
  15. With a flailing arm, Cloud frantically motioned Tifa in the.
  16. One flailing talon-armed limb knocked his helmet from his head.
  17. A voice made her turn, robes and hair flailing in the free wind.
  18. Janelle sprang up in bed, flailing and flinging the blanket off.
  19. Spocks flailing stopped as he felt himself losing consciousness.
  20. He skittled her over, flailing around to try to get in as many.
  22. You are lying! I insisted as I stood up with my arms flailing.
  23. She panicked and started clawing frantically at her head, flailing.
  24. A pair of sunglasses shot across the deck as a flailing foot hit them.
  25. After flailing it around, she was too exhausted to even lift her arms.
  26. A pile of round things with a pair of flailing legs sticking out of it.
  27. Where is this place? She found herself flailing in a sea of prisms.
  28. Aquana started flailing her arms like a lunatic begging for her children.
  29. She hung there for a second, arms flailing, while others ran to grab her.
  30. Her flailing was minimal, because it was hard to fight and cover herself.
  31. He struggled to raise his head as his horse, legs flailing, slowly rolled.
  32. They couldn't have a crazy person out in general admittance flailing around.
  33. Most of the missiles were no more effective than the Brokenhearts’ flailing.
  34. Her free arm was flailing about in protest, but she couldn't reach her captor.
  35. Maldynado skidded to a stop, arms flailing to keep from crashing into Sicarius.
  36. Since Tom was flailing around, Kevin couldn’t hold on and let go of him, 65.
  37. Flailing her arms, she found nothing to grab hold of, so she continued to sink.
  38. He flipped over twice with his arms flailing and landed head-down in the river.
  39. He bounded backward from a flailing stroke, tearing his sword free as he leaped.
  40. He started flailing his arms around and greenish-red foam bubbled from his mouth.
  41. His eyes open and Johnny started flailing his arms and kicking his legs franticly.
  42. One flailing arm caught Twoflower's picture box as it skittered past on its tripod.
  43. Simon woke for certain with a gasp, arms flailing, pain tracking through his bones.
  44. Her arms were flailing around as she tried to break free of the fastened seat belt.
  45. All at once, Bernice jumped onto the porch and ran at him, flailing her stout arms.
  46. He had completed repairs to the flailing rigging before the storm had fully abated.
  47. His pounding legs kicked up the sand as his flailing arms reached vainly ahead of.
  48. I yelled Stop as Justin tried to drag him off Father Rosetti’s flailing body.
  49. Janelle slid across the seat, flailing and catching her foot on the rim of the door.
  50. The three of them crashed to the floor with arms and legs flailing in all directions.
  51. The chokehold slowly turned into a bear hug as the flailing of arms and legs subsided.
  52. Leofric, Rod and Doon fled wildly down the path, closely pursued by the flailing troll.
  53. I tried to quiet my panicked mind, but it was flailing like an animal caught in a trap.
  54. The man’s face blanched white and in that moment Kevin started screaming and flailing.
  55. They reached a wide overhang of rock that relieved them momentarily of the flailing snow.
  56. Then, she was yanked off of Pet and held suspended in the air, small fists still flailing.
  57. Cars and vans crept toward him and sidled past, wipers flailing, heaters no doubt blasting.
  58. Her arms were still flailing about in a vain attempt to rid herself of the little monsters.
  59. Max continued to cut her wheel hard bearing the power of her car down on the flailing sedan.
  60. Her flailing arms translated the words into semaphore then reached out to grab a passing car.
  61. S’BURNING’’ He staggered and lost his balance and fell, flailing an arm and clutching.
  62. He struggled to raise his head as his horse, legs flailing, slowly rolled off from its side.
  63. Mind flailing with the impossibility of what he has just seen, Johan senses his opportunity.
  64. He leapt silently at the Lammas Lord, rock in his hand flailing in a determined arc downwards.
  65. This mental flailing around is what initiates most of the mistakes all amateurs tend to make.
  66. Trying to come back to awareness I stopped flailing and turned as she pulled me to the rocks.
  67. By now, the whole camp was alive with jumping, flailing, screaming, and cursing humanity, as.
  68. The shorter of the two policemen nearly fell over, and started flailing his arms like a clown.
  69. The scarecrow’s decapitated body took on a life of its own, flailing blindly with the scythe.
  70. A single pistol shot then rang out and the Vietminh toppled over with its arms flailing around.
  71. Muller tried to escape but the flailing arms of Bergen set him alight and he burst into flames.
  72. Darkburst came awake with a start, his heart hammering in his chest and his legs flailing wildly.
  73. One of her hands had been pulled loose and was flailing the air just as Sari slid over the side.
  74. They dragged her toward cabin five, while the other campers made way to avoid her flailing feet.
  75. Miraculously, his flailing arm encountered a burned timber and he dragged himself back to safety.
  76. A huge section of the crowd begins to copy the flailing, furious at what they believe is happening.
  77. Eyes unfocused, limbs flailing, Henry swayed on his feet, as though having trouble staying upright.
  78. No longer there? No longer there? Where did it go? The exaggerated flailing of his arms that.
  79. His flailing arms failed to stop her rush, and she pushed the red-hot end of the log into his face.
  80. He fell, his limbs flailing the ground with such force that it was a wonder his bones did not break.
  81. The bomb went off? he said, bringing his flailing hand and foot back to the rungs of the ladder.
  82. Bodies slammed against the unyielding iron bars, and it was a mass of screaming faces and flailing limbs.
  83. Scarcely had she come to ground, she then rolled on her back, tightly balled fists blindly flailing the air.
  84. Tensed to leap if she should get the chance, she had flinched as Chas’s flailing hand had brushed her leg.
  85. Manna moved forward, flailing his sword in clear and methodical fashion like a trained swordsman that he was.
  86. Chuck put up a valiant fight, flailing and squirming his way past his friends the sentries, but it was no use.
  87. Alec was flailing about, rambling while the little red imp hovered over him, an inquisitive look on its face.
  88. Her arms stopped flailing and came together, tighter and tighter until they were pressed firmly to her sides.
  89. What few Unnoticeables were still standing were too busy flailing and gibbering back by the train to stop us.
  90. The convict he had landed upon seized his legs and took him down next to the flailing government-issued boots.
  91. I zeroed in on one that was legless and decapitated, but still flailing and firing its guns blindly at the sky.
  92. It blew through the thin wall flailing debris and sending shards of wooden paneling from one side to the other.
  93. Dunk put a big hand on his chest and shoved, sending the man flailing backwards to sprawl on his arse in the dirt.
  94. Besides, his Chevy was tired and a flailing connecting rod fifty miles from home was not a cherished thought.
  95. His pounding legs kicked up the sand as his flailing arms reached vainly ahead of him for help that wasn’t there.
  96. By now, the whole camp was alive with jumping, flailing, screaming, and cursing humanity, as the realization sank in.
  97. The man tossed Barbara in the pool still flailing around and after a few heated words in her direction, stormed off.
  98. June smiled back as she wrapped the diaper around his legs and blew bursts of air on the bottom of his flailing feet.
  99. With brutal strength, Mitchell now sat on Rhonda's knees and locked his eyes onto him, his legs flailing about violently.
  100. Her arms were flailing as she tried to maintain her balance while galloping towards them, her hair bouncing in the wind.
  1. Kathy’s fists flailed the air.
  2. His legs dangled, his arms flailed.
  3. The wizard flailed around in panic.
  4. It flailed wildly, roaring in pain.
  5. Ingrid's arms flailed at the surface.
  6. The viceroy wailed and flailed about.
  7. Her skinny arms and legs flailed at the man.
  8. Timothy flailed whitely in the receiving arms.
  9. He screamed and flailed the air with his arms.
  10. I flailed as Jonathon attempted to restrain me.
  11. He flailed out at them as he ran past, intent on.
  12. She flailed her arms, trying to catch her balance.
  13. Grey said as he flailed an arm toward the balcony.
  14. Andrew flailed his hands, trying to protect himself.
  15. His arms and legs flailed at the falling snowflakes.
  16. She flailed about and roared as the battle continued.
  17. He vainly flailed at the branches of a tree, and then.
  18. Mike flailed his arms, knocking a spider off his shoulder.
  19. The Policeman swung and flailed his arms wildly, trying to.
  20. Ben's arms flailed as he tried to shout instructions to Carol.
  21. They were much larger than we’d supposed, and the ship flailed.
  22. He flailed with all his might, but the wolves just dug in harder.
  23. Greg flailed his arms around, falling bare assed on broken glass.
  24. He flailed a bit as he tried to extricate himself from the blanket.
  25. Joe flailed what legs he had, twisting and turning in Bobby’s grip.
  26. Dar stood and flailed about, snatching his soda, and tipping it back.
  27. As she flailed away at the air with her arms, she became aware of a.
  28. The priest flailed his arms, trying to swat away an invisible presence.
  29. But Tragus jumped away each time Homer flailed, laughing with derision.
  30. Realizing that she was already awake, Nerissa flailed on the cave floor.
  31. His legs flailed around trying to find something, anything to hook onto.
  32. The horse threw its nose into the air and flailed its head back and forth.
  33. As he flailed at his instrument, the kids around Mercer shoved and bounced.
  34. The Fae kept his grip on her throat and snarled as his legs flailed behind him.
  35. The question that struck as we slapped ourselves stupid and flailed around was.
  36. Simms now dropped his cigar, shrieked, flailed his hands, and was hit by the car.
  37. The creature yelled a surprised and sustained Whoa! as he uselessly flailed.
  38. He flailed and rolled onto his back, managed to silence himself, and tried to breathe.
  39. I yelped like a fifties housewife spotting a mouse, and instinctively flailed my legs.
  40. Clastaan flailed his arms about madly and said, All of you stop this foolishness!.
  41. Sierra flailed her arms, just as she had done in the vision as she was falling backwards.
  42. Simon! Help me, she panted as she flailed about for some hook to hang her thought on.
  43. I don’t fall right here! he exclaimed in momentary panic as he flailed in the air.
  44. The Captain screamed and flailed about, but abruptly was dragged under by some unseen force.
  45. There were long pauses as the shadows flailed and fell, and then another savoring inhalation.
  46. Though she flailed her arms and legs, the restraints held and she was powerless to stop Mary.
  47. She kicked and flailed them, and his eyes grew larger, his body pressing heavier against her.
  48. I discovered as I flailed across 42nd Street that I couldn’t walk straight and I couldn't think.
  49. She kicked her feet and flailed her arms, but the pull of the water was too strong to fight against.
  50. Throwing his arms out, Thomas flailed, reaching and grabbing to stop his plunge to the hard stone below.
  51. And this is my sister, I’us, said S’us, wiggling the sock puppet so the arms flailed pointlessly.
  52. The babe flailed about in his mother's arms with a loud strange wounded cry, which I cut off with a simple:.
  53. The babe flailed about in his mother’s arms with a loud strange wounded cry, which I cut off with a simple:.
  54. The man released his grip; his entire arm went numb and he flailed it about, appalled at his arm’s condition.
  55. His swords flailed the air in panic, struggling to strike the large arms that held him in their vice like grip.
  56. Meanwhile, his feet flailed around, desperately searching the cliff’s face for anything to regain his footing.
  57. Dead or dying, it flailed its six legs and two claws frantically, while its barbed tail snaked wildly on the ground.
  58. I screamed in frustration at the interruption of me beating Victor senseless and flailed away at their feet and legs.
  59. And as the mortars flailed them, the companies detailed to lead the Charisian assault moved out of the original trench line.
  60. They appointed partners and, when the fighters were inadequate, flailed upon them with heavy staffs without apparent objection.
  61. He came in from the street carrying his own bottle, and flailed around in front of the stage when they played Crash Thrash Hash.
  62. Before the Pict could straighten, the red sword flailed down and clove him from shoulder to mid-breastbone, where the blade stuck.
  63. When Jesse approached with the bird, she squawked and flailed, but he managed to keep a good hold on the animal without hurting her.
  64. His arms flailed awkwardly in the attempt to maintain his balance and he felt the rope slipping through his hand as his grip loosened.
  65. He flailed his arms wildly for a fraction of an instant—the stones atop the tower were wet and slippery—before regaining his balance.
  66. Some of the beasts had leapt into the town from the catwalk, and there they flailed about desperately, knowing that they would soon be overcome.
  67. A hand lashed out, striking him through the gut, and the robot looked him in the eye as he flailed on the blades, injuring himself even further.
  68. He regained his breath, glowering at the demon as it tried to stand from the wreckage, its arm had been broken and now it flailed in the rubble.
  69. His terrible arms flailed down, but Conan, quicker than the archers who had died beneath those awful flails, avoided their strokes and struck again and yet again.
  70. Swords missed her again and again as the wielders flailed the empty air and died with her point in their hearts or throats, and her mocking laughter in their ears.
  71. The corpse that stood reanimated before us vaguely resembled Rita, but its hair had grown wild and flailed about and its fingernails were grotesquely long and gnarled.
  72. They flailed at their oars, digging them too deep in the water or too shallow, out of time with one another, angry and desperate to catch up, losing all semblance of form.
  73. I kicked and flailed, trying to smash its face, but it would not release the death grip it had on my boot; I had forgotten that zombies were not capable of feeling—even pain.
  74. Thing 2 yelped, Wash flailed into a halfhearted karate stance (still pantsless, I saw; they were tucked neatly under one arm; must have forgotten about them in all the excitement).
  75. She had embarrassingly managed to get the shirt stuck around her breasts but now her arms wildly flailed the air, struggling to wriggle the protective links down over her lithe form.
  76. His eyes rolled upwards and his legs flailed around wildly as the last essence of his soul was sucked from his body and a new entity swirled within the Soul Beast’s translucent fangs.
  77. He flailed, clawing at his chest, then began to disintegrate-not like my mother, in a flash of golden light, but like crumbling sand, blown away in chunks by the wind, the same way Mrs.
  78. But that's just it, Youssaf! Surprised at the severity of his own retort, Moshe irritably flailed his arms upward as he shifted his stance slightly, Assir's grumbling aside, something has been.
  79. He ran and tumbled and scampered and flailed his way down the iron stairs, tripped over the last one and twisted his ankle and cried out as he mashed his chin into a patch of frozen gravel at the bottom of the stairs.
  80. He turned with a slow-feeding anger and found the scythe and walked rapidly, then he began to trot, then he ran with long jolting strides into the field, raving, feeling the hunger in his arms, as the wheat whipped and flailed his legs.
  81. As the belt of the treadmill thundered along at a rapid pace Ben’s feet flailed out underneath him, grabbing on for dear life his hands lunged at the safety bars gripping them like they would grip a roofs edge should they be hanging off them.
  82. But that’s just it, Youssaf! Surprised at the severity of his own retort, Moshe irritably flailed his arms upward as he shifted his stance slightly, Assir’s grumbling aside, something has been bothering me since we got here! All the while we’ve been trying to fix this stuff up, it’s been nagging at me.
  83. The wide tiers of welded tendons overspreading his broad white forehead, beneath the transparent skin, looked knitted together; as head on, he came churning his tail among the boats; and once more flailed them apart; spilling out the irons and lances from the two mates' boats, and dashing in one side of the upper part of their bows, but leaving Ahab's almost without a scar.
  84. She flailed to the ground with the pain, but Orphenn was quick to heal her,.
  1. He mutters and flails his arms about.
  2. He flails his arms at something or someone only he can see.
  3. Devon’s arm flails in what he hopes is a casual greeting.
  4. Loco, who stops and flails his arms about pretending he can't.
  5. His terrible arms flailed down, but Conan, quicker than the archers who had died beneath those awful flails, avoided their strokes and struck again and yet again.
  6. It is not a difficult matter to thresh with several flails, but to keep in order, not to get confused (and not only to thresh, but not to interfere with the others), one has only to remember oneself, one’s own tempo while beating.
  7. The old men on the rising straw-rick talked of the past days when they had been accustomed to thresh with flails on the oaken barn-floor; when everything, even to winnowing, was effected by hand-labour, which, to their thinking, though slow, produced better results.

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