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Fleshy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. What kind of fleshy being.
2. She needed a fleshy android.
3. Every fleshy android that Mr.
4. Stories of fleshy armed women.
5. What could we say? The fleshy.
6. Maker replicate into a fleshy.
7. Soak to remove the fleshy parts.
8. No fleshy being is tolerated herein.
9. But she’d recognized his fleshy face.
10. Her fleshy hips brushed against my ear.
11. Tease and comb to remove fleshy matter.
12. There isn’t a fleshy species on this.
13. Her face was attractive in a fleshy way.
14. The Coralute’s fleshy whiskers twitched.
15. But natural, is not equivalent to fleshy.
16. He won’t be one of these fleshy androids.
17. I'm not quick enough: it hits a fleshy part.
18. Ma nudged Jed in the ribs with a fleshy elbow.
19. I was ready to inquire about a fleshy android.
20. Soon, I’d have to search for a fleshy android.
21. Gozan hoped he could find that fleshy woman now.
22. The production and sale of fleshy androids was.
23. I was under the impression that fleshy androids.
24. Her eyes looked oddly tiny in the soft, fleshy face.
25. That's why there were no fleshy cadavers to be seen.
26. Indeed, she couldn’t be a fleshy android! No way.
27. As of this moment, we only have two standard fleshy.
28. The fleshy android would keep Cynthia happy and pre-.
29. Such fleshy parts are the product of careful nurture.
30. Jody, you can tell your friend that a fleshy android.
31. Did you try to find her a fleshy android? There’s a.
32. A few were older and fleshy, with obviously dyed hair.
33. Okay, I know that Linda’s husband was fleshy and had.
34. Besides, if there was such a thing as a fleshy android.
35. Girls, I have two models of fleshy androids at hand:.
36. I figured that it was difficult for a fleshy android to.
37. We continued our fleshy android search for the following.
38. They were deep eyes in a wizened face with a fleshy nose.
39. I connected with something fleshy, and the pressure eased.
40. Thereafter, I’d search for real fleshy beings to befriend.
41. Jody, this fleshy android fellow, will he behave like a.
42. After telling her about the fleshy androids I continued my.
43. Jody, the thugs involved in the fleshy android business are.
44. After I told Sharon the secret about the fleshy android her.
45. They fire, and a bullet hits me in the fleshy part of my arm.
46. Remember what I did for you and Cynthia? Remember the fleshy.
47. Sharon, honey, I do love you! But I think that the fleshy.
48. Well, I found out really fast why she didn’t have a fleshy.
49. The heavy breasts, full arms, rounded belly and fleshy behind.
50. He removed his robe, revealing skinny limbs and a fleshy belly.
51. Jody, there’s just one important thing about this fleshy.
52. The fleshy android hasn’t been approved by the Government of.
53. The instep can only be used to strike fleshy areas such as the.
54. One is tall, vigorous, fleshy, with a red face—a regular butcher.
55. Yes he can do anything apparently but not have a fleshy rep on the.
56. Spittle collected on fleshy lips, eyes popped and hysteria threatened.
57. He was forty years old, had enormous lips, and a fat, fleshy, red nose.
58. Caramarin knelt, his tongue now exploring her salty tasting fleshy folds.
59. Kneeling close to the woman’s chair, he clasped one of her fleshy hands.
60. While fruit is defined as any fleshy material covering a seed or seeds and.
61. This is due to the reason that men have more fleshy necks since theirs are a.
62. A bullet fired by a French sharpshooter hit him in the fleshy part of his leg.
63. The thigh or any real fleshy areas of the body were possible candidates for my crime.
64. She wore a red thin top and mid blue skirt which displayed her well shaved fleshy legs.
65. The flowers were rather fleshy, so the meal was not as insubstantial as one might think.
66. As the sobs eased to an occasional sniffle, Clayton gave the fleshy hand another squeeze.
67. I drowned in the bliss of absolute satisfaction and safety as Love flowed from the fleshy.
68. He arose, his fleshy body, with its rich look of strawberries, milk, and steak, moving heavily.
69. Her face had collapsed into a series of fleshy ridges—eye bags and saggy cheeks, her lips downcast.
70. A fearsome explosion couldn't have slashed, torn, or shredded these fleshy masses with greater violence.
71. They didn’t have hair; rather, they had protruding fleshy nubs on their heads about half an inch long.
72. Jack laughed, bared his teeth and made ripping noises as he acted out a shark biting into a fleshy carcass.
73. However Upaya had landed gracefully and swerved in behind him to cut out the fleshy backsides of his knees.
74. He hurled it at those fleshy masses and ran them clean through, leaving behind two squirming animal halves.
75. At which she blew through her big, fleshy nostrils altogether more theatrically than was necessary in protest.
76. But all these are permanently lodged in their fleshy covering, as the human fingers in an artificial covering.
77. Once a Frenchman Tikhon was trying to capture fired a pistol at him and shot him in the fleshy part of the back.
78. Genital warts are small fleshy growths, bumps or skin changes that appear on or around the genital or anal area.
79. Once a Frenchman Tíkhon was trying to capture fired a pistol at him and shot him in the fleshy part of the back.
80. In the parlor mirror, beyond Clarisse, his skull smiled back at him behind his fleshy grimace of hatred and despair.
81. One Nung, Lochert, and Parker each received fragments into the fleshy parts of their bodies causing superficial wounds.
82. Sometimes there were fleshy, fragrant dogtooth violets and white-faced trillium garlanding its approaches when she came.
83. Hanna bounced into the driver's seat and wiped away Fred's fleshy blood from the windscreen in front of her with a towel.
84. The dog, once huge and fleshy, but now gone to bone and covered with sores, moved in and through the house, tracking mud.
85. A very large fleshy nose and weak-looking pale blue eyes, the slightly inflamed lids being almost destitute of eye-lashes.
86. The wound is fairly clean, if ragged, the projectile went through the fleshy part of his outer arm just below the shoulder.
87. Alex moved his hand up her arm, the fleshy top of her arm that had always fascinated him, then he moved his lips toward hers.
88. If the scar is large and the keloids fleshy and hard, a few weeks of steroid injections may be necessary to remove the keloids.
89. His face was fleshy and pallid, touched with colour only at the thick hanging lobes of his ears and at the wide wings of his nose.
90. Adenium (c), found in tropical and southern Africa and in parts of Arabia, are shrubs, sometimes small trees, with thick fleshy leaves.
91. He bit violently on the fleshy part of his hand until the skin punctured, leaving blue marks tinged with white, seeping dark red drops.
92. Yellowish thinning hair capped a round suntanned face, framed by a blonde beard which emphasized a large fleshy nose and red sensual lips.
93. It stared at me a while longer, then accepted the lizard, which disappeared under the fleshy skirt that connected the tops of its tentacles.
94. In the middle of the soft white skin was a long ugly scar riding on her left hip that carried around to the fleshy edge of her left buttock.
95. Eyes eye-lined, lips a little fleshy and sensual like a Khajuraho temple statue and the mouth large with a voluptuousness I missed formerly.
96. And the pope join the spiritual doctrine of Christ and the fleshy doctrine of philosophers together: things so contrary that they cannot agree.
97. Half a seconds delay would have seen one or the other of us, probably both, smashed against the foundations with chunks torn from fleshy bits.
98. Pierre, carefully stretching his neck so as not to touch the quilt, followed her suggestion and pressed his lips to the large boned, fleshy hand.
99. Moquin-Tandon gives a list of plants which, when growing near the sea-shore, have their leaves in some degree fleshy, though not elsewhere fleshy.
100. He was gaunt, but knots and cords of muscles stood out on his arms and legs, without that fleshy padding that presents a pleasing symmetry of contour.

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