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Flicker dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Holding on to the flicker.
  2. I made the lights flicker.
  3. There was a flicker of tail.
  4. I glanced up to see Flicker.
  5. The lights flicker then go out.

  6. The flicker of a forked tongue.
  7. A flicker of regret on his face.
  8. A twitch, a flicker of movement.
  9. A flicker of pain still remains.
  10. The candles continued to flicker.
  11. Not even a flicker of an eyelash.
  12. Just a flicker, but it was enough.
  13. Ito felt another flicker of unease.
  14. Reactor without a flicker of worry.
  15. The film began to flicker like an.

  16. A flicker of hope rose within Elowen.
  17. Roidon gave not a flicker of reaction.
  18. There was not a flicker of recognition.
  19. The electronics flicker within the room.
  20. The screen had suddenly begun to flicker.
  21. He let his eyes fall in a brief flicker.
  22. But a flicker of hope confused my logic.
  23. All this is merely a flicker in the mind.
  24. Her eyes flicker to the letter in my hand.
  25. After a flicker of hesitation, she nodded.

  26. Had she real y expected to see a flicker.
  27. Like a gauge that registers every flicker.
  28. For the first time Asia saw Flicker smile.
  29. A flicker of confusion caused her to frown.
  30. A thin smile seemed to flicker on her lips.
  31. He saw my eyes flicker and heard my groans.
  32. Flicker laughed, This is a thing I know.
  33. At the same moment my lamp began to flicker.
  34. A flicker in the mirror caught her attention.
  35. The lights began to flicker and it grew late.
  36. He saw a flicker of fear in the bride’s eyes.
  37. Maybe he needs only to hear a flicker of hope.
  38. She saw suspicion flicker sullenly in his eyes.
  39. The flicker for a moment showed his sharp nose.
  40. Thomas smiled too, but the flicker on his lips.
  41. There was not a flicker of movement from Reese.
  42. Nevertheless, deep within, there was a flicker.
  43. There was a flicker of movement in the figurines.
  44. Flicker stopped and turned to me, I know Utah.
  45. A flicker of light drew his eyes toward the window.
  46. Certainly it showed a solid flicker of initiative.
  47. You’ll receive further instruction from Flicker.
  48. When neither said a word a flicker of uncertainty.
  49. He sensed a flicker of fear at the back of his neck.
  50. His words deflated Elowen, her last flicker of hope.
  51. Face the flicker of the screen; soak in her comfort.
  52. Stazl looked at him; a flicker of a smile on his face.
  53. From the corners of his eyes he caught a blue flicker.
  54. And the lights in their cages began to flicker faster.
  55. It was serious now—the flicker had left it; but it.
  56. Then a flicker of movement to the left caught his eyes.
  57. Asia turned around, only to see that Flicker was gone.
  58. Asia stood up held against the stiff breeze by Flicker.
  59. No lights in houses, no flicker of TV, no cars, no one.
  60. Rafael watched the expressions flicker across her face.
  61. Harmony felt a flicker of hope as the small door opened.
  62. Flicker pulled back crying from me, but she was smiling.
  63. But Calvin felt a flicker of hope return and he shouted.
  64. She could see the flicker of candlelight in many of them.
  65. At least see to it that its flicker doesn't quite go out.
  66. There was a flicker like green fire in his eyes, and his.
  67. Even as Twoflower stared, it began to flicker uncertainly.
  68. At times I forgot just how lethal Flicker could really be.
  69. He turned to Lezura; saw the flicker of worry in her eyes.
  70. The beast crashed into the wall where Flicker had just been.
  71. Perhaps there was a flicker of hope after all, Grobut thought.
  72. Harry looked up and just for a moment there was a flicker of.
  73. Flicker looked troubled though and I asked, What is it?
  74. Where the flicker barely reaches, men hold each other and sway.
  75. Other times I caught a flicker of melancholy in his expression.
  76. A fierce cry rang out as a priest leaped with a flicker of steel.
  77. Then a slight flicker of pleasure eased the hardness of Tobias's.
  78. Melanie stood for several minutes in the flicker of the campfire.
  79. They shuffled around aimlessly in the flicker of the torch light.
  80. The Seer, the Seeing and the Seen all are flicker of one reality.
  81. Miller could see the flicker of understanding in Andrew’s eyes.
  82. Though his hand didn’t flicker, there was a catch in his voice.
  83. I have only the finest of intentions in concern to you Flicker.
  84. Just as I open the door and step out of the car, lights flicker on.
  85. Flicker gave a shrug, as if to say she conceded to Asia’s point.
  86. Please! Flicker said, as the sadness in her eyes intensified.
  87. The consultant barely notices the flicker of horror in Billy's eyes.
  88. I yearn to connect with his final flicker of "I"ness and sentience.
  89. His eyes flicker down the path and back again, but nothing happens.
  90. There was a flicker of silver as Ruth changed into her other form.
  91. Casting their flicker of black contrasted with wild red and yellow.
  92. There wasn’t a flicker of motion anywhere in my peripheral vision.
  93. There is just the faintest flicker of a smile on her father’s face.
  94. As they drew near the flash and flicker of their eyes could be seen.
  95. A flicker of annoyance crossed her face and she said, Look it up.
  96. Turning the crystal she could see a flicker of a fire burning deep.
  97. There was a flicker of reflected light off the barely visible sword.
  98. Movement, a stifled laugh under a blanket, the flicker of torchlight.
  99. The wizard's face remained grave and attentive, and only a flicker in.
  100. Flicker, flicker: the laceflare of her hat in the sun: flicker, flick.

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