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Flip dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The flip side of that.
  2. She opened the flip phone.
  3. Just the flip of his hand.
  4. I felt my stomach do a flip.
  5. Flip it into greased pie pan.

  6. They could give a flip what.
  7. That's his flip only foamin';.
  8. Flip and brown the other side.
  9. Every time you want to flip a.
  10. I turned around to flip him off.
  11. On the flip side, even if Josh.
  12. The flip side to reward is risk.
  13. Flip forward to October 15, 2005.
  14. It was enough for Mamata to flip.
  15. Or maybe you’ll just flip a coin.

  16. Pam would flip if she found that out.
  17. I expected her to flip out and laugh.
  18. I flip it around, and my heart leaps.
  19. Red hair and freckles and flip flops.
  20. The Flip Side of the Bull Call Spread.
  21. But on the flip side, these are very.
  22. My stomach did a flip, still holding.
  23. I close my computer, and flip on my TV.
  24. They flip to the next ad in a magazine.
  25. I could not flip, only had time to flee.

  26. Well, now we can flip the stereotype.
  27. I’d need to completely flip the trailer.
  28. Yet, уоu dо not have tо flip іt off.
  29. That can be annoying but has its flip side.
  30. However, there is a flip side to this coin.
  31. I remove the hospital photo and flip it over.
  32. She wore her blond hair in a no-frills flip.
  33. You can’t flip it on and off like a switch.
  34. Flip the fish in the mix, coating both sides.
  35. Flip the poori over and cook the other side.
  36. She picked it up and began to flip through it.
  37. He began to randomly flip through the pages.
  38. The market is not always a flip of a fair coin.
  39. Dehydrate 8 hours, flip and dehydrate until dry.
  40. He saw her ears flip twice, and her chest heave.
  41. He selected it, watching the screen flip to a U.
  42. It is betting on a heads or tails coin flip game.
  43. You flip over onto your back and stare at the sun.
  44. He went to the flip chart and whipped the cover off.
  45. Brown curls were starting to flip up at his collar.
  46. The explosion of the grenade caused the car to flip.
  47. Flip when large thin crape when it begins to brown.
  48. The force of the kick caused me to flip into the air.
  49. Immediately I was succeeded to flip the other photos.
  50. You shouldn't flip out on Cam, man, you know better.
  51. Changeling abilities flip on and off for a while.
  52. Why Young Real Estate Investors Love To Flip Houses.
  53. With the flip of a lid, he leaned his head over and.
  54. They had to flip for who would go to the party first.
  55. The sheets of the calendar flip with the wind to the.
  56. You two, flip a coin, the nurse said with a smile.
  57. I flip off the remote and the television fades to black.
  58. He was using the nicknames to be provocative—and flip.
  59. I’m afraid it’s the flip side of being a trickster.
  60. For more on long and short positions, flip to Chapter 9.
  61. Turning to the passenger next to me, my heart did a flip.
  62. She didn’t quite finish the third flip before she hit.
  63. She realized that she shouldn’t have been so flip when.
  64. I flip the sign to show illiquidity as a positive number.
  65. On the flip side of course I knew they would still tell to.
  66. In order to get 100 heads in a row, we would have to flip.
  67. We both stared at my plate and my stomach did a little flip.
  68. Holding pan and plate firmly together, flip pizza onto plate.
  69. Holland looked up at Gonzalez, his stomach doing a quick flip.
  70. The flip side of shame is that it can lead to introspection.
  71. Just before he was about to flip his cellphone shut his eyes.
  72. I flip the envelope over, feeling its smoothness in my hands.
  73. Manuel then suggested, Lets flip a coin to see which game.
  74. My having done a 180 degree flip flop on the question of what.
  75. Joseph walked over to flip the switch on for his little space.
  76. I need to learn to how to better flip the aggression switch on.
  77. When the stop level is hit, exit the position but do not flip.
  78. Flip through the pages to see how the information is organized.
  79. Polygamy has empathy claim, fighting a wall under a flip sight.
  80. The Suitors are the flip side of the coin of the oedipal tragedy.
  81. Kami made a fast flip in the air, leaving the vulture behind her.
  82. The flip side, of course, is that your audience is also anxious.
  83. Flip the chicken and broil until almost cooked through, about 8.
  84. He then found an old pair of flip flops that he had grown out of.
  85. I knew it was Padraig because my heart did that sil y little flip.
  86. On the flip side, if the stock rallies back, it’s no harm no foul.
  87. On the flip side of this, the black bristle has much more of a 61.
  88. Remove from oven and place large serving plate on top and flip over.
  89. In the end, whatever you choose will essentially be a flip of a coin.
  90. He had strength enough to flip her over again so that he was on top.
  91. I realized I’d have to tell her delicately, so she wouldn’t flip.
  92. I'll let my fingers do the walking and flip through the Yellow Pages.
  93. Nico’s stomach made what seemed like the fifteenth unexpected flip.
  94. Shit, if people knew only half the truth they would fucking flip out.
  95. She made a front flip taking off the second pistol and zoomed inside.
  96. I’m not trying to be flip, but you still love her, don’t you?
  97. Twice it circled round my raft, lazily, with hardly a flip of the wing.
  98. I didn't know whether to laugh or flip my fuse again at her nonchalance.
  99. The flip side of not having enough activity in your life is pretty dire.
  100. On the flip side of these two displays were two others, policed by Chip.

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