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Flock dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I was the flock leader.
  2. His flock begins to stir.
  3. Do not forsake the flock.
  4. What of this little flock?
  5. Birds used to flock there.

  6. This was no ghostly flock.
  7. None are left of our flock.
  8. The flock of chickens and.
  9. The Shepherd and His Flock.
  10. Thomas saw them as his flock.
  12. The flock needed her to do this.
  13. A flock of gulls squalls overhead.
  14. That we are His flock indeed;.
  15. Birds of a feather flock together.

  16. B-boys of a feather flock together.
  17. His flock was all but one, himself.
  18. Hence, the small of My flock).
  19. A story is told of a flock of migrant.
  20. He will feed his flock like a shepherd.
  21. A flock of birds was flying in the sky.
  22. He shall feed His Flock like a Shepherd.
  23. If each, in My flock, would only listen.
  24. He has always prized his flock highly.
  25. That evening a flock of quails came into.

  26. This little flock was the Messianic Church.
  27. He Is Faithful to The Flock (John 10:27;.
  28. Pastor: One who feeds the flock; a shepherd.
  29. Inside, the flock was a little… different.
  30. The aged members of his flock, beholding Mr.
  31. Then from over her shoulder he saw her flock.
  32. In ten minutes the flock was hers to command.
  33. He found a young shepherd watching his flock.
  34. She brushed past a flock of brown robed mages.
  35. People flock to hear the oracles of the gods.
  36. And crows are fatted with the murrion flock;.
  37. Marta that flock here after every revolution.
  38. And Untold years ago, the Devil Flock Island.
  39. I speak to you as a precious lamb of my flock.
  40. The world will flock to our sacred sites and.
  41. She glanced at the flock of sandpipers overhead.
  42. She didn’t even know if she still had a flock.
  43. Then I looked at the concerned faces of my flock.
  44. He noticed that birds of a feather flock together.
  45. He will feed his flock through great tribulations.
  46. The flock of sheep, which had that morning been.
  47. The young master of the Devil Flock and his ten.
  48. The rams of the flock are clothed, and the vales.
  49. That’s the way it works in the flock, I said.
  50. His brothers went to feed their father's flock in.
  51. Moses was keeping the flock for his father in law.
  52. Reports state that a flock of birds may have been.
  53. A flock of earpipers landed and picked over the deck.
  54. She searched for the flock of horses to see to Vanil.
  55. The rats of the Devil Flock Island! Cowards! If.
  56. They do not flock to the club during the wintertime.
  57. I have nothing to do with the Devil Flock Island.
  58. A flock of birds hung effortlessly above the horizon.
  59. Keep in mind this was not the flock of hundreds that.
  60. Birds do not use their arms when they flock together.
  61. A flock of birds was intercepting them in mid flight.
  62. He’s water from the Rock, the shepherd of the flock.
  63. Abram sat on a rock watching Ishmael tending the flock.
  64. But, Monseigneur, there is a band of them! A flock of.
  65. What were you called before you joined the Flock?
  66. Devil Flock Island have appeared in the Fraternity again.
  67. The house lights followed her like a flock of fireflies.
  68. Take care, guys, said Fang to the rest of the flock.
  69. Little flock, the time has passed for the churches of men.
  70. For your loyal flock, your love pulsates in constant beat.
  71. Soon the cavalry was milling around like a flock of sheep.
  72. Bagman Jesus had been the good shepherd of a wounded flock.
  73. Surprisingly, a flock of birds flutter on top of a blue sky.
  74. I can’t imagine how large the flock would have to be to.
  75. Now Moses was pasturing the flock of Jethro his father-in-.
  76. I must go home, back to my family, safe and with the flock.
  77. Standing securely away from the action, we noticed a flock.
  78. Whole flock of guys from the orchards come in last night.
  79. That would make the people flock, and bring the money in.
  80. A flock of blue birds lifted from the trees and took flight.
  81. Opening the window, she noticed a flock of birds flying from.
  82. Young men will flock to a woman who appears not to need them.
  83. And the moral of that is--Birds of a feather flock together.
  84. Peter exhorts elders in I Peter 5:2-3, shepherd the flock of.
  85. He was indeed the young master of the Devil Flock Island Sun.
  86. Every time there was a fight the students would flock to the.
  87. Unhealthy or infected pigeons should be removed from the flock.
  88. A spiritual leader must lead his flock in the way of the Cross.
  89. She had told her story again of what had happened to her flock.
  90. Abel (Vanity) - a keeper of sheep - the shepherd and his flock.
  91. Suddenly, out of nowhere a gargantuan flock of pigeons appeared.
  92. As the flock of flying lizards came rushing towards him, Sorren.
  93. Thousands of new miners will flock to the area, Van Thorn.
  94. How long shall this little flock resist Me and question My ways?
  95. Despite my line of reasoning that foreigners flock to our modest.
  96. And the moral of that is– Birds of a feather flock together.
  97. In Israel, the sheep and the goats all flock together in the herd.
  98. Before either could reply, a flock of galahs noisily flew up from.
  99. Spong offers New Age thought to a flock that is unreceptive.
  100. Out of the sky’s depth, a flock of Canadian geese, arranged in V.
  1. People were flocking to the exits.
  2. Couples were steadily flocking to the.
  3. Our officers were flocking in to look at him.
  5. The pirates of the world came flocking to his reputation.
  6. Long Fei smiled, I was there at that time but that Hundred Birds Flocking.
  7. People in general were flocking about as if they were birds caught within a net.
  8. He turned away, and stalked towards the nearest stairway, a gaggle of guards flocking behind.
  9. They sold them to Californians, Texans, and others who were flocking to San Miguel during the 1990s.
  10. The contemporary chaos theory example of a twit wikileaking in Australia flocking complaints on Saudsrafraud.
  11. By the morning all the town was talking of the event, and crowds were flocking from the town to the monastery.
  12. Situated in Sydney, it is one of the most crowded beaches of Australia with crowds flocking in all the year round.
  13. I'm flocking TgenVpop, HipHope, Mode-L, Faith, Tru-Be-leaf, NuLuv, and screeching my featheren, beaking their asses, 'pair up'.
  14. Investors were flocking to the Web at first because their discount brokers were offering cheaper commissions for electronic trading.
  15. This social flocking is a fanaticism for the Now celebre – and what is Now is what has Won the right to Own your attention, immersion, and attraction.
  16. Instead, the war raged on, this time between Afghans, the Mujahedin, against the Soviet puppet government of Najibullah, and Afghan refugees kept flocking to Pakistan.
  17. So we unthinkingly destroy the natural wildlife and Natural ecosystems around us… while flocking into stuffy opera houses and museums to stare at something culturally beautiful.
  18. Because of this, her grandmother drew her to the water, splashed her fingers into the shallows and sparked the birds’ attention, bringing them flocking for food or purely out of curiosity.
  19. I foresee that every morning a regular crowd of them, provided with quarter-roubles from the editorial office, will be flocking round me to seize my ideas on the telegrams of the previous day.
  20. Her old beaux came flocking around her, in more or less damaged condition, and there seemed a general belief that she had divorced Dick only to try it again with a new candidate for Dick’s shoes.
  21. It must have been a great time in this new movement, all in all, with hundreds, and then thousands of the underclass, and others who were spiritually hungry, flocking to this new and different message of hope.
  22. Under the roof vast knots of bats had packed themselves together, thousands in a bunch; the lights disturbed the creatures and they came flocking down by hundreds, squeaking and darting furiously at the candles.
  23. Wild fantasies arose in his mind; and he saw Samwise the Strong, Hero of the Age, striding with a flaming sword across the darkened land, and armies flocking to his call as he marched to the overthrow of Barad-dyr.
  24. With yells of triumph the Indians came flocking down from their caves and danced a frenzied dance of victory round the dead bodies, in mad joy that two more of the most dangerous of all their enemies had been slain.
  25. This accounts for the great number of the student populace flocking to the halls of educational institutions to make their dreams come true of becoming high paying doctors, nurses, engineers, physicists, lawyers and businessmen.
  26. The point is that although some undereducated investors see option selling as slow and boring, the preceding numbers illustrate why many enlightened investors are now flocking to option writing as their strategy of choice.
  27. And now when Atlanta was covering its scars and buildings were going up everywhere and newcomers flocking to the town every day, she had two fine mills, two lumber yards, a dozen mule teams and convict labor to operate the business at low cost.
  28. There’s nothing wrong with trying to lure customers in, there’s too much competition to sit idle if the customers aren’t flocking in, but if the reputation of the food is nothing to shout about or enough to bring you in then this is usually a hint.
  29. I had sent out my daily letter to investors, and its tone of confidence was genuine—I knew that hundreds of customers of a better class would soon be flocking in to take the places of those I had been compelled to teach a lesson in the vicissitudes of gambling.
  30. And what a lot of these people are flocking to the town nowadays; it’s awful, he said, turning round on the box and pointing to a party of peasant workmen who were coming towards them, carrying saws, axes, sheepskins, coats, and bags strapped to their shoulders.
  31. Much of the vegetation on the surrounding hills had been replaced by the grey concrete skeletons of future multi-storied apartment blocks, waiting to be filled in with bricks, windows, balconies and patios to accommodate the ever increasing hordes of tourists flocking to the south of France.
  32. Summer had brought the tourists flocking back to the narrow streets of Stortfold, like clumps of earthbound, gaudily coloured swallows, clutching guidebooks and ice creams, weaving their way aimlessly past the cafés and seasonal shops full of castle-imprinted coasters and calendars that would be swiftly placed in drawers at home and rarely looked at again.
  33. And as people are flocking from everywhere and from all sides, when they are going to war or to the coronation of a king, and are gathering like ants in droves, thus they flocked, like being drawn on by a magic spell, to where the great Buddha was awaiting his death, where the huge event was to take place and the great perfected one of an era was to become one with the glory.
  34. What is that but a cop-out? What is that but treason to your own fatherland? What is that but worshipping and flocking to the Richest Nations? If all poor people stayed in their poor countries: they would at least polarize the inhumanity and unfairness of the global system of politics so clearly; that rich people in richer countries would not be able to live with their own conscience.
  35. Father Païssy desired later on to read the Gospel all day and night over his dead friend, but for the present he, as well as the Father Superintendent of the Hermitage, was very busy and occupied, for something extraordinary, an unheard-of, even unseemly excitement and impatient expectation began to be apparent in the monks, and the visitors from the monastery hostels, and the crowds of people flocking from the town.
  36. No sooner was the report laid on the table, than the vultures were flocking round their prey, the carcass of a great Military Establishment—men of tainted reputation, of broken fortunes (if they ever had any) and of battered constitutions, "choice spirits, tired of the dull pursuits of civil life," were seeking after agencies and commissions; willing to doze in gross stupidity over the public fire; to light the public candle at both ends.
  37. Would he arouse him with a throb of agony? The victim was forever on the rack; it needed only to know the spring that controlled the engine;—and the physician knew it well! Would he startle him with sudden fear? As at the waving of a magician's wand, uprose a grisly phantom,—uprose a thousand phantoms,—in many shapes, of death, or more awful shame, all flocking round about the clergyman, and pointing with their fingers at his breast!.
  38. However reverting to friend Sinbad and his horrifying adventures (who reminded him a bit of Ludwig, alias Ledwidge, when he occupied the boards of the Gaiety when Michael Gunn was identified with the management in the Flying Dutchman , a stupendous success, and his host of admirers came in large numbers, everyone simply flocking to hear him though ships of any sort, phantom or the reverse, on the stage usually fell a bit flat as also did trains) there was nothing intrinsically incompatible about it, he conceded.
  39. You mean millions of people from all over america have organized hundreds of demonstrations in New York against the 2004 republican convention? And that they all organized their own groups independently of the others? And that when they all arrived at New York, and found hundreds of thousands of other people all flocking into new york for the same purpose of deposing bush from office, and the Media didn’t report this to the nation? And when these demonstrators started marching through New York by the million strong … the media still did not report on this march?
  1. They flocked to walk down the road.
  2. Persons flocked around her and Elior.
  3. The women flocked to him more than me.
  4. Some children flocked around the Rakai.
  5. Many thousands flocked to Sherman’s army.
  6. Neighbours and relatives flocked in paying their.
  7. To this day, men still flocked to my beautiful aunt.
  8. Now they flocked around him, chattering congratulations.
  9. When passenger pigeons flocked in the air the sky would be.
  10. She remembered how the peacocks flocked around her father at.
  11. When Christmas Eve came and the children flocked into the Mayor's.
  12. On being let in, the girls of the house flocked round Charles, whom.
  13. The panhandlers flocked to him, and in the end he simply stood, and.
  14. Maggie, Pat, and Nicolas joined the curious who flocked to the castle.
  15. As more and more of the buccaneers flocked to his command, his dream solidified.
  16. With that assurance, people of all races flocked to Plot E, which seemed like nirvana.
  17. Outcast and despairing men and women flocked to hear Jesus, and he never turned one away.
  18. When Amelia looked in his direction again, he was no longer flocked by the male villagers.
  19. They'd flocked to the southern counties looking for a lord to take them over the Channel.
  20. Bad characters flocked into it, attracted by the money in the pockets of the railway workmen.
  21. All the village flocked to the courthouse the next morning, for this was to be the great day.
  22. Well, he has been dead over hundred and eighty years, and they have simply flocked since then.
  23. In following years merchants flocked from the Netherlands to London to take advantage of the.
  24. The body was taken to the monastery, and all the Mordasof ladies flocked thither to the funeral.
  25. All the guests flocked out after him, in their confusion not saying good-by, or bowing to their host.
  26. The hospitals, the churches, and all the public buildings were crowded with the sick who flocked thither in thousands.
  27. The next twenty four hours were a blur as horses, carts and on foot, the sick flocked to the fortress to receive the cure.
  28. It was a wet day; it had been raining all the morning, and the invalids, with their parasols, had flocked into the arcades.
  29. Because of his beauty, men all of all shapes, sizes and ages flocked to Elijah, showering him with gifts, love and affection.
  30. In Carriage Row carriages had been left in the shops, and generals flocked there to select caleches and coaches for themselves.
  31. In Carriage Row carriages had been left in the shops, and generals flocked there to select calèches and coaches for themselves.
  32. What with a false sense of being apart from them, we came to live in our ivory tower, flocked by those who came to grind their axes.
  33. Tenderfoot dudes, first tolerated, afterwards beloved, by the ranchmen, flocked to the corps and an excellent camaraderie prevailed.
  34. Thomas was treated with kindness everywhere he went, crowds flocked to see him, his portrait was painted many times by various painters.
  35. Think about the devils, and here they come,’ said the old woman affectionately as Prem and Preeti, aged five and three, flocked to her.
  36. Hitler’s evil kept the focus of those around him on matters of evil, and masses flocked to his intense message like sheep to a shepherd.
  37. Among those who flocked to the house at number 20 Hermann-Göring-Strasse, certain young starlets were of particular interest to Goebbels.
  38. She further said to a proud Suresh that people flocked to Vanaprastham to hear guruji’s talks that the swamiji hailed as the gems of Hindutva.
  39. Flanders's twopenny- halfpenny brooch for ever part of the rich accumulation? and if all the ghosts flocked thick and rubbed shoulders with Mrs.
  40. They flocked by the thousands, brought life to the deserted buildings and filled the air with songs and music and the pungent aroma of smoked pot.
  41. When the other birds heard this, they tended to agree, and only a few adventurous loners who never flocked except in migration joined the travelers.
  42. When news of the Trumbull story reached Indiana, Kelsey Phillips’s telephone began ringing, and friends and reporters flocked onto her front porch.
  43. Most of the army had turned out to see the show, over two hundred men and women who’d flocked to the silver thistle on green banner of Providence.
  44. I am told that when all flocked out, Liza, supported by Mavriky Nikolaevitch, was jostled against Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch in the crush in the doorway.
  45. Accordingly, several thousand of these visitors flocked forth to greet this much-talked-of prophet and wonder-worker, whom some believed to be the Messiah.
  46. Following him into a dimly lit hallway that was covered in red flocked wallpaper, I whispered in Uncle Hobart's ear, God, this place reminds me of a brothel.
  47. In the mean time, several of my acquaintances among the sisterhood, who had soon got wind of my misfortune, flocked to insult me with their malicious consolations.
  48. Heavy carved oaken doors afforded entrance and exit for the hundreds of lawyers, witnesses, friends, and relatives of defendants and complainants who flocked thither.
  49. Men, women and children flocked in from all adjacent coast towns and bush villages, and lay at night in long silent rows on the sea front or along the sides of the houses.
  50. By morning the news had spread and an immense crowd of all classes, even the riverside people who had been burnt out had flocked to the waste land where the new house stood.
  51. Romans and Italians (with Roman citizenship) flocked to Rome seeking work, or failing that, to partake of the free bread rations provided by the state for indigent citizens.
  52. The crowd, went wild to the cries and the jumps of a samba whose drums were heard to the edge of the obstinacy, the audience flocked, as a single body, in the center of the track.
  53. Now that she knew his lineage, she could see that he did resemble Visola and Alcyone—she imagined that the ladies must have flocked to him in masses when he had been a young redhead.
  54. Among the groups which flocked towards the family vault, Chateau-Renaud recognized Morrel, who had come alone in a cabriolet, and walked silently along the path bordered with yew-trees.
  55. As he stepped from the cab to the bright sidewalk outside the concourse, a consternation of passengers, shirttails flapping, boarding passes in hand, was flocked around a service counter.
  56. From all over the world, people flocked into the Royal Palace and most would spend the day touring around as it is an interesting place, especially amongst the annoying Japanese and their clicking cameras.
  57. Smaller boys than himself flocked at his heels, as proud to be seen with him, and tolerated by him, as if he had been the drummer at the head of a procession or the elephant leading a menagerie into town.
  58. In the recent past, it had been very popular with the local residents, who would sit and enjoy the squirrels and various birds that flocked there and came out of hiding whenever they spotted human company.
  59. Thousands of Brits flocked to the Transvaal to work in the mines, and in 1895 a young British hothead called Dr Leander Starr Jameson led an armed raid into Boer territory in a failed attempt to launch a coup.
  60. And what a wonderful, bright future it will bet When Kate was home during her vacation, all the eligible young men of Klipdrift flocked around besieging her for dates, but Kate was not interested in any of them.
  61. As a rule every evening after service the monks flocked into Father Zossima's cell, and all confessed aloud their sins of the day, their sinful thoughts and temptations; even their disputes, if there had been any.
  62. Now the vizier’s newest darling, Myserrah, has come bursting in here just this morning to tell us of the hundreds of hundreds that had flocked to the old man as he walked across the delta land and through Goshen.
  63. Soon it was revealed that Jermaine was Michael’s brother and before long children flocked to the area shouting, Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson! This was the power of Michael and his legacy.
  64. For this reason many young men who would not be capable of practising elsewhere, have flocked to this city, and by various methods, many of which are far from honorable, have succeeded in getting control of most of the work.
  65. Up ahead, security agents dressed in tuxedos and gowns were poking through the pockets and purses of economists and ambassadors’ wives, the kind of self-important, self-involved functionaries who flocked to this sort of thing.
  66. The dairymaids and men had flocked down from their cottages and out of the dairy-house with the arrival of the cows from the meads; the maids walking in pattens, not on account of the weather, but to keep their shoes above the mulch of the barton.
  67. She welcomed her with great kindness, charmed as well by her beauty as by her intelligence; for in both respects the fair Morisco was richly endowed, and all the people of the city flocked to see her as though they had been summoned by the ringing of the bells.
  68. They all flocked to see what was in the cart, and when they recognised their townsman they were filled with amazement, and a boy ran off to bring the news to his housekeeper and his niece that their master and uncle had come back all lean and yellow and stretched on a truss of hay on an ox-cart.
  69. Then we turned out of the narrow alleyway into the square where, to my complete amazement, I saw it absolutely crammed with hundreds of pilgrims who had flocked there for the next part of the festival, all craning and straining to see what they could of the annual procession and the ritual on the plateia.
  70. The consequence was, and a natural one too, that not only the capitalists flocked into our country from abroad to share in our growing commerce, but the policy also of our Government was adapted to it, and a law was passed to enable us to avail ourselves of the services of British seamen and seamen of other countries.
  71. Never, if Saint Antoine knew his own sufferings, insults, and wrongs! Armed men and women flocked out of the Quarter so fast, and drew even these last dregs after them with such a force of suction, that within a quarter of an hour there was not a human creature in Saint Antoine's bosom but a few old crones and the wailing children.
  72. Injun Joe was buried near the mouth of the cave; and people flocked there in boats and wagons from the towns and from all the farms and hamlets for seven miles around; they brought their children, and all sorts of provisions, and confessed that they had had almost as satisfactory a time at the funeral as they could have had at the hanging.
  73. And as people are flocking from everywhere and from all sides, when they are going to war or to the coronation of a king, and are gathering like ants in droves, thus they flocked, like being drawn on by a magic spell, to where the great Buddha was awaiting his death, where the huge event was to take place and the great perfected one of an era was to become one with the glory.
  74. They were as sober a lot of fellows as need be at ordinary times, and they had flocked together in this brake because they were all of about the same character - not tame, contented imbeciles like most of those in Misery's carnage, but men something like Harlow, who, although dissatisfied with their condition, doggedly continued the hopeless, weary struggle against their fate.
  75. The dread day, then, having arrived, and the duke having ordered a spacious stand to be erected facing the court of the castle for the judges of the field and the appellant duennas, mother and daughter, vast crowds flocked from all the villages and hamlets of the neighbourhood to see the novel spectacle of the battle; nobody, dead or alive, in those parts having ever seen or heard of such a one.
  76. Full of wonder at so strange a form of madness, they flocked to see it from a distance, and observed with what composure he sometimes paced up and down, or sometimes, leaning on his lance, gazed on his armour without taking his eyes off it for ever so long; and as the night closed in with a light from the moon so brilliant that it might vie with his that lent it, everything the novice knight did was plainly seen by all.
  77. It seems England, although she saw that if it had any operation at all, it operated only against her, was willing to consider it as a municipal regulation of our own, and treated it as such, while Bonaparte at first, and for ten months, passed it over as inoffensive to him, until our vessels, which had been shut up in our ports by its elder sister, the embargo, having got released from that strong measure, flocked into the ports of France, Spain, Holland, and Naples, all under the immediate and entire control of France, when, on the 23d March, an order was issued by his gracious and loving Majesty to seize and confiscate the property of our citizens in all those countries; which property is, by the best calculation, estimated at more than forty millions.
  78. Many flocked to Shukra then,.
  1. Flocks of geese flew overhead.
  2. There all the flocks were gathered.
  3. Flocks would darken skies hours on end.
  4. Birds and serpents and flocks of goats.
  5. And over the flocks was Jaziz the Hagerite.
  6. When your flocks had consumed the last blade.
  7. They said, We can't, until all the flocks are.
  8. The flocks conceived before the rods, and the.
  9. The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds:.
  10. In flocks, healthy looking pigeons should be vaccinated.
  11. Leaders of MY flocks who do not study, watch, and prepare MY.
  12. He is our life giver and the Good Shepherd of the human flocks.
  13. The flocks of people were quiet until the moment they saw Darek.
  14. LORD JESUS makes mention of the leaders over HIS flocks and.
  15. The dead carcasses are eaten by great flocks of birds filling the.
  16. God and going out to the desert, which is why he denied the flocks and.
  17. We did this for a little over a year and saw an increase in our flocks.
  18. There was a hubbub of bird chatterings, as flocks and families conferred.
  19. Now Abel became a shepherd and kept flocks, while Cain tilled the soil.
  20. Sails flapped and flocks of birds exploded off the water as the wind picked up.
  21. And also to Lot, who went with Abram, was flock(s), [literal translation by me].
  22. Hudson, sometimes to live promiscuously together in flocks, and sometimes to pair.
  23. There were many flocks of goats or sheep and herds of cattle grazing along the way.
  24. Lord’s flock, or flocks, so too the goat herders are the so called leaders of the.
  25. She was already striding across the flocks of church ladies in their Sunday dresses.
  26. With the traditional poultry shed style, the flocks are kept inside the poultry sheds.
  27. If the flocks are not penned up, but allowed to run freely, then they are free-range.
  28. Pro 27:23 Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.
  29. Then of necessity they followed the grass that fed their flocks in endless wanderings.
  30. Flocks and herds, in care of a few scattered men, have multiplied in all those regions.
  31. Flocks of birds, flying at great speed, were wheeling and circling, and traversing all.
  32. I have already tried to warn other flocks of passenger pigeons of the horrors I witnessed.
  33. The booming power of his voice scattered flocks of squawking birds and even parted the clouds.
  34. Allah’s flocks wanders in the desert moving blindly in a world deprived of God’s presence.
  35. What happened? I looked into the foothills and saw shepherds sitting, watching their flocks.
  36. Uh … the flocks will lie down and the cormorant will sing in the window, for, uh … No, wait.
  37. Across the moors ran several flocks of red deer roaming the moors and mountain slopes of the glens.
  38. Miles away birds flew in great flocks, startled by the noise I made when I popped the first blister.
  39. Lord Taliesin and his friends guided their mounts gently through flocks of sheep and herds of cattle.
  40. Sometimes they passed flocks of sheep or cows or goats, grazing on green patches of new-sprouted plants.
  41. Here and there, flocks of sheep scour the ground, they look undernourished and thin, their fleeces bitty.
  42. Flocks of carrion rose up from the valleys and hovered in the air above them, uttering cries of ill omen.
  43. Because Newcastle can be an economically devastating disease, most states regularly check chicken flocks.
  44. Among other things his spirits were depressed by the flocks of crows and jackdaws that appeared in the city.
  45. Where I would expect to see flourishing flocks of sheep, there are a few goats, scavenging amongst the scrub.
  46. The air was filled with circling flocks, and their swift-flying messengers flew here and there across the sky.
  47. Pastors and overseers in the body are responsible for the safety of their flocks and want to do what is best for them.
  48. And heal and take away from you those wicked schisms that if the Lord of the flocks come He may rejoice concerning you.
  49. As they approached over the creek, Weaver had noticed large flocks of seabirds take to the air from the sky-blue waters.
  50. The sheep and goat flocks had multiplied wildly because of it, and the many twins among the newborn had been a good sign.
  51. The only wild animals around were numerous flocks of different species of birds and a small-sized army of brown squirrels.
  52. Great flocks of birds winged overhead through the branches of the great trees, with an occasional raptor diving after prey.
  53. For in the week before Christmas the Dublin streets had teemed with raven flocks of children herded by schoolmasters or nuns.
  54. At the approach of the troops, flocks of carrion-crows rose with hideous cries from the torn and mangled bodies of the dead.
  55. So, the statement birds in flocks suggests the weak creature which is unable to oppose an enemy or to do a great action.
  56. When its herds and flocks have consumed the forage of one part of the country, it removes to another, and from that to a third.
  57. Passing the large crowns of oaks and willows there were flying either huge bird flocks, or the lonely, but proud gray travelers.
  58. For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the Lord; therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be.
  59. On the other side of Rantulinoa, there have been seen flocks of Karawians several times and it is no longer safe to journey there.
  60. The sound of them, and the sight of endless flocks of planes soaring unopposed over Japan, sent the Bird ever deeper into madness.
  61. Rumors had it that the leader of the evil flocks, Taiyang Monk Yuan Ji had used this skill but it was lost after he had passed away.
  62. Shepherds, with their flocks out in the open during the day, would take them to caves to keep them safe as the weather became colder.
  63. They could hear the call of the various sheep and goat herders as they began driving their flocks out to the nearby hills for grazing.
  64. When they flower, the air shimmers with screeching flocks of lorikeets and other nectar-eaters; in between its a zoological dessert.
  65. It seemed more important that we push our brooms across floors or take the flocks out to graze while sharing our latest observations.
  66. The young recruits, moving about in lines yonder, are destined to death like the flocks of sheep driven by the butcher along the road.
  67. Thus the phrase birds in flocks suggests the weaker creatures which are unable to oppose their enemies or carry out great actions.
  68. Here are two clues, two keys to understanding that other beings live out of Eden: first, Abel was a keeper of flocks, and Cain a tiller.
  69. In the meadow beyond, flocks of sheep are cropping the grass, and an old negro is busily engaged in repairing a breach in the stone wall.
  70. At least all the crashing around and swearing I did weren’t audible — we passed several large flocks of ducks that ignored us completely.
  71. There were many birds about the cliffs and the rock-chimneys, and all day high in the air flocks of birds had been circling, black against the.
  72. In the spring the blue hepaticas, children of those that were there the first day, gather about his sodden mound in little flocks of loveliness.
  73. He is cordially and gladly welcomed, and will have a great work to do in looking after the present scattered flocks, and gathering new churches.
  74. When a Tartar or Arab actually goes to war, he is maintained by his own herds and flocks, which he carries with him, in the same manner as in peace.
  75. Birds were flying in flocks in the air, and perched fearlessly on my shoulders and arms and joyfully struck me with their darling, fluttering wings.
  76. Jer 10:21 For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the LORD: therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.
  77. I have seen many thoughtful, intelligent and well balanced ministers who have faithfully and graciously preached the Gospel and pastored their flocks.
  78. In the distance I can see great woods stalking up the hills bordering the valley and flocks of black birds much like crows fill the air above the trees.
  79. Above her bed are papered her fantastical pencil drawings of Frau Elena’s village, of Paris with a thousand white towers beneath whirling flocks of birds.
  80. Certain bishops of semi-Arian tendencies found it impossible to infuse into the laity of their flocks the heretical poison which they themselves had imbibed.
  81. Did not gape at my tears, but spoke only of Ralph’s love for green lawns and driving afield in the morning, battening flocks whilst the dew was still fresh.
  82. They were a pastoral people, in general, herding flocks of the lama and the smaller versions called alpaca, although they also raised some centli and the papa.
  83. The little soldiers of the rank and file who are running down there are destined for death, like flocks of sheep, whom a butcher drives before him on the highway.
  84. Furthermore, there were large flocks of deer and birds that were accustomed to coming there, for indeed, Al’lah satisfies all the needs of His obedient followers.
  85. The word in flocks indicates the weakness, because only the weak birds are those which fly together, whereas the predatory and rapacious birds do not fly together.
  86. Gen 50:8 And all the house of Joseph, and his brethren, and his father's house: only their little ones, and their flocks, and their herds, they left in the land of Goshen.
  87. Like certain flocks of birds, whose speed they equal, these tuna swim in triangle formation, which prompted the ancients to say they'd boned up on geometry and military strategy.
  88. Again and again the religious fanatics that the world flocks to for guidance wrote that their God would cause father to eat son, son to eat father and women to eat their children.
  89. It was scattered with many flocks of sheep and goats, some going north, and some traveling south, but the shepherds were friendly, as frequently we’d stop and talk a few minutes.
  90. There there was freedom, there other men were living, utterly unlike those here; there time itself seemed to stand still, as though the age of Abraham and his flocks had not passed.
  91. A Tartar chief, the increase of whose flocks and herds is sufficient to maintain a thousand men, cannot well employ that increase in any other way than in maintaining a thousand men.
  92. It was indeed that bygone abode of Proteus, the old shepherd of King Neptune's flocks: an island located between Rhodes and Crete, which Greeks now call Karpathos, Italians Scarpanto.
  93. The word in flocks indicates weakness, because it is only the weak birds which fly in flocks together, whereas the predatory and rapacious birds do not fly together in this way.
  94. And as it is written in the law, and the first of our herds and the first of our flocks, to bring into the house of our God, to the priest (that's the minister) in the house of our God.
  95. His following included a combination of right-wing government control haters, radical talk show hosts, religious leaders and their flocks who were afraid of the beast rising to power.
  96. The elders of the flocks continually led stealthy advances into the front yard, lured on by the green of the grass and the luscious promise of the cape jessamine buds and the zinnia beds.
  97. And now here came the greening copper of Lady Liberty turning slowly past the helicopter window, and great white flocks of boats and the airy towers of Manhattan heaving into view behind.
  98. As a result, some of our churches are out of balance with some of their teachings, and they are withholding some very valuable knowledge their flocks are needing to hear from God’s Word.
  99. This court attracted flocks of colorful wildlife, and it was one of the quietest places within the walls as the purple grey of dawn battled the chill of dark down among these mossy stones.
  100. They sailed silently through the air, escorted by Calfragore’s dragon squadron and, from time to time, by flocks of birds of various colors who sang their praises of the legendary fleet.

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