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Fluent dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He began to speak in fluent Polish.
  2. An open mind, fluent has life texture.
  3. Finally he spoke and his French was fluent.
  4. Not surprisingly, he spoke fluent Japanese.
  5. By the way, she speaks fluent Japanese, sir.

  6. Meta descriptions should natural and fluent.
  7. Michel began speaking to them in fluent Spanish.
  8. Jimmy surprised me with his fluent Mandarin, the.
  9. To his surprise, she then spoke in fluent Aramaic.
  10. Fluent in their language, Kokopoulos knew them all.
  11. Children on Eretz grew up fluent in both languages.
  12. Credit kicked himself for having never learned fluent.
  13. She’s more fluent in the common speech than even you.
  14. Nyla spoke a little French and Selma was fluent in that.
  15. She spoke in Igbo, her sentences small and curt but fluent.

  16. I’m not fluent on the technicalities of it all, but as I.
  17. DC Potter was not a fluent Welsh speaker but he knew enough.
  18. John adjusted his fluent blond hair a little and checked his.
  19. He was wearing a white toga and sandals, his fluent hair was.
  20. Ingrid nodded, then spoke in fluent French on the new frequency.
  21. For all he was more fluent, he was far more foreign than Matsumoto.
  22. And I become stressed, and my tongue is not fluent, so send Aaron too.
  23. You should be skilled and fluent in all the different option strategies.
  24. It would further record that, miraculously, I was able to lapse into fluent.
  25. Just as the ceremony was starting I heard God speak in a clear fluent voice:.

  26. He made great progress and was soon fairly fluent in seven languages, with more on.
  27. Cortez and his sons spoke fluent Spanish and Portuguese because of where they lived.
  28. By the time Paul was eighteen, he was a healthy, self-reliant, young man, fluent in.
  29. Zora stepped closer and in fluent Arabic said, Welcome to the house of God friend.
  30. There was someone there who knew Hebrew, and he said you have spoken in fluent Hebrew.
  31. Henry Mills and his brother Peter learned fluent English, Francis Mills never learned.
  32. I need someone who is fluent in British customs and rules to assist with it at trial.
  33. Would you care to have dinner with me, or I am too late?’ he asked in fluent Italian.
  34. There was someone there who knew Hebrew, and he said: you have spoken in fluent Hebrew.
  35. Being the Caribbean melting pot that it is, it is not uncommon for Arubans to be fluent.
  36. He speaks fluent Macedonian (the current day, Slav language) and ignores their wise counsel.
  37. About Hien, while her native tongue is Vietnamese, she is fluent in French, English and German.
  38. I always tell the truth…’ he replied in fluent French in a calming tone, turning on his back.
  39. Also fluent in English, he could speak and write it as though he were born and raised in America.
  40. Hurrying to a near run, he raised one hand and spoke loudly in German, which he was nearly fluent in.
  41. Did I mention that he speaks fluent Russian? In a day, an audience of 700 was attracted for this seminar.
  42. I am pretending to be a merchant from the Eskualdunac now, so I don’t have to be fluent in the dialects.
  43. He assumed that the enemy would not be as fluent in Hebrew as his own crews, a quarter of whom were Jewish.
  44. She said she was ashamed at not being able to read and write Pashto although her grandfather had been fluent.
  45. Henrietta’s English was quite fluent, whereas it was difficult for Alexander and he really had to work at it.
  46. As he neared closer, one Police car pulled over and a gaunt looking officer got out, speaking in fluent Arabic.
  47. MACHINEGUN SELECTED, said a male’s voice this time, fluent with an accent of almost the King’s English.
  48. Marvin found a friend fluent in Japanese, pulled him into the room, and asked Bad Eye to repeat what he’d said.
  49. Over our dessert of lemon syllabub, Mia regales us with her exploits in Paris, lapsing at one point into fluent French.
  50. Arthur was holding onto what might appear a strange concept that if he became fluent in Chinese, then he was one of them.
  51. She will be spending a semester in Spain to become fluent in Spanish, which is somewhat of a necessity in South Florida.
  52. He is adept in magic, a powerful warder, fluent in the druid art of Voice, an avid collector of antiquities and supercars.
  53. The major called his men to attention and saluted Ingrid, who saluted back before speaking in fluent Mandarin to the major.
  54. Albeit Arthur could speak around 400-500 words, he was struggling with the structure and grammar, and was by no means fluent.
  55. Deane was fluent in Arabic and understood the question, but was focussed on the job in hand and continued towards the vehicle.
  56. The banker's speech was fluent, but it was also copious, and he used up an appreciable amount of time in brief meditative pauses.
  57. When he came to speak to me his voice suddenly changed from speaking fluent English to a comedic Indian accent with broken phrases.
  58. In distinction to how she had handled Colling’s prior calls, the operator replied in fluent Polish and asked him to wait a moment.
  59. It is very challenging to create an expressive, concise, and fluent internal DSL if the host language does not have these features [j.
  60. This may sound simple in your own native language, but it is a little trickier when you or the participants do not speak fluent English.
  61. Hackbutt, a rich tanner of fluent speech, whose glittering spectacles and erect hair were turned with some severity towards innocent Mr.
  62. He asked Darniil about his impressions of Babylon and was pleasantly surprised at the young man’s answers and fluent use of the language.
  63. By the end of our two solid years on the road, we were all speaking pretty fluent Nadsat, after repeated screenings of A Clockwork Orange.
  64. As the mother and son left the elevator, Ignatius wished them a good day in fluent Chinese and told them that he enjoyed the ride with them.
  65. The watchman grinned in reply and babbled a string of Cantonese, concluding that Teller must be fluent in the language if he could use a few words.
  66. Colling let out a small sigh of relief when he heard the fluent use of the language and saw the two gold stripes on the sleeves of the man’s coat.
  67. Watched by the two curious nurses, Ingrid approached Kozhedub’s bed, stopping just besides it, and offered her hand as she spoke in fluent Russian.
  68. Pon was fluent in Thai, Cambodian, Burmese and ancient Siamese language and he was screaming in all four at the top of his voice, STOP! STOP!.
  69. He tore another missile launcher from his left arm, lifted it, and aimed in one fluent movement; then took a deep breath to steady his trembling hands.
  70. In one fluent and swift move the Su-Katii kicked a nearby chair upwards into the young man’s face, momentarily stunning him as he drew his broadsword.
  71. My field officers, I should tell you, are all armed and expert marksmen, and they are all fluent in at least two languages apart from their native tongue.
  72. Hackbutt, whose fluent speech was at that time floating more widely than usual, and leaving much uncertainty as to its ultimate channel, was heard to say in Mr.
  73. Rhonda had heard her earlier on speak in fluent Tagalog with one of the Filipino waiters, something quite surprising for someone just arriving in the Philippines.
  74. Her fluent Spanish and American money secured plane tickets in Monterrey, despite the one-way destination and the red-crusted bandage poking from Inacio’s glove.
  75. Yet sub-unconsciously Arthur’s consciousness had somehow associated a belief that if he became fluent in Chinese, then it would identify and assign him to China.
  76. We all stare at her, and she stares back puzzled, until Christian tells her in equally fluent French what she’s done, whereupon she bursts into a fit of giggles.
  77. I cannot hope to be very fluent, but I certainly should have no difficulty in explaining my wants and wishes; and that would be quite as much as I should ever require.
  78. The incline was slight, the undergrowth thick with sassafras, redbud, foamflower, and red catchfly, plant life he casually pointed out as if fluent in another language.
  79. Remarkably, he was pale, with red hair and freckles, a half Polish kid who had grown up in Spanish Harlem and whose Spanish was fluent and without a typical gringo accent.
  80. Ingrid looked at the French Air Force female corporal manning the service counter while taking out her safe-conduct, speaking to her in fluent French and giving her a big smile.
  81. A bit of a child prodigy, Tui spoke, besides her classical Vietnamese, fluent French and Hochdeutsch in such a soft mellifluous manner that it didn't sound the least bit Teutonic.
  82. When they entered Colling’s and Elizabeth’s compartment, and were greeted by the couple wearing American uniforms and speaking fluent Polish, the Poles’ reaction was enthusiastic.
  83. The medical journal from the Kyatt Islands was written in a language he wasn’t fluent in, but Kyattese used the same alphabet as Turgonian, and he had a language dictionary to reference.
  84. He had been working at Coasters for five years and he loved it and was well known in Sihanoukville as the manager of the busiest resort in town, he spoke fluent English, but with a stutter.
  85. When Elizabeth told Brumerson that Colling was fluent in Polish, the Major expressed his pleasure, and asked Elizabeth to show Colling where and how to interview the day’s schedule of DP’s.
  86. Her fluent use of both Vietnamese and Chinese as she browsed around attracted more stares from the Vietnamese, who were accustomed to Westerners who mostly never bothered to learn the local language.
  87. Andre had been taking French lessons from Olin's aunt Henphra who was fluent in the language and because he had spoken French as a young child it returned easily to him even though he had not used it for years.
  88. He also happened to speak fluent French, which he had learned while leading French Resistance fighters inside occupied France before the Allied landings, and had done clandestine work inside Indochina during the Japanese occupation.
  89. He found out she was a fluent linguist in five different languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian, & Arabic), and was so good at her job on Jack’s security staff, that Nick had been trying to lure her into becoming an operative for his C.
  90. Ingram, fluent in French, met them with an equal volubility, standing with his back to the open window protecting it from their assaults, while Ingeborg looked on in alarm; but the conductor when he came pronounced in favour of the four Swiss.
  91. Hearing-impaired but having learned both lip reading and American Sign Language (often referred to simply as ASL), she was fluent in that language and made sure people understood that it is a very real language right next to English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
  92. What cemented his favorable impression of her was when, at his invitation in order to test her, Jeanne played the piano and the guitar after supper while singing, on top of conversing in Spanish and in English, two languages that the governor was fluent in.
  93. They were instructed to monitor transactions at ration boards and prowl post offices, train and bus stations, taxi stands, ferry landings, mines, black market outlets, dive hotels and lodging houses, and any businesses that might attract a man fluent in French.
  94. The two baby boys, two and four years old, respectively, were in charge of Miss Margaret Hays, who is a fluent speaker of French, and she had tried vainly to get from the lisping lips of the two little ones some information that would lead to the finding of their relatives.
  95. Once more he saw himself the young banker's clerk, with an agreeable person, as clever in figures as he was fluent in speech and fond of theological definition: an eminent though young member of a Calvinistic dissenting church at Highbury, having had striking experience in conviction of sin and sense of pardon.
  96. When I got fed up over not being able to get a job which specified an MBA which I had, with either the city, because I was not fluent in Spanish (three fourth’s of our residents’ primary language was NOT English), I gave up, called Sylvia the realtor back, and sold my house for a $4k profit (before the $6k commissions, etc).
  97. Levin saw proofs of this in his dress, in the old-fashioned threadbare coat, obviously not his everyday attire, in his shrewd deep-set eyes, in his idiomatic, fluent Russian, in the imperious tone that had become habitual from long use, and in the resolute gestures of his large, red, sunburnt hands, with an old betrothal ring on the little finger.
  98. Brooke could not resist the pleasure of corresponding with Will and Dorothea; and one morning when his pen had been remarkably fluent on the prospects of Municipal Reform, it ran off into an invitation to the Grange, which, once written, could not be done away with at less cost than the sacrifice (hardly to be conceived) of the whole valuable letter.
  99. The lectures I attended, the books I read on English Literature and History – my majors for teaching high school; French Literature ( I was already fluent in French), Latin (continued from high school), seminars on the history of Western thought, and optional subjects like Anthropology and Philosophy – these explorations of mind and imagination thrilled me.
  100. Her hat was hung against the wall, and she seemed perfectly at home, laughing and chattering, in the best spirits imaginable, to Hareton—now a great, strong lad of eighteen—who stared at her with considerable curiosity and astonishment: comprehending precious little of the fluent succession of remarks and questions which her tongue never ceased pouring forth.

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