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Focusing dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Stop focusing on only the.
  2. Focusing only on what and.
  3. It was a focusing exercise.
  4. We are focusing on what is.
  5. We are focusing on ourselves.

  6. She had trouble focusing on me.
  8. Focusing on the goal, not on the.
  9. You can meditate by focusing on.
  10. Thus focusing on what the target.
  11. Her eyes narrow, focusing on mine.
  12. This will assist you in focusing.
  13. You start by focusing on day trips.
  14. Focusing on men’s teaching as a.
  15. Focusing more on the interlocking.

  16. This focusing should be kept even.
  17. By focusing on the mind of a patho-.
  18. He had a little trouble focusing on me.
  19. Use the key, she said, focusing.
  20. He stops focusing on food and starts.
  21. He remains silent, focusing on the Ring.
  22. The camera flies closer, focusing onto.
  23. Now focusing on the second twenty-two-.
  24. Focusing my eyes I saw that it was Zora.
  25. Without wasting your time focusing on it.

  26. He gathered his power, focusing it on her.
  27. I have trouble focusing through the pain.
  28. He ignored him, focusing instead on Duval.
  29. Mental Filter: Focusing on the negative in.
  30. It is a magazine dedicated to focusing on.
  31. What? Josh said, focusing on his wife.
  32. His eyes no longer focusing on her directly.
  33. And they were always focusing on their work.
  34. He lowered his eyebrows, focusing on my face.
  35. She stared at it, her eyes focusing intensely.
  36. I started focusing on the reason we were here.
  37. I hadn’t had any trouble focusing this time.
  38. Focusing has a lot to do with meditation for.
  39. Churches do this without ever focusing on the.
  40. Focusing on the problem and meditating if for.
  42. Instead, he was focusing his attention on his.
  43. Focusing on and holding the coachee to his or.
  44. I kept my eyes closed, focusing on her presence.
  45. Focusing on the good things about a relationship.
  46. Focusing on the things that you don’t want and.
  47. Do that again, he asked, focusing intensely.
  48. There is no point in actively focusing on these.
  49. Focusing with the back of my mind, something will.
  50. Handle the drama and keep focusing on your career.
  51. Fletcher lay there on the floor, focusing his eyes.
  52. Focusing on such abstinence from materialism and.
  53. Think of deploying and focusing your team on tasks.
  54. Idea! He cheered whilst focusing on the paper.
  55. O’Neil makes a point of focusing on his mistakes.
  56. Focusing on not reacting, Norah kept her voice even.
  57. Montana had been focusing on the janitor‘s uniform.
  58. It’s a general purpose focusing amplifier!.
  59. This can distract them from focusing on fundamentals.
  60. The company is currently focusing on the more than $4.
  61. You, she says, focusing her narrowed eyes on me.
  62. Angela caught her breath, eyes having problem focusing.
  63. As I expected, Hawke is focusing strictly on combat.
  64. What exactly are you focusing your attention on these.
  65. The problem is most of us are always focusing on what.
  66. Focusing like a predator only upon one thing at a time.
  67. Focusing she closed her eyes and let out a deep breath.
  68. He smoked his cigar composedly focusing his eyes on her.
  69. Focusing on mastery of skill, rather than on scoreboard.
  70. What was wrong with her? She was having trouble focusing.
  71. Focusing was very difficult with Samantha going on and on.
  72. What? Barron said, focusing his attention on Stokes.
  73. At that time you are focusing on me that why you did.
  74. Val’s eyes darted about, not really focusing on anything.
  75. Focusing my entire attention on the skunk almost caused a.
  76. Presently there is not an oral exam focusing on physical.
  77. This phase will be focusing on supporting the coachees in.
  78. Himmler clenched his teeth, his eyes focusing on the poster.
  79. Beginning traders should be focusing on only a few markets.
  80. Leadbeater, when the observer is not focusing on them, the.
  81. Focusing on their destination, they reached a blurring speed.
  82. Focusing on gifts like my relationship with my kids is what.
  83. Empiric focusing helps the coach to understand and cope with.
  84. Had she been beaten? Her eyes seemed not to be focusing well.
  85. Focusing her eyes, she began to make out the coven’s faces.
  86. Your connections need to start by focusing on the other person.
  87. Focusing on the positive, on the solution, and on the future.
  88. By focusing on everything that moves for X millions of years.
  89. Dominic’s eyes darted around the room before focusing on her.
  90. Speech interferes with the focusing powers of the mind, as it.
  91. Display the errors one by one, focusing on the offending field.
  92. He pushed the thought away, focusing on what she needed instead.
  93. Men waste their time in minuses, focusing on unimportant issues.
  94. Focusing her attention, she tried to speak to him telepathically.
  95. He was focusing on attacking his opponent and placed defense as.
  96. Focusing on the frames above and behind the incongruency between.
  97. Focusing all your attention and focus solely on what’s.
  98. I don't know if I should say, she said, focusing on the road.
  99. On the other hand, long focusing can lead to distraction, caused.
  100. He glanced at Stokes and Houston before focusing his attention on.
  1. I focused on her face.
  2. He was focused on her.
  3. He was focused on Aya.
  4. I focused on my fingers.
  5. Kami focused on the cat.
  6. Her eyes focused on him.
  7. She focused on the job.
  8. I was so focused; I.
  9. He focused on Ben with.
  10. All eyes focused on him.
  11. She had to stay focused.
  12. Focused on the end prize.
  13. His eyes focused on mine.
  14. His eyes focused on Tylin.
  15. Too bad he was so focused.
  16. They have focused on the.
  17. I focused on manual labor.
  18. It was focused mostly on.
  19. He was now totally focused.
  20. And focused on his purpose.
  21. I focused on what I wanted.
  22. His eyes are focused ahead.
  23. I focused on the hieroglyph.
  24. She needed to stay focused.
  25. God is once again focused.
  26. We need to stay focused.
  27. He was focused on the road.
  28. I got focused and did it!.
  29. She focused on the morning.
  30. He focused again on his feet.
  31. Rykus focused on the admiral.
  32. Vision is much more focused.
  33. Kennedy is lucid and focused.
  34. I closed my eyes and focused.
  35. Then she focused on her arm.
  36. Jim focused on the promenade.
  37. She focused on nothing else.
  38. His eyes focused in on the.
  39. They focused on a number of.
  40. She focused on the city again.
  41. Focused on making them still.
  42. His eyes focused down on Tom.
  43. His eyes focused on the gun.
  44. Stay Focused And Take Action!.
  45. B - Be focused and have goals.
  46. Donovan focused on the trailer.
  47. His eyes focused on Helga as.
  48. It will help keep you focused.
  49. Obviously, he focused on the.
  50. He focused on Frans Balder.
  51. My mind was focused, laddie!.
  52. She is extremely focused and.
  53. My mind was clear and focused.
  54. And too focused on the moment.
  55. A - Be focused and have goals.
  56. Stay focused on what you are.
  57. He focused on the words of Neil.
  58. Her eyes slowly focused on him.
  59. Have A Vision and Stay Focused.
  60. If you’re focused on eating.
  61. Focused on You, Not on Himself.
  62. The Director focused on Colette.
  63. The elven eyes focused on Brice.
  64. The walker, focused, wrapped up.
  65. She focused on opening the door.
  66. Angie’s true eye focused on me.
  68. He listened in focused attention.
  69. But when I focused on them and.
  70. Doug’s eyes focused a bit more.
  71. All eyes focused on the displays.
  72. She’s focused on what matters.
  74. All eyes focused on the fortune.
  75. B - Same, focused and have goals.
  76. She focused grimly on the leader.
  77. Tammas focused on his assignments.
  78. One by one, they focused on the.
  79. He focused on what they did know.
  80. When I was angry and focused on.
  81. The bulldozer is focused on the.
  82. Then I focused back on the screen.
  83. He had always stayed so focused.
  84. Eyes are open and focused on the.
  85. She was focused purely on the jury.
  86. She took deep breaths and focused.
  87. Her mother always seemed focused.
  88. She was singularly focused on him.
  89. My thoughts focused on having pups.
  90. Steve also focused on Mathew with.
  91. His brain was already focused and.
  92. Monica's eyes focused on the window.
  93. Their attention was focused on Rod.
  94. His attention was focused elsewhere.
  95. His interest focused entirely upon.
  96. She kept her eyes focused directly.
  97. He focused on a computer search of.
  98. Her eyes focused as her heart raced.
  99. Heroism is what I was focused on.
  100. Rykus focused on the brush underfoot.
  1. One of his focuses was.
  2. Chapter 10 focuses upon the.
  3. It focuses on how the world.
  4. Then his attention focuses on.
  5. It focuses on the following:.
  6. This operator focuses on one of.
  8. The Middle Class focuses on having.
  9. A facilitator focuses on team upkeep.
  10. Taylor focuses on Law of Attraction.
  11. History rarely focuses on corruption.
  12. The Expo typically focuses on major.
  13. He focuses on furiously pacing his room.
  14. The next chart focuses on the breakout:.
  15. This focuses your attention on the topic.
  16. When he focuses, he looks directly at me.
  17. The Atkins Diet focuses on LOW CARBS! 8-.
  18. The Center focuses on helping growth ori-.
  19. He immediately focuses his attention on me.
  20. While this book focuses on the pain and the.
  21. The next chart focuses on the breakout area:.
  22. Focuses on the dead past, and on dead things.
  23. Justin focuses on me with a hint of amusement.
  24. The next chart focuses on the right shoulder:.
  25. The Fire Clan focuses their prayers in a chant.
  26. Joshua focuses about his experiences with the.
  27. She focuses directly ahead, her brain churning.
  28. The negative story focuses on biases and risks.
  29. He turns his head and focuses a bright eye on me.
  30. So, wherever one focuses one’s attention, the.
  31. Seek a lawyer who focuses his or her practice on.
  32. It’s raw, but she can control it if she focuses.
  33. The trouble with psychiatry is that it focuses on.
  34. When the dark plasma life form focuses (this also.
  35. This Global Manifesto focuses on issues of popula-.
  36. This entire analysis focuses on pretax returns [1].
  37. Your mind focuses only on the object of meditation.
  38. The next page focuses on Internet and Technology.
  39. This lesson focuses on how the thinking brain can.
  40. It is the player that focuses entirely on the game.
  41. This pattern focuses on eliminating code redundancy.
  42. Epsilon focuses on the connective parts between the.
  43. The book focuses on certain people, past and present.
  44. Noah shakes his head, focuses on the change of subject.
  45. The coach focuses on what the client expresses, both.
  46. Giant Raali's telepathic concentration focuses on Sammy.
  47. The next chart focuses on this possible H&S top pattern:.
  48. The State pattern focuses on implementing a state machine.
  49. This book focuses on the business side of the business of.
  50. A doctor focuses on the sickest kids, to help them survive.
  51. Then we will depart the area so that no one focuses upon it.
  52. Each encounter focuses on this central problem so that all.
  53. He focuses on the same weapon he used on the AC-130 gunship.
  54. You should keep your content trimmed down so that it focuses.
  55. Then he focuses in on the most peculiar feature of the trees.
  56. They are not words which well describe other focuses of life.
  57. The model focuses on investor reaction to public information.
  58. The next chapter focuses on what to replace the noises.
  59. He stops in front of Khalid, but focuses his attention on John.
  60. ABC focuses on work; it measures the costs of work activities.
  61. The horde then focuses its terror on the stunning young blonde.
  62. What shall be the sign? The prophecy focuses its attention on.
  63. She looks up and focuses her watery eyes on one of the Erudite.
  64. This book focuses on financial aptitude #1, Earning more Money.
  65. Within a few months, she accepts it all and focuses on herself.
  66. He stops and focuses his hearing to find out where the action is.
  67. The next chart focuses on the possible H&S top that was forming:.
  68. Human awareness usually focuses narrowly upon one thing at a time.
  69. The Template design pattern focuses on eliminating code repetition.
  70. Dworkin mostly focuses on the pacifying effects of antidepressant.
  71. Kristi Hines is creator of Kikolani which focuses on blogging tips.
  72. The organization focuses solely on issues unique to women as they age.
  73. Any institution that focuses on fear is wrong and you should always.
  74. This book focuses on strategies traded at relatively low frequencies.
  75. The conventional model of business development focuses on revenue and.
  76. He notices there are some nanoeyes behind his body and focuses on them.
  77. The rest of us only care about manufacturing a truth that focuses on.
  78. However, this chart focuses on the initial reversal trade off the lows.
  79. Four stops scanning the crowd of initiates and focuses his stare on me.
  80. A person, who focuses on a subconscious mind the ability to recognize.
  81. The next chart focuses on the second half of the symmetrical triangle:.
  82. We’d therefore expect that a card that focuses on our emotional lives.
  83. This lesson focuses on how to prevent the emotional brain from becoming.
  84. This search for meaning, even among psychologists, typically focuses on.
  85. It focuses on two green players who are about to cross paths with Glacia.
  86. But the central plank of his current pronouncement focuses on other issues.
  87. It is a section that focuses on terrorism in America, that may lead to.
  88. It focuses on the productivity of popular productions of particular goods.
  89. He watched a few of the photographers adjusting their camera focuses, and.
  90. Let’s suppose one of your pages focuses on the topic of fashion models.
  91. This is another reason why the MECOM™ Method focuses so much on catalysts.
  92. We are the only animal that focuses upon and obsesses over death and dying.
  93. He focuses and moves back in front of his body and looks at the screen again.
  94. Also, the format of this verse and the way it focuses on a specific number.
  95. It focuses almost completely, only upon things that are outside of yourself.
  96. That's because I've created a course already that focuses on those 4 things.
  97. Notice his mindset: He focuses on what he gained from this trading experience.
  98. The next chart focuses on the price action and volume in the breakout area:.
  99. PyT focuses on performance and claims to have comparable speed with Jinja2 [j.
  100. This part of The Affiliate Masters Course focuses on what you need to do first.

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1. Now I focus on U.
2. All eyes focus on her.
3. It kept its focus on.
4. When we focus on the.
5. Focus on the beer can.
6. What we focus on, we.
7. A tiny shift of focus.
8. His focus is on Alice.
9. I tried to focus on it.
10. But her focus was shot.
11. The focus of your at-.
13. We will need to focus.
14. They are given a focus.
15. This focus on the 132.
16. What you focus on grows.
17. Test your level of focus.
18. The room swam into focus.
19. We need to focus on.
20. She could not lose focus.
21. I have to focus on that.
22. I could focus once more.
23. The entire focus of my.
24. So you should focus on.
25. The one who could focus.
26. There is too much focus.
27. Focus on the facts, Tandy.
28. Finally she had his focus.
29. Focus on the job at hand.
30. The emphasis is on focus.
31. When you focus on someone.
32. This is why we focus on.
33. Focus it firmly on your.
34. What You Focus On, Grows.
35. For now we focus on the.
36. Hal tried to focus on her.
37. His focus was on her eyes.
38. I focus on the good things.
39. The group had a focus, a.
40. Focus on the big picture.
41. Must focus on the positive.
42. Focus on the here and now.
43. His left eye, out of focus.
44. Malik kept his focus on Dan.
45. To focus suffering is not.
46. You need to focus, Jean.
47. I could never exact a focus.
48. I focus on where she points.
49. Focus on the progress you.
50. Focus is the key to success.
51. I was helping him focus.
52. Imagine and focus on that.
53. The face went out of focus.
54. All focus, it seemed, was.
55. With a new-found focus on.
56. As you focus on giving and.
57. Focus on what He sounds like.
58. Must focus on the mission!.
59. The focus is both esoteric.
60. When she was able to focus.
61. Focus on the big two issues.
62. His life, for him has focus.
63. Focus on why we’re here.
64. Focus on your breath for a.
65. And suddenly your focus as.
66. Nothing could make him focus.
67. I focus on him and him alone.
68. The links were his main focus.
69. Focus on the task at hand.
70. Darryl we need you to focus.
71. What will we focus on first?
72. Always focus on the positive.
73. I felt my thoughts focus on.
74. Keep it simple, focus on the.
75. Focus on Him, not on the girl.
76. I tried to focus on my senses.
77. Kay’s vision swam into focus.
78. The Ultra's focus had turned.
79. Then she seemed to focus back.
80. He must focus on the battle!.
81. His focus is on what God has.
82. Our faith depends on our focus.
83. Across the focus of the circle.
84. Her eyes focus on her actions.
85. His laser focus didn’t waver.
86. I had to focus on where I was.
87. Whatever you focus on increases.
88. I choose to focus on abundance.
89. His eyes were losing focus and.
90. Shark’s Focus on the Process.
91. The focus is studies right now.
92. It forces you to focus on the.
93. She tried to focus on his words.
94. We may have to focus on Warhol.
95. I lost my focus and failed God.
96. Be aware of where your focus is.
97. Where focus goes, energy flows.
98. Why not focus on the goal?
99. But focus on life, not the lay.
100. In the beginning the focus is.

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