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Foetid dans une phrase (en anglais)

In most of those places too, a careless visitor could stumble into a foetid bog and be overcome by poisonous fumes.
The playing fields had dissolved into a foetid swamp, but the concrete changing rooms with their upstairs clubhouse were intact.
The bulk of the houses, built in Moorish style, boasted a foetid cesspool under the centre courtyard, from which all rooms open.
He had no secrets from this fish, no psychological defences, for she was as much a part of him as he had been a part of her for that foetid, gastric month.
They remembered the blackened wreck in Havana Harbour, and the sailor comrades sleeping in that foetid slough; they thought also of the women and children crying aloud for deliverance from starvation and despair, and of the ragged patriots fighting for liberty as their own fathers had fought.

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fetid foetid foul funky noisome smelly stinking

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