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Forage dans une phrase (en anglais)

They forage themselves to a.
Forage or hunt, which was it?
Till torn-up forage in his teeth we hear:.
Is there sufficient forage in Krems?
Forage has not been supplied to the extent.
Unfortunately, we no longer forage in the forest.
He would not hear of the gull going out to forage.

I will salt down all the horses for which there is no forage.
George at his buttonhole and a plain forage cap set straight on his head.
Like ducklings and crocodiles, the boys could immediately forage for themselves.
They live in colonies where they forage and feed, chatter and fight all day long.
In tropical forests the best places to forage will be along streams and watercourses.
During army service in his youth, my uncle had been put in charge of his phalanx’s forage party.
Then two officers emerged, bowing too, and a stout man with a big beard, wearing a greasy forage cap.
It seemed to Hazel that anyway no self-respecting rabbit could leave without a forage round the sheds.
As one who pretended to do nothing but plunder and forage where he could, the Farmer-General--howsoever his.
So she limped away from the battlefield to forage, and heal, and await the strength to search for her lost mother.
Since insects spend most of their life in the nymph or larva stage, this is an important stage in terms of fish forage.
Ingrid, like Jesus, then quickly put on her forage cap and tucked her shirt properly in her pants, then came to attention.
Later, in moving toward places of forage, they chanced to pass that awful thing which they’d purposefully avoided earlier.
When its herds and flocks have consumed the forage of one part of the country, it removes to another, and from that to a third.
But she wanted to give him something more personal, something a wife could flat-topped forage cap Ashley was wearing looked ridiculous.
It would provide ample forage for the horses and would be an easier path than the rugged mountains to the north or the desert to the south.
As we dismounted, I told Colon that he was right about their horses being larger than ours, but I suspected it also meant they needed much more forage.
On the flanks and in the rear, not a wagon could pass, not an ounce of forage could be brought in unopposed, so that in reality the war still continued.
Berg took the opportunity to ask, with great politeness, whether, as was rumored, the allowance of forage money to captains of companies would be doubled.
Although the weather was hot and dry and there were no signs of habitation, he managed to forage enough bush-tucker to eke out his supplies of dried food.
The mere thought of turning a Harchongese army loose to forage on the Temple Lands and Border States was enough to terrify anyone, especially at this time of year.
They looked forlorn in the late evening light with the mouldy forage caps hung on the crosses and I wondered how long they had been there and if anyone else had noticed them.
His father, a happy-go-lucky and reckless buck, had thought nothing of living close to human beings except that he would be able to forage in their garden in the early morning.
These baits have a hollow body paddle tail that actually helps mimic the natural movement of different forage and bait fish, making it even more attractive to most species of bass.
Going towards the stable, he met the white-legged chestnut, Mahotin's Gladiator, being led to the race-course in a blue forage horsecloth, with what looked like huge ears edged with blue.
Going towards the stable, he met the white-legged chestnut, Mahotin’s Gladiator, being led to the race-course in a blue forage horsecloth, with what looked like huge ears edged with blue.
Certain times of the year, you could let them out to forage and I’ll bet there’s a German butcher around here somewhere that would cut and cure hams and bacon for you, smoke sausages too.
It was well I secured this forage, or both she, I, and Sophie, to whom I conveyed a share of our repast, would have run a chance of getting no dinner at all: every one downstairs was too much engaged to think of us.
As long as nothing stops their progress, as long as they can go on from one district, of which they have consumed the forage, to another, which is yet entire; there seems to be scarce any limit to the number who can march on together.
The French historians, describing the condition of the French army before it left Moscow, affirm that all was in order in the Grand Army, except the cavalry, the artillery, and the transport- there was no forage for the horses or the cattle.
The French historians, describing the condition of the French army before it left Moscow, affirm that all was in order in the Grand Army, except the cavalry, the artillery, and the transport—there was no forage for the horses or the cattle.
One could not fail to notice the wagons that daily arrived at headquarters with forage for the horses of the general and staff and his cavalry escort, when vast paddocks of Parana grass in the valley guaranteeing food for the animals remained untouched.
Because she understood, more than any of those she had taken so long to persuade and who accompanied her this night, that if the hope of food to come was destroyed and in such a way so none could be in doubt of it, then the people would be forced to forage in the woods and wilder meadows.
I’ve taken to foraging for mushrooms, and Mrs.
They were carrying some and foraging for the rest.
For all else, great foraging expeditions can provide.
There are still foraging and pastoral cultures where people.
He disgusted himself while returning to the house, foraging.
He’s foraging for food in the cafeteria, Matthew says.
It was agreed that they would all go foraging the following day.
At first he led them as if only foraging, but the females were edgy.
The dogs had been foraging nearer and nearer to the town, becoming.
Matilda has spent the last ten years in the woods, foraging for anyone.
She had offered to go out foraging on her own, but Halfshaft would have.
The wizard waited until Thane had gone off foraging before opening the note.
They must have been out foraging for food and he was now their intended meal!.
As he seeped into our forest, a hapless Black Fox was foraging for food near by.
He reached it about two hours later as the goats moved only slowly while foraging.
A foraging wild creature, intent above all upon survival, is as strong as the grass.
The pair spends the rest of this amazing day foraging for an adventure of a lifetime.
Foraging fingers then claw at her soft milky flesh and tug at her long lustrous hair.
She looked more haggard than before; her foraging expedition couldn't have been a success.
I have already observed several more foraging in a clump of grass over in that direction.
Wear shoes when foraging in the water—you need soles if you are improvising foot coverings.
The bear must not have decided it was done foraging for the year and ready for hibernation yet.
He plucked a few berries from random bushes along the way and hoped that no one would mind his foraging.
Desa was also pretty quiet both days, keeping herself busy foraging and with little things around the camp.
YEARS OF WOOD foraging, moving farther and farther from the camp, had turned this into a long and scary walk.
There wasn’t a sound around apart from the chirps of birds welcoming in the sunset after a day of foraging.
Plotting a course I headed off, in what I hoped would be an intersecting route, with the bear’s foraging pathway.
Foraging, usually at night, but then getting more confident about not being caught, they started out during the day.
And with the falling temperature, badgers stirred in their warm chambers, readying themselves for the moon's foraging.
Matilda has spent the last ten years in the woods, foraging for anyone foolish enough to venture into the brooding trees.
Before the advent of settlements: the nomadic foraging lifestyle of humans dictated that they exist only as traveling bands.
The blood that had oozed from a torn ear, long dried now into a crusty dark-brown patch, began to attract the foraging insects.
Having plenty of live rock in the tank will help with their foraging in between meals and the live rock will provide a place of.
I thought about foraging for more information but as I tried to couch the question in my mind Kins offered a more comprehensive definition.
Deep in the gorge, the morning broke quietly, with just the cawing of a rook, warning his friends that there was another days foraging ahead.
She had also possessed a lovely singing voice and it was that voice that had driven Tacitus to her while he was foraging for medicinal herbs.
Denisov, who had been losing at cards all night, had not yet come home when Rostov rode back early in the morning from a foraging expedition.
Denísov, who had been losing at cards all night, had not yet come home when Rostóv rode back early in the morning from a foraging expedition.
He then headed back toward their newly favored foraging grounds, as a sign that what had been decided would not be happening before the next sleep.
Just the thick tough hide remained, covering its ribs; its soft underbelly, had been ripped open by scavengers foraging for the soft and juicy innards.
A small group of blacktail deer with their young foraged in the new grass and.
They fed on smaller insects and rodents as they foraged throughout the clearing.
I foraged ahead and as luck would have it my searching hands alighted on a piece of cloth.
They indeed had several goats with them, who foraged for food nearby as they entered the tree.
It was a rich woods, full of enough food for all during the growing season, or at least it seemed so as I foraged for breakfast.
As winter approached, the settlers foraged through the forest for edible fruits and tubers which they stockpiled in the empty shipping containers.
Two rats When they had foraged, they rested comfortably in the straw until the western among the swedes showed their teeth, thought better of it and left them alone.
For that part of their work, Erik accompanied Dean outside on the weather deck to provide him close protection while he fixed the antennas and foraged for foodstuff.
Sometimes he returned with game, sometimes with a few ears of corn, a Pork foraged far, at times not coming home all night, and Scarlett did not ask him bag of dried peas.
A calm seemed to have muffled the wildlife in the hot midday sun, and in their exhaustion it was easy to imagine all the little creatures sleeping off their foraged meals in the cool of their burrows.
As I peered into the ancient, dark forest that hugged the road I thought about it; I wondered about the raccoons and opossums that foraged there and the ancient men who had once stalked through the trees.
Dedicated to distributing food and firewood to the destitute, members of the league gleaned what they could in the way of partially spoiled crops in the fields of eastern Washington and foraged for firewood in the Cascade Mountains, bringing whatever they could find back to Seattle.
While his thermometer penis forages the atmosphere for any kind of hotness.
He also knew the resting habits of the larger animals and timed his forages around these cycles.
I am not nobel, but here I am nevertheless living without It in the wild gridlessness of the disconnected, where the scavenging mind forages information from every external intersection with each stranger, seeker 1088.

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