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Fortune dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. The key to her fortune.
2. Save a Fortune on Food.
3. Good fortune to you all.
4. I will tell her fortune.
5. But fortune smiled on him.
6. Five pounds was a fortune.
7. Fortune the poet had repaid.

8. Samual spent a fortune on.
9. There is good fortune here.
10. Son of fortune, he sure was.
11. Kerry of the Heinz fortune.
12. The Explorer made a fortune.
13. It must have cost a fortune.
14. This was good fortune indeed.
15. Time to test his good fortune.
16. We spend a fortune on candles.
17. Fortune has been your friend.
18. It cost me a fortune Mikhail.
19. You will bring me good fortune.
20. He wonders at his good fortune.
21. He soon amassed a small fortune.
22. Get a picture, make a fortune.
23. All eyes focused on the fortune.
24. I could save a fortune with this.
25. Leila gasped This is a fortune.
26. The fortune teller shook her head.
27. He has lost a fortune in England.
28. It was my good fortune to have Mr.
29. To earn a fortune overall, I mean.
30. It would cost a fortune to repair.
31. A great fortune is a great slavery.
32. They were young people of fortune.
33. I have the fortune of seeing her.
34. For a long time fortune favored him.
35. One was Fortune Telling with Cards.
36. Job seekers still have good fortune.
37. My father inherited the fortune.
38. Why, it's gotta be worth a fortune.
39. I could have made a fortune tonight.
40. So Cosette's fortune is really hers.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

1. But he had overmuch drunkenand the best word he could have of him was that he would ever dishonest a woman whoso she were or wife or maid or leman if it so fortuned him to be.
1. The blessed island of fortunes.
2. Most sought their fortunes elsewhere.
3. Then we’ll have our fortunes read.
4. My life’s fortunes had turned around.
5. The decline of his fortunes, then?
6. Industries, fortunes, even empires have.
7. Even when their own fortunes had been in.
8. Now fortunes changed and the rations shrank.
9. Their fortunes were always their first worry.
10. Monte Carlo to celebrate his improved fortunes.
11. Which is of course where fortunes are to be made.
12. Many of my friends have made their fortunes there.
13. That even our loves should with our fortunes change;.
14. Farmers go bankrupt, while sports stars make fortunes.
15. Their fortunes were watched by eyes intent and lovely.
16. It seems that our fortunes have reversed, he said.
17. But after Eva died, Peron’s fortunes began to crumble.
18. Fortunes are made and lost in times of great uncertainty.
19. I’ve got a feeling our fortunes are about to turn around.
20. As good fortunes would have it, I can easily avoid him by.
21. But Pickens’s fortunes (and fortune) were always shifting.
22. I am rich, for you have one of the first fortunes in France.
23. We had ancestors who made their fortunes, young one, back.
24. First, this recovery in our fortunes is not because of trading.
25. The tendency of her fate and fortunes had been to set her free.
26. I shall follow the example of men who have made their fortunes.
27. Inheritance, family fortunes, a family home bought and paid for.
28. Large fortunes have been lost because of the refusal to pay taxes.
29. An avalanche ensued, both making and breaking fortunes as it went.
30. Fortunes could be made by those who didn’t care how they did it.
31. He attached himself to the fortunes of Count Cabarrús, andwhen that.
32. However, could we say that a nation’s or a country’s fortunes are.
33. No fortunes are needed when I have the company of lavender, my friend.
34. To build up the family fortunes, and correctly use the family resources!.
35. And We tested them with fortunes and misfortunes, so that they may return.
36. In a period of hyperinflation, Forge’s fortunes would become meaningless.
37. Cyclicals are companies whose fortunes rise and fall along with the economy.
38. Of my own fortunes, interested though I was in the affair, I took no account.
39. I do not wish to utilize the fortunes of war to humiliate an honored monarch.
40. The world has the crowning of kings, emperors and fortunes in different forms.

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