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Frame dans une phrase (en anglais)

A man steps into frame.
She'd have a dog frame.
A man entered the frame.
What is the time frame?
The time frame was close.
About the Shape and Frame.
Each time frame is unique.

With each time frame the.
He lowered his huge frame.
What is the Gestalt Frame?
It's not the best frame of.
It was a simple metal frame.
Her frame was thin and frail.
A time frame of twenty-days.
Two soldiers filled the frame.
I sloshed water over the frame.
His whole frame was shivering.
Also in the same time frame.
You can frame a guilty—.
Atkinson trying to frame Lester.
So that puts me in the frame.
I frame wings with my thoughts.
A shudder wracked his big frame.
Someone was trying to frame him.
Lester trying to frame Atkinson.
And sewed sequins onto the frame.
The cross is our universal frame.
Inside the frame was a pen drive.
The frame was wired on all sides.
The OFDM frame has four regions:.
Disconnected from the Main Frame.
Walls and Fences to Frame it all.
I tried to frame it as happy news.
Sound telegraphs through the frame.
By which Living address this frame.
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
But the frame showed no such blur.
Under the frame was a shower head.
Swann stretched his own tired frame.
Thomas would love to frame him for.
The thin framing wasn't made to hold my weight.
He seemed to be framing a question with his lips.
Those same yellow eyes and amber locks framing them.
Framing is the Royal Family of dominant metaphors, e.
There was nothing but steel framing behind the walls.
They just replaced the glass in the framing that was.
Framing squares are not expected to be precise as try.
Lower Manhattan twinkled, the red sky framing 1 WTC to the west.
His hair was a little messy and looked longish, framing his face.
She was a tiny thing, with two long braids framing her small face.
A wave poured about the body, framing it in a clear white pool of water.
Davidson’s hand, framing it and slicing pale and flat across the bones.
Her black jacket is zipped up to her throat, framing her face in darkness.
The space was open, with heavy dark wood framing the doorways and windows.
Amy is alive and very well, and she is framing Nick, my proxy repeated.
Framing his face with her hands, Donna held his lips to hers, kissing him back.
Framing gives us the eyes to see the world now named and the voice to describe it.
Framing the game is the construction of the syntax and diction of the named system.
You could have pillars of rock, for instance, framing a maple tree in your backyard.
Her red hair was stunning, framing her face in such a way that he was affected deeply.
Within the framing of the Eartheart, humans are eaters, producers, and sources of food.
The guy who picked it up had grey eyes and kinky blond hair framing a strong, wide face.
Amy Elliott Dunne is alive, and she is framing Nick Dunne for her murder, he said.
Gareth’s shirt had no buttons, so it hung open, framing his muscular chest and stomach.
Carol couldn’t believe the direct and purposeful framing tactics of this little meeting.
This framing equates the good with the moral and therefore right and true way of living, e.
In short, knowing (perceiving, postulating, framing) good and evil creates good and evil, i.
They just replaced the glass in the framing that was still part of the original construction.
Then I saw the body, Nathan said, spreading his fingers, framing his face with his hands.
Her red hair trailed over her face, framing long, thick eyelashes that rested against her skin.
To a cat, of course, bars like that were like pillars framing splendid gateways into adventure.
Choice isn’t the same thing as freedom—not when someone else is framing the choices for you.
I nodded my understanding in silence as his warm breath ruffled the hair framing my ear and chin.
The neckline came to a point between her breasts, framing a large teardrop diamond on a gold chain.
He was gorgeous, just like his sister, his blond bowl-cut hair framing a strong face and blue eyes.
Not that he would have been constitutionally capable of framing things this way in the spring of 1961.
One important aspect of framing is the selection of a reference point as the benchmark for comparisons.
Allah’s strategies are animalistic like a tiger burning bright in the forests of night framing fear.
The framing and taming of any game generates what are its virtues and how to become that noble character.
The table was strongly braced with some light framing, to keep it from sagging under maps and coffee cups.
Framed in the small window.
I abandoned it and framed a.
His father is framed by them.
They framed him for the crime.
Framed In The Small Window * 69.
Which may be framed by others.
I was framed! Darek shouted.
Strategies are framed to achieve.
Exposed girders framed a skylight.
The way it was framed in, it could.
She pressed the framed photo of her.
You were framed, Noah, she says.
On the plaque by the ivy framed door.
A figure framed itself in the doorway.
He admired the way it framed her face.
And all this framed by a thatch of black.
My hands framed around the Bible they held.
A triumphant smile framed her freckled face.
Of the framed ACME shell in the wall in Col.
Meanwhile he framed his plan of management.
I focus on a framed, antique-looking diploma.
What woke me up? His mind framed the question.
No—he was framed by the apple juice industry.
He stood solid and firm, framed by the doorway.
Cartoon drawings were framed in black squares.
She was beaming a perfect set of teeth framed.
A framed diploma from the Board of Adolescent.
Behind him stand two women framed in a doorway.
He was a tall man wearing silver framed glasses.
The spectacles she wore framed her elfin features.
My fingers framed around his little head tenderly.
I have a copy of the article framed in my office.
Hebrews 11:3 The WORLDS (aions-ages) were framed.
She leaned forward and framed his beautiful face.
Claire hadn’t framed the optics through that lens.
You have a very fine long legs and small framed.
A row of framed photos on a far wall catches her eye.
There were several framed police photos on the wall.
Framed by million-dollar views and the multimillion.
On one wall he sees a framed photograph of a smiling.
The door frames to the.
Rory was in two frames of mind.
Windows tremble in their frames.
Bed frames should fit standard.
They are just frames of reference.
This can be used in all time frames.
Maggie moved three more frames through.
The window panes rattled in their frames.
Templates and/or writing frames may be.
One way is to use frames, which you can.
This is what he says about time frames :.
Reading Price Action on Lower Time Frames.
A hole in the roof frames the darkening sky.
The goal frames would have to be screwed down.
And in acres of frames for what obviously had.
Their frames collapse to mere skeleton and bone.
I picked one of the frames for a closer analysis.
When fragmenting frames at the MAC layer, an 802.
Light from the skylight frames a huge-headed man.
Blue window frames, old granite of grays and tans.
This setup works in all markets, in all time frames.
It was like a couple of film frames that’d been.
Pictures frames shattered and smashed on the ground.
The window frames are held together by condensation.
Smythe's fingers touched the frames of his spectacles.
Table 12-1 Token Ring Data Frames and Their Functions.
Similarly to Flash, frames are a burden in terms of SEO.
These act as great filters for the smaller time frames.
It was fun finding frames that matched both our tastes.
Once in, I inspected the place: empty picture frames on.
Denise Shull cleverly frames the context of most trading.
There were four types of MAC beacon frames, as follows:.
These portfolios are denoted with bold frames in Table 1.
He is dressed in thobe and ghutra, wears midnight frames.
In two time frames another half of the matter would’ve.
The other showed thumbnails of various frames in the movie.
Steel frames have to be treated each year to avoid rusting.
In this manner, dates and time frames could be effectively.
With each touch of the photo frames I love you more and more.
There were watercolor paintings in nice frames on the walls.

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