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Fritter dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Fritter your time away in trivia instead of learning - then, when.
  2. To continue concerning oneself with countless petty matters will fritter away the attention.
  3. In another, the sons will follow no profession, and fritter away the most precious years of their life in doing nothing.
  4. Thus, those who invested in Winn-Dixie were less concerned than much of Wall Street that the company would fritter away its cash.
  5. He went through the small square by the station and he saw the fritter stands piled one on top of the other and he could find no trace of the massacre.

  6. His active mind seized on almost any aim that caught his fancy, causing him to fritter away Germany's strength by taking on several objectives simultaneously.
  7. Fritter your time away in trivia instead of learning - then, when you really need a skill or knowledge for that important job, you reach into your bag and pull out.
  8. They had brought over the fritter and drink stands from the Street of the Turks and the people were in good spirits as they bore the tedium of waiting and the scorching sun.
  9. An indolent, arrogant and self-centered man, Tang Yizong had let his empire start to fritter away, oblivious to the miseries afflicting much of his people while living a debauched, luxurious life.
  10. Her implacable left hand moved down to stroke and fritter enigmatic tarot-card skulls, devils, hanging men, hermits, cardinals and clowns, while her head hung close to delve your misery or murder, hope or health, your rebirths each morning and death's renewals by night.
  11. Their strength of spirit in the face of ruins of the gaming tables, the fritter stands, the shooting galleries, and the alley where they interpreted dreams and predicted the future made Aureliano Segundo ask them with his usual informality what mysterious re-sources they had relied upon so as not to have gone awash in the storm, what the devil they had done so as not to drown, and one after the other, from door to door, they returned a crafty smile and a dreamy look, and without any previous consultation they all gave the answer:.
  1. The goals are different, but the technique of getting there is the same in either case: holding all desire inside instead of frittering it away in self-pity.
  1. The amount of your tax dollars that was frittered away was seven hundred million dollars.
  2. You frittered away your time, he very sensibly maintained, and health and also character besides which, the squandermania of the thing, fast women of the demimonde ran away with a lot of l s.
  3. Most women of twenty-four have had some experience of love as a passion; they have known its fullness or its blight, or more often still, they have frittered it away in successive flirtations, but with Deena it had come as a revelation and been consecrated to one.
  1. Zucchini and corn fritters.
  2. Coriander-spiced beef fritters.
  3. These fritters feed the flames.
  4. The plant produces a profusion of yellow flowers that are edible and eaten as fritters.
  5. In a word, after being tried out, the crisp, shrivelled blubber, now called scraps or fritters, still contains considerable of its unctuous properties.
  6. Among the Dutch whalemen these scraps are called "fritters"; which, indeed, they greatly resemble, being brown and crisp, and smelling something like old Amsterdam housewives' dough-nuts or oly-cooks, when fresh.
  7. There was a wall made of cheeses arranged like open brick-work, and two cauldrons full of oil, bigger than those of a dyer's shop, served for cooking fritters, which when fried were taken out with two mighty shovels, and plunged into another cauldron of prepared honey that stood close by.

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