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Fruit dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. A Tree and Its Fruit.
  2. And the fruit on top.
  3. Our fruit is how we.
  4. The Fruit Of Thy Womb.
  5. Sin: They ate the fruit.

  6. Now he just craved fruit.
  7. The Fruit of the Spirit.
  8. At the fruit of my skill.
  9. What fruit then had you.
  10. Exist on fish and fruit.
  11. Yon can only know the fruit.
  12. Cut the fruit into 8 slices.
  14. If fruit has been defined.
  15. Add fruit juices or water.

  16. Eat of the forbidden fruit.
  17. That’s where the fruit is.
  18. The fruit was too delicious.
  19. We can get fruit and sweets.
  20. From me is your fruit found.
  21. God wants fruit in our lives.
  22. Some I could see bore fruit.
  23. What a waste of dragon fruit.
  24. Reaping the Fruit of Actions.
  25. There is fruit we can reach.

  26. More fruit would fit this way.
  27. Sweeter than the ripest fruit.
  28. The forbidden fruit was eaten.
  29. In this case it’s a fruit (i.
  30. It is the fruit of your long.
  31. They have not born any fruit.
  32. At last, my efforts bore fruit.
  33. In a big garden with fruit.
  34. Thou hast given us this fruit.
  35. The fruit has a tough, thorny.
  36. It’s Ackley, an elfin fruit.
  37. Raufu also ate in the fruit of.
  38. To truly bear the fruit of the.
  39. While fruit is healthy, it can.
  40. The fruit of it is here, with me.
  41. The fruit was so plentiful that.
  42. It was known as the 'Toral Fruit.
  43. Dissolve in water or fruit juice.
  44. He put one large piece of fruit.
  45. The flower was the fruit of his.
  46. She ate the fruit inside quickly.
  47. And fruit and berries, of course.
  48. Even though it is an empty fruit.
  49. Serve with chilled fruit mixture.
  50. They all smelled like fresh fruit.
  51. Katherine's mother cooks the fruit.
  52. Pon on the fruit in the pie shell.
  53. Bearing much fruit in The Beloved.
  54. In reality, eating fruit is more.
  55. That produces the spiritual fruit.
  56. Elizabeth was never fond of fruit.
  57. They lack the pulp from the fruit.
  58. She desired the fruit on the tree.
  59. This poor fruit of my earnest toil.
  60. And our earth shall yield her fruit.
  61. Pipe and Foundry, and United Fruit.
  62. A piece of fruit hit me in the head.
  63. You’ll have sandwiches and fruit.
  64. Love is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal.
  65. This is the fruit He's looking for.
  66. Fruit of the yearnings of the heart.
  67. His pear tree was heavy with fruit.
  68. Padraic’s eff orts had borne fruit.
  69. A plate of fruit lay on the table:.
  70. Of what in them is flower and fruit.
  71. Osama bin Laden is his second fruit.
  72. The apple or forbidden fruit.
  73. What was it the last time? A fruit.
  74. Spoon over the fruit in prepared pan.
  75. That accounted for the flying fruit.
  76. The fruit trees are on fire!.
  77. He hungrily bit into the sweet fruit.
  78. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit.
  79. There’s fruit, he said aloud.
  80. A bowl of fruit sat atop the counter.
  81. Elder: Infusion of flowers and fruit.
  82. Pour the fruit into the prepared pan.
  83. How patiently You wait for the fruit.
  84. He discovered a way to preserve fruit.
  85. Any branches that do not bear fruit.
  86. For every tree is known by its fruit.
  87. He passed a bowl of fruit over to her.
  88. Next to her lay some fruit and rice.
  89. The fruit of the yucca is good to eat.
  90. She was eating a large chunk of fruit.
  91. Pinga called it low-hanging fruit.
  92. When the vines began to bear fruit Mr.
  93. I ate some fruit and drank more water.
  94. It does not attain full fruit quickly.
  95. The fruit will come of its own accord.
  96. If the fruit has been transplanted, i.
  97. Birds include Rose-Crowned Fruit Dove.
  98. We are growth and sun, fruit and rain.
  99. Seaweed is also said to help fruit set.
  100. Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal.
  1. Many areas that had been planted with cereal crops were being enveloped by fruiting bushes and bountiful trees.
  2. When the air inside the greenhouse moves, it will carry with it the pollens that are required by the plants for fruiting.
  3. A nice trade off was the extra sunlight would benefit many of the fruiting shrubs and vines Nem had insisted on collecting.
  4. I entertain all emotions in their superlatives for her, but they will always be flowering and never fruiting, for fruit rots.
  1. Above the fruited plain….
  2. Indeed, his holy work, his struggle and his requests from God fruited leading to success.
  1. A Tree and its Fruits.
  2. The fruits of this karma.
  3. The Fruits of this Karma.
  4. And fruits as they desire.
  5. Look at the fruits we.
  6. We want the fruits of our.
  7. And fruits of their choice.
  8. And the fruits which your.
  9. The fruits of devotion are.
  10. Christ is the first fruits.
  11. Many fruits actually have an.
  12. They picked fruits and flowers.
  13. They will have therein fruits.
  14. The simple fruits of the earth.
  15. A man is judged by his fruits.
  17. The 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  18. The top ten fruits recommended.
  19. And thus he had abundant fruits.
  20. Fruits; and they will be honored.
  21. You will know them by their fruits.
  22. Usually salads, fruits and nuts.
  23. The Roots and Fruits of Education.
  24. Fruits and vegetables do not have.
  25. The dips and the dried fruits ready.
  26. He looked on as the fruits of one.
  27. The fruits of learning and combined.
  28. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  29. Learn to love fruits and vegetables.
  30. Consuming more fruits and vegetables.
  31. This was all the fruits of his labor.
  32. Fruits, vegetables, and staple crops.
  33. There are, after all, no real fruits.
  34. One realise the fruits in a short time.
  35. By their fruits you can recognize them.
  36. Bilberry: Infusion of leaves and fruits.
  37. She had tasted of its fruits and found.
  38. Even the first fruits bore in your lives.
  39. Cowberry: Infusion of leaves and fruits.
  40. In it are fruits, and palms in clusters.
  41. Let’s harvest the fruits of your labor.
  42. Platters of bacon, biscuits, fruits and.
  43. Here are the fruits you should be eating.
  44. One has to reap the fruits of his karma.
  45. Bombing, wars, conflicts have spin fruits.
  46. Q: What are the fruits of self-awareness?
  47. Both of these fruits grew on the same tree.
  48. All the fruits in the garden were ripening.
  49. It has seed à desire à motives à fruits.
  50. The New Testament speaks of the fruits of.
  51. I was about to reap the fruits of my labor.
  52. The fruits and the flowers of Đầm Market.
  53. Krishn is unattached to the fruits of action.
  54. The flowers and fruits are disposed as in X.
  55. Tyāga (renunciation of fruits of action):.
  56. They had never seen such fruits and animals.
  57. Christ is the first fruits of those who.
  58. I can't tell you how tasty those fruits were.
  59. Fruits (equal to 1 serving of Carbohydrate).
  60. But neither of these trees have sweet fruits.
  61. Many fruits could be purchased that yielded.
  62. He rarely eats and then only the fruits and.
  63. Fruits are a great alternative to candy and.
  64. A cancer that carries all the fruits of life.
  65. The train will be loaded with tropical fruits.
  66. Therefore by their fruits you shall know them.
  67. First fruits and tithes - two separate things.
  68. He knew how to preserve fruits for 2000 years.
  69. You can buy fresh fruits and berries at your.
  70. And the fruits of sin are suffering and death.
  71. Eating more fruits and veggies is better than.
  72. Over indulgence in any of the fruits does not.
  73. It is true for all of the fruits of the Spirit.
  74. All its contents were first fruits to the Lord.
  75. To enjoy the fruits, one must tend to the trees.
  76. That said, the fruits such a process can bear.
  77. Fruits and seeds for men and herbs for animals.
  78. Sutikshna used to pluck the fruits by throwing.
  79. Fruits outnumbered the total leaves and flowers.
  80. If He was the first fruits of those who are.
  81. The fruits were waiting to be snatched and eaten.
  82. Remember to leave all the fruits and nuts whole.
  83. Of course there will be fruits from your action.
  84. He came upon trees, bearing all sorts of fruits.
  85. Second, that the fruits of all action should be.
  86. Add to sprayer and spray fruits, and other areas.
  87. With grass and flowers and summer fruits and corn.
  88. Your most gracious majesty for the fruits of the.
  89. Some have realised the fruits in one or two weeks.
  90. Fruits are sweet so they can solve the sweet tooth.
  91. The recommendation of servings of both fruits and.
  92. Collingston enjoyed the fruits of Freddy’s reign.
  93. Bless, O Lord, these new fruits of the vine which.
  94. Dainty meats: A picture of the fruits of the wicked.
  95. What's true of the first fruits is true of the crop.
  96. Wash off all fruits and vegetables before eating!.
  97. We shall know them by their fruits, says scriptures.
  98. Like they say, by their fruits you shall know them.
  99. Mayans are the remaining fruits of those revelations.
  100. Smooth-skinned fruits and vegetables are next safest.

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