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Fume dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Melvin started to fume and his eyes widened.
2. Oh, geez, she said, reaching for the fume hood.
3. As he read over the program, he began to silently fume.
4. But in the West the dying sun had set all the fume on.
5. To smell the gentle smoke of tea, fume of the pan, sizzling butter.
6. A fume cupboard took up most of the far wall of the inside of the hut.
7. It seemed as if there was some sulphurous fume, which at times made me dizzy.

8. He would take the varnish off up in his shop where he had a wind-trap fume hood.
9. As they went south the fume of Rauros rose and shimmered before them, a haze of gold.
10. In fume hood slowly add it and a magnetic Teflon-coated stir bar to the cold nitric acid.
11. It might have had less fume, but it had a lot of belly and she knew this buzz was going to last.
12. The town, as he sat upon the car, stretched away over the bay of railway, a level fume of lights.
13. Hearing the dogs bark outside, Bohdan began to fume waiting for the warden to answer his question.
14. Silica fume is an highly active mineral admixture for concrete which is widely used in recent years.
15. A strong sulphurous fume issues from an irregular hole in the side of the hill of about 2 feet diameter.
16. And why do we fuss and fume sometimes? Why are we perverse and ask for something else? We don't know what ourselves.
17. Kyrin slammed her door shut and sat down on the bed to fume, How does he expect me to trust him!? It’s absurd!.
18. I didn't fume that much, seeing as how it had taken me close to two hours to get home from where I had gotten out of the car.
19. But already Sam was more than half way up the base, and the plain of Gorgoroth was dim below him, wrapped in fume and shadow.
20. Gang your ways home, quo’ I very coolly, for I hae a notion that a’ this hobleshow’s but the fume of a gill in your friend Robin’s head.
21. It was a good size jug with a glass stopper and its contents smelled a lot tastier than what the kids were drinking, even putting off a little trace of fume.
22. Silica fume is an ultrafine byproduct of production of ferrosilicon or silicon metal and contains particles of the spherical form with average diameter 0,1µm.
23. After a few silent minutes of drinking and savoring what little fume this brew put off, she was staring into a dimension of space-time that Jorma’s math couldn’t quite find.
24. Once they'd gone off with the Personnel man to finish the paperwork, Fred settled back to fume over his humiliation of the morning, while he awaited the late arrival of his staff.
25. She was very glad when it was all over and she was quiet in her bed, where she could think and wonder and fume till her head ached and her hot cheeks were cooled by a few natural tears.
26. Mostly due to effective modifiers (superplasticizers and silica fume) industrial technology of concrete production at given strength range have been developed and appropriate standards were worked out.
27. Other lumbermen could only fume inwardly and Southern lady could lie about a gentleman but a Southern gentleman could not lie about state heatedly, in the bosoms of their families, that they wished to God Mrs.
28. This distressed him but somehow he knew that trying to say something into the thick silence, anything, would be a bad idea, so he remained calm and tried not to fume at his feelings of helplessness and rejection.
29. The interior of the small hut now looked very different: a fume cupboard took up most of the far wall; lab coats, goggles and facemasks hung neatly from hooks by the door; new glassware, with safety lids, gleamed and shone through the window of the sterilisation unit.
30. There was a moment's silence, during which Sinbad gave himself up to thoughts that seemed to occupy him incessantly, even in the midst of his conversation; and Franz abandoned himself to that mute revery, into which we always sink when smoking excellent tobacco, which seems to remove with its fume all the troubles of the mind, and to give the smoker in exchange all the visions of the soul.
31. Brooke's patience to the utmost, displeased his grandfather by practicing half the afternoon, frightened the maidservants half out of their wits by mischievously hinting that one of his dogs was going mad, and, after high words with the stableman about some fancied neglect of his horse, he had flung himself into his hammock to fume over the stupidity of the world in general, till the peace of the lovely day quieted him in spite of himself.
32. Here the listener who was none other than the Scotch student, a little fume of a fellow, blond as tow, congratulated in the liveliest fashion with the young gentleman and, interrupting the narrative at a salient point, having desired his visavis with a polite beck to have the obligingness to pass him a flagon of cordial waters at the same time by a questioning poise of the head (a whole century of polite breeding had not achieved so nice a gesture) to which was united an equivalent but contrary balance of the bottle asked the narrator as plainly as was ever done in words if he might treat him with a cup of it.
1. She was fuming, as if.
2. But he was still fuming.
3. My father came home fuming.
4. One moment, she was fuming.
5. Saikia was fuming with anger.
6. Her cheeks were still fuming.
7. Massie sat on her bed, fuming.
8. He knew Bingham had to be fuming.
9. Matthew was fuming on hearing this.
10. Godwyn stared at the ground, fuming.
11. Still the fuming socialite hesitated.
12. She stopped for a moment, fuming at him.
13. Ralph waited, fuming, staring at the ox.
14. By the time I get to the car I am fuming.
15. She is still fuming, at least underneath.
16. She threw her handbag onto the chair, fuming.
17. Is that a crime?’ Michael was still fuming.
18. Fuming, he popped malt tablets into his mouth.
19. I was standing at the foot of the bed, fuming.
20. Fuming away in the face of al the wasted time.
21. He was fuming but my family were depending on me.
22. Driver again, he was fuming and everyone on the.
23. The police chief was fuming as he left the building.
24. Leaf was fuming now that Damon was part of the pack.
25. I’ll let you know in a minute, I said, fuming.
26. Stokes was still fuming over the confrontation with Andy.
27. Back in his own house, he threw himself in a chair, fuming.
28. Sophia entered her home, but her mother was already fuming.
29. His shoes smoked as he pushed through piles of fuming litter.
30. Osaka sat there, fuming, but he didn’t say anything further.
31. Samuel walked into the room fuming, his eyes a deep sapphire.
32. Cass is still fuming, but he respectfully obeys and turns away.
33. I got dressed and reluctantly headed to the police car, fuming.
34. Donna was fuming, and she was extremely sexy when she was upset.
35. Hands balled in fists, Rudolph simply stood there, red and fuming.
36. When I made my way to bed that night, I was fuming with anger on.
37. He sped around camp in search of the American, fuming and furious.
38. She ignored the stares and sat at the center table, silently fuming.
39. He turned to stare into the eyes of a bloodied and fuming nuathreen.
40. But at the same time, I was fuming, angry at my own mothers betrayal.
41. She is fuming inside, shouting to herself, Not a fucking penny yet.
42. Fuming, I punch a nearby person with all my strength, needing to vent.
43. She was fuming so much she could barely swallow, and then she coughed.
44. Anxious to be off, we sat fuming, in the broken seats while they tried.
45. She was fuming, holding a valuable vase, and had been deprived of a target.
46. Inwardly he was fuming, but masked his mood as he thanked her for the food.
47. I sat quietly fuming, knowing from experience that protest would be futile.
48. That was a big help! Replied Elizabeth sarcastically, obviously fuming.
49. Fuming, Ralph stormed over to the replicator and pushed the blue button that.
50. She’s on her way here with her lawyer and I have to warn you, she is fuming.
51. The dark eyes looking back at him were not only murderous but fuming with anger.
52. To say that she was fuming over this would not be putting too fine a point on it.
53. Rancid’s dead body fell to the floor in a heap lying next to the fuming deputy.
54. She sat listening and quietly fuming as Ellett pressed on with his interrogation.
55. Then he started to edge his way around the hot fuming chemical pool towards Gary.
56. Annie continued in the kitchen, washing up the breakfast dishes, fuming to herself.
57. Susan was quite pissed about the whole thing, fuming about for over a month, and we.
58. An Air Force sergeant then approached the couple, fuming cups of coffee in his hands.
59. He was still fuming when she mounted the stairs and flew at him before he could speak.
60. Philippe was fuming because the car had not arrived, so he sent two other men after it.
61. That means study! Ulbrickson was still fuming as the boys trooped out of the office.
62. They drove in silence, Percival fuming in anger and Mavis determined to ignore his sulk.
63. After an hour or so of tweaking Sarah was silently fuming, but her criteria list looked.
64. He and Teulier then broke off their attack, forcing a fuming Ingrid into following them.
65. And she’s still fuming and pissed off about what happened on the Joannie Show yesterday.
66. I’m obviously still fuming when I get to where Stephen is standing in the queue for food.
67. She told Margaret she was fuming and only attended at Brian’s invitation to represent Joe.
68. When fighting failed, he resorted to swearing and fuming, mainly on the subject of what he.
69. Still fuming over Alec's display, Brice attempted to rejoin his lecture from where he left off.
70. Are you still fuming at me? He’d thought he was mad at her, but he couldn’t carry it off.
71. Thoroughly shaken by now, Larose left her office without a word, leaving Ingrid alone and fuming.
72. Down the mountain road in the thin cool rain, fuming up great clouds of steam, came an old Ford.
73. She is quietly fuming, storing heat like a brick, ready for whatever hour Jock deigns to return.
74. Chris did not immediately reply to Andrew’s comment as he was still fuming about his dismissal.
75. Dana Mulano, Chief Supervisor of the Time Patrol surveillance center, was positively fuming by now.
76. It is enough! It is enough! My father was fuming; there was violent fire in my father’s eyes.
77. As she was urging the still fuming Homer to accept her assistance, a knot of men approached the pier.
78. Con left his brother’s office and made his way across the large dimly lit club, still fuming inside.
79. Hawley, still fuming, bowed half impatiently, and sat down with his hands thrust deep in his pockets.
80. The seething pit of lava was definitely becoming far more active, bubbling and fuming way below in the crater.
81. Ailia was fuming on the inside and could not stop herself from blurting out the first thing that came to mind.
82. Fuming, Nancy walked slowly towards the said station, careful not to do any movement that could be misinterpreted.
83. Fuming, Miriam returned to Nava’s tent to rant and rave about the men’s stupid superiority complex over women.
84. Fuming, once again near tears for the first time in days, she put the book on the table and walked into the kitchen.
85. Now the winter-night house was silent and the man and wife waited with the oil lamps quietly fuming in their hands.
86. Several phone calls later, Garcia sat in the recliner he had nonverbally claimed as his chair, fuming silently.
87. At that moment, he looked like a daemon, with a crooked, enlarged and pitch black face, clawed arms and fuming breath.
88. Half an hour later, showered, shaved and still fuming, he was out on the highway heading for the hills as he had planned.
89. Her father is fuming and difficult to convince, but her tale is emotional and the poor old man is obviously half-retarded.
90. That’s different! Selena is ready for battle and I don’t have feelings for her! Ash was just as fuming as she was.
91. The trains roared by like projectiles level on the darkness, fuming and burning, making the valley clang with their passage.
92. When a fuming Rapunzel declared that they were leaving, she trusted her daughter and made hasty arrangements for their departure.
93. Jags was fuming, she swung her fist back aiming for Gulab, she ducked missing the fist and Suraj got a painful jab in his shoulder.
94. Fuming, Ulbrickson went public with his dilemma, telling the Seattle Times on April 2, I have never seen a situation like this.
95. Khan, who was still fuming at the rebuke he had received from Li, was accosted by Horace Zembelo as he walked out of the conference room.
96. Miriam was positively fuming when she came back from the harbor, where she had gone to meet Shimon ‘The Rock’ and other male disciples.
97. Many of my senior staff officers and other officers in the Army are positively fuming at the thought of a nineteen year-old lieutenant colonel.
98. There was no cart, he said, absolutely none; and the Professor, in a state of fuming dejection, was forced to what resignation he could muster.
99. They looked around for a moment, consulting as well their handheld detectors, before gathering around Ekart, who was positively fuming with rage.
100. He stood on the spot picturing his dad’s good looks, (they used to say he was a dead ringer for Dirk Bogarde), and Stan’s endlessly fuming pipe.
1. But now the Baron fumed.
2. Rosemary fumed on the sideline.
3. I fumed all the way to the store.
4. Good old helpful Ralph, she fumed.
5. That is impossible, fumed Michael.
6. Tristan fumed for a moment, then sighed.
7. I am in a bit of a hurry, she fumed.
8. You’re not going anywhere, he fumed.
9. This is utterly preposterous, he fumed.
10. Garcia fumed, but held back his first response.
11. But it is my life to waste, he silently fumed.
12. This time Master Skeentip was the one who fumed.
13. The Doctor had done this to her, Henrietta fumed.
14. Credit fumed, but continued to stare at her legs.
15. No! My Lord! Moshe fumed in his impatience.
16. It had nothing to do with him, she fumed silently.
17. What a stupid idea it was to call her, she fumed.
18. She fumed when Kyle left the room with her bottle.
19. She fumed and bit his hand, but he didn’t let up.
20. But when the boys drifted away, he sat alone and fumed.
21. As Sharana suggested, Stedder fumed, they will do nothing.
22. David was silent while Melissa quietly fumed in exasperation.
23. Not so amateurish she didn't have a rate card though! I fumed.
24. You’re damn right we have a lot on our plates! Teddy fumed.
25. We are never studying at your dorm again,’ she had fumed as she.
26. Flint and the other man headed back towards the beach as Iya fumed.
27. I… what?? He fumed when he realized what Ulrich was implying.
28. Shoop fumed but walked past the bar, not wanting to be associated with.
29. It had all been going so well up until the past couple of minutes, he fumed.
30. It poured like it was heavy as molten metal and fumed the like pits of hell.
31. It gurgled and fumed at him with every step he took, threatening to boil over.
32. They listened and fumed, barely able to control their loathing for the lawyers.
33. He shouted and fumed in his chamber, but eventual y had to lay down, covering.
34. Ardara’s hand fumed, the precursor to a rapid fiery end to anyone at the other.
35. Granny fumed as the shutter slammed on his face and he retreated behind his mask.
36. The officer became enraged, and fumed so that only splutters flew out of his mouth.
37. Why," fumed Tussie, "can't we live decently? Hasn't it struck you that we're very vulgar?".
38. You wanted us to save these people, the least you could do is give us a way out, Ollius fumed.
39. He fumed silently, his emotions a volatile mixture of rage, excitement, fear and raw sexuality.
40. Impossible! he fumed, as the staff of charred wood continued to hold his twirling weapon at bay.
41. She had a sudden thought and opened her backpack, then filled it full of apples while Alric fumed.
42. Hours later, Ellie still fumed as she paced the length of her small but cozy two-bedroom apartment.
43. And what about that fountain pen? I fumed, strutting back and forth in front of the prankster.
44. John Carrington fumed, fretted and finally telephoned—to find to his consternation that Ned was underground.
45. President Quaid fumed as he listened to the old man on the television ticking off the ten plagues on his fingers.
46. Kitara fumed for all of five seconds and then she got to work on resolving all the issues that were now popping up.
47. Oh, don’t mention that odious boy! Mrs Astley fumed, something about the Yorkshireman always seemed to rile her up.
48. YOU WILL NEVER LAY A HAND ON MY FAMILY AGAIN! Paul fumed as an ugly wiggling grin slithered across his proud repugnant face.
49. The fact of the Guild’s turnaround on her account had never escaped him, even as he fumed over her stubborn independent streak.
50. Limping all the way from town to the house on the outskirts was a seven-mile journey and he fumed all the way, anger filling each step.
51. Then the loser in the presidential race fussed and fumed and ranted about it, while his supporters took over the main square in Mexico City.
52. He had fumed inwardly during the feast, but when the flurry was over and he strolled home after seeing Scott off, a milder mood came over him.
53. Hair sprays fumed in plumes and I was very grateful for Glenna’s suggestion earlier as I sneezed several times from the fumes creeping up my nostrils.
54. Joey… Lezura said cautiously, giving him a glance before turning back to S’us, who stilled fumed at them with skin as red as her hair …I do not think she is joking.
55. And to make things more humiliating still, he had distracted Halfshaft with cheap pornography whilst he was doing his research! There was more than one wanker in the room, he fumed.
56. Carla followed every detail of Max’s life after he left hospital and silently fumed with jealousy as he described Star’s contribution to their success and their obvious intimacy.
57. I shall burn the Christian church down until there is nothing left but the ashes of ashes, she fumed as the bishop seated her and Vilda up at the front in one of the seats reserved for dignitaries.
58. Again he fumed at the thought of an untractable, undutiful wife about him, and recognised the acute need to be clear of feminine childishness, egotism, unforeseeable resiliences, if a man would work.
59. Trust his sergeant to trot out an appropriate quote, fumed Rafferty, comforting himself with the thought that Llewellyn couldn't be so smart after all, if his wisdom consisted solely of borrowing dead men's words.
60. While he fumed with nervous impatience, the high priest Gorulga announced that before any decision could be reached, the will of the gods must be ascertained concerning the proposed alliance with Zembabwei and the pledge of objects long held holy and inviolate.
61. While English leading ladies must have fumed at Alexander’s neglect of home talent, Madame Le Bargy showed that it is quite possible not only to play with grace and facility in a foreign language, but actually to prove more intelligible than a good many London actresses who flatter themselves that they speak good English.
62. He had a healthy, wild face, always sunburned, his hands were always cut and he fumed like a stovepipe and walked as if he were going to fly apart; wouldn't keep a job, quit those he had when he felt like it, and one day he sort of rode off away from me because I was even wilder than he and wouldn't settle down, and that was that.
63. This morning, as soon as she stepped into my office with some new texts in hand, the screen suddenly went black with a ''system error'', without my pressing a single key! What the heck, has she got a magnet or something? We called for a technician, as usual, but in the meanwhile the fair lady fumed and fretted at me and started shouting about my incompetence.
1. She was running on fumes.
2. Someone said the word fumes.
3. He could still smell the fumes.
4. The toxic fumes had kil ed him.
5. The fumes overwhelmed her senses.
6. Paint and solvent fumes can cause.
7. The tent can burn and fumes can kill.
8. You shouldn’t breathe in these fumes.
9. You feel the joy and the colours of fumes.
10. The woman waved at the fumes elaborately.
11. He blindly runs through the cloud of fumes.
12. Any longer and the fumes alone would kill us.
13. The air smelled of city fumes that couldn't.
14. The fumes from the chain saw plus all of the.
15. It made me clean faster to get out of the fumes.
16. That fumes beneath his nose: the trailing cloud.
17. There was also a problem with the fumes from the.
18. The hookah pipe steamed and the crimson fumes rose.
19. Outdoor Stoves (toxic fumes harmful to the lungs).
20. Maybe the glue and paint fumes had fried his brain.
21. Spews all these toxic fumes over the township, and.
22. That he probably inhaled fumes from whatever it was.
23. Though it says I shouldn’t breathe the fumes of it.
24. It must have been damp and full of fumes in the winter.
25. The air saturated with diesel fumes burned in my lungs.
26. It was either light it soon or pass out from the fumes.
27. I could smell the sweetly acrid fumes from the exhaust.
28. Then the ever so insidious first whiff of exhaust fumes.
29. He backed up, lit a cigarette and tossed it in the fumes.
30. Otherwise the fumes of powder could not have been blown.
31. By now a cloud of fumes had collected inside the structure.
32. The room was crowded, and misty with the fumes of suppers.
33. Like cars out of gas coasting into the station on fumes, we.
34. She spit it out and it all turned to fumes that she inhaled.
35. The concrete, the shops, the car fumes, the screech of buses.
36. Just then a tourist bus went by in a cloud of diesel fumes and.
37. He lay flat on the floorboards in an effort to avoid the fumes.
38. Over 50 percent of fire deaths are due to toxic fumes and smoke.
39. The paint fumes in this house still make me sick to my stomach.
40. Garlic fumes were filling my garage as I stepped out of the Camry.
41. The fumes have already started taking effect on the chairmen who.
42. Breathed in a lot of fumes from the fire, but she’s recovering.
43. I know of nothing more purgative of winter fumes and indigestions.
44. Fumes: If they come out of the earth, a relative of yours will die.
45. I never do attack runs with external tanks full of explosive fumes.
46. He hoisted himself to his elbow, and wistfully sniffed the fumes of.
47. She was coasting on fumes by the time she pulled into the gas station.
48. The man-made world of noise, fumes, concrete and stress didnt exist.
49. The barn fills with the reek of diesel fumes and he lets the engine idle.
50. There's a terrific build up of fumes and the mess gives off a powerful gas.
51. From drains, clefts, cesspools, middens arise on all sides stagnant fumes.
52. There are many reasons that a woman should avoid paint fumes when pregnant.
53. A strong wind from the West was now driving the fumes of Mordor from the.
54. Trucks belching diesel fumes were jammed with passengers as well as goods.
55. The cars fumes (carbon monoxide) will settle into the tunnel and kill them.
56. The gas fumes had had the day to accumulate, so the air burned Jacob's throat.
57. She felt like she was running on gas fumes alone, but she couldn’t stop now.
58. He had the opening of the bag pressed to his face and was breathing the fumes.
59. What was that all about? You smelling too many paint fumes or something?
60. Taken orally, the substance is deadly, but you can burn it to inhale the fumes.
61. Women can also become extremely dizzy when they breathe in the fumes from paint.
62. She was instantly drawn back into her physical body when the fumes were released.
63. No drafts to disperse the fumes that would soon be spreading throughout the house.
64. All too soon they were gone, disappearing out of town in clouds of fumes and dust.
65. As long as they didn’t get drunk off the fumes, Silas thought, shaking his head.
66. Otherwise the fumes of powder could not have been blown so rapidly through the house.
67. Eyes suddenly burning from toxic fumes, the doctors and the nurse covered their faces.
68. The factory chimneys belched forth immense brown fumes that were blown away at the top.
69. He doesn't care about having the odour of brandy fumes on his breath when Bex wakes up.
70. Steaming sulfurous fumes uncoiled in the midst of waves bubbling like water in a boiler.
71. Esther smelt it, even through the exhaust fumes, as she rode into work on her Suzuki 650.
72. As for the smell, he did not care about that; be did not have to inhale the fumes himself.
73. Before I could run away or scream, I breathed in the fumes and dropped into the darkness.
74. The liquid in hers was putting off heavy fumes that she inhaled before she put the cup down.
75. I felt myself being choked by thick yellow fumes, and struggled out of the debris to my feet.
76. Joey's father is expected to-morrow, and the whole Galgenberg is foggy with the fumes of cooking.
77. He popped the cheese in his mouth and leant towards the cauldron, which continued to belch fumes.
78. The breathing equipment may have filtered the poisonous fumes, but it did nothing to cool the air.
79. Cracking open the top, he let it pour out onto the driver’s seat, the fumes soon filling the car.
80. Heartbreak and illusion, false gods and desperate pilgrimages, fat dragons and their noxious fumes.
81. If a car catches fire in a confined space, such as a garage, smoke and toxic fumes will soon build up.
82. There smokes trailed on the ground and lurked in hollows, and fumes leaked from fissures in the earth.
83. His eyes were streaming with tears as the toxic fumes started pitting into the exposed skin of his face.
84. My lungs are scarred from cleaning solutions being mixed, and her forcing me to stay where the fumes were.
85. In the rising fog of alcohol fumes, fumes that will fill the car for weeks to come, Billy makes a decision.
86. The young technician was not amused, he wondered how he would die, being burnt to death or poisoned by fumes.
87. You are phoenix in the fumes, you breathe napalm, blue flame growing, the skies blackening, native drum chant.
88. During the early stages of development the unborn baby does not have the ability to get rid of the toxic fumes.
89. The pungent smell of the remaining ammonia fumes caught the back of his throat and he started to hack and cough.
90. What’s wrong with ya’s? He asked, annoyed that he was standing there, marinating in our anxious fumes.
91. For a long time I lay motionless, for those horrible fumes seemed to have loosened my joints and dulled my brain.
92. If it was attacking the actual surface, you would hear fizzing and there would be a lot more fumes coming off it.
93. At last he realized that the room was full of charcoal fumes from the stove, and that he might die of suffocation.
94. Of course the stench down here was so bad already that the fumes of a powerful degreaser probably wouldn't matter.
95. Indoor plants help detoxify the air inside our homes, by filtering the airborne toxins and fumes through the soil.
96. It became pretty obvious when I choked on the thick gas fumes that billowed out and sent me straight to dreamland.
97. In most of those places too, a careless visitor could stumble into a foetid bog and be overcome by poisonous fumes.
98. On four sides it was bounded by gliding streetcars on glistening blue tracks and cars with exhaust fumes and sound.
99. He wasn’t normally a drunk, but right now, his breath was so saturated with alcohol, I could almost see the fumes.
100. There are some cases documented were women have suffered miscarriages due to prolonged exposure to these toxic fumes.

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