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Furrow dans une phrase (en anglais)

Was the white furrow I had.
Ethan’s brow became a deep furrow.
Her eyebrows furrow, but she doesn’t speak.
Furrow: A groove in the earth made by a plough.
It is ploughing a lonely furrow when al around.
His eyebrows furrow and his face has become tough.
If not, it’s a lonely furrow in a no-man’s land.

Hunger arising from the furrow, and disease from the stream.
There's the varnish, too, like earth on each side of a furrow.
Iván stuck his hand down in the furrow, and felt something soft.
The second part caused the Imperial’s brows to furrow in thought.
Penelope noticed her old friend narrow his own eyes and furrow those brows.
Swivelling around he flashed his torch at the Seabelle, and along a furrow of.
The thought made his brow furrow again, discontented with the rate of change in his world.
Then, as a furrow of worry lowered his brow, But time, I'm afraid, is running out and I don't.
Get moving! the captain said, looking around the place with an agitated furrow of his forehead.
One of the shots plowed a furrow all the way to and through the haranguer and almost struck the Inka.
And if I could point to no pamphlets or lectures, neither need I point to a furrow between my eyebrows.
A big smile crossed his face as he stood, though the furrow on his brow diminished the affect somewhat.
Some of the boulders on either side of the furrow left by the ship were more than two metres in diameter.
A deep furrow ran across his forehead, and standing by a window he stared over his spectacles seeing no one.
Taking the stick, she placed a bunch of the slimy green gunk onto the furrow mark across Roric’s shoulder.
A sudden thundering in the Human’s bowels made him furrow his forehead in annoyance and massage his stomach.
There was no crook or cranny, no road or footpath, no hotel or house, no waterfall or furrow, I did not know.
He had just made one furrow, and was coming back, when something pulled at the plough as though it had caught in a root.
In this dilemma, Uncas lighted on the furrow of the cannon ball, where it had cut the ground in three adjacent ant-hills.
Besides Orhanin’s injuries, Thannic had a couple bullet burns and Larc had a deep furrow cut across the front of one thigh.
They followed the furrow for as far as it went and then started to climb between the boulders, heading roughly towards the beacon.
One sharp, white hook tore through my trousers—for I may mention that I was still in evening dress—and dug a furrow in my knee.
The ship tore on; leaving such a furrow in the sea as when a cannon-ball, missent, becomes a plough-share and turns up the level field.
There were three of us left behind dead and four wounded including me a bullet had creased me gouging a furrow out of my shoulder muscle.
Right in the middle, at the epicentre of the drawing, a furious, sweaty face appeared, every foul and bitter furrow captured with precision.
I never saw the shot that killed Stanley because his one had hit an angle iron and ricocheting hitting me in the temple and gouging a furrow.
He focused in on a small dark shadow shuffling along a furrow, hidden from the soldiers’ view by lines of thick green foliage on either side.
Now, involuntarily it seemed, he cut more and more deeply into the soil like a plough, so that he could not be drawn out without turning aside the furrow.
Then, as a furrow of worry lowered his brow, But time, I’m afraid, is running out and I don’t know how long it will be before things start to get out of hand.
The same socialization process which props up a baby’s sense of being a unitary, abiding, separated individual also imprisons that individual in a furrow of inexorable linear temporality.
He set the plow in the furrow, he called sharply to his burro, Burrrrrrr-o! And they walked together through the rich field, under the clearing sky, on their tilled land by the deep river.
Sam’s body shook and I could hear the bullets striking it with dull thuds I thought I had gotten away with it but then I felt a burning sensation across my thigh as a bullet dug a furrow through it.
The obvious mechanization and dehumanization of farming: as it began from the first plow creating the first linear furrow: to the present-day merging of corporate farms into vast, dehumanized, mechanized wastelands cannot be ignored.
Furrowing her brow, Layne agreed.
Loki swallows, his brow furrowing.
He looked at her, furrowing his brow.
Break in? said Kevin, his brow furrowing.
Furrowing his brow, he stared into the distance.
The furrowing tears had mark'd her rouged cheek;.
What are you still doing here? said Azura, furrowing her brow.
Brow furrowing, he says, Don’t toy with me, and waves a hand.
Couldn’t have been me, Agnew said, furrowing his brow and shaking his head.
Stanley turned his head slightly, forehead furrowing as he studied the skylight.
We should make a trail, William said, his brow furrowing as he tried to think.
Whazzat? he mumbled sleepily, squinching his eyes and furrowing his forehead.
Furrowing his brow and concentrating to keep it open, he quickly measures the width by pacing the length.
Opening the door quietly he gets out and shuts it as quietly and walks up the path with a frown furrowing his brow.
You know, he said tilting his head and furrowing his brow, Rayne said she felt something amiss in the Hold.
Brow furrowing, he says, If anyone can contribute, doesn’t that put the authenticity of the information in question?
Erm, so, do you know where I would, in theory, find General Tullius of the Legion? Sorex’s grin melted away, his brow rapidly furrowing.
He seemed to be listening to her, his brow furrowing together adorably, like when he tried to concentrate on math or French, two subjects she tutored him in over frappucinos and Chinese food.
I catch Jeff (cuckolded, divorced, complicated custody arrangement) furrowing his brow as we pass a Love Tester: Squeeze the metal grip and watch the temperature rise from just a fling to soul mate.
From the Belt of the Devil the diabolical Zoroastro army was approaching, from half a kilometer one could feel the stinking smell of the faucets and the dark shade that was furrowing the airs consuming everything to its step.
They went to work at once, plowing, barrowing, rolling, furrowing, in admirable order, as if they were bent on making this a model farm; but when I was looking sharp to see what kind of seed they dropped into the furrow, a gang of fellows by my side suddenly began to hook up the virgin mould itself, with a peculiar jerk, clean down to the sand, or rather the water—for it was a very springy soil—indeed all the terra firma there was—and haul it away on sleds, and then I guessed that they must be cutting peat in a bog.
He sat with a furrowed.
He furrowed his brow at me.
Di Yang furrowed and asked.
Sir Richard furrowed his brow.
He had his brow furrowed as.
The Professor furrowed his brow.
His brow furrowed as he nodded.
Now, I furrowed my brow at them.
My brows furrowed I’m sorry.
Nangong Changshu furrowed and said.
With eyebrows furrowed, he laughs.
They all furrowed their brows at me.
Her forehead furrowed in confusion.
He furrowed his brow at me, shocked.
Long Fei furrowed with his eyebrows.
Higgins’s brow furrowed in concern.
She furrowed her brows in confusions.
Terence frowned and furrowed his brow.
Skinny’s brow furrowed in confusion.
I stare at his furrowed brow and sigh.
Joey furrowed his forehead and frowned.
His eyebrows furrowed into a deep line.
Hagan looked at him, his brow furrowed.
Her brow was furrowed in determination.
His forehead had lost its furrowed look.
She closed her eyes and furrowed her brow.
His forehead was furrowed with deep lines.
Sima Zhongtian furrowed and then ask again.
His brow furrowed, That's it? Fine?
His furrowed gaze was set towards a lone.
Sir Richard furrowed his brow in confusion.
Nangong Changshu furrowed and said solemnly.
His brow furrowed as he looked at the menu.
He approached me and furrowed his eyebrows.
His brows furrowed, as it dawned on him too.
The priest furrowed his eyebrows and shouted.
Brows furrowed and eyes squinted to observe.
Father furrowed his brows and looked very sad.
His brow furrowed as he pondered the question.
Her eyebrows furrowed as she instantly pivoted.
Armed heroes spring up from furrows.
Wave lines and mud furrows in rocks, J.
He’s keeping count! His brow furrows.
His jaw goes tight and his brow furrows.
Her brow furrows and she bares her clenched teeth.
Miss Lewis? Amy turns her head, and her brow furrows.
His songs cheered his cattle, which made furrows with sweat.
And tractors turning the multiple furrows in the vacant land.
Sheena nodded, a frown creasing deep furrows in her forehead.
The old lady's face creased into furrows of repugnance, and she.
If our tractor turned the long furrows of our land, it would be good.
The earth had been laid bare and was scored with long scratches and furrows.
In the vegetable patch at the far end, Wulfric was digging furrows and Gwenda sowing peas.
I spotted gigantic furrows trailing off into the distant darkness, their length incalculable.
Her head rolled back on the pillow, and two tears dropped helplessly down the furrows of her face.
A railway cutting gashed through barren furrows where someone had failed to profit from a cash crop.
The cannon-balls ploughed furrows in these cuirassiers; the cuirassiers made breaches in the squares.
His feet marched in sudden proud rhythm over the sand furrows, along by the boulders of the south wall.
Desa dug for it with one hand, Alan began losing ground as both Luray's heels made furrows in the soft soil.
I was touched by the serene yet complex concentration he manifested, the furrows of light on his smooth brow.
To stop their tractors rolling over they plough the furrows up and down the slope, so the erosions horrendous.
One had already been plowed and the polished edges of the furrows was void, with a thin clarity like that of water.
Make furrows of ten inches apart and sow the seeds; cover with starting mix and water the soil, but not excessively.
My ship is fully operational, with my only battle damage being a number of furrows dug by laser beams in my bow shield.
His face was lean, the deep cheek-lines great furrows down his face so that his cheek bones and chin stood out sharply.
It seemed to Viella that Everette's frown deepened in the furrows of his face as he reached down in an effort to shake her hand.
The earth beneath her feet was more yielding than the sea, and the furrows seemed to her immense brown waves breaking into foam.
Perhaps these have creased it, for you find some of their cases in the furrows, though they are deep and broad for them to make.
Is a tractor bad? Is the power that turns the long furrows wrong? If this tractor were ours it would be good—not mine, but ours.
As an illustration, my father, who delighted in home gardening, each spring planted tomato seeds in carefully cultivated soil furrows.
Going to Nancy, he helped Louis undo the manacles that had held her and that had dug deep, bloody furrows around her wrists and ankles.
Leaning closer she studied the deep furrows in her snout, the grey hairs liberally sprinkled throughout the black stripes on her cheeks.
Along the narrow walls of this passageway, I saw only brilliant streaks, hard lines, fiery furrows, all scrawled by our speeding electric light.
The bottom was covered with fine silt and mud that was half water and in this the two rabbits had made furrows as they dragged themselves to shore.
The vertical furrows of the brow continuing the lines of the nose, make a continuous vertical which the horizontal lines of the brow cross (see Fig.
When we found a pretty little meadow in the woods, Diomed stopped and pawed the ground, digging furrows in the mound of jonquils that were just popping open.
Over the ploughland riding was utterly impossible; the horse could only keep a foothold where there was ice, and in the thawing furrows he sank deep in at each step.
Looking back along the two furrows that Piers’ heels had left in the sand, he could see some movement farther down the beach and knew it was going to be a close call.
The white hair was thrown back from her yellow forehead, and her eyes, already sunken by the furrows of age, now almost disappeared beneath the eyelids swollen with grief.
Against a rotating shield, that meant that a particular beam would wander continuously over the surface of the shield and simply dig furrows in it, without penetrating it.

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