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Fussy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. She was fussy?
2. A baby can be fussy for.
3. They were fussy, that was.
4. Alice was fussy about fleas.
5. She was a little fussy, but now.
6. He wasn’t fussy and grabbed the.
7. For particularly fussy customers, Mr.
8. Are you fussy about what you eat?
9. We Amazons are very fussy about facial hair.
10. He’s very fussy about anyone touching his.
11. He mistrusted his superior's proneness to fussy action.
12. The bloke was a letter-writing nutter; fussy and fastidious.
13. I'm fussy about bathroom privacy but fine about beds, apparently.
14. A research study showed that fussy eater are born rather than made.
15. She was fussy and difficult but in a more restrained way so was I.
16. For the most part none of the children are fussy about what they eat.
17. From the seat a fussy little man stepped down and walked into the camp.
18. She was fussy and difficult about the hotel rooms, the restaurants and beaches.
19. Personally, I'm not really fussy which group my prospective caribou falls into.
20. You’ve lost patience with your peers and the fussy little hobgoblins of their existence.
21. And I got the distinct impression that he wasn't too fussy about how we managed it either.
22. However, they are not terribly fussy, and will eat practically any plant that they come across.
23. He was too fussy for her liking and his ex-wife had left him, so there might be something there.
24. My idea of that Supreme Being was not the short, rotund man in fussy robes that waddled into view.
25. The hard, fussy, cut-out, photographic appearance of trees misses all their beauty and sublimity.
26. Professor Porter had already disappeared into the jungle, whither he was being followed by the fussy Samuel T.
27. I could well understand the fascination she exerted on the male sex if even a very fussy and odd person like me felt the vibrations.
28. John worshipped his own dog too, an affectionate Rottweiler, but was less fussy about Mai’s dogs because he wanted to bed their owner.
29. Certain chickens become fussy, remain isolated or start acting strangely when they are affected by extreme weather or infected with a disease.
30. Perhaps because they aren't too fussy when it comes to fucking, they think we’re the same, whereas there’s no one more choosy than a queer.
31. I’d think a man as fussy and old maidish as Frank would keep things tidier, she thought, scrubbing her grimy hands with her handkerchief.
32. Mammy hurried Scarlett up the dark stairs, muttering fussy remarks about cold hands and thin shoes and Scarlett looked meek and was well content.
33. I hired a decorator from Sedona and told her that I wanted to keep something of an antique feel but with less fussy furniture…and no wallpaper.
34. The Church that multiplies committees and neglects prayer may be fussy, noisy, enterprising, but it labors in vain1020 and spends its strength for naught.
35. He felt extremely uncomfortable about it, but opted for a snap decision not to be overly fussy as to the source, if indeed what she had to say led to a solid case.
36. The second member of the party to land was a tall young man in white ducks, while directly behind came another elderly man with a very high forehead and a fussy, excitable manner.
37. He shifted uncomfortably on Mother’s fussy sofa, wondering why it was necessary for women to insist upon quite so many cushions (or indeed why it was necessary to have any at all).
38. So what are you saying, Angela? She moved away from the bookcase and went back to her fussy tidying-up, as if those few minutes of angry eye contact were about all she could handle.
39. Received a letter from N about Beller and other ministers who preach the inconsistency of military service and Christianity,[233] and about Chertkov, that he was fussy, had sinned and had fallen ill.
40. The unnatural shouting of the police ceased, and was quickly succeeded by deliberations, mysterious whispered instructions, and stern, fussy perplexity, which wrinkled the brows of the police officers.
41. Cells went off at 8:45 always, so Rand Elliott would have to walk from his bed all the way to the end of the hall to pick up the old heavy phone; he’d be fumbling with his glasses, fussy with the table lamp.
42. Whatever happens in reality to these children as they grow, child one chooses a fussy way of life and child two chooses an intellectual one, these myths will hang on and hector these two people all their lives.
43. At every step one’s movements keep flushing the sparrows which always make their home in these depths, and one hears their fussy chirping and the beating of their tiny, fluttering wings against the stalks, and catches the low buzzing of a bumble bee somewhere, and the sound of the gardener’s footsteps (it is half-daft Akim) on the path as he hums his eternal sing-song to himself.

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