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Gag dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I tried not to gag.
  2. The Truth: Gag the Sheep.
  3. She choked behind the gag.
  4. He wanted to gag, but couldn't.
  5. Why gag her mouth? What did he.

  6. All I could do was cough and gag.
  7. She pulled the gag from his mouth.
  8. Brock was always pulling that gag.
  9. He checked that her gag was secure.
  10. Y’hungry?’ He slipped off the gag.
  11. What’s the gag? London demanded.
  12. He pulled the gag from the man’s mouth.
  13. The other pulled the gag from her mouth.
  14. Someone tried the old Spanish Lottery gag.
  15. I roll my eyes and take a swig—then gag.

  16. The gunk collected in my skimmer is gag.
  17. What’s the gag? the checker asked.
  18. Gruesome enough to set off the gag reflex.
  19. To have the gag remov'd from one's mouth!.
  20. She tried again this time ignoring the gag.
  21. It made her gag, and she felt like vomiting.
  22. Gag the creature and bind him as I command.
  23. When she got near him, she took out his gag.
  24. Her breathing was shallow and she began to gag.
  25. Takes more effort than this to get her to gag.

  26. Nervously, Kara came over and cut the gag off me.
  27. He lays on top of me, reaches to remove the gag.
  28. Someone put a gag in her mouth, Tolro said.
  29. And I was expecting the old Girdle of Venus gag.
  30. He removed the gag and she gulped at the fresh air.
  31. The demon stuffed the gritty gag back into her mouth.
  32. When my kids were much younger we had a standard gag.
  33. Tongue and nose is taste, smell, savor, swallow, gag.
  34. He was pushed down into a chair and the gag removed.
  35. She tried to gnaw at one, but the gag got in the way.
  36. This was obviously some sort of gag so I played along.
  37. My eyebrows rose, he was really carrying this gag on.
  38. Leave the gag in until she stops screaming, please.
  39. She leant it to look at it but the smell made her gag.
  40. Only the white cloth of the gag was visible through it.
  41. Don’t you have a gag reflex? he asks, astonished.
  42. She put her hand over her mouth, as if to hold back a gag.
  43. She squirms and screams through the ball gag in her mouth.
  44. Oh yes… nurse, please put a gag on that mouth as well.
  45. Amanda's gag had been removed, her hands tied above her head.
  46. She yelped, and moaned and pleaded into her gag, all to no avail.
  47. SILENCE!! Goebbels roared, and directed his men to gag Paul.
  48. Tex shell from the racks and hands them to me, I gag at the prices.
  49. Max pulled her up out of the duct, removed the gag and unbound her.
  50. The thought of the gag Zem and Bev pulled on us was still fresh in.
  51. You must eat, he said, I will remove the gag and the ropes.
  52. Amanda's eyes widened, a cloth gag stopped her from saying anything.
  53. On entering the room their first proceeding must have been to gag Mr.
  54. Lars had stood before the clerk, astonished, and then realized the gag.
  55. Rather, families were forced to settle out-of-court with gag orders.
  56. Nancy lowered his gag then and looked down coldly into the man’s eyes.
  57. The girl attempted to scream, but the gag in her mouth muffled her pleas.
  58. It was inescapable, clawing at the back of his throat and making him gag.
  59. Emily, stop it, he said again before pulling the gag away from her.
  60. And then she put her thumb in her mouth for a gag and she cried silently.
  61. No effort had been made to gag them nor had their abductor spoken to them.
  62. Take that gag from his mouth, and let us hear what he can say for himself.
  63. The scent of mold and must rose to Sera’s nose causing her to gag a bit.
  64. He walks over to the bed reaches down and removes the tie gag from my mouth.
  65. He started to gag again when he felt the end poke the bottom of his stomach.
  66. A blog of acidic food shot up my throat and into my mouth causing me to gag.
  67. Similarly they gag the mouth of buffaloes and when they die of the loss of.
  68. In a minute I will have a gag We can cover his mouth and then question him.
  69. Although I was starving, the chocolate stuck in my throat and I wanted to gag.
  70. Gag: If you dream that there is a gag on your mouth, you will soon fall in love.
  71. Rapidly wilting penises were withdrawn; Bindi swallowed and managed not to gag.
  72. A collective gag came from the gallery as Andy continued to read the chat log out loud.
  73. She was tied in a sitting position on a wooden chair, her captors had removed her gag.
  74. The Confederate Congress usually met in secret and often imposed gag orders on issues.
  75. He tore off the excess cord from Cyrellius’ belt, and used it to tie the gag in place.
  76. It was if they no longer existed and someone had put out a gag order on the government.
  77. A good gag is to play an Archie Shepp or Ornette Coleman record in the house growing up.
  78. His self-lauding style and air of superiority made most of his fellow group members gag.
  79. Ellie frantically sucked in what air she could around the tight gag jammed inside her mouth.
  80. Urged by the officer, he tried again, this time releasing the gag as Halon behaved himself.
  81. The rest of the children on the bus began to choke and gag, and yet some thought it was cool.
  82. She fought her incredible gag reflex and hit his hand away, Chance looking at her, surprised.
  83. Lying on the floor was Jeannine with a gag in her mouth and her hands and feet tied together.
  84. His hands and feet were tied and a gag was placed in his mouth so there'd be no screams heard.
  85. The stench of alcohol in the room almost made me gag, but that could have just been the sight.
  86. She nodded in compliance and the thought of hearing herself screaming into her gag excited her.
  87. I removed the gag, untied her and held her as she hyperventilated and went into a panic attack.
  88. Though I’m not surprised by what I see, my gag reflex kicks in, and I barely hold back vomit.
  89. A gag pulled at the corners of her mouth and she had trouble breathing through blocked nostrils.
  90. The stench from the wolf was still thick in the air and it entered her throat causing her to gag.
  91. She tried telling him, pleaded with him through her gag that she needed to cum and needed it now.
  92. A fellow had to get it down his gullet quickly before it began to solidify, or he would gag on it.
  93. Worse, a horrific odor reached his nose, the stench of rotting meat, which made him retch and gag.
  94. Nothing but the hurt of watching my brother groan and gag on the ventilator shoved down his throat.
  95. There was a bloodied strip of a torn bed sheet that may have been used as a blindfold – or a gag.
  96. He ripped off the gag and whilst Videnov was swearing he fetched him a cup of water from the cooler.
  97. I’m going to cut your gag, stay still, he ordered and stepped on the chain so I couldn’t move.
  98. He was shivering violently, but caught some on his hands, rubbed them over his face and tore at his gag.
  99. Her eyes flew open as wide as they could, and Hilsith removed her gag and kissed her full upon the mouth.
  100. If you see another person or an animal bearing a gag, don't worry about your enemies; they can't harm you.

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