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Gain dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The FX gain of 0.
  2. I will gain my point.
  3. And what can you gain.
  4. The only way to gain.
  5. He had nothing to gain.

  6. Never I gain the goal;.
  7. But where is the gain?
  8. If you could gain the.
  9. Can`t we just have gain.
  10. They will not gain life.
  11. That's a gain of $16.
  12. What would you gain by.
  13. In time, you will gain.
  14. That was a gain of.
  15. Only those who gain more.

  16. This was a gain of.
  17. Our loss is but her gain.
  18. M: Your loss is your gain.
  19. And out of loss comes gain.
  20. I hoped to gain more time.
  22. Give up all and you gain.
  23. That's a gain of $70.
  24. You shall gain the victory.
  25. Learn it and gain from it.

  26. Ramm sets out to gain his.
  27. That was a gain of $18.
  28. She needed to gain maximum.
  29. She struggled to gain some.
  30. He is eager to gain custody.
  31. The way that I used to gain.
  32. There is gain in both cases.
  33. You lose some and gain some.
  34. They begin to gain momentum.
  35. This will be a material gain.
  36. Did she gain a pound?
  37. The gain on the trade was +5.
  38. That was a gain of $22.
  39. Why? As you gain more than 1.
  40. What could he possibly gain?
  41. Education gives him some gain.
  42. Can gain the purest joy of all.
  43. Last comes the lover of gain?
  44. He withstood the pain of gain.
  45. To gain the triumphant success.
  46. You might, like, gain a pound.
  47. A solid gain in the making.
  48. He thought, No gain without a.
  49. They all had something to gain.
  50. What better way for us to gain.
  51. They don’t cause you to gain.
  52. The only comfort he could gain.
  53. Gain the support of your family.
  54. The maximum potential gain is 0.
  55. You will gain the exposure you.
  56. But what do the attainers gain?
  57. Nobody can gain a settlement by.
  58. But how did you gain them?
  59. He said the best way to gain an.
  60. You gain an incredible advantage.
  61. The average gain per trade was 0.
  62. This is an additional gain of $4.
  63. A negative gamma will gain value.
  64. This is the pain and gain headline.
  65. I think he wanted to try to gain.
  66. Causes of Weight Gain and Obesity.
  67. TO DIE IS GAIN Philippians 1:21-23.
  68. Emerson Electric went on to gain 40.
  69. He first needed to gain their trust.
  70. It was not a personal gain for Paul.
  71. All other attempts to gain equality.
  72. What is the gain after all? Nothing.
  73. So then he went on to gain yet more.
  74. The net result would be a gain of 0.
  75. You stand to gain or lose personally.
  76. I can’t see any gain in it for her.
  77. The methods used to gain competitive.
  78. To gain favor in Kassikan politics.
  79. If they miss us, we gain another day.
  80. To be very frank, a few pounds gain.
  81. As they gain altitude and speed, TK.
  82. She decided to eat and gain strength.
  83. He who is greedy for gain trouble his.
  84. But sUl , that was a gain of $1.
  85. And now you shall gain power over him.
  86. The Fortunate Isles I might not gain?
  87. Vancouver will gain a day, and local.
  88. I stood only to gain from joining him.
  89. They are the ones who gain the maximum.
  90. You wouldn't lose by that, you'd gain.
  91. The fund showed an overall gain of 38.
  92. And how does one gain a renewed mind?
  93. No other Tibetan could gain access to.
  94. She had nothing to gain or protect in.
  95. Remember the saying "no pain, no gain".
  96. I’m out at 111 for a gain of 2 ticks.
  97. That’s a 12-year gain of 140 percent.
  98. M: What can it gain? Nothing whatsoever.
  99. Both units need commands to gain access.
  100. She also had a gain of over 200% in Gap.
  1. Gaining his feet he ran.
  2. By gaining the bliss of.
  3. Harvard after gaining his Ph.
  4. HO T5 lights are gaining in.
  5. It was steadily gaining on them.
  6. EMC also rose in 2000, gaining 21.
  7. Only briefly gaining the power of.
  8. Will not this be worth gaining?
  9. I started gaining speed as I went.
  10. Justice was gaining the upper hand.
  11. She seemed to be gaining his trust.
  12. Instead, it was slowly gaining in.
  13. And, in gaining unlimited influence.
  14. I could see that the doubt was gaining.
  15. I guess it had to do with gaining.
  16. The storm seemed to be gaining strength.
  17. Gaining an audience with the Earl—.
  18. I was gaining confidence with each moment.
  19. The Triodines were close behind and gaining.
  20. All the same, the pirates were gaining on us.
  21. Century is about twenty feet away and gaining.
  22. The summer season was rapidly gaining on them.
  23. He was an expert at gaining their trust and.
  24. Slowly but surely, Shiva was gaining control.
  25. You are now gaining the understanding and the.
  26. Colling ran after him, quickly gaining ground.
  27. Over coming that and gaining courage is another.
  28. This type of therapy is gaining a place even on.
  29. But gaining independence wasn’t the whole story.
  30. Here I was gaining experience I would later teach.
  31. Here are 41 of my best tips and tricks for gaining.
  32. It has had trouble gaining acceptance and support.
  33. Prospect 1: A 100 percent chance of gaining $3,000.
  34. It's gaining Consciousness of mine, that something.
  35. The Knights were gaining and now others had joined.
  36. She ran as fast as she could, but heard him gaining.
  37. When he was first gaining momentum he was secretive.
  38. After gaining their eye contact and attention, she.
  39. The plane was groaning, relentlessly gaining height.
  40. Miller was gaining ground, and risked a shot himself.
  41. I have lost over 50 pounds of fat while gaining lean.
  42. Whatever it was it was big and it was gaining on her.
  43. Danglars is accustomed to play at gaining or losing.
  44. The J-test is another test gaining popularity in Japan.
  45. Begin by trying and gaining control over your emotions.
  46. Is gaining a government grant a slow process? Hell yes.
  47. This slows his pace and he is no longer gaining ground.
  48. I try to think of what I’ll be gaining in return.
  49. Gaining control of your emotions is what will enable.
  50. This type of dieting is gaining some popularity in the.
  51. The baby is two weeks old and is gaining weight as she.
  52. I think you may be losing a niece and gaining a nephew.
  53. Is it true the Allies are gaining the upper hand?
  54. The days went by as he healed, his body gaining strength.
  55. Soon the LIMO was gaining altitude and speed and by the.
  56. A bright blue dragon attacked without warning, gaining.
  57. This was gaining something, something to look forward to.
  58. Worse, the torches appeared to be gaining steadily on her.
  59. Such wisdom is then subverted to the purposes of gaining.
  60. Through gaining deep experience of the meditations on the.
  61. So, without gaining an interview, Nekhludoff returned home.
  62. By gaining this realization, we can eliminate the ignor-.
  63. Gaining the spirit is like the greatest wild state of win.
  64. Gaining slowly every night, while he had to stop to sleep.
  65. Th is was an essential provision that ensured gaining of.
  66. Gaining Awareness of Your Bad Habits and Other Resistance.
  67. Al the methods of Hatha Yoga are meant for gaining success.
  68. In fact, they seemed to be winning ground and gaining hope.
  69. The robots were on the beach now and gaining on them quickly.
  70. Perhaps you've heard that one of the surest ways of gaining.
  71. After gaining my barrings again, with a little help from the.
  72. They were gaining on me more rapidly than I would have given.
  73. Mostly children, gaining access to the school through an open.
  74. He looked over his shoulder to see two of them gaining on him.
  75. Gaining the information, yet caught in a cauldron of hostile.
  76. Consider the following to understand why music is gaining the.
  77. Your attempt at gaining power through the use of the negative.
  78. Gaining lucrative wealth from real estate investing comes with.
  79. She thrust herself across the threshold, gaining her feet in a.
  80. By the time your second trimester starts, you should be gaining.
  81. After a hundred metres he could see he was gaining on the thief.
  82. The antioxidants in the plant can also aid you in gaining muscle.
  83. Looking up, I saw that the fallen order beast was gaining on us.
  84. This is called the big data which is gaining momentum now.
  85. He spoke again in a loud, full voice, gaining volume as he spoke.
  86. Inspector Sandy Boucher, Canada was also gaining a reputation in.
  87. Schnottblower pushed the club harder, gaining a couple more inches.
  88. Pained, however, as I was, with his efforts of gaining a complete.
  89. One way you can start gaining preeminence is by having a home base.
  90. Myself? I was at the absolute peak of losing years in gaining miles.
  91. As for gaining wisdom from our ideals and acting upon it, whatever.
  92. Finally, gaining his footing, he struggled across the floor to the.
  93. On the computer’s monitor I read the following: I’m gaining.
  94. He glanced back, and saw to his dismay that they were gaining on him.
  95. Achieving high growth is about gaining momentum in the chosen market.
  96. This approach is gaining popularity thanks to its historical success.
  97. I am gaining that peace now, because I am falling in love with Torah.
  98. All too quickly the next turn came up and she was gaining more speed.
  99. He could sense the apprentice gaining on him, but was determined not.
  100. He rotated his wedding ring around on his finger, gaining some comfort.
  1. Her magic had gained her.
  2. He has gained their trust.
  3. Where had he gained such.
  4. I gained a squire, though.
  5. Nothing can be gained now.
  6. With the equity gained on.
  7. That was one degree gained.
  8. The ship slowly gained speed.
  9. He has gained the trust of.
  10. When he gained the Physics.
  11. That was how he had gained.
  12. What is there to be gained?
  13. He gained no pride from that.
  14. He gained some very willing.
  15. Gained one in the two combined.
  16. Few have gained such a victory.
  17. More importantly he had gained.
  18. D’ata gained some weight back.
  19. As soon as he gained a success.
  20. They gained in accuracy that way.
  21. At last they gained the cartshed.
  22. The beast gained steadily on him.
  23. Or you might have gained weight.
  24. While these products have gained.
  25. I haven't gained a lot doing this.
  26. I finally gained my strength back.
  27. He has gained a little weight back.
  28. Having finally gained the heights.
  29. Yet she also both gained and lost.
  30. I still hadn’t gained possession.
  31. Trust can be gained in several ways.
  32. But really, what’s to be gained?
  33. Internell News gained record profits.
  34. We had gained the steps of the house.
  35. I gained a flexibility and outgoing.
  36. Through hate, nothing will be gained.
  37. Still, it gained on them relentlessly.
  38. And gained everything that matters.
  39. The sense of self is gained through.
  40. I gained from the key phrase and the.
  41. The wind had gained momentum and the.
  42. But art has gained a new point of view.
  43. I had gained a new painful experience.
  44. My stilted words soon gained momentum.
  45. Batistuta gained a full head of steam.
  46. But he gained credits a friend vouched.
  47. Daniel watched as they gained altitude.
  48. This judgment is gained with experience.
  49. The coating hardened and gained pigment.
  50. But she will be gained by some one else.
  51. As it gained in strength, the positive.
  52. The growth strategy, however, gained 78.
  53. I had gained a lot of confidence on her.
  54. Before long, Sophia gained consciousness.
  55. The goodwill gained was undone in a blink.
  56. The doctor gained the courage and asked:.
  57. He felt he had gained a qualified success.
  58. I’ve gained a hundred pounds of blubber.
  59. Follow the money trail to see who gained.
  60. They lost a few regulars but gained others.
  61. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  62. In addition some comfort could be gained.
  63. The experience gained by laboring in love.
  64. He hadn’t gained consciousness even once.
  65. He gained knowledge that he put to good use.
  66. Poseidon gained his trident from them, too.
  67. In a sudden motion the horse gained its feet.
  68. Who knows? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  69. We exercise faith until knowledge is gained.
  70. Bev had gained some control of some of her.
  71. And you have lost as much as you have gained.
  72. Having gained her point, she burst into tears.
  73. The leaders that gained control of them and.
  74. Where a few rich Burgers gained a few rights.
  75. Without what is gained there is nothing lost.
  76. Where are your riches? What have you gained?
  77. Peter's trade gained almost 11% in three days.
  78. I am, because there is a lot to be gained.
  79. Zeus: Haven’t you gained his trust already?
  80. While the revolution in the small town gained.
  81. I gained a realization while writing the above.
  82. So, what with having gained over 20 years of.
  83. He gained a few followers, maybe twenty or so.
  84. Nothing was to be gained by berating Philemon.
  85. His voice gained it’s own note of bitterness.
  86. The car gained speed as it took to the highway.
  87. Traction isn’t gained by spinning the tires.
  88. It was time lost for them, but gained for him.
  89. One problem solved and another problem gained.
  90. We have gained valuable knowledge here today.
  91. Titania gained a great respect for the late Mr.
  92. When he looked up his face had gained 20 years.
  93. Those who gained control of the temple and the.
  94. She gained about twenty pounds during this time.
  95. How is it that you gained their allegiance?
  96. I have gained perfection in that ‘one’ area.
  97. Behind him the heavier bodied dog gained ground.
  98. At the door, he gained control of his anger, his.
  99. He had gained Catherine’s trust rather quickly.
  100. During that same time, the S&P 500 gained just 6.
  1. Gains in years of life.
  2. I found that my gains.
  3. Who gains his total freedom.
  4. All the previous gains that.
  5. UFC gains a lot more popularity.
  6. And Cosette gains by the change.
  7. Furthermore, all gains made by.
  8. Each family gains two precious.
  9. Some have gains; others don’t.
  10. It gains shape in consciousness.
  11. The greatest gains in the market.
  12. He gains the confidence of others.
  13. To further guard its gains, Japan.
  14. Both gains and losses are magnified.
  15. Through it all, he gains experience.
  16. The Internet gains its maturity faster.
  17. But one that fails to venture never gains.
  18. In this way the crowd gains one more member.
  19. When some one gains there are the others who.
  20. The Blackbird flies faster and gains altitude.
  21. Ever! If the market goes UP, your gains go UP.
  22. Its emphasis was, of course, on capital gains.
  23. Don’t report these monetary gains to the IRS.
  24. But, if successful the gains would be enormous.
  25. In the end effect such a man gains LESS respect.
  26. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole.
  27. Which are the best shares for long-term gains?
  29. Other income (including real estate gains of $78.
  30. The gains are drops of water and time is passing.
  31. Your put would have eaten up all your stock gains.
  32. The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.
  33. But, ultimately, regardless of the sect that gains.
  34. Once that understanding gains momentum – it’s.
  35. Capital gains tax rates are frozen for 2 more years.
  36. The knowledge one gains throughout life seasons the.
  37. But in the case of a horse it is the way it gains its.
  38. The man who listens to and learns the Geeta gains an.
  39. Therein, nobody gains, and no one owns his own property.
  40. Love gains for you the highest State of God-experience.
  41. I have had my share of losses and gains over the years.
  42. Yet in case it goes about head such phenomena gains a.
  43. The gains from today’s stocks and bonds may provide a.
  44. Greater gains may be achieved by pyramiding in this way.
  45. The $9 in particular was taxable at capital gains rates.
  46. Rather than feeling victimized, each mate gains greater.
  47. This is why you’ll see gains in size much more quickly.
  48. It then gains more detail as we progress through Genesis.
  49. Assume the Brazilian real gains 10 percent against the U.
  50. What about the gains that inventors seek? No one should.
  51. That's the way the ego survives and grows and gains power.
  52. The result for traders is often large gains or large losses.
  53. There would also be a tax on capital gains for stock sales.
  54. Again, unwanted capital gains distributions are the result.
  55. A few had gains of over 20%, but they were in the minority.
  56. The avowal, in this generalized shape, gains in discretion.
  57. Simon scrambles to his feet, sways, gains his balance again.
  58. God has promised you abundant gains, which you will capture.
  59. That‘s the way the Ego survives and grows and gains power.
  60. People create economic gains by what they buy and recommend.
  61. It shows that we hate losses twice as much as we love gains.
  62. When he opens his mouth to gasp, he gains no benefit from it.
  63. This means having no preferences of physical or social gains.
  64. Do not ask the lover that what he gains from his love of God.
  65. The prophets are like the air force that gains air superiority.
  66. The stock started to make big gains five weeks after breakout.
  67. If we don’t prevent him from coming out he gains confidence.
  68. His dad goes there every year to count his ill gotten gains.
  69. Often, a stock is collared after it has shown substantial gains.
  70. It’s the new companies that have the potential for big gains.
  71. The Taliban uses beheading as soon as suspicion gains momentum.
  72. Most will recover, but they will lose a lot of the gains made.
  73. Such spectacular gains are inevitably interspersed with losses.
  74. And yes you'll experience those phony gains in the early weeks.
  75. Then you can pile up your ill gotten gains and gloat over them.
  76. It has always paid for Washington to lower capital gains taxes.
  77. He gains a status in the group if he goes to jail for it so he.
  78. Todd, with his eyes a little glossy and red, gains his composure.
  79. The pilot feels a sense of relief as his aircraft gains momentum.
  80. Generally the stock will need more time to consolidate its gains.
  81. The Walkers screwed everything up for their own short-term gains.
  82. The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated.
  83. I am almost ashamed to say that my gains amounted to 5,000 francs.
  84. Steve: Oh, that, yeah, well, I’m selling some here to book gains.
  85. Those who traded the least (at the left) kept most of their gains.
  86. Boeing made strong gains from the second half of 2011 to early 2012.
  87. Audrey gains Solace in the fact that someday she in Pierre will be.
  88. So Arjun should deliberate well on his gains and losses, and pre-.
  89. Several have netted large gains as others resulted in small losses.
  90. Therefore, a trader could be taking a large risk for minimal gains.
  91. That's the most overlooked source of big money gains I can think of.
  92. They are just credited with the performance gains of the index blend.
  93. How This Simple Act of Affection Yields Major Gains in the Child’s.
  94. Don’t let the dollar gains and losses of other traders concern you.
  95. You do not have to pay taxes on your gains, which leaves all of your.
  96. Once a place like GrandGoods gains a foothold, then come other chains.
  97. When corn gains a dime, the total value of the contract increases $500.
  98. Look at how big the losses were in losing years as opposed to the gains.
  99. Incorporating trading costs would eat seriously into these paper gains.
  100. Two 20% gains compounded in one year equals a 44% annual rate of return.

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