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Gamble dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. You took a huge gamble.
1. You are ready to gamble.
1. But he decided to gamble.
1. Procter & Gamble owns Mr.
1. The gamble was paying off.
1. It was a dangerous gamble.
1. Doing so is a pure gamble.
1. After that it was a gamble.
1. It had been a gamble, the.
1. But that was quite a gamble.
1. He did not drink nor gamble.
1. In a sense, it’s a gamble.
1. It was a gamble worth taking.
1. It was time to take a gamble.
1. That would be your gamble Mr.
1. You are not in business to gamble.
1. We don’t have the cash to gamble.
1. It’s a gamble, she speculated.
1. He took a gamble, and opened his eyes.
1. It seemed Rhals gamble had paid off.
1. It was a gamble, Conklin told Yuki.
1. For example, in the case when Gamble > 5.
1. It was a gamble they were willing to take.
1. His garden Major Gamble calls Mount Jerome.
1. Early in thе tоurnаmеnt, dоn't gamble.
1. It was however a gamble that had to be taken.
1. It will be a gamble, but a very interesting.
1. He also convinced Procter & Gamble to invest.
1. Oh, it wasn't a gamble, it was a sure thing.
1. For the gamble is so minor, but the gain so great.
1. That would be a pretty big gamble, she said.
1. Life is not a gamble of choosing a migration place.
1. We had staked our salvation on this one last gamble.
1. I have already vowed to Sue that I shall not gamble.
1. It was a gamble, and I was given a chance to decline.
1. No, sir, life is a gamble and that is enough for me.
1. Brian and I spotted a tree at the north end of Gamble.
1. As the weeks went by, his gamble had proven a good one.
1. You are probably trying to gamble with a total stinker.
1. Every decision involved a gamble of millions of pounds.

1. Gambling is not my thing.
2. Gambling was out of favor.
3. A 6: Gambling or Speculation.
4. Life does not end in gambling.
5. It was the same with gambling.
6. Or the gambling, or the booze.
7. Others through sex or gambling.
8. Those Symbols in Gambling City.
9. Only after you stop gambling.
10. We are not interested in gambling.
11. Legalized online gambling in the U.
12. No, I don't believe in gambling.
13. Have you been gambling again?
14. It did not have a culture of gambling.
15. No gambling and no wenching in the room.
16. American culture is normalizing gambling.
17. City with the largest gambling revenue.
18. Deacon Jones: I could not stop my gambling.
19. The clearly explains that the Gambling is.
20. And all during the war when I was gambling.
21. Of course, for the gambling to be honest and.
22. In Gambling City’s case, the cash was here.
23. This is nothing but a state approved gambling.
24. Caroline didn’t care too much for gambling.
25. It is a common knowledge that in any gambling.
26. Then, he remembered the Gambling City streets.
27. It is the land of gambling, the land of cards.
28. Have you no other employment than gambling?
29. Just consider two books dealing with gambling.
30. In gambling the only asset you have is yourself.
31. By the grace of God, I was able to stop gambling.
32. Gambling City was some seven thousand miles away.
33. Jamie ran up gambling debts, and the two men who.
34. Gambling is even more dangerous in spread betting.
35. There were very few homes and hardly any gambling.
36. Apparently the motive was online gambling debts.
37. Neither of them had an interest in gambling as such.
38. They finished up as the sun rose over Gambling City.
39. The warehouses in both Dale City and Gambling City.
40. Overeating For Good and Stop Gambling For Good.
1. She had gambled and lost.
2. He had gambled with that comment.
3. Once again, I gambled by doing nothing.
4. One of the biggest things gambled upon at.
5. She had gambled on the continuance of the.
6. In the casino they gambled on the success of.
7. One of the biggest things gambled upon at the.
8. I would place a bet on that, if Faeries gambled.
9. There they smoked and drank, and gambled and laughed.
10. Sitting there while their future was being gambled upon.
11. He had rightly gambled that a handpicked few of these.
12. But he gambled it away the next day, Breckenridge noted.
13. Well, I had twenty roubles in my pocket, and I gambled them away.
14. I gambled away the best gift I ever had given to me, I see that now.
15. He gambled on hunches and used his professional income to support his habit.
16. They arrived at the vacant warehouses only to learn that they gambled and lost.
17. The Roman soldiers at the scene gambled over His clothes, as it seems that the.
18. In twenty years he spent and gambled his way through the bulk of the family’s wealth.
19. Driving back to the Arthur's Pass turn off, LP gambled on getting over snow covered Alps.
20. Because the unlucky fool gambled more silver on horse-fighting than he could afford to pay.
21. These tramps had gambled with a young prisoner of some means and deprived him of all his money.
22. There were young men with money who gambled but this one’s attention didn’t seem to be focussed on the cards.
23. It sort of replaced the inheritance her grandfather had left her which had been gambled and embezzled by her father.
24. They drew their courage from the gambled everything on a Cause that was gone and were content to be proud of having past.
25. He was dishonest, had debts, had gambled, and had seduced many women; but he was clever, sagacious, and a good magistrate.
26. You did your work, maybe you also gambled a bit, and then you performed the same steps to travel back to your home in Malibu.
27. They were always alert for the faintest sign that they had been noticed and they never gambled — with their own money that was.
28. He gambled with them, putting up his girdle and sheath for a stake, won their money and weapons, and gave them back with a laugh.
29. She had gambled correctly that at least a few of her students would pounce on the opportunity to be visibly helpful and knowledgeable.
30. The eldest, a worthless fellow of a moody disposition, filled Sulaco with the noise of his dissipations, and gambled heavily at the club.
31. She lay there, while the dew formed on the grass about her and the leaves overhead, and the men about the fire cursed, gambled and argued.
32. So he gambled, and faced up against the leader, knowing that the Goddess had not taken him this far just to see everything fall apart again.
33. Hitler had gambled and lost, and in losing, had not only sealed the fate of his armies in the west, but had also made defeat in the east inevitable.
34. I was horribly terrified but under the circumstances I gambled that the little girl was too sleepy to fully understand what was going on around her.
35. But you did the smart thing and attended to your work in a timely manner, and gambled that we would judge your assistance to be worth this transgression.
36. There was hardly a family in Georgia who could not own to their sorrow at least one male member or relative who gambled, losing money, houses, land and slaves.
37. She could feel her wet petticoat and pantalets cold about her ankles, but she was beyond caring about the wreck of the costume on which she had gambled so much.
38. Had we gambled by staying in our position through earnings, it was likely that we got scared and sold near the low of the day or simply got stopped out for a loss.
39. Marni gambled on the stock exchange, and made two million dollars in a few minutes, so that she could get even with the wicked baron, and force him to recall Raoul.
40. While the PSP boasted superior graphics and power, following a trend established since the mid-1980s, Nintendo gambled on a lower-power design but featuring a novel control interface.
1. Yes, he gambles, but he will always cover his bets.
2. However, PT as described above pertains to one-off gambles.
3. I make trades based on historical odds, not guesses or hopes or gambles.
4. Risk preferences in a sequence of gambles depend on how prior gains and losses influence loss aversion over time.
5. People are willing to take on gambles they would not otherwise accept if these might permit them to make up for losses.
6. It was a gambler's action, but his whole life had probably been made up of gambles; it could hardly be otherwise in the outback.
7. It went like that for five minutes, he's too young, too old, too shy, too shallow, he gambles, he drinks, he's married, he's married and has a girlfriend.
8. John gambles dreadfully, and always loses—poor boy! He is beset by sharpers: John is sunk and degraded—his look is frightful—I feel ashamed for him when I see him.
9. If people naturally took into account their whole wealth when considering the offered gambles, they would not reject actuarially advantageous gambles as often as they do.
10. Traditional decision theory analyzes choices between uncertain gambles, the simplest of which are characterized by two possible outcomes and their associated probabilities.
11. There is one interesting exception to caution after losses: if investors have a chance to fully recover a prior loss, they will accept gambles that they would normally reject.
12. Such a difference could reflect incomplete adaptation to recent changes in wealth, so past experiences can matter: A person who has not made peace with his losses is likely to accept gambles that would be unacceptable to him otherwise.

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