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Gentle dans une phrase (en anglais)

He was a gentle guy.
Too gentle to bear it.
He is gentle with her.
I gave it a gentle kiss.
I was gentle with you.
His touch is so gentle.
This is pure and gentle.

He is gentle and caring.
Far away, a gentle click.
I passed a gentle smile.
The gentle hazel had gone.
His voice was very gentle.
It was the gentle mating.
The voice of God is gentle.
Ben is loving me so gentle.
Even his voice was gentle.
He is a nd, gentle, cari.
We came to a gentle stop.
Mike cut in, his tone gentle.
His grip was warm and gentle.
Water, place in gentle warmth.
She went with the gentle flow.
His face seemed almost gentle.
They were powerful, yet gentle.
Bob was always a gentle spirit.
Use a gentle circle movement.
He had such a kind gentle look.
He took gentle tugs, and some.
Blessed are the gentle of heart.
His fingers gave a gentle twist.
Warren gave Roger a gentle but.
And she’s so gentle and timid.
Stood in the gentle surf up to.
Oh, steep, it is a gentle thing.
Gabriel was gentle and attentive.
Is he soft? No, not soft, gentle.
He gave Lydia a gentle kiss and.
There was a gentle tap on the door.
He couldn’t bear gentle softies.
A gentle knock came upon the door.
Gentling a horse can be a.
Gentling a horse to the human touch can.
Gentling a horse sometimes stops when the.
Of course! agreed Galeron, his gaze gentling.
Sorry, he said, gentling the tone of his voice.
Mike, Mike, and his steady boat gentling a mild sweet lake where all Time slumbers.
Her hands had flown all around about and down, gentling this, holding that, throwing baseballs, swinging bright croquet mallets, seeding black earth, or fixing covers over dumplings, ragouts, and children wildly strewn by slumber.
A gentled horse can.
A gentled horse can be.
But he was never gentled to a point of safe.
The Illustrated Man on his knees, turned at last and gentled all with his smile.
Her eyes gentled as she gazed at the woman she had almost lost to the cruelty and hatred of war.
Her long blonde hair moved about in the water in a rhythm that echoed fantasy, even as her cobalt blue eyes stared at him out of a face that was gentled kindness itself.
But most of all the trees would distill an icy air for the lungs, and a gentle rustling for the ear when you lay nights in your snowy bed and were gentled to sleep by the sound.
It rained out his arms to loosen his hard-mouthed hands on the shuddering wheel and sit him with grace and ease in his horsehair saddle as he gentled through the fogs that kept us and Dublin apart.
If it was so, and if what she was sensing now was real, why had she not felt it before? Was it because of the enemy? But he had only been free for two year-cycles, and she had never before had this experience of harmony with the soil between her feet and the winds which gentled her.
And she led him across the lawn where the picnic blankets still lay as after a storm, tossed and half-furled, and some few dogs had arrived with the army ants while several cats waited for the beasts to leave, and Nef walked among them and opened the front door of the Egyptian View Arms and, ducking his head, blushing, Cardiff stepped in swiftly, but she was already at the stairs and halfway up before he touched the first riser, and then they were in her tower room and he looked and saw that her vast bed had been stripped and the windows thrown open wide with their wind-tossed curtains and the town clock was striking four in the afternoon as Nef lifted her arms and a great soft bloom of sheet rose in a summer cloud over the bed and he seized his half and with her gentled it down in a field of white over the bed to cover its face.
So, gentles, our tale is told.
Gentles who were last become first.
And this is, gentles, wherefore I have come.
Those who believe in Hell leave out the rest of what Christ said in the next two versus when He says the Gentiles will come into the kingdom, and verse 30 the Gentles who were last become first.
But come here, Sancho, for with the leave of these gentles I would say a word or two to thee in private; and drawing Sancho aside among the trees of the garden and seizing both his hands he said,.

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