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Girl dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. A boy and a girl.
  2. It can be any girl.
  3. Girl he was so mad.
  4. I gave the girl $20.
  5. She was a rich girl.

  6. It was a girl crying.
  7. The girl in the pub.
  8. I was a temple girl.
  9. I was a flower girl.
  10. She was only a girl.
  11. He turned to the girl.
  12. It was a little girl.
  13. That girl had a plan.
  14. The girl was too light.
  15. Son held the baby girl.

  16. They have a baby girl.
  17. And this girl had to.
  18. They want the girl, Mr.
  19. She ain't a girl Mr.
  20. She was the girl who.
  21. Jeff felt for the girl.
  22. Sophie was just a girl.
  23. Angie was a great girl.
  24. The young girl was back.

  26. I do, the girl says.
  27. Or the hands of a girl.
  28. From that girl of eyes.
  29. Three men and the girl.
  30. A girl without a name.
  31. I love you, baby girl.
  32. This girl exist it is us.
  33. The girl closed her eyes.
  34. The girl had hurried off.
  35. The younger was a girl.
  36. Even Chi Girl was there.
  37. Just always be my girl.
  38. He had to meet this girl.
  39. I thought I knew the girl.
  40. She’s not a local girl.
  41. I saw the girl in there.
  42. Come on girl! Within you.
  43. It was a girl I knew, KC.
  44. The girl is six, but is.
  45. Why don't you sit, girl.
  46. A nice girl who loves me.
  47. The girl laughed out loud.
  48. Chi girl was cool though.
  49. The girl was not in view.
  50. The little girl was Sophia.
  51. Besides, I'm a modern girl.
  52. The girl then grabbed him.
  53. Bubba and I found a girl.
  54. Little girl, he called me.
  55. She's a very popular girl.
  56. Every girl would want him.
  57. She was an odd little girl.
  58. She was the girl next door.
  59. Heehee, we take his girl.
  60. The girl speaks the truth.
  61. He stared down at the girl.
  62. It's the girl of his dreams.
  63. But this girl is different.
  64. One girl came often for me.
  65. The girl from the poorest.
  66. You are a very luck girl.
  67. It is neither boy nor girl.
  68. Hell, you’re a cute girl.
  69. The girl grasped at his arm.
  70. This girl was no different.
  71. The baby girl could bring.
  72. It wasn't that hard girl.
  73. The girl, Raine, is still.
  74. A blonde girl by your side.
  75. The girl sniffles and says.
  76. He's fighting with a girl.
  77. Need many girl for serving.
  78. As a little girl, Mrs.
  79. Shit, the girl had made him.
  80. Who is this girl before me?
  81. The young girl of yesteryear.
  82. The girl was also non-union.
  83. Man, don’t hurt my girl.
  84. He smiled at the girl, and.
  85. I show my hands to the girl.
  86. Stay out of it, wise girl.
  87. So, you met with the girl.
  88. It was that girl with Scott.
  89. I was a very fortunate girl.
  90. I wanted to comfort the girl.
  91. She was quite a pretty girl.
  92. The girl was sensing change.
  93. The girl kept on speaking:.
  94. Only the first time, girl.
  95. So, you’re this rich girl.
  96. He paused at the third girl.
  97. Yeah, was she a girl?
  98. Farm girl had killed Serena.
  99. Becky was such a sweet girl.
  100. This girl really was special.

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