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Glance dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I glance up at him.
  2. She cut him a glance.
  3. A glance at any of.
  4. I glance at my watch.
  5. She shot him a glance.

  6. I glance at the clock.
  7. And a glance of wonder.
  8. At first glance is a.
  9. She stole a glance back.
  10. Jess sent him a glance.
  11. I stole a glance at him.
  12. Rory gave a quick glance.
  13. He cast me a wry glance.
  14. Puller shot her a glance.
  15. I glance at the caller I.

  16. He did not glance around.
  17. Even at a glance it was.
  18. He gave me a sharp glance.
  19. She stole a glance at him.
  20. I chance a glance at Luke.
  21. I glance around the store.
  22. He took one last glance.
  23. One glance was al it took.
  24. A growl made me glance up.
  25. I glance back at her cuff.

  26. I felt it at first glance.
  27. Bob never gave it a glance.
  28. She cast a glance upon it.
  29. She shot a glance at Gary.
  30. Just a glance of the eyes.
  31. I briefly glance at Zachary.
  32. There was a sideways glance.
  33. Tina and Ian shared a glance.
  34. She shot me a curious glance.
  35. Wherever I glance, I see it.
  36. A smal glance from Yan had.
  37. She half rose, by a glance.
  38. Jean cast a furtive glance.
  39. The Abbot shot a glance at.
  40. She shot him a deadly glance.
  41. For at first glance, modern.
  42. They didnt give us a glance.
  43. He gave her a puzzled glance.
  44. I glance up but it's only a.
  45. A glance had wrought all this.
  46. I glance nervously at Taylor.
  47. I glance at Tobias’s mother.
  48. I shoot him a nervous glance.
  49. She took a glance around her.
  50. The two men exchanged a glance.
  51. Hassan and I exchange a glance.
  52. The man cast a glance upon it.
  53. She sent him a sidewise glance.
  54. She gave him a sideways glance.
  55. Wickland shot Ed a cold glance.
  56. With a single glance, it was.
  57. She didn’t dare glance back.
  58. Without a sideways glance the.
  59. A second glance told him that.
  60. A glance at the list of plays.
  61. Puller gave Knox a quick glance.
  62. On third glance, his concerns.
  63. Ashi shot her a grateful glance.
  64. Upon the stage his weary glance.
  65. A glance showed nothing out of.
  66. I glance nervously at Christian.
  67. My mother gave me a stern glance.
  68. A quick glance revealed nothing.
  69. Clayton took them in at a glance.
  70. He stole a glance at his father.
  71. With an anguished glance at Mrs.
  72. She risked another glance at him.
  73. I shot him an exasperated glance.
  74. My glance was short and shocking.
  75. I saw Topps glance at her legs.
  76. I glance at Peter and his friends.
  77. Then who will praise her glance!.
  78. I threw a glance over my shoulder.
  79. A quick glance in the rear-view.
  80. I will myself not to glance back.
  81. Betty gave her a stupefied glance.
  82. Moshe's glance followed that of.
  83. As Aaron rises, I glance his way.
  84. Marcus takes a quick glance at me.
  85. We would glance sideways at one.
  86. Astley gave me a searching glance.
  87. Thorn cast them a sideways glance.
  88. I steal another glance at the Hag.
  89. Sean gives her a quizzical glance.
  90. Glain sent him a sideways glance.
  91. Tess stole a glance at her husband.
  92. Rich shot him a glance and winked.
  93. Mother shot me a frightened glance.
  94. And then glance at some headlines.
  95. Butterbur with a glance at Pippin.
  96. She shot me a glance, 'It still is.
  97. She dared a glance down the aisle.
  98. She noticed his glance at her arm.
  99. I risked a glance over at Williams.
  100. Then he took a glance at the stars.
  1. He kept glancing over his.
  2. But he keeps glancing at me.
  3. Seas above the glancing sun.
  4. Ralph kept glancing at Merthin.
  5. Glancing under the silent ruin.
  6. He paused, glancing down at her.
  7. Glancing at my watch, I gasped.
  8. She hesitated, glancing at Conan.
  9. Glancing up from their musings.
  10. He was glancing towards the stage.
  11. Mom? I said glancing at her.
  12. Glancing up as he took a sip of.
  13. Tom sat in the middle, glancing.
  14. Glancing back at the French doors.
  15. Okay, he says, glancing at me.
  16. The lad squinted, glancing backward.
  17. Occasionally glancing at his watch.
  18. The woman hesitated, glancing at her.
  19. I blushed, glancing up at Alex again.
  20. They all kept glancing towards them.
  21. Vasant waited a beat, glancing at her.
  22. But glancing at him he stopped short.
  23. He flinched, glancing toward the door.
  24. Mom, he said, glancing up at her.
  25. She couldn’t resist glancing skywards.
  26. Glancing up at the tree, he whispered:.
  27. It was Jeff who began glancing at his.
  28. Billy keeps glancing out of the window.
  29. Darcy! he yelled, glancing around.
  30. Glancing up as the first dragon reared.
  31. Glancing at the clock, it was six-thirty.
  32. Glancing both ways, she made a run for it.
  33. Glancing around, he could see that some.
  34. Hush! she whispered, glancing round.
  35. Marquez, glancing briefly at the officer.
  36. Glancing over, Nerissa saw he was having.
  37. Glancing at Kuri I felt a moment of guilt.
  38. Glancing back, I noticed that it was the.
  39. Glancing up to the second story window of.
  40. What time is it?’ glancing at his watch.
  41. Without glancing Rob’s way, Karyl nodded.
  42. And glancing curiously at me all the while.
  43. Glancing to the rear, his thoughts continued.
  44. They are glancing nervously out the window.
  45. Glancing down, he noticed Harold sitting on.
  46. Glancing over at the cats again, he frowned.
  47. Glancing at it showed her two possibilities.
  48. He nodded, glancing towards Severus, I will.
  49. Glancing to him I said, Nothing is locked.
  50. Glancing back, he said, It happened when J.
  51. I fled the scene, without even glancing back.
  52. Glancing around the crowd, she recognized two.
  53. Glancing up at the funeral home, a chill raced.
  54. I stopped, glancing at Marc to see his reaction.
  55. Angus delivered a glancing blow with the tyres.
  56. Then he became contrite, glancing at Anne and.
  57. I noticed that you keep glancing at the booze.
  58. We all rushed, glancing up at the distant storm.
  59. Yashvin, glancing at his comrade’s gloomy face.
  60. He kept glancing surreptitiously at the toy box.
  61. It’s Dad, he said, glancing at the name.
  62. Watch this, he said, glancing at his watch.
  63. It is, isn’t it? he grins, glancing at me.
  64. Clara came to the doorway, glancing at Anne and.
  65. Indeed? Said Gaston while glancing at Nancy.
  66. The child giggled, glancing at the room’s clock.
  67. Glancing out of the window, she saw his carriage.
  68. Who or what were the Sacred? Glancing up at the.
  69. Glancing up from the page, Drola was still unsure.
  70. After glancing back I noticed that he was still.
  71. He turned, glancing out a window on the staircase.
  72. Everything was moving and glancing and fluttering.
  73. And then a club reached his head, a glancing blow.
  74. Can it wait? Nik said, glancing at his watch.
  75. Glancing up, she saw a pale white hand to her left.
  76. I couldn’t stop glancing at the rearview mirror.
  77. Jim focused on the bag, glancing over his shoulder.
  78. She brushed past without even glancing at his face.
  79. Glancing up, he could see the opening more clearly.
  80. Glancing at the radio clock I noticed it was 8:45 P.
  81. Not again, Nick said, glancing out the window.
  82. I guess we can, he said, glancing at Richard.
  83. Grandage, glancing at the clock on the mantelpiece.
  84. Glancing up, Jack watched water spill over the sides.
  85. The bullet had struck a glancing blow upon the skull.
  86. Glancing all around her and then at me with a smile.
  87. Torvald was cut a glancing blow on his left shoulder.
  88. Glancing around him he rose up, holding onto an arch.
  89. He idly patted his thighs while glancing at everyone.
  90. Then, glancing on the table, she saw her money lying.
  91. He took a deep sigh before glancing at Paul and Bobby.
  92. She kept glancing at her phone but Lee never replied.
  93. Your parents, Miss Simone said, glancing at her.
  94. Glancing up, he saw a communications panel to his left.
  95. Glancing over at them he realized they were awestruck.
  96. The two horses struck each other a hard but glancing.
  97. Will you come with me? asked Holmes, glancing up.
  98. But on glancing at Rostov’s face Ilyin stopped short.
  99. Bors was cut a glancing wound to his abdomen once more.
  100. Success, she declared, glancing around the table.
  1. I glanced up at Alex.
  2. He glanced up at her.
  3. I glanced at my watch.
  4. He glanced at the sky.
  5. She glanced up at him.
  6. I glanced up at Alice.
  7. I glanced at the girl.
  8. I glanced over at Nui.
  9. He glanced at the hogs.
  10. He glanced at the cast.
  11. He only glanced at her.
  12. He glanced to the left.
  13. I glanced at the guard.
  14. I glanced at the house.
  15. I glanced over at Amaia.
  16. He glanced at his watch.
  17. Alex glanced over at me.
  18. Zem glanced over to Pim.
  19. I glanced out the door.
  20. I glanced over to the.
  21. She glanced over at him.
  22. Sam glanced over at Lee.
  23. He just glanced at her.
  24. Loken glanced up at him.
  25. He glanced down at Kim.
  26. I glanced down at the.
  27. She glanced over at Lee.
  28. I glanced at Alex, again.
  29. The EMT glanced at the.
  30. Manda glanced at the bag.
  31. He glanced at his notes.
  32. Then she glanced at him.
  33. Don glanced at his watch.
  34. Roy glanced at his watch.
  35. Again he glanced at her.
  36. He glanced at the twins.
  37. I glanced in the mirror.
  38. I glanced at what they.
  39. The three glanced at him.
  40. He glanced at the time.
  41. She glanced at the clock.
  42. Carter glanced at the T.
  43. He glanced down at her.
  44. She glanced at her watch.
  45. He glanced at his mother.
  46. Vikkis glanced up at him.
  47. He glanced up at Hunter.
  48. Her father glanced at her.
  49. I glanced at the speaker.
  50. He glanced at the locker.
  51. He glanced at the clock.
  52. As she glanced into the.
  53. He glanced sideways at me.
  54. She glanced up at Puller.
  55. He glanced in the mirror.
  56. He glanced at the screen.
  57. She glanced down at her.
  58. Knox glanced at the paper.
  59. He glanced sharply at her.
  60. Paul glanced at his watch.
  61. The mother glanced at her.
  62. Gary glanced at his watch.
  63. Morel glanced at the sofa.
  64. She glanced at the corral.
  65. I glanced at Roy, quickly.
  66. Andore glanced at the boy.
  67. He glanced over at Martha.
  68. Cecil glanced at his safe.
  69. He then glanced at the TV.
  70. Haven glanced up and saw.
  71. Sensei glanced at the cars.
  72. They glanced at each other.
  73. Micah glanced at the clock.
  74. He glanced at me nervously.
  75. Harry glanced at the floor.
  76. I glanced around the cabin.
  77. He glanced at the canvas.
  78. Cecil glanced at his notes.
  79. David glanced at his watch.
  80. He glanced down and smiled.
  81. He glanced up at Valeriya.
  82. Myles glanced at the door.
  83. Dawn glanced over at Terry.
  84. I glanced at Aqua’s gun.
  85. I nodded and glanced down.
  86. She glanced at him sharply.
  87. I glanced back, Mary and.
  88. He glanced around the area.
  89. She glanced at her mother.
  90. Bev glanced for a moment.
  91. Annie glanced at her notes.
  92. Then he glanced at Miriam.
  93. One time she glanced at me.
  94. He glanced at the display.
  95. Pete glanced at her throat.
  96. He glanced quickly at Van.
  97. He glanced around the room.
  98. Sir Richard glanced at Gary.
  1. Then he glances at me.
  2. He glances at the sky.
  3. He glances at his watch.
  4. And glances at his watch.
  5. He glances at me briefly.
  6. By their glances told me so.
  7. What? He glances at me.
  8. He glances at me and smiles.
  9. John glances at the fountain.
  10. Alastair glances at his watch.
  11. Jacob and I exchanged glances.
  12. At that they exchanged glances.
  13. He glances my way when I enter.
  14. At this, Aristeus glances at him.
  15. Now Hawke glances to his left.
  16. The clerk glances at the photos.
  17. Luke glances briefly at the house.
  18. There were other glances at the.
  19. Sheila and Jerry exchanged glances.
  20. Selar and Voltak exchanged glances.
  21. Tammas and Anson exchanged glances.
  22. Paulson and Ralph exchanged glances.
  23. They all exchanged troubled glances.
  24. He glances at the clock calculating.
  25. They stole glances at the bracelets.
  26. When she sees him, she glances at me.
  27. I trade glances with the four of them.
  28. He glances at me and then looks away.
  29. With fierce glances the great bird ate.
  30. Orcher laughs and glances at his watch.
  31. Gunnison darted restless glances about.
  32. The Elders once again exchanged glances.
  33. Memento mori, said these glances.
  34. Friedlander and Court exchanged glances.
  35. Maggie and Pat exchanged anxious glances.
  36. He glances up, eyes scanning the street.
  37. Rafferty and Llewellyn exchanged glances.
  38. He glances at me with the mug to his lips.
  39. Leblanc was darting angry glances at him.
  40. My hand glances off without ever making.
  41. Her questions and her glances, the brief.
  42. He glances up the road to the other houses.
  43. He glances round as he hears my footsteps.
  44. She glances down at the phone in her hand.
  45. He glances at me with amused condescension.
  46. His glances were licks of fire on my skin.
  47. Elders Marlak and Joséah exchanged glances.
  48. And the disapproving glances of his Angel.
  49. Many smiles and glances passed between them.
  50. Mark glances into the rear view as he drives.
  51. The agents once more exchanged glances, and.
  52. Peteru and Uretep exchanged relieved glances.
  53. The agents exchanged questioning glances and.
  54. Russ glances around at the military trappings.
  55. Shauna glances at me, her smile disappearing.
  56. He glances at the screen and they exchange a.
  57. Mike nodded as they exchanged nervous glances.
  58. Ye Manqing turned her glances around and said.
  59. Only Ulfur attracted any glances, glances of.
  60. Usually all it took was one volley of glances.
  61. John and Jamie give him understanding glances.
  62. He glances to the window instead of answering.
  63. Kitty exchanged meaningful glances with Dolly.
  64. Kristin glances at me and I shrug my shoulders.
  65. She glances once into the crowd and looks away.
  66. The young Sojourners exchanged nervous glances.
  67. After a few seconds, Marcus glances at Christina.
  68. Daniel glances from Devon to Ciere and back again.
  69. But now they look in tired and bitter glances.
  70. What happened to her? Matthew glances at me.
  71. Jillian exchanged unbelieving glances with Robert.
  72. He glances at me briefly and just shakes his head.
  73. Cherrie glances at the train of cars heading down.
  74. Johan glances at him, sees the twist on his face.
  75. The latter returned his glances without flinching.
  76. Relaxing in his seat, he glances toward the counter.
  77. I must have been snoring by some of the glances I.
  78. But where have those searching glances of his gone.
  79. What? Really? She glances around the bar, too.
  80. As the evening progressed they took longer glances.
  81. Hap noticed glances exchanged among them over what.
  82. The agents exchanged glances once more, and quickly.
  83. Now and then she cast hurried, veiled glances at us.
  84. Shocked, everyone pauses and glances up at the giant.
  85. Luckily, the falling concrete glances off my torso.
  86. Alicia and Monty exchanged glances, and Monty nodded.
  87. Ananya’s father exchanged shy glances with his wife.
  88. The countess exchanged glances with Anna Mikháylovna.
  89. He glances at me from the corner of his eye and sighs.
  90. She glances back, hoping against hope to have lost him.
  91. He glances at her painting, but doesn’t say anything.
  92. Kerala stole glances of Akenji as she moved toward him.
  93. TK glances up to view the reflection off the elevator.
  94. There comes a day when the young girl glances in this.
  95. Mark glances toward the kitchen then turns to the door.
  96. She knew he stole glances at her, knew what they meant.
  97. He glances at the boy, still sticking close to his side.
  98. The mother once more exchanged glances with a daughter.
  99. Aspen looked around, panicky glances with unseeing eyes.
  100. Ricci glances into the rear view mirror at his captives.

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